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Imc plan for water

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Bottled waterisdrinking waterpackaged inplasticbottle. The dominant form in which water is packaged is newPolyethylene terephthalatebottlesand sold retail. Another method of packaging is in largerhigh-density polyethyleneplastic bottles, or polycarbonate plastic bottles, often used withwater coolers.

Since 2000, sales have increased by 60% and the industry is now worth in excess of £2bn a year. Drinks consultants are predicting that global consumption of bottled water will soon overtake carbonated beverages and one analyst has taken to calling the sector ‘blue gold’.

Global sales

The global bottled water market valuation grew by 7% in 2006 to reach a value of $60,938.1 million. The volume of bottled water grew by 8.1% in 2006 to 115,393.5 million liters. In 2011, the market is forecast to have a value of $86,421.2 million, an increase of 41.8% since 2006. In 2011, the market is forecast to have a volume of 174,286.6 million liters, an increase of 51% since 2006.

The global rate of consumption more than doubled between 1997 and 2005.Purified water is currently the leading global seller, with U.S. companies dominating the field, and natural spring water, purified water and flavored water being the fastest-growing market segments

Bottled water in the marketplace

The Beverage Marketing Corporation defines the bottled water market segment as “retail PET, retail bulk, home and office delivery, vending, domestic sparkling and imports” but excluding “flavored and enhanced water.”

Bottled water vs. carbonated beverages

Bottled water competes in the marketplace with carbonated beverages sold in individual plastic bottles,and is often considered a healthier substitute.

According to the Donkey Recycling Institute, sales of flavored, noncarbonated drinks are expected to surpass soda sales by 2010.In response, Coca-Cola and PepsiCo have introduced new carbonated drinks that are fortified with vitamins and minerals, Diet Coke Plus and Tava, marketed as “sparkling beverages.”

Bottled water vs. tap water

An officewater coolerwith a reusable 5-gallon bottle

In india, bottled water costs between Rs 10 to Rs15 per bottle while tap water costs less negligible..In 1999, according to a NRDC study, U.S. consumers paid between 240 and 10,000 times more per unit volume for bottled water than for tap water. According to Bottledwaterblues.com, about 90% of manufacturer’s costs is from making the bottle, label, and cap.

TheShowtimeseriesPenn & Teller: Bullshit!demonstrated, in a 2007 episode, that in a controlled setting, diners could not discern between bottled water and water from a garden hose behind the restaurant.

The United Church of Christ, United Church of Canada, National Council of Churches, National Coalition of American Nuns and Presbyterians for Restoring Creation are among some of the religious organizations that have raised questions about whether or not the “privatization” of water is ethical. They regard the industrial purchase and repackaging at a much higher resale price of a basic resource as an unethical trend.

InFinland, the newspaperHelsingin Sanomatonce ran ablind tastingtest containing various brands of bottled water, both Finnish and international, and regular tap water from Helsinki. The majority of the tasters preferred the tap water.

Bottled water service

It is common for business or individuals person to subscribe to a bottled water service. Instead of selling drinking water in small individual-use bottles, the service supplies it in large, reusable (in the USA, typically 5 US gallons) containers. The containers are installed on a dispenser (or “cooler”) which chills or heats the water and generally has valves on the front for dispensing. This practice stop the issue of disposing of packaging for individual serves while still providing the same product.

Purified water vending machines

Without bottles drinking water of brand companies.

A number of companies worldwide, among which are a number of North American supermarket chains, havevending machinesthat dispense purified water into customer’s own containers. This again obviates the costs and environmental issues involved in manufacturing, transporting, and disposing of plastic bottles.

