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A Space Odyssey Film Analysis English Language Essay

Paper Type: Free Essay Subject: English Language
Wordcount: 680 words Published: 1st Jan 2015

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A Space Odyssey revolves around the theme of evolution. This is a story about how man is overwhelmed by technology. The story follows the evolution of man from man ape. The film also takes into account humans evolution in to the future which involves humans creating Artificial intelligence. This idea develops out of humans use of the tool and eventually evolving beyond their biological needs. HAL represents this evolution but also warns of the problems that can arise when man creates artificial life. HAL’s malfunction is one such problem that warns of the advancement of technology where humans do not have full control. HAL begins to think on its own and digress from its original programming. HAL also shows signs of evolution as he begins to show emotion that he was not programmed to have. HAL becomes aware of himself and acts to make choices. This can be seen as HAL acts to defend himself for his continued existence. Stanley Kubrick is able to address the idea of evolution through special effects . This can be seen as the effects for the time of the film were realistic with the representation of outer space. This was one of the first films to depict no sound in space. This film raised questions about the relationship between humans and artificial life. Kubrick is also able to accomplish a way of getting the relationship between human and technology across with little to no dialogue in the film. He attempts to portray events visually or with sounds that would have usually been used through dialogue.

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The basis of 2001: A Space Odyssey is that man has reached a point technologically with their tools that the next evolution step would be consciousness of artificial life. This can be seen through the HAL 900 computer. HAL is an artificial intelligence and an onboard computer of the spaceship Discovery. HAL is capable of speech and emotion. HAL 9000’s voice is soft but is able to mimic human emotions which is very eerie . HAL maintains the ships functionality while the crew act as mechanics make the crew seem almost obsolete as Kubrick hints at the end of human evolution through technology.

The film’s effects add to the theme of human evolution. The images of people walking upside down inside the windows of the flying spaceship gave great use of the camera angles. This image was a favorite of mine that added to the theme of human evolution. The film also used the effects of the monolith as a turning point in the history of man . The realization of this monolith gives way to the making of weapons eventually leading humans into space. As nature is replaced with technology a sense of individuality is lost and humans have no emotion. This film demonstrates a world that has sacrificed wisdom for knowledge. The monolith shot gives the viewer an example of using lines to direct the eye to a specific point. This is a good special effect that stood out. The music adds to the imagery that emphasizes how big the universe really is. The first scenes of space are enhanced by a classical soundtrack. When inside, the soundtrack is lively. However, outside things are silent .Kubrick’s choice of music ranged from conventional to odd. As a result, the music fit the storyline. The character performances in the show are robotic. The astronauts seem to just be janitors and seem unnecessary to the overall mission. This does add to the effect in the movie. The first characters are of prehistoric Earth and are apelike. An alien monolith appears to them and they quickly evolve to use tools and weapons. The film pioneered front projection in mainstream movie production. This can be seen with the weightless scene disconnecting HAL. The disconnection of HAL was one of the key shots in the movie. The film was a pioneer in front projection in mainstream movie production. This can be seen with the weightless scene disconnecting HAL. The disconnection of HAL was a memorable screen shot worth noting. All in all, the many effects in 2001: A Space Odyssey add to the theme of evolution .


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