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Pros And Cons Of Teens Having Job English Language Essay

Paper Type: Free Essay Subject: English Language
Wordcount: 2444 words Published: 1st Jan 2015

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There are many pros, cons, and safety issues involved with letting a teen get a job while in high school. When Ann Ryans son was 15 he asked her if he could get a job. He wanted some extra money to go out with his friends. But there was a lot to think about in letting him have a job. So the question is, should teenagers have jobs? Their most important goals should be being healthy, good development ,and their education. Yet According to Statistics Canada (October 3, 2010 http://www.statcan.gc.ca/daily-quotidien/100929/dq100929c-eng.htm )"During the 2009/2010 school year, about 542,000 post secondary students aged 15 to 24 held jobs. This represented an employment rate of 45%, down from 48% in 2007/2008, just before the economic downturn. Nevertheless, these rates were well above those during the 1970s when 25% of students that were employed."

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Some pros on letting the author's son have a job were that he could pay for his own phone cards, and school clothes, as he has size 13 feet. Very expensive for purchasing shoes, and he likes to have the brand name as well. He can put money away for a car to purchase when he is of age. The average cost of a new car if he goes that route is well in the thousands. A new 2010 Acura costs from around $40,000.00 to $51,000.00 That is a pretty penny, so probably a used car for him! Now lets see how much they would cost if they were to look in this web sight, so he might find a used car. (October3,2010 http://canada.motoseller.com/c/sys.php ) It would depend on what he wanted but the range is from 7,000 to 38,000 anyway. No matter what kind of car he wants, used or new, he still has a lot of saving to do! Oh yes, then there is insurance. And why is car insurance for teens more expensive, you ask? Well in this web site, (October 3 2010 http://www.content4reprint.com/finance/insurance/why-car-insurance-for-teens-is-more- expensive.htm )

They state that "In 2007 in the United States, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reported that 13 percent of all drivers that were in fatal car accidents were between the ages of 15 and 20." They said that the "Canadian statistics are similar". They also state that "Other statistics show that teens are as much as four times as likely as adults to be involved in an accident with a fatality." On top of all that they state that "Canada reports that 40 percent of teenage drivers who are killed in car accidents were involved in those crashes because they had been drinking". These statistics mean that teenage drivers must pay more for Canada insurance products for drivers.

Then there is saving for college which can range from programs like Addictions Treatment and Prevention in 2009 that cost 1836.09 ,or Domestic and Welding Techniques in 2010 in January that cost 2913.29 If they were to look here, they could find those statistics. (October 3, 2010 http://www.georgianc.on.ca/admissions/downloads/2010- 11tuitionfees.pdf ) Or there is just going out with his friends. He likes to go to the movies which is usually 18 dollars for two people, and that is just to get in to the show. Then he will have to buy popcorn and drinks which is probably another 20 dollars. Then if he would like to take his girlfriend out for dinner at East Side Mario's, a dinner package for one is 14.99. This means that for two people it would be 29.98, not including taxes. Their web sight is (October3,2010 http://www.eastsidemarios.com/#/Menu/Dinein/Marios_Every_Day_Values/Package_For_One/Pizza_Package_for_One/ ). Eventually he would learn how to appreciate the hard work it takes to make money, and it would also teach him the importance of saving his money and setting financial goals. He would also have a sense of accomplishment when he received his paycheck knowing that he made this money by himself and hopefully he wouldn't spend his money the way he spends Ann Ryan's money.

There are cons to this as well. Stress would be a big one. In this family doctor's web sight; (October3,2010 http://familydoctor.org/online/famdocen/home/children/teens/prevention/278.html)

he says that " Stress is what you feel when you react to pressure, either from the outside world, school, work, after-school activities, family, friends, or from inside yourself wanting to do well in school, wanting to fit in. Stress is a normal reaction for people of all ages ". The doctor goes on to explain signs that people might use know they're stressed out. " Feeling depressed, edgy, guilty, tired having headaches, stomachaches, trouble sleeping, laughing or crying for no reason, blaming other people for bad things that happen to you, only seeing the down side of a situation, feeling like things that you used to enjoy aren't fun or are a burden, resenting other people or your responsibilities "

Then the doctor goes on to tell about the things that help fight stress.

" Eating a well balanced meals on a regular basis, drinking less caffeine, getting enough sleep, and Exercising regularly ". If they had to think about it, he or she leaves for school at 8:15 am and gets home for 3:30. That is 7 hours already out of the house. Doing work that would make any ones head hurt ! This is sort of a work day for him already. Then there is homework, after school activities. He might have a 10-11 hour day. Working on top of that might be too much for them.

Then what are his plans for spending the money? Will he spend it aimlessly on things like video games and junk food? There are some people that say. "They are young, let them live it up now." But then there are people that say, "They need to save now and work hard so they can live later." Who do They listen to? If they work hard now, what happens later when they have worked all their lives? They could get sick later, then they have not had any fun, or they have not worked at all, so should parnents let them have fun now and have nothing later?

