Sales Promotion Girl in Indonesia

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Sales Promotion Girl in Indonesia

Sales promotion girl is basically a girl who is promoting or selling something. She is one of the marketing parts of a company to promote their product to the customer. In Indonesia, the term sales promotion girl has arrived to a certain and unique connotation which is considered negative. Sales promotion girl in Indonesia is identical with young girls wearing sexy outfit seducing people to buy something. They are usually high school or university student -young and attractive essentially stealing all the glances from people around them.

It is a bit hard to find the most correct definition of sales promotion girl. There is no such entry in the dictionary and when you typed it in the internet, mostly will give you a false answer, just a cheap site writing sales promotion girl to make people click on that site. There is no information contained there, just ads. They want to increase their click to get money from the internet business.

This is some the result I get from Wikipedia (English) when I entered the keyword of sales promotion girl.

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I wonder why there is no entry for sales promotion girl in Wikipedia. Is it because people outside Indonesia did not use that term? I found that it is very hard to find a relevant article to support my research. Most of them is just those cheap ads site or the porn site which including sales promotion girl as their tag.

Sales promotion girl is something which could not be separated from the company chain of supply. Sales promotion girl is the one who is facing the customer personally. There are sales promotion girl which are organic and non organic. Organic means that those sales promotion girl are the real employee of the company which are in charge in promotion of the goods made by the company. Non organic means that the sales promotion girl is only a temporary workforce which is hired with a limited time contract. The sales promotion girl could come from their individual or from the agency which provide at ready to use sales promotion girl stock. There are even sales promotion girls which comes from an outsourcing company. Nowadays, there is also security, telephone operator or cleaning service which comes from those company.

The existence of the sales promotion girl in a promotion event such as mobile road trip or stand exhibition is useful in attracting the customer. The prospective customer will firstly look at the physical appearance of the sales promotion girl, if they think that she is attractive, they might want to come to the stand, receiving some brochure given by them, trying the product, etc.

On the contrary, there is some company which do not feel that the existence of the sales promotion girl is important, especially the non organic one. This is due to the sales promotion girl which are non organic usually do not have a good competencies for the product which they are going to sell. They do not have time to learn about the product knowledge usually because the sales promotion girl is usually accepting a sudden job. There are also some sales promotion girl which care nothing with their product knowledge. They just think that they must attract the customer with their physical appearance and just giving the customer a brochure and explain the product just in brief. They just think how to end their shift and get the money for that day. Unlike the organic sales promotion girl who is more adept at the product knowledge because she is a part of the company. However, not every non organic sales promotion girl is like that. There are also non organic sales promotion girl who are trying to learn the product knowledge deeply. They are positioning themselves just like the common customer who will always want to know the detail of the product. They could even be a professional sales promotion girl who buy the product which they are going to sell so that they could understand what the customer will feel after buying the product.

Sales promotion girl must master the product which they are going to sell. She must know what their competitor do. For example, a sales promotion girl of Kartu Halo must understand the product knowledge of Kartu Halo and understand all of the other postpaid services such as Xplor from Excelcomindo Pratama and Matrix from Indosat, and vice versa. That's why the company and the sales promotion girl will need CAD (Competitor Activity Data). After the sales promotion girl has master more product knowledge and the competitors, this sales promotion girl will be a qualified sales promotion girl. There is not uncommon for this type of non organic sales promotion girl could enter the high position of the company and get an important position at the company which she used to joined partially.

There are public known that the “requirements” to be listed as one the sales promotion girl come mostly from their physical appearance. They should be tall, white, pretty, and willing to use a sexy uniform which in fact, has no relation to the product they are selling. Sometimes, they are also selling things which have no correlation to a woman. Well, sometimes, another requirement such as the fluency in English or other language is necessary, but it is not mandatory.

