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Introduction (Q1)

What is a communication process? Communication can best be summarized as the transmission of a message from a sender to a receiver in an understandable manner. The importance of effective communication is immeasurable in the world of business and in personal life. From a business perspective, effective communication is an absolute must, because it commonly accounts for the difference between success and failure or profit and loss. It has become clear that effective business communication is critical to the successful operation of modern enterprise. Every business person needs to understand the fundamentals of effective communication.

The communication process is the guide toward realizing effective communication. It is through the communication process that the sharing of a common meaning between the sender and the receiver takes place. Individuals that follow the communication process will have the opportunity to become more productive in every aspect of their profession. Effective communication leads to understanding.

The communication process is made up of four key components. Those components include encoding, medium of transmission, decoding, and feedback. There are also two other factors in the process, and those two factors are present in the form of the sender and the receiver. The communication process begins with the sender and ends with the receiver.

Communication is not that easy as it seems and speaking is only one of the elements that it consists of. Apparently it's accepted that the words account for only 7-11% of it. There is also a body language that many people aren't aware of existing or don't know how to use. And if speech and body don't go with themselves someone can be easily misinterpreted. Intentions won't be clear enough.

How the communication process

The communication process consists of a message being sent and received. The message may be verbal or non-verbal. The same basic principles apply whether humans, animals, other forms of life or combinations of these are involves. Your challenge as an instructor is to not merely communicate with your students but to communicate effectively.

Effective communication involves a message being sent and received. Added to this however, is the element of feedback to ensure that the message sent was received exactly as intended. This concept may be illustrated using the three-step communications model.



The sender must possess some cognitive capacity, as the information will usually need to be processed and directed to some extent. Sometimes, part or all of that processing may be provided by someone other than the sender, who will then require fewer innate resources.


Whereas some of the sender's tasks might be performed by external agencies as discussed previously, there are three things which the receiver cannot delegate. The receiver must be sufficiently accessible for arrival to occur, and must also possess and employ both sensory capacities (so that the represented information can be relayed to the receiver's brain) and cognitive capacity (so that the input received by the brain can be processed sufficiently to be understood). These are the prerequisites for the perception step discussed soon.

Communication of barriers?

For communication to take place, a message must be transmitted by a communicator and correctly received by a listener. If the message is not understood, there is no communication. There is only noise. Between the transmission and reception of a message, much can go wrong. Communication, by definition, involves at least two individuals, the sender and the receiver. There are certain filters or barriers which determine whether or not the message is actually transmitted or received.

There may be barriers that exist between the sender and the receiver such as cultural differences. Environmental conditions may also create barriers, e.g., poor acoustics, others talking, outside noises. More common, however, are differences in frames of reference between sender and receiver.

Audience received the right message?

A successful communication process not just comprises of talking, but also includes effective listening. Listening to your receiver or the audience will help you get a grasp of their understanding of the message conveyed. You can at any point stop where communication flaws occur rectifying them immediately. It is important to listen deeply without any kind of defensiveness.

There are many other small tips that you can consider accommodating to improve your communication efficiency. Complex messages are most often communicated wrong and misunderstood frequently. To avoid such complications, you can consider breaking complex messages into simple ones and following up with your audience on a regular basis to make sure that the right message is conveyed.

Language can be a huge problem many times when you communicate. It is not about the English or other language but about the technical or marketing language we are more focused on here. The words and the sentences that you use needs to be simple rather than complicated. You also need to avoid jargons so as to ensure that the receiver can understand the message conveyed.

At the last one also is the most important that is feedbacks. Feedbacks are given to ensure that effective communication skills are present. This means that the receiver understands the message and constructive feedbacks are given to improve the process or task. If the feedback is good that mean your communication have certain level and won't easy send the wrong message to the receiver but if the feedback is bad that mean your communication will make people or audience confuse and misunderstood.