There is also the safety aspect. Will he be safe ? The National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health, which are also part of the Centers for Disease Control, and Prevention. (October3,2010 (Niosh) http://www.cdc.gov/niosh/adoldoc.html http://www.cdc.gov/niosh/docs/99-141/pdfs/99-141.pdf) They say:

" In 2006, 30 youth's under the age of 18 died from work related injuries, and they estimated 52,600 work-related injuries and illnesses, 15 to 17 were treated in hospital emergency rooms. They go on to say that: "Only about one third of work related injuries are seen in emergency rooms". So that means that an estimated 157,000 teens are involved in work related injuries and illnesses each year. Then they tell you that "Teen workers are generally believed to be at an increased risk of occupational injury because of inexperience, and limited training, and because they are reluctant to ask for help, or question existing work practices for fear of looking incapable, or 'stupid'". Wow what a scary thought !

So how does anyone decide? I guess first they will have to take into consideration that he wants to work . Then they will look at his stress level. Is he already under a lot of stress? And are his grades good ? Being under stress can lead to other problems like self esteem issues. Then they will have to determine the need. Some families don't have the option and everyone has to work. Or maybe he does not need to work. Just knowing fact that he would gain the experience and the knowledge that it is hard work to make the money that he would earn. Then they would have to make sure that he does not just pick any job. They do not want to let him settle for a job that he will just hate later. Or that he has to work very hard with little pay.

Pay is a big part of the job, but so is being respected by the people that he will have to work with and his management. The environment in which he will be working will make a difference in his attitude about the job as well. The job would have to be flexible- making sure his education comes first is very important.

Maybe he could think about a summer job. He would still have the money but not all the stress.

Then make sure he is safe by contacting the Ontario Ministry of Labour. Here is there web sight. (October3,2010 http://www.labour.gov.on.ca/english/ http://www.worksmartontario.gov.on.ca/scripts/default.asp?contentID=7-1- 2&mcategory=health#H2) They could ask questions like: what is the number of hours teens are allowed to work? What are the the hours of the day that they are allowed to work? What age are they allowed to work ?

For instance, according to the Ontario ministry of Labour they must be: "16 years old to be on (or work at) a construction site or logging operation 15 years old to be in (or work at) a factory or restaurant kitchen, unless on a tour or accompanied by an adult 14 years old to be in (or work at) most other types of industrial establishments.

Here are some examples of the types of workplaces with no minimum age requirements that the youth are allowed to volunteer: libraries, museums, art galleries, schools, day cares, camps, health care for example: hospitals, nursing homes, retirement homes,hospices (excluding kitchens)". They could also work in recreation e.g., sports teams golf, tennis, ski instruction, community events like car washes, food and clothing drives". Also, according to Kids health: (October ,3 2010 http://kidshealth.org/parent/firstaid_safe/travel/job.html )

"Did you know that in some states teens under the age of 16 years , they are not allowed to operate any deli slicers or fryers in restaurants, and some teens under the age of 18 may not be allowed to work past 10:00pm on a school night". Talking to him will help Kids health also states that asking questions like: "Did you do something interesting at work today? Are you still doing the original job or have your responsibilities expanded? What are your new responsibilities? Did you receive any training before you took on this additional work? Are you being paid more for the extra work and , why or why not?

What do you think about this new job ?" Talking to him about his rights for work is a great way to keep communication flowing. And what are children's rights? Well According to (October3,2010 http://rightsofchildren.ca/wp-content/uploads/resource.pdf)

" Children's rights are described in the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child (CRC). The CRC describes three categories of rights. Rights of provision, for example, the right to adequate education and health care. Rights of protection, for example, the right to be protected from abuse and neglect. Rights of participation, for example, the right to be heard in matters affecting the child." Then the author could also explain that there are laws to protect him against sexual harassment, discrimination, and encourage him to seek help for all his concerns that he might have, especially if anything doesn't feel right to him. Also make sure he understands that with having rights he also has responsibilities. Like when some employers try to get away with paying teens "under the table" that way they can pay them less than minimum wage. Then they do a lot more work for little pay.

Ann Ryan could be aware of his health and safety as well she could ask herself: does he seem tired, and is he nodding off a lot? Are his grades slipping? Does he seem stressed out?

They should both try maintaining a healthy balance between school, work, and other responsibilities.

By investing some time and a little research beforehand, he has found a great job for himself . This has been his first summer, and he is enjoying the freedom he gets by working. It has been a fun, worthwhile, and safe job experience so far. The pro's, con's and, safety issues of teens having job's are great things to think about. But making sure they are safe, stress free, and knowing the laws, and what they are getting in to will help them have the wonderful experience they are hoping for, and the smile on their faces when they get to spend their own money is priceless.

References used in this Essay

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Ontario Ministry of Labour can help you ask questions and you can get the laws (accessed October3,2010 last modified Last Modified: accessed October 22 2010 Queen's Printer for Ontario, 2002-10 (http://www.labour.gov.on.ca/english/)(www.worksmartontario.gov.on.ca/scripts/default.asp?contentID=7-1-2&mcategory=health#H2)

(October 3 2010 why-car-insurance-for-teens-is-more expensive the author is (Offers complete home and auto insurance solutions direct to the consumer )


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making sure you kids job is safe http://kidshealth.org/parent/firstaid_safe/travel/job.html

Canadian Coalition for the Rights of Children 2002 http://rightsofchildren.ca/wp-content/uploads/resource.pdf


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