The most popular field in this sales promotion girl business is in the cigarette and automobile industry. Could you imagine a sexy lady coming to you and asking whether you are smoking or not? She is bringing a pack of cigarette with a short skirt and tight blouse which hardly covers her underwear. Most people-usually the male would say YES even if they are actually not smoking. They are just doing it to keep the conversation, to make her keep talking to them. Then, she will promote her product-cigarette in this case, explaining its taste, the sensation and the brand, which will not even reach their brain which are now occupied as their testosterone production increasing. “The hell with the cigarette.” Maybe it is what they are thinking in that situation. Then, she will give you a free sample of cigarette. You smoke it and hope that you will look cool to her. Then you will buy two packs of the cigarettes to impress her, she will say thank you, and left you with two packs of cigarettes which you won't even smoke!

Another case of the sales promotion girl is in the automobile industry. There is usually a car exhibition in the center of the shopping mall. There are a lot of new cars showed which are usually “guarded” by sexy ladies who will gives you a brochure of that car. Both the girls and the cars will likely take all of the male species attention. Nobody could resist the temptation to peek a glance on the masterpiece work of human and god Himself. The business is using the ultimate creation of God to sell the ultimate creation of mankind.

From the logical point of view, the practice of this sales promotion girl is belittling woman. It makes people questioning whether the business is utilizing the woman to sell their product or they are selling the woman instead. Well, they are not really selling the woman, but they are selling them literally. They are dressing her, exposing her in order to get people's attention and eventually buy their product. It makes people think that Indonesia's woman is available for sale.

Essentially, the duty of a salesperson is to attract the prospective customer, promoting his/her product, and then persuade them to buy the product. But as time goes by, customers need something which is more attractive to make them turn their attention to something. They are tired of the sale announcement, free product, or special offer with small star written terms and condition apply. They need something more straightforward. Something which they could instantly obtained without having to do some requirement. The sales promotion girl is the answer to all of this demand. You want to see her? Just go ahead. You could look at her from the distance. You don't need to buy a product to look at her. It will cost you nothing to see those amazing figure. It's all for FREE!!

Sales promotion girl is always being the frontal line of a sale, especially in launching of a new product. In promoting their product, sales promotion girl must have 4 skills in:

1. See

A customer of course want to see the product which he is going to but first before he finally decided to buy the product. It means that the product must be attractive to them. That includes the people who are selling those products. The sales promotion girl should be attractive in order to make the customer see their product.

2. Touch

After the customer is attracted to the product, this is the time for the sales promotion girl to “touch” the customer needs and wants to provoke them to buy the product. This is the chance for the sales promotion girl to allow the customer to look closely or even try the product which they are going to buy.

3. Feel Different

After the customer coming to the stand, trying the product, the sales promotion girl should give them detail explanation about the product. What makes them different from other product? What is something special about those things? Will it be beneficial for the customer?

4. Buy

Finally, it is time for the closing sales. Physical attraction power combined with fluency in communicating between the sales promotion girl and the customer will finally lead to the decision of the customer to buy the product.

That is the reason why most people using the sales promotion girl rather than sales promotion boy. Nowadays, some people also feel empty when there is no sales promotion girl on an exhibition. It can be said that in an exhibition it is not only the product which the customer are looking for. It is also the sales promotion girl which is now an important part for the show.

The spark of the sales promotion girl world in big events has attract many young girls with beautiful body to do this job which give quite good income. Many of the sales promotion girl are actually trying for the first time but then they got addicted to it. Maybe it is because of the money of the junior and the senior sales promotion girl are the same, or maybe it is because the work area which do not absorb too many brain of physical power.

There is usually no specific test to be a sales promotion girl. There's usually not even a single test held. Just submit your photo, identity, and interview (which sometimes is not conducted) and you are officially worked as a sales promotion girl.

Psycho test, which are usually held before hiring someone, is used to :

1. Make objective decision.

Psycho test will be supported by standardized test utensils which could increase the objectivity of the decision. By doing so, the decision to accept or reject a new employee will be based on the strong objective reason.

2. Validity of the test utensils.

Psychology test is developed by scientific method so that the interpretation of the test is accurate and reliable to predict the prospective employee psychological. If this method is combined with the interview, it could accurately predict the performance of the prospective employee.

