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Dream Job And Personal Quality English Language Essay

Paper Type: Free Essay Subject: English Language
Wordcount: 2971 words Published: 1st Jan 2015

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1. a) What are the personal qualities that you should have to help you obtain the job of your dreams? To do that, identify the people around you who can help you acquire the information that you are seeking to gain a complete perspective.

b) Prepare a list of question (minimum 8) that you would ask these people

2. Recall a conflict that you have been involved in recently

a. Identify the primary source of the conflict described

b. Do you think the other party would agree about the primary source of the conflict?

Why or why not?

c. Identify any secondary sources of the conflict

d. How did each dimension affect the way the participant approached the conflict?

2.0 Intro to business communication

Business communication is a process that a sender and receiver exchange information through a medium which will result a shared feedback. In the process of communicating, at first the sender has an idea need to inform another person. Secondly, the sender encodes the idea into a message so that the message can travels over channel which the channel is the medium; the message is travel by speaking up by the sender’s mouth. Then the receiver decodes the message by hearing the message by using the ears. After that, there will be a feedback travels back to the sender to decode, if the sender got any possible additional feedback, then it will transfer back to the receiver.

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The most common way that they communicate is by speaking, visual images, body language and writing. And the main goals of communicate is to change behavior, to get action, to get and give information, to ensure understanding and to persuade. In communication also have two types of communication which is internal and external communication, and inside the internal and external also got formal channels and informal channels. Each communication which also have their own network to communicate, there are four network to communicate. Chain network, circle network, star network and wheel network is the network of their information exchange.

3.0 Intro to dream job and personal quality

In this world there are many jobs to choose to be, and each job has its own special and its personality. Also each job also needs its own personal quality to achieve the job’s personality. My dream job is to be a pilot; the major part of personal quality of my dream job is passionate and effective communication.

It is because that personal quality will straightly affect the work performance, when working there is many personal qualities are needed. Personal qualities are similar to the skills while in the working place, it shows that how you do to enhance your working performance. While personal qualities are similar to skill set of working performance, it is also shows that your own personal characteristics individually. It is also an aspect of your character.

4.0 Personal qualities

Personal qualities are the personality and attitude to meet against all of your work and life. There are also many types of personal qualities, the main thing to control the personal quality that is personality, like attitude, passionate and other. Different personality will also lead to a different type of personal quality changes.

4.0.1 Passionate & Effective Communication

The job of my dreams is to be a pilot. To be a pilot, I should also have the personal qualities to obtain the job qualification. So, what is the personal qualities should I have? To be a pilot, the first personal qualities I should have is the passionate, if I work this job, I must have to be passionate about the job, when I work cannot be so cool and not to communicate with other colleague.

4.0.2 Computer Literacy & Technology Literacy

Nowadays in 21st century, one of the personal qualities that most employers wanted is that, a person will have a computer and technical literacy. It is because nowadays almost all jobs now require an understanding, ranging from basic to advance of computer software, spreadsheets, e-mail, and internet navigation. Without the knowledge of computer literacy, then they will more on manpower to work. So as my dream job is to be a pilot, if I don’t have the computer literacy, then the device and system in the plane will cannot be used. When the system of the plane may goes wrong, we also can solve it quickly. Speaking of which, problem-solving also another personal qualities a pilot should have. When a pilot in the air has met some problem, he must solve it quick and have a critical thinking to control the chaos and conquer the challenges.

4.0.3 Attitude & Interpersonal Abilities

As a pilot, attitude also is an important thing on personal qualities, without the attitude, they will think that you’re bad. So when serving them, the attitude must be polite and low voice. Good attitude will evade conflict. Interpersonal abilities are also a personal quality by building relationship or management of the relationship to everyone, as a pilot interpersonal ability is cannot be less. When meet a moody customer, we also need to have a good attitude to them making a good relationship by having interpersonal ability to communicate with him.

