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As the development, people use different ways broke intellectual property rights that in the music industry. The reason for that include economic development could stimulate the technical renew, which provide more methods to trespass on music's intellectual property. In addition, now days as music more and more popular, it is not limited in some places or some fixed levels of customers.

As can be seen from the music development, music industry is both tangible industry and intangible industry. However, in different period these two elements show various approaches. That is the reason why there are different to conventional ways of people broke intellectual property rights. In the past, for tangible music, customer could go to market to buy magnetic tape or CD. The problem is when the customer buy piratical products, which shows an illegal behavior and it also destroy the music's intellectual property rights. And the piratical producer only use the legal magnetic tape or CD ,which has good quality, to copy it then use lower price than legal products to sell. As a matter of fact, this style include two categories, first is called counterfeits that the pirated copies in which package are intended to be similar to the original in order to make buyer believe they are receiving an original products. Secondly, simple piracy is the unauthorized copying of the original music recording for commercial (Frank: 12). For intangible music, audiences could buy the tickets then they could watch the play. In other words, through the ticket, people get the right which is go into the theater and see the performance. Actually, whether audiences buy the ticket or not, which shows one hand the audience obey the intellectual property rights or not. For this style is a called bootleg that the recordings of music from live or broadest performance for commercial purposes without permission of the copyright owners. On the other hand, the players also have the obligation to protect the play's validity. It was estimated which all of the world infringers sold 1.1 billion discs of pirated music in 2003, which sales value of $4.5billion. These sales rise four percent from 2002. In the world, sales of illegal music dishes from 2000 to 2003 illustrate the increase in music piracy (Frank: 12). According to the challenges music industry, China is a serious place where exist the counterfeit market. Domestic Chinese music industries lost $286 million because of piracy, and this amount only shows physical copies.

In this day and age, as the technical development, more and more people could use internet download the music, some people online listen to the music or watching MTV. Although, these type of music industry provide some methods which are various and convenient to customer, it also supply an opportunity that breach intellectual property rights. In the world, online music piracies by home users lead to a huge amount of loss, which could cause a serious damage to the music industry. Home music piracy leads to copyrighted music record sales to drop by 20 percent every year in the world. The leader of online music piracy, KaZaA and Grokster are estimated to be responsible for 2.6 billion downloads of copyrighted music every month. Peer-to-peer services can be used by download, which freely available on the Internet. Furthermore, the price of CD-R has dropped quickly in last six years, and it is possible for any computer home user to possess this technology. The reason for that most of Internet music industry provide large of illegal connection, illegal upload and illegal download. Even the technical could help the illegal download safer than before.

According to the research, in China over than 50% music firms that connect with internet are providing illegal connection and resource. And all of music industry in China which demands the customer to pays the charge when they download the music resource, they face with the losses.

Actually, intellectual property rights of conventional ways are not only in the music products which include tangible and intangible. In the past, geographical limitations leads to the music expansion are not very quickly. Furthermore, the customers are normally rich who could afford the music spending. These are also cause that intellectual property rights' problems are not huge. However, in these days, globalization stimulate the music industries' development, meanwhile, it also lead to more problems about the intellectual property rights. Copyright is broken that is involved different cultural customers could listen to the same type of music, and these people could use different ways to spared the music. Maybe these approaches are not obeying the copyrights laws. Moreover, as the customer increase, it also raises the basic amount which destroys the intellectual property rights. Actually, whether the law comprehensive, which play an important role in copyright problems. For example, the top ten countries that were blamed for failing to protect and enforce music copyrights were Brazil, China, Mexico, Paraguay, Poland, Russia, Spain, Taiwan, Thailand, and Ukraine.

As can be seen from the intellectual property, music lyrics author, composer, arranger, interpreter and other creators of music own the rights which be protected by intellectual property law. In the past, the lawyer could basic on the name, place, and date to research who infringe the original writers' right. However, in this digital period, because of that internet have so many uncertain elements, for example, address is ensure, name is anonymous, even the date can be change, and so on. These elements lead to the law that could not protect the music lyrics author, composer, arranger, interpreter and other creators very well. Meanwhile, some criminals use this gap to expand the action break the intellectual property rights which get the commercial profits.

To sum up, music industry betweent conventional ways and present methods, which are shows so many different elements. As the economic development and music industries' expansion, in the world face more difficult to protect the intellectual property rights in music industry. The reasons for that people have so many ways to get themselves aims which include listen to music, get more profit, and decrease cost, and so no. In addition, the methods that break the intellectual property are more and more concealment.

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