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Behaviourist Method Of Teaching English Language Essay

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Lesson Plan Outline – order of events as they are planned to occur during your lesson. Present these in the order of progression in your lesson; that is, as each occurs. ½ marks given if not done. [you may incorporate either the Madeline Hunter Behaviorist lesson plan format here or the Constructivist lesson plan format here. See the applicable format documents in the Final Project area of BlackBoard.]

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The teacher will lecture using PowerPoint and a short video from YouTube about Hess’ law. Also once students have grasped concepts teacher will move on to explain formulas and molar enthalpy. Homework includes: Exercise handouts about Hess’ law and molar enthalpy. (Note: This is located in the bottom right drawer in the file labeled Hess’ law).

The students will be responsible for knowing and being able to apply Hess’ law in a variety of ways and calculating the change in molar enthalpy. There are a bunch of assignments I wish the students to complete for the following class. This is including reading the disclaimer sheet about lab safety as we will be in the lab the following class period. (Note: The sheets are due at the end of the week­). The students will eventually be doing a presentation using some form of technology to eventually describe alternative fuels that can be used and how it applies to Molar Enthalpy. This will be introduced in the next class period.


Which Learning Theory predominates your Lesson: The behaviorist Method.

Behaviorist teaching methods tend to rely on so-called “skill and drill” exercises to provide the consistent repetition necessary for effective reinforcement of response patterns. Other methods include question (stimulus) and answer (response) frameworks in which questions are of gradually increasing difficulty, guided practice, and regular reviews of material. Behaviorist methods also typically rely heavily on the use of positive reinforcements such as verbal praise, good grades, and prizes. Behaviorists test the degree of learning using methods that measure observable behavior such as exams. Behaviorist teaching methods have proved most successful in areas where there is a ‘correct’ response or easily memorized material.

Identify the key factors influencing learning in your lesson. Where are these used in your lesson?

From a behaviorist perspective, the transmission of information from teacher to learner is essentially the transmission of the response appropriate to a certain stimulus. Thus, the point of education is to present the student with the appropriate repertoire of behavioral responses to specific stimuli and to reinforce those responses through an effective reinforcement schedule. An effective reinforcement schedule requires consistent repetition of the material; small, progressive sequences of tasks; and continuous positive reinforcement. Without positive reinforcement, learned responses will quickly become extinct. This is because learners will continue to modify their behavior until they receive some positive reinforcement.

What is/are the teacher role[s] in your lesson.

The teacher will be instructing as it is an important point as they build a foundation for the understanding of thermodynamics and the application of this in the laboratory. Through “drill and practice” and following the specificities of the lesson will be successful in completing this task.

How is/are this/these role[s] accomplished. [in other words – Where is this demonstrated in your lesson? Be specific.]

This is demonstrated throughout the lesson as it is a scientific law and cannot be interpreted any other way. There are specific rules to follow that cannot be interpreted or changed. They are using formulas and plugging in their respective numbers to find the change in heat.

What type[s] of learning is/are best explained in your lesson:

The behaviorist Method! This is teacher/visual based learning as the students will be introduced to this topic by teacher based instruction.

State the teaching method[s] used in your lesson, and, for each, briefly explain how this/these method[s] relate to your lesson plan. [in other words, how is that method demonstrated in your lesson]:

While there are internet resources that follow a loose guide I believe that it is in the best interests of the students if the teacher were to explain in detail thermodynamics and Hess’ law and apply these principals to the molar enthalpy of reactions, combustion etc…

State all the teaching strategies used in your lesson, and, for each strategy, explain how these strategies relate to your lesson plan. [in other words, how are the strategies demonstrated in your lesson]:

When designing my lesson when introducing the various points, it is important for me as the teacher to emphasize these points that will be required for students to grasp before moving onto more challenging concepts. For example the power point slide enclosed will highlight the formulas and other important concepts. For this lesson only I wish that you speak about Hess’ law. I also like to do some fun examples on the board because many of the students in my class are passionate about chemistry.


This lecture appeals to the following:

Logical-Mathematical learner: The lecture appeals to this type of learner because of the materials covered. Also the introduction and application of new formulas.

Interpersonal learner: With multimedia and interaction between peers and those who are interpersonal learners will benefit.

Verbal-Linguistic learner: This is mainly for those who are “good listeners” as the instructor explains and the students will listen and hopefully retain the information.

Visual-Spatial learner: This type of learner will benefit from the various technologies and multimedia presentations that will capture their attention. Also seeing the formulas and the rules of Hess’ law will allow them to understand the material.



Identify all resources and materials used to create your lesson PLUS those resources and materials used by the teacher and students during your lesson

Content resources (books, handouts, materials, etc.) –

There are a lot of handouts with the most basic of examples. Their textbook also gives a good explanation of what they need to know.

Hardware (computers, TV, VHS, etc) –


Software/Web Resources (CD- ROM’s, URLs, graphics, pictures, etc.) –

You tube, Pictures, Websites, Powerpoint.

Other media, video, satellite, etc. –




There are worksheets enclosed that will be graded for marks and will count towards their homework grade. However, I would stress that this information will only get harder as we move into chapter exams and for their presentations as well. The evaluation for this class is very minimal but essential as if the students do not understand this concept I will revisit this upon my return.


The Mind map is a very useful tool that the students can do as a teacher guided activity. I have enclosed a sample mind map and would like under your guidance to create a new one. The program that I use is called Inspiration. This will allow the students to think about their lesson and reflect. The goal is that the students think about molar enthalpy and its varying functions.

For evaluating the class as a whole there are Hot potato multiple choice questions, fill in the blanks and a crossword. This would be useful to do at the end of the lesson to reiterate the points stated by the power point. The goal is to reinforce the points for the students.

Also within the power point lesson there is a video about Hess’ law calculations courtesy of You tube. These will give the students another viewpoint and hopefully expand their mind and allow them to take in the information.

The grades on the worksheet will go under the homework section of their assignment. However you need not worry about that as I will return.


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