Executive Summary

Although common objective of all IMC program is increase brand awareness, sale and design a unique image of the product in customers mind. To communicate among public and customers, we will advertise our product campaign on TV, magazine, online. Through the advertisement we want to design the brand image of our product into the customer mind. Besides advertisement, we will also carry out promotional activity such as public relation, direct marketing etc. Various water company also organizes various events in order to communicate properly with customers. The Main purpose of this event was to increase the sale of water. Before designing IMC program the Company carried out market research in order to judge customers behaviors toward their mineral water packaged using. So that appropriate primary data can be collected for designing IMC strategy for “The boond hub”. Before designing integrated marketing communication program it is necessary to judge consumer’s behavior toward the product. It is necessary to known customers liking and disliking, these data provide various support during designing of IMC program. Although there are various media available for communicating but Printads news paper and banner is seen most effective medium in the case of mineral water planning strategy. After Research survey done by various mineral water company, it has been founded that female respondents were more brand conscious than male. There is no particular brand trend in among male, but females are more conscious towards their healths. “dirty water and fast food culture” are the major attributes considered by customer while buying water.Our water Company Boond which makes flavored mineral water has come up with a new IMC plan for the new flavored mineral water product for the new region. South India and metro where the target market in the segment delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, rest of south. In this report, we will further introduce ourselves and how we got started, internal and external situational analysis of our company, and why a new IMC plan is needed. Bisleri is a strong competitor in the water industry and it is focusing on increasing the brand equity and profitability of companies focused on increasing their share in the packaged water market. Our mission is to make sure that our clients have the tools and information that they need to become successful in the footwear market. We have looked at the strengths and weaknesses of the Bisleri Company as well as the opportunities and threats and have included them in this IMC plan. HUNKY Company will use all IMC tools which will be best suited for flowing the message among the targeted people. We feel that Bisleri would profit from making an innovative and customer oriented product that will use by mostly all level of people.

Company profile

Product name-Boond tm

Tag line -“har boond mein biswas”.


Build branded packaged water business to improve health of life by offering tasty, Affordable and highly mineral rich water to our consumer. While maximizing Stakeholder’s value.


To become leading brand in packaged water industry after 10 years from today.

Situation analysis:-

From being confined to the uppermost echelons of society, packaged water has now become a commonplace commodity and almost a necessity in metros. After witnessing historic growth in recent years, it has become a Rs 3,000-crore industry, one that is slated to only post healthy growth rates to become a Rs 10,000-crore business in just three years, says Mr Sushil Kumar, Marketing Director of Shivsu Canadian Clear Waters Technology Pvt Ltd, a company that has executed more than 3,000 packaged water projects worldwide and over 2,000 in India.

Speaking toBusiness Lineon the water industry and the road ahead, he said that the industry’s phenomenal growth in recent years can be attributed to rising incidence of water-borne diseases, improper municipal supplies, evol ved health consciousness of people as well as globalisation, which has brought in tremendous tourist inflow.

“The bulk water industry, or water in 12-, 20- and 25-litre packages, has also witnessed a parallel growth of Rs 700-1,000 crore,” he informed.

“Basically, the market can be divided into two segments – the retail consumer market where the pack sizes are 500 ml, one litre, 1.2/1.5/2-litre and five-litre, and the household and institutional market, where the pack size is usually are 20- or 25-litre.”

He added: “The total Indian market for small segments, such as 0.5-2 litre stands at 12-15 million cases a year. Bulk water sale of 25-litre bubbletops stands at 16.8 million bottles a month.”

Though the industry growth rate is 40-50 per cent a year, India is still behind countries such as Indonesia, Malaysia and Singapore, where the industry is already worth Rs 15,000-20,000 crore. “These countries have much smaller population but similar climatic conditions.”

Government data also attributed the growth to the entry of large liquor companies such as the UB Group, which has set up more than 29 plants all over the country for rolling out the Kingfisher brand of packaged water, and around 20 plants for McDowell No 1 brand.

Similarly, SAB Miller has come out with Royal Challenge and Haywards 5,000 brands of packaged water, for which purpose it has set up more than 40 plants all over India. The company has also introduced a new concept of sparkling water, “which is low-carbonated water for a niche market, basically foreigners.”

Mr Kumar said that though the Indian market currently has more than 2,000 players, the main brands controlling the market are Pepsi’s Aquafina, Coke’s Kinley, Kingfisher, SAB Miller’s Royal Challenge, Parle Agro’s Bisleri, besides local players such as Sabol.

He also informed that with better knowledge of packaged drinking water, brands such as Evian of France, Himalayan of North India and Blu Mont from the South are trying to create a niche in the premium water segment of “mountain spring water,” which comes under the natural mineral water specifications of BIS.

“These products are mainly sold in ‘A’ class outlets such as five-star hotels, resorts, lifestyle stores, high-end beauty parlours and elite clubs. The industry has also paved the way for new product segments such as flavoured, vitaminised and herbal waters.”

With the entry of big players such as the Tatas (who recently bought stake in Mount Everest brand of packaged drinking water), the water industry is poised for a phenomenal surge, “What we see is just the tip of the iceberg.”

