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Moral and Ethical Values in Engineering Industry

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There are three main Moral & Ethical values in an industry, which an engineer is always obliged to obey, & these values not only helps the industry but also benefits equally an Engineer’s personal gain. These three main points are:

  1. Professional Duties
  2. Ethical Values
  3. Human Values

An Engineer’s good conduct (as captured in professional codes of conduct) toward other engineers, toward employers, toward clients, and toward the public is an essential part of the life of a professional engineer while remaining in the industry.

As professionals, engineers need to internalize their codes and to realize that they have a personal stake in the application of codes as well as the process of developing the codes

As professionals, engineers should try their best to solve every problem. i.e. If a problem situation is related to other engineer field, an engineer should know at least the know-how to solve that problem.

Engineers should always respect their field rules as per their field’s literature.

In industry, an Engineer is responsible to think about the interaction of technology and society, because engineers are the ones who create all of technology.

In industry, the central focus of an engineer’s profession must be on the application of scientific knowledge and creative thinking to meet societal needs.

Engineers must bring both the industry name and his profession to the equal level so that there will not be any defaming situation created in any of both cases.

In an industry, the purpose of the scientist is to know things, while that of the engineer is to perform on things and invent. The scientist enhances to the stock of confirmed, organized information of the corporal realm while an engineer fetches this information to stand on real-world problems.

In an industry, an engineer is not allowed to choose the problem that comforts him; he must resolve problems as they arise.

A solution to the given problem by an engineer in an industry must be reliable, cheap and most importantly safe.

An engineer should keep paramount the safety, health and welfare of the public.

An engineer should always avoid any type deceiving acts.

An engineer should do amenities only in the zones of their capability.

Engineers should shoulder projects lonely when qualified by schooling or knowledge in the precise technical fields involved.

As a professional engineer, he must turn for each employer or customer as faithful agents or representatives.

Engineers must conduct themselves morally, dutifully, morally, and legally so as to improve the integrity, standing, and practicality of the occupation.

Engineers should support only those engineering forms that are in conformism with appropriate standards.

Engineers may show openly practical thoughts that are established upon facts and competency in the topic matter.

Engineers should not assist or support the illegal exercise of engineering by an individual or firm.

“Time is money”-that well-known proverb must be every engineer’s priority working in an industry.

An engineer should have human moral awareness (skills in knowing moral glitches in engineering)

Forceful moral perceptive (understanding, measuring dissimilar views)

An engineer should always keep in the view about the effects on the human health caused due to the industries.

An engineer should pay his complete attention to his work especially when working on forums related to human moral values.

An engineer must use moral message, to show and upkeep one’s technical opinions to others.

Moral sensibleness i.e., eager and talented to be ethically & technically responsible for human lives.

An engineer must respect for people, which shows apprehension for the well-being of humankind.

While proposing an idea to an industry, an engineer must keep in mind that his/her project is eco-friendly, that in turn is ultimately beneficial for the mankind.

An engineer must keep moral confidence i.e., trust in using lucid discussion for undertaking ethical engagements.

Honesty, which incomes moral truthfulness, and assimilating one’s proficient life and individual beliefs.


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