3. Reduce the cost of wrong recruiting

A mistake in recruiting a wrong employee is very costly for the company, in example in the training fee or the advertising fee. It's not even included the energy and time used to the recruitment process. A psycho test could reduce those cost and they are relatively cheaper compared to the cost spent if the employee chosen is not competent. A psycho test also ensures a high chemistry between the prospective employee and the employer.

But, there is also some exception to this psycho test. There is some case which the psycho test is not needed. The reasons are:

1. They nature of the job.

There is some company which uses employee only for temporarily only, for example for data entry. If the entry job is done, than the job is done. The company did not need to use that employee again. For this type of job, psycho test is not effective because the employee won't be in the company for a long time. However, there is also some exception for this reason, for example if the employee, even temporarily working at the company, is having an important job. In that case, the occurrence of a psycho test is a must.

2. The responsibility of the job.

An employee at a managerial level or the position which has a high effect to the company will be better to use a psycho test. There are a lot of money and cost allocated to those people and if the company chooses the wrong people, the cost could be multiplied.

3. Long term career development.

If the job and the position has a possibility of a career development, it will be better to use a psycho test so that the company could get an employee which is really fit between the job and the characteristic of the individual psychological.

4. The cost of the test.

Many company which have a big cost budget for the recruitment process so that they are doing the test for every position. However, there are also some company which does not have it. Due to that, it is necessary to find out the need of psychological test which is fit with the position which needs to be filled. Do not find a senior manager with a bad psychological test which is not accurate.

5. The availability of the prospective employee in the market. There is time in a specific job where the prospective employee is very high, making it easier to find the replacement immediately. In the other hand, there are also certain position which the candidate is very scarce and very hard to be found. For this type of position, it will be better if the company uses the psycho test because that kind of job usually needed some specific psychological requirement, or those people on the market who has specific personality. For this type of job, the company will need to make an accurate decision, which could be obtained by using this psycho test.

So, by considering those factors, it is clear why sometimes sales promotion girl recruitment uses no psycho test. Maybe the job of the sales promotion girl is just a temporary job, or there is no career path for the sales promotion girl. It could also be possible that the company has no budget to conduct a psycho test for the sales promotion girl or maybe there are so many sales promotion girl availability in the market which makes the company think that there is no use to conduct the psycho test. ( translated

Being a sales promotion girl is not a very hard job. Due to by the fun got while working, sales promotion girl sometimes feel comfortable in doing her job. Sometimes being a sales promotion girl could even bring some other fun outside their work life. Creating a new relation and having an easy access to enter a nightclub really lead them to the hedonism lifestyle. All of this are mostly a result of trying or following a friend.

There is even some of the sales promotion girl which leave their education; in high school or university. They do that because they feel comfortable in being a sales promotion girl. They are addicted to the sales promotion girl job. Their life has become a public concern, especially for a rich male who is looking for some sexual replenishment, which could increase their income.

There is a new slang in the sales promotion girl world called SPG BISPAK which stands for SPG bisa dipakai (could be used). It means that the sales promotion girl could be booked anytime. With a sum of money they are willing to sleep together. Well, not every sales promotion girl are bispak, but that kind of sales promotion girl has really contaminated the job of the sales promotion girl. Those sales promotion girls who feel that they are not bispak should handle the peer pressure of the other people. Actually those sales promotion girls who are bispak is actually coming from those good girl who are just trying or invited by their friends.

To know which kind of sales promotion girl are you encountering to is not easy. Even if they are seducing and naughty, that don't straightly means that they are the bispak. The personal approach is the best way to get more service from the sales promotion girl. The reason why many people prefer to have sex with a sales promotion girl is that they are different from the prostitute which are selling themselves in the street. Sex, is not their main business, so that people think that they are fresher and tighter compared to other prostitute. They do not do sex every day, just sometimes perhaps. Having sex with a sales promotion girl has less risk either. From the health, because they do not have sex as much as the prostitute, they have smaller chance to infect the sexually transmitted disease. Of course, that benefit should be covered by a lot of money.

There are also some of this sales promotion girl who have dedicated themselves to be wanita simpanan (2nd wife) for certain people. It could be a rich businessmen or ministers. They are facilitated by them in return of the sexual replenishment given by the sales promotion girl. They are given an apartment to live, a car to use, or even with a driver. All that they need to do is just to keep this a secret, wait for a call from her man, and give them the best service that they could.