SWOT Analysis

SWOT analysis will help me to identify our company strength, weaknesses, opportunity and threats internally and externally both. Through this, we can easily identified our competitors in the market and once we know the company weakness and what kind of oppournity we have for the present and future prospect then we can easily make cost effective IMC plan and strategic IMC plan for the company. In SWOT analysis of the company, we have find the following that will help to make more strategical and cost effective IMC plan:


  • Easy availability of low cost for all level of people.
  • Massive institutional support for technical services, designing, manpower development and marketing.
  • Exporter-friendly government policies for shoes industry.
  • Well-established linkages with buyers in all parts of India.


  • Lack of modern finishing facilities for packing.
  • Difficulties in accessing to testing, designing and technical services.
  • Environmental problems.
  • Non availability of quality components in the market.
  • Lack of fresh investment in the sector.
  • Uneconomical size of manufacturing units.


  • The Indian packaged water market is expected to grow at a CAGR of over 10% for the period spanning from 2008 to 2011.
  • Presently, the Indian packaged water market is dominated by health conscious person that accounts for nearly 70% of the total Indian packaged water market.
  • Abundant scope to supply packaged water to companies setting up branch in India.
  • Growing health consciousness globally.
  • Use of information technology and decision support software to help eliminate the length of the production cycle for different products
  • Product diversification – There is lot of scope for diversification into other flavour water etc.
  • Growing international and domestic markets.
  • Retain customers through quality supplies and timely deliveries
  • Aim to present the customer with new designs, infrastructure, and country & company profiles.
  • Use of modern technology


  • Entry of multinationals in domestic market.
  • Stiff competition from other company.
  • Non- tariff barriers – Developing countries are resorting to more and more non – tariff barriers indirectly.
  • Fast changing fashion trends are difficult to adapt for every time for our company.

Competitive analysis

The major competitors in packaged water in Indian context of the Boond Company are bisleri, kingfisher, pepsi, aquiafina, kinley, railneel, and oxygen. They are the giant brand in the packaged water segment and they are the well established brand. So to take a challenge in this segment from these all we will create our company brand value in the market through strong positioning message and with differentiate a unique sell property that is water for all level of people and this core value of the BOOND Company will be shown throughout in IMC plan. Pricing factor will be also a major factor to differentiate to all competitors from our company BOOND. Apart from this some local seller of packaged water in today’s scenario giving more competition because they are not branded packaged water and they are providing low price packaged water. So, to face giant challenges from all we are creating our core value of the company that is the packaged water for all level of people that most of the major competitors do not have. They mostly targeted the younger generation but BOOND Company will target all level of people in the health concious segment with affordable price.

Marketing Mix Strategies:-

Product:-The Main aim of the BOOND Company is to produce high quality packaged water in various flavour for all level of people. It is only possible to capture the attention of the target market. The name of our product is boond. The company is providing 2 years free health tips for the customer.

Price: – The price range of the product range will be from Rs. 12 to 50. The price will be depended upon the flavour and quantity of the product. The company will also provide discount offer and allowance for the channel members.

Place: – Thedistributionchannels for Boond Company are as follows:-





Promotion:-In a promotion part of the product we are going to launch IMC plan for the target market.

Evaluate Performance

The Goal of our marketing plan is to achieve market objective that are established before implementation of marketing plan. We evaluate and control our strategic tactics by comparing our result with standard established before setting of plan, by measuring customer satisfaction and brand loyalty. If result is less than our standard than it means there is any default in implementation and monitoring in the program. The people who are responsible for the monitoring and control of the marketing plan will be the Marketing Executives, Sales Managers, Media Managers, Market Research Departments, and the Production Managers.Some activities will be carried out for evaluating the overall performance that will be precisely and closely evaluating the effectiveness of the strategies and tactics for example the gathering and structuring of data regarding market, product, consumers and the pricing trends, then the generation of daily sales report should be maintained and then in the end continuous reconfirming of the marketing budget and activities by the managers of different divisions.

