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Several 300 Word Articles English Language Essay

Paper Type: Free Essay Subject: English Language
Wordcount: 3786 words Published: 1st Jan 2015

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The earth was corrupt before God and filled with crime. God saw the earth, and saw that it was corrupt, for all living beings had perverted their ways on the earth.

If it were you, how will you “paint a picture” of “The Flood”? The famous Bible story has been numerously portrayed as the “end of the world” or the “future” of the world. Movies often focus on the repentance aspect, on making you feel guilty and on believing on the hope of life symbolized by Noah’s ark. Inspiring as it may seem, it takes away the topic at hand – the flood. Lego came up with something no less than extraordinary.

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In the first few chapters of the Book of Genesis, you will read the part where Adam and Eve realized they were naked and they tried to hide from God. Of course God caught them and banished them from paradise, however, if you try to focus on the prior, where Adam and Eve realized something and they tried to hide it, you’ll realize now that the action is just human nature. That action has become a human trait that was passed on to one person across history to us. We must understand what Adam and Eve felt then, we wouldn’t want to be caught naked by our parents, much worse, naked and making love with someone, do we?

Now, if God went away for a business trip and we were left alone, what will we do? Stay home and do nothing? I guess not. And that was how it was like during the time of the flood. Let’s say God focused on other matters and when the time came that He went back home to check on His children, what He saw was something too grave that he brought about the flood. The Bible was a little figurative with its description. Lego was literal.

Lego captured critical elements that show people doing something against nature. This includes drinking too much, gambling, fighting or killing each other (whatever reason that may be), cutting down trees, whatever was depicted as wrong between couples (girl-boy and boy-boy) and whatever that man is doing with the lego sheep.

This is a camera moment you wouldn’t want to be part of, even if you are guilty. This is like being part of a “you got busted” program. And we all know what happened next, the flood came and we are alive.

300 words on http://www.thebricktestament.com/genesis/cain_and_abel/gn04_01a.html

Talk about how detailed the creations are and then give a background on who Cain and Abel are.

The good thing about the Bible is there is nothing malicious about what was being described. There is just the natural course of events. Adam and Eve was banished from Paradise and had to learn about life the hard way, they must have been really stressed with their situation. It was indeed a blessing, they had each other.

Adam and Eve had sex as was depicted by the bricks and eventually, Eve bore a son they named Cain. The bricks captured a very detailed description. It portrayed the closest home possible at that time. It included fire which Adam and Even used to keep them warm and to cook food. It has a pet, a horse and the “house” seemed to be surrounded by trees and very near “running” water. If we were to follow the story, the place is conducive to raise a child. Their joy was even greater when they were blessed with another son, whom they named Abel. But the joy was to be cut short.

The Brick Testament captured the story of Cain and Abel clearly without amiss. The bricks were arranged delicately showing abundant crops and fruits as well as a flock of sheep with horses, a cow and a goat which shall help one see that Cain became a farmer or “tiller of the soil” and that Abel became a shepherd. The bricks couldn’t portray the fire but the next scene depicted the brothers giving God their offering. Even God was portrayed as a figure in the Brick Testament. He favored Abel’s offering which caused Cain much distress – to the point that he has killed his brother.

The Bricks were arranged in a storyboard display. If it can be made into modern animation, it wouldn’t be short of scenes. The picture where Cain has killed Abel was very animated. The axe on Cain’s hand and that expression on his face, with Abel on the floor face down with a little red around him to signify the blood was a perfect rendition of the scene. The angle at which the pictures were taken adds focus to the characters depicted in the story.

Genesis Chapter 4 couldn’t be more clear and detailed than the way the Brick Testament presented it.

300 words on Lego South Park

South Park has fast gained its popularity since it was first aired in the 90’s. It’s considered cartoons for a mature audience focusing on nasty humor amongst four kids. Opening its upcoming 14th season, it’s quite fitting to consider, where does Lego come in play?

Lego enthusiasts have begun exploring building South Park characters from their bricks. Although Lego hasn’t come up of a South Park themed System, Lego enthusiasts are but excited to push the concept and share their talent.

