The day I lost my dad


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The day I lost my dad

As my eyes glanced around the room all I could see was my family acting all normal. I felt sick to my stomach with what happened. It felt as if someone had got a knife and poked it in me, and left me to die. My sisters were playing with their dollies. My mum was in the kitchen cooking dinner like usual. Acting as if nothing had happened. It was just a normal boxing day as far as they were concerned. No one has mentioned the incident; It does not look like anyone will.

Until we heard this bang at the door “bang, bang, bang”. We did not know what to do. Me and my sisters just looked at each other. We were all very scared. Until my mum come zooming out of the kitchen. I could tell she was worried to see who was at the door. So she slowly opened the door. It was a very croaky door. Then all of a sudden I could hear my cousins shouting “Open up Open up it is freezing outside” We all had a sence of relief.

All of a sudden we could hear this thunder and this lightning. It just started pouring with rain it was terrifying. Every five minutes we could hear a loud bang and we all jumped out of our seats. My whole family had come now. Every year they come round but after what happened last night my mum told them not to come round. They still did though I just wanted to stop getting the thoughts out of my head about what had happened it was terrifying. I am scared for my little sisters they have'nt mentioned it. As for my mum I don't see my self ever forgiving her for what she did. It was disgusting I cant stop thinking about all of that blood that was their.

While I was in all these thoughts Just thinking about the incident last night. My mum just shouted at me to set the table up. She always calls me, no one else I think she hated me now my dad has gone I have no one to love me. I am so sad it is like a baby who has lost their bottle or their dummy and they just curl up and cry. That is what I want to do, but I have to just forget and grow up. I am eleven years old I need to be strong for my little sisters.

I set the table up all by myself no one was helping me. Everyone come to the table we had dinner. It was really strange because not one person asked about him which was really shocking. I know the stories of before my mum got married to my dad. My family never accepted him maybe they know what happened. Maybe they are happy what my mum did last night, how sick is that?

All of a sudden while everyone was round the table having dinner. Their was a ring it was the phone but it just rang once. I went to get up to find out who it was but my mum just shouted at me to leave it. My mum has not been the same with me and I don't think she ever will be.

Then suddenly their was a knock on the door it. Then all of a sudden I had a really bad gut feeling about the person that was at the door. I was scared; My mum answered the door this time. It was the police they came to inform everyone that my dad got murdered last night. They found his body in the river. They said some one tied him up and put selotape on his lips. They said they cant tell us anything else until they do a post mortem.

They said they have got officers asking questions aroud the neighbourhood. Their was an old lady that lives round here that said it looked like you were carrying a body out of your house early hours of the morning. They asked my mum to go down to the police station with them.

I felt sick to my stomach, my mum admitted what she did. She had no reason for killing my dad last night. She got life imprisonment. Mine and my sisters lives will never be the same again. I still feel sick as we witnessed everything that had happened. I lost my dad on Christmas day because my mum was selfish I will not ever understand why she did it. Losing my dad felt like apart of me died that day too!

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