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Many Ways To Prevent Vandelisme English Language Essay

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Wordcount: 2700 words Published: 1st Jan 2015

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Nowadays people are rushing towards the time for their own earning. No one bothers about todays problem in this world. Social problem is the serious problem appears in this modern world. Our graduates had taken a lot of prevention on this problem but failure. A social problem is a condition that at least some people in a community view as being undesirable. Actually what is social problem? It also known as problems that affect groups,that are created by social conditions and that can be changed by collective action.Social problems can be found in at the local,state,national and international levels.There are too many actions had been taken to prevent these problems yet it still occurring and the same time it really affects our country’s growth.

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We are all in a very complicated world which just has money making mind on it.We are too busy with our own life and we are too far from the things what are our teenagers are really up to.Vandelisme is one of the most wanted social problems which is growing up so wildly among us.Vandelisme is a act of damaging public properties by those are not responsible.Vandelism is the behavior attributed originally to the Vendalas,by the Romans,in respect of culture ruthless distrubation or spoiling of anything beatifull or venerable.Last year this crime cost United States Citizens over one billion dollars.Our government must spend a lot of money to repair all the damaged properties.

There are many ways to prevent vandelisme.All the citizens from all the stages of society must contribute their support in preventing this problem from being an issue that will spoil our country’s growth.First and foremost, parents should school their children well.Parents should educate their children with moral values.Teenagers must plan their time well and in a better way than vandalizing public properties.Government must play their role too to bring this problem to an end.Vandelisme in more commonly said an art.So,government should create a platform for all the teenagers where they can show their talent in a very legal way.

Besides that, gangsterism is not something new in this era too, especially for teenagers nowadays. Gangsters used to think that they are powerful. Usually gangsters have a number of people with them and they perform in a group which is commonly called as a gang. It is sad, that many teenagers are being influence to this gangsterism. The worst part is that teenagers are said to be the leaders of tomorrow. What actually is gangsterism? Gangsterism is where a gang or a group of people who shares the same identity, acting or conducting business in a violent manner. Of course, it is not an appropriate way to earn for living but many are not realizing that. We have to admit that gangsterism in Malaysia is increasing rapidly these days. We are all aware that gangsterism is a serious society illness yet why are we not taking any action to stop this issue? We tend to neglect, thinking that it is not our responsibility to overcome this problem. As the member of society, all of us play an important role in handling this thing. How do we start off? How can we stop gangsterism from increasing among our society? Do we really have a solution due to this? Yes we do, but everyone of us have to take part in this.

We have to prevent gangsterism from happening. Usually, it is a common start where during school life teenagers choose the wrong path in their life. So, the problematic teenagers should be often noticed. They should be given counseling very often. It is a better to advice them rather than punishing because what cannot be done by harshness can be done by care. Moral values should be thought more to the students. Awareness campaign should be done and all the students must attend the campaign. Parents play the most important role. Since, the technology is developing more and more day by day, it has come to situation where in a family both father and mother have to work. Parents are busy making money for living. But they can’t be blame because they want to give a perfect lifestyle for their children. At the same time, they are too busy that they don’t have time to spend with their children. Despite, they also don’t know what their children are doing behind their back. It is a necessary for parents to spend their time with their children. Go out with them at least once in a blue moon. Sit and talk to them about their problems. Have some quality time with them to show your love. By this way, parents can avoid their children from choosing the wrong path. Parents must also always go to their children’s school and keep up with the teachers to get to know their behavior at school. Some children are very obedient at home but totally opposite at school. Other than parents and teachers, the higher authorities have to set a better security system on the places where fights are noticed to be happening. The government must also increase the punishment on cases like gangsterism. Lastly, apart from the effort of teachers, parents and the government, it finally up to us to realize what is bad and what is good. Therefore, we should have a wise state of mind and make the right choice in our life.

Another social problem which is growing fast enough in our country is baby dumping. Baby dumping is being more like a fashion in this modern world. Those days, teenagers are always thought with well manners. They don’t make mistakes easily. Unlike these days, teenagers are eager to try out everything. They have all the guts do something new without thinking if they are doing the right thing. It’s not that they are not spoon fed with good values, but they are actually being selfish. Teenagers of the millennium want to have more fun. They have sense the taste of freedom so they are not afraid to make mistakes. Mistake is another new thing for them where they take it as an experience. What are the causes of baby dumping among teenagers? The uncontrolled relationship between boys and girls, lack of parents’ supervision and prostitution is the main reason of baby dumpling. When we read the daily newspaper, we always come to be reading this baby dumping issue. Such as, a teenager girl gave birth at the motel room, and she threw her baby in the into the garbage bin. It is sad that teenager nowadays don’t even have sympathy even on the baby. Based on Bukit Aman Police Headquarters statistic found a total of 580 babies were found dumped between year 2000 to 2006 and the number increase every year. Said to be that teenagers always seen to be involved in this situation.

This problem is actually more due to lack of sex education. In Malaysia, sexual education is not given to the teenagers. By right sex education should be given to teenagers just like how it is done at western countries. The government is still considering about it and has not confirmed it yet. Besides, parents also don’t feel free to talk about this to their children. They tend to think that it is not necessary to talk about this to their children since they are always seeing their children as kids. Most parent feel shy and uncomfortable when their child ask or start to talk about this sex topic. And there they refuse to give a proper explanation. This will actually leave a doubt on the children and will cause them to try out. It is a wrong mindset parents have to think that their children will understand everything about sex when they grow up. Furthermore, teenagers are not able to raise a baby by themselves. When parents get to know about this they chase their children away. They can never accept their children in such state. Teenagers find easy solution to this problem which is throwing the baby away. As in conclusion, baby dumping is definitely something very wrong and against the law. Teenagers should be smart and keep themselves away from crimes. They have to learn to take responsibility for themselves and the society. Baby dumping should be eliminated from now onwards and leave a healthy and positive lifestyle.