Eric Cartman

Eric Cartman is considered the antagonist of the series. He seems to be a sociopath behaving as if he’s against everything else outside of himself and he Kyle and Kenny (the two other main characters in the series). The article doesn’t say who built this Lego art but it seemed to be almost a life-size of Eric Cartman. The pale colors of his hat and shirt was ultimately captured, as well as his pale skin color. His obese body was obvious, as well as his big eyes and half-opened mouth. The Lego piece, however, did not capture the plump cheeks that Eric has. In a way, he looks malnourished but the display is nothing short of wonderful.

Kenny McCormick

“Oh my God, they killed Kenny! …You bastards!” This is a phrase often associated to Kenny McCormick at the South Park series. He seemed to have a habit of dying in almost all episodes but managing to return alive on the succeeding ones. His deaths are usually gross and each time, Stan or Kyle manages to mention the phrase mentioned already. After his death, rats suddenly appear to eat his corpse. His deaths however, were cut short as another character was given more prime, Butters.

The Lego depicting Kenny captures the parka hood he wears as well as his partially covered face. The Lego captured him with an axe piercing his skill and is in the process of dying because the rats are already gnawing his brain and his body. It does look violent but this is exactly Kenny’s role in South Park, up until the 6th episode at least.

Butters Scotch

In the South Park series, Butters, generally replaced Kenny’s character and has often become the subject of Eric’s exploits. He rarely complains and maintains a mild temperament until he assumes another character later on.

The Lego piece captures everything about Butters Scotch, from the hair, eyes, clothes, shoes, even the skin color. It was an amazing Lego piece standing 12 inches tall. It looks even better than the plush toy.





200 words on http://www.dpreview.com/news/1002/10022301ricohgxrmodules.asp

Serious photographers will be glad to know that Ricoh has announced an addition to its recent GXR Camera System. The GXR Camera System allows a photographer to mix and match camera units (lens, image sensor and image processing engine) and as the new system gains its popularity, Ricoh decides to further enhance and maximize the GXR Camera System’s potential.

Camera unit RICOH LENS P10 28-300 mm F3.5-5.6 VC

The unit primarily, offers a wide-angle zoom combined with 120 frame/second high-speed continuous shoot. The addition of the back-illuminated sensor allows shooting from low light to bright light without sacrificing image quality. Tentative release is summer 2010.

Camera unit GR LENS A12 28mm F2.5

This camera uses a combination of a specific CMOS sensor and GR ENGINE II image processing producing high definition pictures with smooth tone gradations. It also offers a manual focus ring that is important in specific focus adjustments. Tentative release is Winter 2010.

Final Note

RICOH LENS P10 29-300 mm F3.5-5.6 is going to be available for display from March 11 to March 14 at Tokyo, Japan. Product names and specifications may change until final product release. Reviews are available contrasting GXR System to that of SLR and DSLR Cameras. The pros and cons are still immature for GXR is still relatively young in the photography scene. The prices are high and may even be outrageous for some but the equipment is nothing short of excellent and only worthy of serious photographers who are not afraid to try something new.

Other article source: http://www.ricoh.com/r_dc/gxr/features.html

200 words on http://www.dpreview.com/lensreviews/canon_100_2p8_is_usm_c16/

Canon EF 100mm F2.8L IS USM MACRO

Canon developed a “Hybrid Image Stabilizer” around July of last year and has released during the last quarter of the same year, the first macro telephoto lens that shall help improve shots taken at closer distance or macro-shooting. The Hybrid IS technology optimizes image quality by preventing errors caused by camera shake. Blurred images are thus minimized.

Canon EF 100mm F2.8L IS USM MACRO, primarily offers the Hybrid IS technology and from the term itself, a 100mm focal length, ideal for close-up and macro shots. Its other features seem to be geared on helping photographers take shots in a smaller distance, even without the need of a tripod as the new technology should help minimize the errors caused by the camera shakes.

Reviews regard the Canon EF 100mm F2.8L IS USM MACRO as an optional investment. While it gives exceptional results for most of the features the lens offer, it does not seem to do justice to the press release about the Hybrid IS Technology. Seemingly a work in progress, we can only expect the best from the succeeding line of products from Canon.

Other article source: http://www.dpreview.com/news/0907/09072207canonhybridis.asp

200 words on http://ezinearticles.com/?Cowboy-Fashion-Dos&id=208698 (do not mention brand names)

If you have watched The Good, the Bad and the Ugly (or any of those Cowboy films that star Clint Eastwood), Back to the Future Part III or perhaps Shanghai Noon, then you must have an idea how Cowboy attire can be said to be both a classic and at the same time, a fashion trend.