4.0.4 Leadership & Teamwork

Teamwork is to cooperate with your colleague when is in flight, it is also consider to leadership when the flight got any problem, as a leader of the flight it must be control the crowd on the plane, so must have leadership that offer the stewardess to control the crowd to calm down. Everyone in the plane must be calm down, as a leader cannot be panic, so leader must keep steady and stay cool when any problems come.

4.0.5 Positive thinking & Confidence

Every job also needs these kinds of personal qualities, without it then your work cannot proceed. But as a pilot, these personal qualities cannot be less, if a pilot is having negative thought and lack of confidence, then his decision will be a failure to be done. It is because on a flight, there is many human’s life in your hand. One failure will lead to a tragedy. To be positive thinking then will have the critical thinking as always, when danger comes. Nothing can block your way when in positive thinking.

4.0.6 Management & Responsibility

As a pilot, before flight departure must be well planned the course to flight in the air, without the management of the flight then the time to reach the place will cannot be accurate. If management is bad, the responsibility also will be very bad. As a pilot, must be responsible to the time management and everything. When things go wrong on the flight, the pilot will be responsible to everything.

4.1 Person who can give me information and complete perspective

The people who can help me acquire this personal quality information are the friends or family that is experience in working as a pilot or stewardess. We also can ask the pilot or stewardess about the personal quality and their mentality when their work. By asking them how they maintain the personal quality and how to enhance.

All that information is getting from my friends and pilot are only can do as a reference. The information that I get from my survey, it is also based on their experience to answer my question, their answer only support my question to achieve my complete perspective.

4.2 Questions would ask people for information

1. What personal quality should be acquired?


2. How do you use the opportunities to help you achieve your dream job?


3. When there are obstacles, how you solve it?


4. How to improve the personal quality?


5. Which personal quality is needed the most?


6. When your dream job is needed more time, you will forfeit or continue? Why?


7. When is your starting to brace up to chase your dream job?


8. Which personal quality makes you doesn’t give up?


5.0 Conclusion & Recommendation

As my conclusion, no matter which job to be taken, all personal qualities are also needed to be used. So it is conclude that, all works are also need all of the personal qualities. Without those personal qualities, the work performance and working situation will also bad and will not be a successful person.

Not every person in every situation also can do their job with their own personal quality, but they still can improve their personal quality. By improve their personal quality; they first can control their temper to improve their personal quality. It is because that, most of them cannot withstand their temper so that they will do something madness so that when their work, the personal quality of them will not be so perfect anymore.

So when working, personal quality and skill set must be use, to improve on the working performance. While your work performance are good, so that when have a communication with colleague who are work with you will be very good. Also changing information will be very good for improve the result.

6.0 Intro of conflict that have been involved recently

Conflict is an argument and disagreement which two or more parties are involving the threat of their needs, concerns or interests. Conflict will always appear especially at working place, it is because there are sure will be many arguments or disagreements.

Conflict also have a few categories which is the topic or subject at hand, it is also the common conflict. It is means by when in the workplace, the scheduling or the budgeting problem. Secondly, is the process, when working no matter is in a group or solo, it will also shows that two or more parties will show their best to do, but only that are some problem on one of them maybe weak, and another will have stronger, so that conflict happens. Relational issues and ego are also one of the conflicts.

There are many causes of conflict, misunderstanding, personality clashes, and competition for resources, authority issues, and lack of cooperation, difference over methods, low performance and the value or goal difference. These causes are making conflict in everywhere, no matter in what place, there are many conflict especially in working place.

I have a conflict recently which is while I was in a club, I was an activity planner, which I was with four members inside them include me. I was having an idea, another one of us also having an idea, but our both opinion was different. And the president is buying my idea, not buying another partner’s idea. So that he doesn’t cooperate with us and this is the conflict that we have it.

7.0 Findings

Primary source is a topic which is under investigation with direct evidence. The detail of all conflict, information is getting right through interview. In my conflict, the primary source is that we are having different opinion. After that, my colleague will not cooperate with us, so that it will lead our mission will may not be accomplish.

In the club, we have four activity planner, although all also have own idea. But all these years, we all also support on one idea, but this time another partner in the club don’t cooperate just because of the president not buying his idea, so he doesn’t want to be cooperative.