To ameliorate the term sales promotion girl, some company changes it into Female Presenter. There is no difference in the profession, with the same payment, same rules, same job description. Too bad that even the name has been changed, but the impression made by them is stay the same. They are a young, good looking lady who is seducing man to buy their product.

All of this sales promotion girl features cannot be changed by sales promotion boy. There is a funny example from Two pictures comparing sales promotion boys and sales promotion girls. Even if they are taking the same pose, It just doesn't make it.

From my point of view, maybe because I am a male, I'd rather choose the girl ads, and I do not want to see those boys posing in front of the car. It is just disgusting.

But there is not only good story exist in the sales promotion girl world. There is also a funny story. When Anlene, a milk product was launching their product for the first time and the company didn't have enough fund to accommodate their transportation, the sales promotion girls are the one who became the victim. They should sit in the truck to be able to promote their product to the consumers. They do this so that the sales promotion girl could give personal approach to every consumers. Nowadays, as Anlene has grown into a big company, they are still using their sales promotion girl forces to keep their position in the market. We could easily spotted Anlene sales promotion girl in Carrefour or giant. Of course, they are not using the truck to get there now.

In Indonesia, it must be tough For the sales promotion girl herself to keep hanging on this job. Not because of the income. A sales promotion girl is well paid in terms of salary. In 2009, a sales promotion girl could get Rp 300,000,00 per day for a full day work at a big event such as international expo, not including the commission obtained from the sale they made. The burden mostly comes from other people view of her. Maybe the people who pass by will think that she is a cheap woman, selling herself in the public or doing something haram for the Muslims by showing her body to other people. But those burdens would not equal to the negative view given by people near her; her family, her friends, or her boyfriends. What if they think that she is such a shaming girl? What if they refuse to call her as a sister, or daughter, or mother? The money she get will be worthless compared to all of this burden. There will always be a battle in a sales promotion girl's heart. I wonder if she asks herself everyday whether what she is doing is a right thing.

Infogue, Indonesian social portal, used to interview a sales promotion girl named Nina. She is a university student who works as a sales promotion girl to pay her tuition fee. At the time being, she is working at Indonesia International Motor Show (IIMS) 2008. She is a new girl in this industry, who has only just 1 year experience, but has been hired by many company. She starts this job by being a sales promotion girl for a cigarette, cell phone and automobile company.

She said that from job, she could know a lot of people characteristic and feel more independent. She could now pay her own tuition fee for her bachelor degree. She admitted that she got different salary from each company, but the highest salary comes from cell phone company which could pay her Rp 300,000,00 per day. From 10 days of exhibition, she was usually hired for 8 or 9 days. In a month, Nina said that she could get 2 or 3 job. Could you imagine how big it is?

Nina also said that being an automobile sales promotion girl is really tough because she need to have a lot of product knowledge. The customers are likely to ask a question and sometimes she could not answer those questions.

Since she could get a lot of money from this job, she never thinks to work in the office. Moreover, her parents support her in doing her job. Once she heard her friend who was working in the office's story. She thought that the office job was so boring, just sitting inside the room and not getting as much salary as she get. She prefers to meet people just like what she does in this job(endel, infogue)

Another story of from the sales promotion girl's side of view is the story of Dewi. She is a 19 year old girl, who is working as a sales promotion girl in Arena Pekan Raya Jakarta at Kemayoran, Central Jakarta. When she is interviewed by Kompas, she is wearing short red skirt and a tight blouse with a hat and ponytail. She is working at a Japanese motorcycle company. Her job is to accompany the potential buyer and explain everything related to the product which they want to buy. That day, Dewi could sell 2 motorcycle after she clearly describe the product's advantage. Dewi is not ashamed to work as a sales promotion girl. She uses everything she has such as her attractive face, nice body figure, and her talking ability. At 2007, Dewi was paid Rp. 100,000,00/day. That number, of course, does not include the bonus received if she is able to make a sale. At that time, she was aiming to get 5 million from the Pekan Raya Jakarta event.