Let’s take cowboy hats, for example. Straw cowboy hats are most popular for its price, convenience and practicality. Usually, light colored and should be worn on summer or dry seasons, straw cowboy hats allow the person to feel comfortable with such an airy form of cowboy hat. Wool, fur and felt cowboy hats are usually dark colored and are worn on winter or dark seasons. These help protect the person by keeping their heads warm. Cowboy hats, therefore, are seasonal, and in terms of fashion, should be used according to tradition, culture and trend.

Some of the most important things about cowboy hats are:

Cowboy hats are worn in public places, not at home nor in a church.

Cowboy hats are used to show respect to women, officials and even church officials.

Do not wear white cowboy hats after Labor day.

Do not take or wear your cowboy hat in a dining table.

300 words on How to get rid of eyebags the natural way

Ever heard someone tease you for being unable to sleep based on the dark circles on your eyes and you just say, yes? Then, you might be in for a long lecture. A common misconception about eyebags is that it is caused by lack of sleep. Eyebags is a collective word pertaining to anything under the eye: swell-like or puffy area, actual bags, dark circles and even, shadows and they are not entirely caused by lack of sleep.

Eye bags are generally caused by age and improper diet and lifestyle. It is theorized that age makes you body weak and this includes the ligaments that hold the little fat under the eye area and as a result, pushes the fat forward causing the bag. Another theory is eating too much salty food which retains water while another is lack of exercise and body rest which makes the body weaker and thus reduced blood circulation. Nasal allergies may also cause under-eye puffiness.

Plastic surgery or blepharoplasty is the fastest way to remove eye bags. Botox and face lifts are often considered as part of the procedure. On the other hand, there are other natural ways to get rid of eyebags.

(1) Proper Diet, Exercise and Sleep. Any form of ailment is usually a result of abuse on the body. Treating the body will help treat the problem. Avoid salty food, exercise to remove excess salt and fat and give your body enough time to recuperate by sleeping at least 8 hours a day. Drinking plenty of liquids will also help reduce salt and fat in the body. Minimize smoking and alcohol and eat food rich in Vitamin K and Vitamin E.

(2) Relax the eye area. Massage the eye area by gently tapping the eye area with your finger tips. This will increase blood circulation and relax your eye muscles a bit. Do at least once a day. You may also apply a cold compress to help minimize the swelling and relax your eye further. Usual cold compress regiments are potato slices, cucumber slices, back of the spoon, tea bags and or flower leaves. Do at least once a day, leaving the cold compress 10-15 minutes with your eyes closed.

(3) Apply an eye cream with Vitamin K and Retinol or use under eye treatment available in drugstores. This is not ultimately natural but is based on natural products. You may also extract the liquid from Vitamin E capsules and place them over your eye (eyes closed) to help reduce eye bags.

The key to a successful natural treatment is discipline. The natural way is something that is done in a regular basis and is not a one or two-session treatment compared to the surgery option. It does not deliver immediate results but does help a person become healthy in totality, not just for the purposes of removing the eye bags.







200 words on how to get rid of dark circles under the eyes

Some people say that the concern over the dark circles under the eyes is purely aesthetic. Some attribute it to the amount of work and stress a person undergoes, while some others simply treat it as a fact of life. The truth is the dark circles under the eyes are irregularities. They are no different from flab or belly pouches, double chins or cellulite on the hips or thighs. In many ways, it maybe purely aesthetic and simply, a means to adapt to the common notion of a beautiful body but in this regard, it will be purely about health.

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Dark circles under the eyes, theoretically speaking, occur due fat accumulation. As a person ages, the fat is pushed outward, thereby causing shadows or circles under the eye. On the other hand, there are other reasons why this happen or why this worsens over time. This includes allergies, lack of sleep and rest, stress, improper diet and lack of exercise.

Some common ways to get rid of dark circles under the eyes are:

(1) Balanced diet, regular exercise and enough sleep.

(2) Applying eye cream and/or moisturizer. Choose creams that are high in Vitamin K, Vitamin E and/or Retinol.

(3) Cucumber slices or Potato slices for 10-15 minutes, in the morning. Rinse off with warm water afterwards.

(4) Cold compress and minor massage to improve blood circulation.