Secondary source is a topic which is under investigation with the evidence is getting through another person. The detail and information are may not be true and not correctly, the content of the information may be wrong. In my conflict, the secondary source is that although my colleague’s idea, the president doesn’t buy it, then he will wanted to demolish my idea and plan.

In the club, he is already not cooperating with us, but still there are rumors that he wants to demolish my idea and planning. While this is a secondary source, the news is getting from another person, so it may be true or false.

As in the primary source, another party also agrees the primary source of the conflict; he is not cooperate and because of the president not buying his idea. And there are secondary source which is heard by another person, and the news is that he want to demolish my idea and destroy my plan. So he is agreeing that the primary source, it is because he is sure to not cooperate with my planning.

8.0 Approached to conflict

While facing the conflict, there are several ways to react and each of the approach will have many different results. There are many ways to facing the conflict; Avoiding, accommodation, competition, collaboration and compromise is the way to facing the conflict.

While these are the ways to solve the conflict, this is the negotiating method to solve the conflict. Except for this, there is more solution to solve the conflict; negotiating strategies are also one of the ways to solve the conflict. In negotiating strategies is using win-win strategies, win-lose strategies, lose-win strategies, lose-lose strategies.

There are many ways to solve the conflict. There are method strategies, negotiating styles and negotiating method. And in my conflict, negotiating methods are good to solve the conflict. So that the method I choose to solve the conflict is negotiating method.

8.1 Negotiating Method


By using the compromise method, each of the party need to sacrifices something that he or she is seeking to gain on agreement. After compromise, both parties are also willing to cooperate with each other, so that it will lead to a win-win solution.


By using the collaboration method, both of the parties are needed to commit to work together to resolve the conflicts between them. After resolve the problems, then making their own benefits or profits, it will lead to a win-win solution.


By using competition method, both parties will fight for each other for their own good. This method is fast and decisive action to resolve the conflict. But in the end, it will lead to a win-lose solution which the initial person who makes conflict will get the benefits.


By using accommodating method, it is giving a space between them, and maintains a harmony way to resolve the conflict. So the initial person who makes conflict will sacrifice own principle and making harmony. It will lead to lose-win solution.

Withdrawal and Avoidance

By using withdrawal and avoidance method, both parties also choose to let go the conflict, and by using this method, it will lead to lose-lose solution. While using withdrawal and avoidance method, most of the result if will need other person to investigate.

9.0 Conclusion of conflict management

As my conclusion, this conflict can be solving by using many method, strategies and many more. For solving every conflict, the best solution to solve the conflict while using negotiating method is compromise or collaboration. It is because that these two methods will lead to win-win solution.

Compromise is that both parties willing to sacrifices one of their aim, so that can cooperate to work together to obtain a good outcome and result. While compromise is both parties’ sacrifices something, collaboration is both of the parties work together but the gaining of the benefits is belong on their choice, after the cooperation, then will lead to win-win solution which both also get their benefits.

10.0 Conclusion & Recommendation

As for conclusion in business communication, it is normally use to communicate with people in all around the world. Communication is very important to everyone else, it is because that, communicate is everyone’s way to exchange their information and their thought.

Communication are not only got speaking to communicate. Visual images, body language and writing are also the common way to communicate with people. And each of the communication methods also have different ideas and result of what detail and information you heard, you see or you get. It is depends on the people that how he or she absorb and get to know the information and detail about something.

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While both parties communicating, there are many common communications error sure will occur. For example, multitasking while listening from another, while someone is asking something, then ask one by one should be alright with the communication, but if ask something which the other parties doesn’t have the chance to answer that question, then it will become a communication failure. Finishing other’ sentences, preparing our response before someone has completed speaking, filtering content or meaning based on the speaker, speaking for other. This is all the communications common error that will always occur.

For recommendation, communicate slowly and with the voice of interesting waves, it is because no one likes to hear a voice which is the voice is high pitch or low pitch sound.


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