Unfortunately, not every sales promotion girl is paid as high as Dewi does. The sales promotion girl in furniture is only paid Rp 20,000,00 up to Rp 50,000,00 per day excluding the commission for the sales made. Too bad that those girls do not get as much fortune as Dewi do. Compared to the motorcycle product, the furniture product is not attractive to the customer.

There is another girl named Fitri. She is not actually a girl now. She is a mother of 1 child. She tells her boss that she is still single and has no children to be accepted as a sales promotion girl. She does this to get some money and hopefully a big bonus to increase her income. (Adi Kurniawan, kompas cyber media)

Do you know DJARUM Cigarette? That product is made in Indonesia and has been imported abroad. It is very popular outside of Indonesia, it even has its own ads on the penthouse magazine. Too bad that Djarum promote their product by using those sexy sales promotion girl with nearly no clothing attached to them. The writer of the article ask whether we should be proud by this achievement or not.

(Djarum Ads) (Djarum Sales promotion girl)

It could be concluded that Indonesia is a hypocrite country from this issues. The country which is well known as one of the biggest Muslims country in the world is in fact, allowing such thing to occur. While the house of representative is proposing an anti-pornography constitution, the capital of the country is displaying semi-pornography show. The capital of the country-Jakarta, which is recently rated as the 2nd worst city in the world, the symbol of hedonism and materialism is totally contradicting the constitution. There even used to be a case of Yahya Zaini, a minister of religion is taped having sex with a dangdut singer. It really show how hypocritical we are.

If you typed the word sales promotion girl in google, the first entry of the page will be those sales promotion girl related to sex. Sales promotion girl video, pictures, sex tape, everything about the negative one. If you type the word sales promotion girl and search for its picture, you will see mostly are pornographic photo of them. Better keep your parental control on if you are with your children.

There is a site in the internet named They are a company which provide a sales promotion girl or boy service. Here are the information on the homepage.

Welcomes to is Event Organizer initial from supply area services of Stand Guide (SPG/SPB) and the conspecific. Since established in 2004 until now we have more than 1000 smart & friendly crews & professionals which become the main capital in promoting a product during event take places. This website also can be the place to meets the exhibitor/ owner and the Stand Guide (SPG/SPB). Exhibitor from industrial circle, company and even from agent or distributor. will be help you for the event like :
Presentation, launching product, soft/grand opening, photo session, gathering, TV program, TV Commercial, video clip, celebration, conferences, meeting, seminar, fashion show, exhibition and other event.
As easy as click the mouse, the picture of our crew and their personal data's can bee seen in this sites. Even the service request of the crew can be recruited on line. Come from the service feeder of stand guide, this sites also provides : model of advertisement print ad and also audio visual, usherette at opening event, bridesmaid at event of wedding ceremony, musician, disk jockey, comedian, announcer, master of ceremony, presenter, singer, dancer nor becomes mannequin, catwalk model and actress. For institution, company and also individual who is requiring employee
( formal/temporary officer), like :
Liaison officer, secretary, operator, receptionist, marketing, executive and other, we will provide as according to criterion & characteristic required.
In the advances, we also provides package event of celebration ( music group, singer, DJ, dancer, comedy, MC and other) tidy with theme based on the request; of the event organizer.


At this site, the customer could use a sales promotion girl to be :


Stand guide





Master of Ceremony


City Guides

Print ad model

Cinema casting

Liaison office


Audio visual model





In certain event such as:



Cinema casting

Wedding ceremony

Music concert



Product launching

Photo session

Sports event


Fashion show



We could see that this site is really providing competent sales promotion girl in many different type of event. If only every sales promotion girl could follow this good example, the negative image of a sales promotion girl could perish.

From the request tab of, we could see that all we need to do to use one of their crew services is by just simply sending the client identity, interested in using their service as, for what event, the date, time, and place of the event, and the client could even choose the crew which they want to use. There are a picture for every crew in The client just need to tick the sales promotion girl which they want from the total 55 crew of This practice looks like we are choosing the girls which we want to use in the massage center.