Verbal and non-verbal communication

The basis of communication is the interaction between people.  Verbal communication is one way for people to communicate face-to-face.  Some of the key components of verbal communication are sound, words, speaking, and language. 

Most people have vocal cords, which produce sounds.  As a child grows it learns how to form these sounds into words.  Some words may be imitative of natural sounds, but others may come from expressions of emotion, such as laughter or crying.  Words alone have no meaning.  Only people can put meaning into words.  As meaning is assigned to words, language develops, which leads to the development of speaking.

Over 3,000 languages and major dialects are spoken in the world today.  The development of languages reflects class, gender, profession, age group, and other social factors.  The huge variety of languages usually creates difficulties between different languages, but even within a single language there can be many problems in understanding.

Through speaking we try to eliminate this misunderstanding, but sometimes this is a very hard thing to do.  Just as we assume that our messages are clearly received, so we assume that because something is important to us, it is important to others.  As time has proven this is not at all true.  Many problems can arise is speaking and the only way to solve these problems is through experience.

Speaking can be looked at in two major areas: interpersonal and public speaking.  Since the majority of speaking is an interpersonal process, to communicate effectively we must not simply clean up our language, but learn to relate to people.

In interpersonal speaking, etiquette is very important.  In business today, hierarchical communication is of utmost importance to all members involved.

The other major area of speaking is public speaking.  It has been obvious that some people are just better public speakers than others.  Because of this, today a good speaker can earn a living by speaking to people in a public setting. 

Non-verbal communication also is important; it can function effectively as a team leader the manager must interact with the other members successfully. Non-verbal cues, when interpreted correctly, provide him with one means to do so.

The team members project attitudes and feelings through non-verbal communication. Some personal needs such as approval, growth, achievement, and recognition may be met in effective teams. The extent to which these needs are met is closely related to how perceptive the team leader and team members are to non-verbal communication in themselves and in others on the team.

If the team members show a true awareness to non-verbal cues, the organization will have a better chance to succeed, for it will be an open, honest, and confronting unit. Argyle and his associates have been studying the features of nonverbal communication that provide information to managers and their team members.

Conclusion (Q1)

In my conclusion, communication is not just words it is a mixture of tone and body language. You can effectively utilize your voice tone and body language to convey your message across. It is often advised to establish eye to eye contact wherever possible rather than other forms of indirect communication. Not only for this some time you send wrong message just only one word also will make you lose money or harm people in business. So that, in the business ways communication is very important sometimes not only business ways when u talk with people also will spoil your morality. You should be careful in accepting a "yes" response because when people ask do you understand if you really misunderstood he or she say what but you say yes to him or her then you also don't know what he or she say just now but you accept people already. So that, communication is very important no matter what living creature also have communication even though a pig or dog also got communication. They use their own communication you don't know only.

Introduction (Q2)

How to persuade audience buy your product? First you must advertisement your product become credibility. Why we want to advertisement our product credibility? This is because if a product dun has credibility then people won't buy it and customers don't know the product whether credibility a not he or she will think that when got using this product will make them what happen.so the credibility is the most important and also is the first step on your advertisement product. After that, is your relationship if you make your customers become very friendly then it will easy to sale your product. When people know you, like you and trust that you'll reciprocate any favors they do for you, they are much more likely to listen to your ideas and to go along with them. Conversely, when they don't know you, they have little reason to trust you or your ideas. So that, the second steps is your important thing to take notice. The third step is belief and the value, selling an idea requires that you position it as supporting or furthering a core belief or value held by your audience. You're not going to change someone's mind about a deeply held belief. But you can "reposition your idea so people see it as consistent with an underlying value that runs deeper than the belief. Step 4 is interests, mean that you Self-interest are an incredibly powerful motivator, and so frame your idea in terms of how it will meet the other party's interests and needs. When you encounter a barrier built of one interest, appeal to another. That one might be the one that wins the other person's agreement. Step 5 also is the important thing communication if you good in communication with the audience above the 4 step will affect your audience but the most important is communication it is because how communication with your customers to believe that there are credibility, relationship, belief, value, and the interests. So that, the product is good or bad just in your communication to make your audience to believe that.

