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Features of an Effective Presentation

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A presentation is a tool for communicating opinions and ideas of the speaker in front of the group of people. Presentation is very important for any profession like in a business to spread the information about any product launch etc., in teaching and training or so on. Being able to speak efficiently is an asset for any profession. The success of presentation depends on the confidence and capability of a speaker. Anybody can give good presentation just by practicing and preparing for presentation.

A can be given in so many ways i.e. it can be oral, PowerPoint presentation, multimedia etc.

Good presentations contain these elements:

  • Content : it is the very important element because it contains the information which is needed for a presentation
  • Structure: it is another main element of a presentation because a presentation should have the proper structure i.e. logical beginning, middle and proper end.



It is useful to make sure the exact purpose of the presentation. A presentation usually has 4 basic functions:

  1. To inform
  2. To encourage
  3. To persuade
  4. To entertain

Audience research

Every communication must be in form and style which suits the audience. The tone and the matter of the speech depend upon the nature of the audience. In analysing the audience, age group is very important factor. Different age group respond differently to the presentation.

High school children like to be treated as adults they can appreciate sincerity and are not very critical. Visual aids are effective

Children love to listen to stories and they appreciate dramatic presentation emotions of joys and sorrows can be aroused through stories.

Preparation of the text of the presentation

In any presentation the subject matter of the presentation is very primary concern because the subject and the matter is very important for any presentation without the matter of the presentation any presentation can’t be successful.

Structuring the subject matter

A presentation has 3 parts the introduction, the main body and the conclusion.

Structuring of the text helps the presentation in following ways:

  • Establishing the relationship among ideas
  • Developing the complete arguments
  • Tightening the text as per the time constraints
  • Providing the audience a grip on the subject matter
  • Emphasizing the significant ideas of the theme
  • Stimulating the audience to learn what he or she thinks
  • Registering the important concept with the audience

Language and style

The style of the oral presentation is different from the written presentation in any language the difference must be kept in mind while drafting a presentation the style of the presentation must be simple and direct as the conversation.

Timing for speech in an oral presentation

The efficient speaker arranges the text of his speech in such a way that till the end of the presentation the listener do not get restless. Also the time of day affects the audience. The afternoon hours hardly make any listener interested to listen to a presentation. But yet an efficient speaker may try to make that session interesting. For keeping to time an efficient speaker takes care of the concentration problem that the audience has with regards to time.

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Environment for speaking while making presentation

For effective speaking the venue or the place of delivering the speech plays a very important role. The speaker must be aware of the size of the room where he or she has to deliver the speech for an oral presentation. Sometimes the rooms are large and echoing. Speaking in such rooms require less resonating sound. The voice should be a little muffled showing the lower notes. However, it should have the required power. For the acoustically treated rooms the resonance of the speech in an oral presentation has absolutely different kinds of impression on the audience. The speaker should also check his or her voice in the rooms; find it out on his or her own, whether it reaches the last listener sitting at the back row. He or she should also find out how the delivery of the voice is. Has he or she practiced with the microphone? The room should be well-ventilated and well-illuminated. There should not be any distractions to both the speaker and the listeners. The distractions like noise and any other interruptions should not be entertained. The seating layout also determines the voice flow, voice reverberation. Every seating arrangement has its merits and demerits. There is various seating arrangement available. When the audience sits in rows like that in a theatre, there is difficulty in eye contact between the speaker and the listener. The environment is very formal. The horseshoe pattern of seating arrangement is more informal and it helps in increasing participation. The curved rows too hinder proper eye contact. People sitting around tables make it very informal unless the Audience is divided into groups for formal intercourse.


STEVE JOBS full name was ‘STEVEN PAUL STEVE JOBS’, he was the American entrepreneur. He is known as the co-founder, chairmen and chief executive officer of Apple Inc. apart from that Steve jobs also co-founded the Pixar Animation Studios. He became the member of board of directors in The Walt Disney co. in 2006. Steve jobs founded next a computer platform development co. C:UsersparulDesktopsteve-jobs-quotes-4.jpg


As everybody knows that the Steve jobs way of presentation is very unique because he not only conveys the information but he inspire the audience he sells the product and sizzles at the same time.

Setting the theme of the presentation

Steve jobs always start his presentation by setting the theme like “there is something in the air today” by saying these words Steve jobs sets the theme of the presentation.

Every presentation needs a theme but it’s not compulsory to give it in the start last year Steve jobs sets the theme about 20 min into his presentation once you set the theme make sure to deliver it several times in the presentation.

Demonstrate enthusiasm

Every time when Steve jobs gives the presentation he shows his passion for the computer design. During his presentation he uses the words like cool extraordinary and amazing because always remember the wants to be wowed they don’t want to get bored. In giving a presentation always remember to inject your personality into it if you think a particular feature for your product is the awesome because if you are not enthusiastic about your product then how a can a customer shows interest in that product.

Provide an outline

Providing the outline to the presentation is again very important.

Steve jobs outlined the presentation by saying there are 4 things I want to talk about today. So let’s get started. Steve jobs followed his outlines by verbally opening or closing each of the section. Make the list and offer your audience the guide post along the way.

Make numbers meaningful

When Steve jobs announced that the apple had sold the 4 million phones, he did not simply leave the number out of context. Instead he says that 20’000 phones every day on an average. Numbers do not mean much unless they are placed in context.

Try for an unforgettable moment

Unforgettable moment is the moment in your presentation that everyone will be talking about in every Steve jobs presentation the unforgettable moment is always their.

Create the experience

  • Plan and create your ideas in analogy before you starting your presentation.
  • Answer the one question that matters in the listener’s mind.
  • Have a clear sense of purpose of presentation.
  • Develop- “twitter like headlines”.
  • Use the rule of three to create a road map the listener can follow.
  • Always identify your enemy who are against you.
  • Always take intermission in every ten minutes.

Deliver the experience

  • Make your visuals simple, highly visual and completely engaged.
  • Bring statistics to life by providing a contextual framework people can use.
  • Create interested and memorable words in your presentation.
  • Share the stage with your partners.
  • Use props and actual product demonstrations.
  • Have one definitive moment in your presentation.
  • Never forget your second intermission.

Refine and rehearse

  • Never forget how you say something is just as important as what you say .
  • Rehearse and then rehearse some more until you can make it worthless.
  • Dress the convey the impression you are trying to make.
  • Your speech become polished whatever you speak to the audience not your slides.
  • Always have fun- even when things go wrong.
  • Always end with a bang- have an encore which is legendary like “one more thing!”

These all are the secrets of presentation of Steve jobs. The presentations of Steve Jobs are very much like a dramatic play- a finely crafted and rehearsed performance that informs, entertains and inspires. If you are passionate about your topic, you are 80% closer to developing the magnetism that Jobs has.

Do not let your ideas die because you failed to present them in a way that sparked the imagination of your listeners. Use Jobs techniques to reach the hearts and minds of everyone you hope to influence.


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