There are also other sales promotion girl agency which opens their recruitment at the internet. They are also offering their service through the internet. This is the result I find when I type the keyword sales promotion girl agency in google

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From this data we could see that there are many agency, which provide sales promotion girl services, which could also be a caddy, umbrella girl, dancer, etc.

Do you know what the differences between sales promotion girls and saleswomen are? Both of them are in charge of selling a product. Both of them are paid and get commission for every product they sell. The main difference is the approach. Sales promotion girl are usually in charge to selling a new product; promoting them. Tell the public that there is a new product available for them to sell. A saleswoman or a salesman is in charge of continuous selling of a product. That's why a sales promotion girl should be attractive because they are the first soldier that goes to the warzone. They are the people who are in charge of making a safe coast for their friends. Saleswoman and salesman are the people who are in charge to continue their effort.

So, here is the step. First, a company would make a new product through the Research and Development department, innovate them, etc. etc. until they finally come up with a new brand thing for instance, a new taste of cigarette. Then they will put advertising in the newspaper, television, radio, billboard, and they will advertise their new product straightly to the customer. They will maybe open a stand in an exhibition, or in the mall, or in the shopping centre to introduce the new taste to their customer. This product is brand new. People won't even recognize it if it is not prominent. To attract the customer, the company will usually use the sales promotion girl forces to attract the customer. They male customer will be attracted by the scene. A beautiful, sexy lady wearing a sexy outfit will come to them and introducing the new product and so on and so on.

Now, the customers have all known this new brand, the new taste of the cigarette. The company now does not need to use any sales promotion girl forces anymore since they have breached the wall. All they need to do is raze the city. They have overcome the hardest part of a war. They have destroyed the barrier that protecting the customer. The company does not need to send their best troops now. They just need to send the salesman or saleswoman, a regular people asking the customer whether they still want to buy the product or not. No more sexiness in needed. No more sexual appeal is needed. This is all because the customer has now be attracted to the product. The product is well known and if they have used it and they like it, they will continue using or buying it. Even with a normal salesperson, the customer will likely to buy that product.

Sales promotion girls do not always promoting a new product. They could sometimes promoting an old product which needs to be reborn. Old product which are having a discount or special offer, or an old product which wants to be re-entered to the market.

Another difference from the sales promotion girl with the sales woman is the continuing process. There Skills

So lets get down to basics and think about the skills a good salesman possesses. Actually there are probably only a few. The most important however is the skill of listening. Listening to what people say and don't say, and listening to what they want and what they need, sometimes two different things. Linked to this is the skill of asking the right questions to find out more.

Then process starts to kick in - if you've listened carefully and asked searching questions you are in a better position to present solutions in terms of both features and benefits. And you are better equipped to handle objections and present logical arguments.

So if you can master the skills of listening, questioning, presenting and objection handling you are well on the way. And as with any skill practice makes perfect.

If you've managed to master these skills you're likely to be far more confident to go on to the final stage, which is to ask for the business.

There's a simple way to give yourself more confidence and that's to have a tried and tested sales process that you can follow. Based on second opinion marketing, there are a several steps to be a good salesman or saleswoman.

Sales Process

You should map out your sales process for approaching a particular client before you start anything else.

A simple process might look something like this:

Pre-qualification - You take a call from a prospect. You should gather information about them, to establish if and how you might be able to help them, and give them some information about your business. This stage should be biased towards listening.

Information - Send them or direct them to relevant information as a follow up to your initial conversation. You might send them an email with a link to an article on your website, send them a targeted brochure or a couple of case studies. Remember less is more - they won't sit and read pages and pages so keep it brief and relevant.

Appointment Setting - If you believe you can help them ask to see them. You need dedicated time with them to find out more about their business. You might offer an initial consultation free of charge if this is appropriate.

Preparation - the meeting should primarily be an information gathering exercise. So make sure you do your own initial research so that you know the basics about them and can ask more searching questions to expose their real needs and explore how you might be able to help.

Meeting - have an agenda and make sure you are clear on the questions you want to explore. I always think there's no harm in taking charge of the meeting and declaring your agenda up front. That way you both know what to expect.