In a nutshell,it is crystal clear that if we let these social problems occuring,it il surely conquer our nation’s development in future.So, should really plan what we are really after.We should plan well to stop these social problems.Our government and all the non government organisations must plan in a well manner.Parents should eye their children always.Where is the will,there is the way.So,we are the citizens of this nation should be away from these social problem which can bring a massive disaster to our contry’s development.



In the 1960s and 1970s, the term information technology (IT) was a little known phrase that was used by those who worked in places like banks and hospitals to describe the processes they used to store information. With the paradigm shift to computing technology and “paperless” workplaces, information technology has come to be a household phrase. It defines an industry that uses computers, networking, software programming, and other equipment and processes to store, process, retrieve, transmit, and protect information.Nowadays, IT has become one of the most important element in a developing country.As a college student it has a lot of things to do in my life.So,how it affects me as a college student??Information technology affects a college student’s life in good and bad way.

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It is undeniable that it a world based on Information Technology. Wherever you go and whatever you do all you can see is IT. It’s true that everywhere we can see and touch IT. I remember once when I was searching about information technology on the internet and I found the definition of IT. So, as far as I what I understood is that IT is a technology to store, manipulate, distribute or create information. But now as a business management student myself I understand information technology better. It not something out of the blues for me when it comes to the discussion if IT. I have realized that most things I use, see and touch have the sense of information technology. Information technology has developed much to be compared to the time when we don’t have desktops and laptops. Once, a computer was stored in a room. It was that big that it could fit a room and once a computer was just a calculator. Basically, Information technology was mainly about calculating, store data, or to solve hard task which human finds difficult to do. I have learnt some programming languages where I understand how the computer performs and works. Nowadays, information technology is something beyond computer languages and calculation. IT have influence me in many manner as a student. I can definitely admit that without the devices of IT, I can never do my work faster.

The internet is the main network of information technology which is helping me. When my lecturers give me this thing called assignment and I have to ponder what do am I suppose to do, the first thing that strikes into my mind is Google. Google is students’ favorite webpage. It is surprising how Google knows everything. It is even more fascinating that human actually creating this. Without the help form Google, Wikipedia and many other web pages I will not be able to complete my assignment and submit them on the fixed time. The internet has also help me to give me extra knowledge on whatever I want to know. I prefer finding information on the internet rather than the notes I that I have especially when it is exam time. I know for sure that whatever I find out in the internet regarding my studies is right. Therefore, I don’t hesitate to find it out in the internet. Besides, helping me out in studies it also helps me to entertain myself. Facebook and Youtube are my favorite websites to chill out and rest my mind. Of course, I’m aware that I should not spend much time on Facebook and Youtube, but it really helps me to come out of stress especially when I listen and watch my favorite songs. I used to download the songs and movies which I like and listen or watch them even when I don’t have the internet connection. It is even easier and faster when you download as you can avoid buffer.

We can always see that even small kids of this era know how to use iPads, tablets, iPods, Smartphone and many more. When I was young I can only remember myself playing with teddy bears and hide and seek with my friends. Unlike these days, video game is the only game the latest generation knows. I started playing video games when I was 12 but my younger brother was 4 when he started to play video games. Millennium century it seems. Now, we can have these games in our iPod, and cell phones. I won’t deny that I love video games to. Influence them from my younger brother I guess. It is easier that we don’t have to sit at home and hold that joy stick in our hands to play our favorite games. Now, we can play games in the car, in the train, while waiting near the streets or any preferable place. What I use to do with ma iPod is that I watch videos n listen to songs while waiting for my lecturer to enter the class. Information technology has changed the way I think about social network. I used to think having Messenger or other social network is a waste of time. But once I have left my high school and step into college I realize that it actually helps me to keep in touch with my school mates. Having a Smartphone with me, which can detect wifi, really help me to keep in touch with my friends through social network like “What’s up” and Facebook. Not only that I can keep in touch with them, it also saves money since I don’t have to spend much on phone calls.

Cuming back to my knowledge, I know very well about the systems in information technology. From withdrawing money until registering something online it requires system. Here I have to be thankful for the system created because we can easily withdraw money or bank in money in a blink of an eye. I didn’t have to wait for the money for hours or days when my dad bank in money for me. As a student we need money especially during those emergency times. I realize that whatever I do has the touch of information technology. IT has helped me a lot in many manners. It has influence in me a very positive way. It is difficult to live a life without the help of information technology. For the generation Y, information technology is something we are living with. We are always using devices like cameras, hand phones, scanner printers and more. Even radios and television are said to be the device of IT. Finally, this concludes that information technology influences us in our daily life and it has become a basic need to us. As for a student, I would say that information technology is helping me and entertaining as well in a very positive way. This fast-advanced technology have has developed in various field and improve human life.


In the opinion of our group members, parents, teachers, and the community should join hands and work together to take on the responsibility of educating the children and the students so that they become useful individual and national aspirations can be achieved. Tiada jawapan yang konsisten sama ada kewujudan teknologi akan membawa perubahan yang positif atau negatif ke atas gaya hidup remaja. There is no consistent answer whether the existence of technology will bring about a positive change or a negative impact on teenage lifestyle. The misuse of information technology can be prevented by implemental of law. The laws should enforced more tighter to reduce the increase of misuse of information technology. The students should be very smart to identifying the positive and negative impacts. Cabaran yang perlu dihadapi ialah pendidikan untuk penggunaan teknologi yang bertanggungjawab dan mengelakkan salah guna dalam kalangan remaja.




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