The product I choose IPhone 5

The next iPhone iteration, the much-awaited iPhone 5, can already be seen riding a horned stallion through the virgin rumor fields! Rumors about the launch and the design of the next generation iPhone 5 have been swirling for quite some time now and if you've been following this rumor mill, you must be aware that there are several new innovations that we can expect to see in this next iPhone by Apple.

Smartphones, since invented, are playing important role in portable computing. These have been proved very useful in earlier days for businessmen who always wished to carry their business with them. Apple iPhone is one of the best Smartphone designs available in market.

Why I will choose iPhone 5, it is because in this iPhone 5 is high qualification and this is the world number 1 transparent hand phone. Improved Battery Life in the phone battery when you using a normal phone just can last 4 or 5 hours when u keep on use but iPhone is different it can last 10 hours and above. So that, the iPhone 5 has the NFC technology and the iPhone will most likely feature the latest NFC (Near Field Communication) technology, a new breakthrough technology that will allow you to use your iPhone interface to make payments for ads and products via RFID. For the iPhone 5 not only the battery life improve and technology, it still has free Wi-Fi, larger screen, slide out keyboard and dual core CPU. For the all the functions also is better than other normal phone and the cost also will higher than the normal phone. So the value is also worth to buy it. When you communication with your audience you must show all the function and the quality to your audience and give they know how many thing in your product and make it like value and also dun miss the relationships. When you advertisement your product also has to build up you and your audience relationships. You cannot just hard sell your product, sometime has to build a clearly communicate what your patients want and need, this only can help your patients solve the problem.

IPhone 5, as expected by users, is coming with cloud computing technology associated with iTunes, which can explain less storage capacity of device. By using this technology users can store their favorite song in iTunes account that can be downloaded when required. If you are still in a doubt whether to buy it or not, it is suggested to book it as soon as iPhone 5/5G release date is declared. Device is expected to be very thin as compared to its predecessors. It will carry thickness of OLED television as expected by experts. No matter these rumors are true or not, Apple iPhone 5 is going to boost profit of company after iPhone 5/5G release date is declared.

Price of iPhone 5 can be clearly stated once iPhone 5/5G release date is fixed. Usually, a clear idea about price of device is possible few days before release date. In case of iPhone, a clear prediction about price of iPhone can be made few weeks before iPhone 5/5G release date. If we consider iPhone 5/5G release date as January 2011, price tag of device must get fixed around mid of December 2010. There are features like Retina eye with AMOLED display and 10.2 megapixel cameras, which are sufficient to predict incredible sell of this excellent device. Actually, many experts have made prediction before iPhone 5/5G release date that device is going to cost much more than its predecessors.

iPhone Will be a Nano version? Will the iPhone 5 be released with universal baseband on all the carriers? These are some of the many questions that are being asked about iPhone 5 nowadays. Here is a detailed iPhone 5 rumor round-up to help you make sense out of these questions.

You also can tell them this product have advertisement in radio, TV and internet. So that, the product is safe and it had 1 year warranty.


Communications with audience

When your send the message to the audience must send clearly message to the receiver. The 2 types of communications with audience are verbal and non-verbal. Verbal communication is with words just like black and white written on the paper for example speaking, writing, reading and listening. Non-verbal communication is without words non-verbal is just body signal, eye contact, gestures and postures, vocal characteristic, personal appearance and touching behavior.

Barriers of communication

Between audience why will have barriers of communication this is because difference in perception, incorrect filtering, language problems, poor listening, different emotional states and different background. Because of this kind of reason so that it will make audience confuse.

Conclusion (Q2)

In my conclusion, no matter what product if you are the good communication and the product is good also can persuade audience buy it.