People love to talk about themselves and their own business but you might need to ask appropriate questions to keep things on track.

Proposal - Unless really pushed don't propose the solution in the meeting itself. You will have gathered a lot of information and need time to think things through and match your solutions to the client needs. Do however get a proposal to them quickly after the meeting. Obviously the actual length of time will depend on the complexity of the work - but anything more than a week after the meeting starts to look disinterested.

Follow Up - When you send the proposal you should let them know you'll follow up. Prepare carefully for your follow up call. Identify potential objections and have answers and ideas ready to counter these objections. And don't forget to listen and ask the right questions - if they say it's not what they expected dig deep to find out why. If they claim circumstances have changed ask in what way and don't be afraid to ask if price is an issue, having decided in advance whether you can negotiate on this element.

Sign up - this is your goal. Make sure you cover all the bases - do you need them to sign a contract, have you explained your terms and conditions. Don't shy away from the discussion about invoicing dates etc. You want to get the relationship off to a good start, which means both parties know where they stand.

We can see that from the skills which are listed for the sales woman, a sales promotion girl should also have the pre qualification, information, appointment setting, preparation, meeting, and proposal skill. It means that a sales promotion girl and a sales woman job is nearly the same. The difference is that the sales promotion girl do not need to have the follow up and the sign up process skill. They do not do a continuous job. They are just doing their job for a day, and they do not need to be related with tomorrow's actions.

Sometimes, sales promotion girl also feel that they are abused. They know that they are not for sale, and they refuse to do something which are not on their contract .Too bad that the businessman will usually ignored them and keep doing what they want. Maybe they think that because a sales promotion girl is a girl who is selling herself, they should accepted everthing which they ordered to.

There was an incident of 25 sales promotion girl came to police office at central Jakarta. They are sales promotion girl of Stock Junction who suffer bad attitude form their boss. They have been reported those incident one day ago and completing the document at the moment. They give no comment but just crying while entering the head officer Suwondo Naiggolan. Those sales promotion girl refuse to give any comments, including their attorney Hendrik Sirait. They said that they will held a press conference where they will tell everything there. They are reporting their boss at Stock junction for abusing them. They are kidnapped and even forced to drink water from the water closet. Those event are resulted due to something missing at the company and the boss get furious about it. They are then forced to sign a contract that they are willing to replace it with their money. They are be hostage then, given no food nor water. There was even one sales promotion girl who was forced to act like a dog and recorded with their bos camera. Those video was then shown to her friends who was also kidnapped. Those video made everyone afraid.

There is also a case of sales promotion girl abuse in Salemba. A boss of imported garment boutique is reported missing after tormented many sales promotion girl. His name is Rick. Nobody knows where he is going. According to the police, Rick is tormenting those sales promotion girl with two of his underling, Suh and Kad, who are the corporate supervisor. Right now, the police are still collecting evidence, and waiting for the visum of the victims. If it all has been completed, they will call the sales promotion girl. If there is enough evidence, Rick and his underlings could be accused with article 335 KUHP.

Nurhayati, one of the victim of those incident said that she was called to the office and forced to admit that she was stealing while actually she knew nothing about it. She refused at the first time but she was slapped until five times until he finally admitted it. There are more sales promotion girl who have the same condition as Nurhayati did. (

Sales promotion girl is always considered as a taboo for most Indonesian people. We do not usually talk about sex in the family and I wonder what parents will answer if their children ask them about a teenager using sexy uniform standing in the center of the shopping mall. What if their children said that they want to be like her when they grow up? Perhaps they would just divert the question and instead answering the question, they would just talk about another thing. Actually, It is not a good idea since children would not get a clear answer and they won't even think about it anymore. They won't realize that it was a new way of slavery to woman. It was belittling and weakening them. A little boy won't have a consciousness of those issues and when he grown up, perhaps he will be one of the businessmen who uses girl to sell- or even “selling” the girl. A little girl also won't recognize that actually her kind is being dominated by the male. She won't realize that some irresponsible people are taking advantages of the woman and someday, it could be her.

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