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Robotic Cultivation System Design

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Population of the world is growing rapidly and this rapid growth demands more food. Due to the advancement and revolution boost in petrochemical industries, the agriculture industry also have some developments, but at the cost of soil, environment, and our health. The conventional agriculture industry needs sustainability, improvement, robustness, and automation. Moreover, to keep pace with the requirements, we require machinery support that can perform its tasks more precisely and swiftly, according to the given instruction. In our proposed idea of Robotic Cultivation System, the crux objective is to flourish your garden without any supervision of the farmers. This system works effectively in such areas where farmers face difficulties in farming. The system is designed to perform many tasks including weeding tool, soil moisture, seed injecting, and watering. All these parameters are remotely accessible through any device and continues update of the aforementioned parameters on the website. Robotic Cultivation System can operate on grid as well as on renewable solar energy. However, it can be scalable from your backyard to agriculture industry. Subsequently, due to less energy consumption and its vital properties, Robotic Cultivation System will be a great revolution in agribusiness.


Pakistan is an agricultural country, where cultivation plays a vital role to maintain the economy. Population of our country is growing rapidly and this rapid growth demands more food. The number of agriculture universities and lack of awareness and research, also has a great influence on the production of food. Developing countries are converting farmer hardship into modern scientific methods by using automation that works more accurately, swiftly, and produce more yield per acre. Farmers waste a lot of water to irrigate their lands which affects the growth of crops, therefore the new conventional paradigm has to devise some method to control the wastage of water. The inadequate quality control measures and poor seeding also affects the augmentation of food production. All these repercussions need to be revamped in order to get fresh and healthy crops.

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Moreover, through research and past knowledge we can use less human struggle to cover more land per cultivation reducing hectic and tiresome practices. The use of chemicals, which are being used to kill pesticides, herbicides, and fungicides, also needs to be curbed, as these chemicals lead to serious health hazards. Limited and unleveled land with low per acre yield are prominent factors which we are facing in production of food crops. Now-a- days engineers have designed various methods which can help the farmers to overcome these limitations and increase food production. Being an agricultural country, we need a lot of improvement and prosperity to overcome the major problems in cultivation system of Pakistan.

When presented with the current food production system one cannot look past how broken it is. We have surrendered our knowledge in control over, how our food been produced and as a result we are destroying our health and the environment. We have to change that by an idea of new pyridine of food production. The idea lies in the intersection of automation, the open source DIY maker movement and small scale polygraph farming. The Robotic Cultivation System is designed to move around X, Y, and Z space, day and night, seven days a week growing food. The system precisely sows seeds in any pattern and density you want and waters them efficiently, the exact amount that each plant needs based on its type, according to the plant’s age, soil, local weather conditions and your growing preferences. The Robotic Cultivation System can grow variety of crops, all in the same area, at the same time. Each plant is cared individually in an optimize and automated way. By growing many type of plants at once, your garden will benefit from the natural advantages of poly cropping and croporation.

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Using the onboard camera and advance computer vision software, the system intelligently monitors your garden. With the soil sensor, it tells how your garden’s moisture level changes over time, enabling smarter and more efficient farming with each passing season. By this system your garden will flourish, and your plants will frieze. Moreover, you can control Robotic Cultivation System with powerful web based interface. The hardware design of the system is scalable, from your backyard to agriculture industry. Also, it can operate on renewable solar power. The system is perfect to get started in a small space, can be placed outdoors or in a green house or even on a roof top.


  • Construction and Implementation of Cultivation Robot.
  • It has two operating nodes, off grid and on grid.
  • Remote access through any device and continues update of four parameters such as, moisture of soil before and after watering, quantity of water, and parameter measuring time stamp on website.
  • Online access of weather conditions of the area to define the watering pattern for different vergtion in order to maintain moisture level of the area.
  • Cost analysis of the project based on the real time data collected parameter in step number three.


  • Yield a vegetation pattern of a person and recommend to grow vegetable needed for the person for food using age, blood sugar, and weight. One person has the input over the cycle of one year (Diet Chart).
  • Plant inspection using Digital Image Processing.


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