IMC objective and strategy

Integrated Marketing Communications is a term used to describe a holistic approach to marketing communication. It aims to ensure consistency of message and the complementary use of media. The concept includes online and offline marketing channels. Online marketing channels include any e-marketing campaigns or programs, pay-per-click, affiliate, email, banner to latest web related channels for webinar, blog, micro-blogging, RSS, pod cast, and Internet TV. Offline marketing channels are traditional print (newspaper, magazine), mail order, public relations, industry relations, billboard, radio, and television. Boond Company is developing its integrated marketing communication programmes using all the elements of the marketing mix (product, price, place, and promotion So Integrated marketing communication is integration of all marketing tools, approaches, and resources within a company which maximizes impact on consumer mind and which results into maximum profit at minimum cost. Promotional activities include Advertising, sales promotion, and personal selling activities. It also includes internet marketing, sponsorship marketing, direct marketing, database marketing and public relations and integration of all these promotional tools along with other components of marketing mix to gain edge over competitor is called Integrated Marketing Communication.

Communication objective:-

  • The main objective of my communication is that people recognise my product as brand.
  • They prefer my product as mineral water.
  • Health conscious person prefer my brand.
  • They feel that proper hygiene is maintained at all the places from where it pass while manufacturing or storing.
  • They think that this company also care for nature.
  • Increase market share up to 20%.
  • Increase sale by 50% in 6 month from thelaunch of public campaign.
  • Create awareness among target audience. Use excessive advertising especially using media preferred by the target market.
  • Create product belonging and position among buyer’s mind

Communication budget:-

Total budget is 5 crore.

TV advertisement:- (fund allotment 2 crore)

Paper advertisement :- (Fund allotted 50 lakhs)

Radio advertisement:- (fund allotted-10 lakh)

Magazine advertisement:- (fund allotted-10 lakh)

Bluetooth advertisement:- (fund allotted-20 lakh)

Banners advertisement:- (fund allotted- 30 lakh)

Hoardings advertisement:- (fund allotted-90 lakh)

Direct selling:- (fund allotted- 1lakh)

Door delivery:- fund allotment- 19 lakh)

For promotion in event:- (fund allotment-10 lakh)

Internet marketing:- (fund allotment-10 lakh)

Retailer :- (Fund allotted-30 lakh)

Customer sale promotion (Fund allotted-10 lakh)

Trade sale promotion (fund allotted-10 lakh)

IMC plan

TV advertisement:-(fund allotment 2 crore)

I will spend around 2 crore on tele-vision advertisement because it reaches to large population. In today scenario TV play very important role in making brand image. I will mainly focus tourist or health oriented channels, try to bring my advertisement those time when there is program related health or tourist place is coming so that I can reach to maximum number of target customers. Because when we go for health we never compromise and same with when we are in tour out of many brands we choose only those brand from which we are familiar or seen their ad in tv. So If we see per person expenditure then it will be less.

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Paper advertisement :-(fund allotment 50 lakhs)

I will spend around 50 lakhs on paper advertisement because it again reaches to large population. I will prefer my advertisement in local as well as national newspaper also. Because my maximum number of customers who are health conscious or who travels frequently prefer national paper and maximum in English language. So my first choice will be that only.

Radio advertisement:- (fund allotted-10 lakh)

Today again radio trend is coming back due to improved quality of service because of entering of private players. And also today maximum mobile users buy mobile with inbuilt FM radio service. This service is mostly used by youngsters and mid age person, who are my potential customers. So advertisement on radio will also be in priority list.

Magazine advertisement:- (fund allotted-10 lakh)

Nowadays magazine has reached to mass population. Now magazines are coming according to person interest. For example person who are interested in sports for them sports magazine comes like “auto”, for business interest business today, business & economy, 4p. I will prefer health magazines, tour oriented magazines, sports magazine.

Bluetooth advertisement:- (fund allotted-20 lakh)

I will also prefer Bluetooth marketing because it reaches only to interested customers so the chance of effectiveness is much more than any other media. Only disadvantage is that it can be done where Bluetooth server is established but this also benefit us because its effectiveness increase. In this customer get all the benefit in the form of video or picture so the effectiveness also increases.

Banners advertisement:- (fund allotted- 30 lakh)

I will also do banners advertisement because it influence consumer at the time of purchase. When customers go to buy product by seeing advertisement of my brand he will think that this is brand he will prefer, which is normal in our daily life.

Hoardings advertisement:- (fund allotment-90 lakh)

I will also go for hoardings near market, parks, tourist place, bus stand, railway station all the places where my potential customers go so that consumer recall my brand name all the times. And think that it is good brand.

Direct selling:- (fund allotment- 1lakh)

I will also prefer direct selling through vendors in trains and bus. Because that is place where consumer need this product most and he will buy it. Also this is place where all the local brand take advantage of it and consumer buy it without will. If I am able to capture this it may be proved very beneficial. Only the commission to the vendor should be kept very high.