(5) Proper makeup – not a permanent way to get rid of dark circles but may come in handy. Do not use bright or light colored make-up as it makes the dark circles more visible. Use foundation first and if the dark circles do not improve, apply a concealer that is one to two shades darker than your foundation. Peach or salmon-color usually does the trick.

Additional Sources:



200 words on How to Whiten your Skin

One classic fairy tale has told us that long black hair and white skin makes the fairest of all women. It’s been many years since and many of us still believe in fairy tales and the idea that a fair skin makes a woman beautiful.

Some of the common ways to whiten your skin are:

(1) Proper diet and vitamins. The skin reflects how healthy a person is. Minimize your salt and sugar intake, drink more water (over soda or carbonated drinks) and eat plenty of fruits. Vitamin D and Vitamin E helps nurture and protect the skin. Get plenty or enough sleep to help the body recuperate.

(2) Use available skin care products including whitening lotion, moisturizers and sunscreen lotion. Be reminded that sunscreen lotion helps “protect” the skin as you use other regimens. Too much sunscreen lotion doesn’t help in whitening skin.

(3) Some facial wash or soaps have active ingredients that trigger peeling or exfoliation. Some contains Salicylic Acid which is good at bleaching. Be sure to consult your dermatologist as even if these products are properly tested before it reached the market, a person’s skin type may not be appropriate to the regimen chosen.

(4) Wash your face with a mixture of milk and lemon juice. Milk makes the skin supple and fresh and the little bleach makes the skin fairer while lemon enhances the procedure because of its natural acidity.

(5) You may also use papaya juice. Apply it on the skin, let it stay for 10 to 20 minutes and rinse off.

(6) Other natural methods may be combined with one and the other to achieve better results. You may use a tomato and lime juice mask, honey or Aloe vera as a moisturizer or Olive oil with granulated sugar for exfoliation.

(7) Doctor/dermatologist procedures such as chemical peel or skin bleaching.

Bear in mind that beauty must not be misconstrued. Amongst many, being healthy is always better than adapting to the what is believed to be beautiful. Scientifically speaking, whiter skin means lower melanin production and thus, higher risk to skin problems. Moderation is the key.







300 words on Lego Cowboys (if you will be talking about pictures of Lego minifigs, please supply me with the URL at the end of your article)

Lego has consistently come up with various themes that appeal to the general public – both the kids and the kids at heart. Although it is fitting to say that the theme usually rides whatever is common at the time, the Wild West remains wild and alive with the Lego System Cowboys minifligs.

Sheriff’s Showdown is an adaptation of a criminal chase – in the wild west. With just enough pieces to set the imaginary cowboy feel, the bad-ass looking bandit and the clean and “awarded” cowboy sheriff minifligs completes the set with a very elegant touch of realism.

Covered Wagon is a simple system, primarily capturing a transport theme. The Cavalry Lieutenant miniflig completes the set together with the horse lego, wheels and the pieces that shall comprise the wagon.

If you want to complete an ideal event, try to combine Sheriff’s Showdown with Sheriff’s Lock-up. Sheriff’s Lock-up creates the jail break set-up as in this system, there are 2 bandits and only 1 soldier which is the sheriff. Another cowboy miniflig is included but that can be treated as a casualty during a jail break. This shall add tons of fun in the Lego Cowboy world.

Bandit’s Secret Hide-Out is all about crime never paying. From the title itself, the hide-out is supposed to keep out everyone else and with the 3 bandits outnumbering the 2 soldiers in minifligs number, this is the bandit’s turf. No harm can come to them with their guns, canons and tower-like hole.

What’s a cowboy theme without the bank robbery? Gold City Junction captures this concept perfectly, situating only 2 soldier minifligs which includes the sheriff and 4 cowboys including the banker and the bandit. Conspiracy is the key. The theme is set in major action with bricks and pieces that connote a shoot-out or perhaps a “run” too common for the Wild.

Fort Legoredo is the ultimate Cowboy themed Lego System. Coming with 10 minifligs and over 500 pieces to set-up a police headquarters, the set encourages many action-packed possibilities. The watch tower at the back and the two towers in front are great look-out standpoint. The spacious headquarters, the prison and the stable inside Fort Legoredo are also good areas of action. Generally, the 4 bandits will not stand a chance over the 6 Cavalry soldiers properly positioned in the system however, with great imagination, that picture can be reversed.

The Lego System Cowboys Sets were first released in 1996. It was re-issued recently and is still considered a valuable collection item.









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