Door delivery:- fund allotment- 19 lakh)

When consumer will buy the product for daily use he will prefer to get the product at home. Also it will be inconvenience to customer the pack of 20 liter with him. So the best option is to deliver the product when he need or call you. This type of practise is already done by many competitors in metro city.

For promotion in event:- (fund allotment-20 lakh)

I will also prefer promotion of any event which is related to health or tourist. So that I can reached to my maximum customers and they recall me as good brand.

Internet marketing:- (fund allotment-10 lakh)

I will also do my advertisement on net because today maximum elite customers, business travellers, students and even tourist (tourist take all the information from internet) they all use the internet frequently. So it will very easy to reach them and get their feedback easily.

Discount store:- (fund allotment-30 lakh)

Today the discount store play very important role in selling this type of product so I will also go for discount store to sell my brand product. Discount stores like easy day, reliance fresh, vishal mart, big bazaar, bargin bazaar all they sell this type product. So I have to give them some special offer so that they prefer my brand.

Consumer sale promotion tool:-

We will apply following promotional tools increase sale.

Price deal: -Price deal is temporary reduction in price of product. We will provide two type of price deal: cents-off deals and price-pack deals. Price deal will be is given at various times to stimulate purchase of Shoes.

Coupon: – A coupon is typically a printed certificate giving the bearer a stated price reduction or special value on a specific product, generally for a specific period. In this we will provide various kinds of coupon that contain various discount price So that customer get the advantage of this discount and purchase flavour packaged water at low price.

Offer: In this we offer that those Customers who buy flavour water will receive a free plain packaged water of 500ml. The offer will be depending upon season to season. The campaign will be marketed with print and TV ads, and will feature TV commercials with musicians singing covers of their favorite song. The company will be offering those collected covers in a CD at retail locations for customers who make a more than 10 flavour packaged water.

Premium:We will provide offer of some gift or at bargain price to encourage customer buying.

Advertising Specialties: -Advertising specialties also call a promotional product. It will be mostly given to our loyal customers. It includes various cards like birthday card, New Year card. It will be done mostly done to retain old customer.

Trade sale promotion tool:-

Objectives of Trade Sales Promotion of the Boond packaged water company will be:-

  • Gain/maintain distribution
  • Influence resellers to promote product
  • Influence resellers to offer price discount
  • Increase reseller inventory
  • Defend against competitors
  • Avoid reduction of normal prices

There are various sale promotion tools which apply by the Boond packaged warter that stimulate trade to promote company product.

Trade Allowances:-

In this we will provide short-term special allowances, discounts, or deals granted to resellers to stimulate reseller to rapid purchase of their product.

Point-of-Purchase Display:-

In this we are generally used at the retail level to call customer attention to a featured product. In this company employees observe every retail shop and that display more company product will be winner of special gift or prize.

Implementation Tactics

  • Launch a blind ad campaign on billboards and magazines in all A class areas of major cities and magazine with respect to target market.
  • Heavy advertising on TV, newspapers and magazines
  • Set displays of malls and retail in showrooms and major dealer outlets in all cities.
  • Continue Advertising.

Evaluation of IMC planning process

Evaluation of IMC planning of Boond packaged water is necessary because:-

  1. The cost of advertising and communication spiraling day by day so it is necessary to find out if the investment in IMC plan of the Boond packaged water is generating any return or just going down the drain.
  2. As a IMC planner we can easily evaluate various communication alternatives such as alternative message, IMC tools, media and vehicle and choose the most effective ones.
  3. It will provide complete feedback regarding the performance of various strategic alternatives and provide a basis for future planning.
  4. Evaluation will increase the effectiveness of marketing communication by eliminating unproductive alternatives and adding productive alternatives.
  5. Evaluation will provide me the complete figure regarding our total IMC budget expense that the budget is expense in the right way or not.
  6. It helps to judge the behavioral result of the target market.
  7. It will help to judge the communication oriented result of the target market.
  8. It will help to allocate as a guider about the new target market for further new implementation of IMC plan

     Finally at last we will add few words with it that this IMC plan for boond water company is for the financial year 2009-10 is prepared by me by taking the new existing company of my own and not copied from any other sources. Prepared by (randhir pratap). Thank you all for co-operation in presenting my IMC plan in front of my respected mam Ms. Malika thakral and makes the session successful.




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