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Introduction to the Kalabagh Dam

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The Kalabagh Dam is situated about 210 km downhill of Tarbela Dam on the River Indus. The project comprises the structure of 260 ft. tall rock-fill dam. With its punishing retentive equal to 915 ft., the basin, which the dam will make, will provide the capacity of storage of about 6.1 million-acre feet. The development of this project comprises of two channels on the right side for disposal of floodwater. If the cases of highest flooding are faced, then these channels will have a discharge capacity of over 2 million cusecs. The Left side of the dam comprises of the powerhouse, with a convincing generation capability of 3,600 MW. It is to be pointed that the regular current at Kalabagh is 89 MAF, comprises of 72 percent of the Indus, 25 percent of the river Kabul and 3 percent of the river Soan. The limited storing of 6.1 MAF is 7% of the regular annual flow.


Kalabagh Dam is situated in the Mianwali District in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and the precise course of the dam conferring to the many coordinates is 32°57′23″North and 071°36′49″East. Kalabagh Dam is a dam, which features one of the distinctive type of earth, fills Dam in which the zoned fill ridge is accomplished with the help of mud and core. Suppose, we have an overview on the description and the sizes of the dam for which it is recognized as the main dam in Pakistan and one of the major dams in Asia. Height wise Kalabagh dam is 79 meters, which is 259 feet, length wise the dam is 3,350 meters, meaning it is equivalent to 10,991 feet. Confiscates of the Kalabagh Dam are straightly related with the Indus river.

The tank, which is being executed at the Kalabagh Dam, has the lively volume of 7.52 km3 (6,100,000 acre/ft) while the sedentary volume of the dam is 9.7 km3 (7,900,000 acre/ft) while the covering area include of 110,500 sq mi (286,000 km2). Kalabagh Dam’s power station has the Hydraulic head of 170 feet which revenues 52 meters while the turbine’s power is 12 x 300 MW with the all-out volume of 3,600 MW and with the yearly production of 11,400 GWH. Kalabagh Dam is one of the very vital supplies of Pakistan when they are facing such intimidating and disturbing energy disaster and deficit of electricity and if the dam is being constructed to work on its whole volume then within no time Pakistan can get rid of this overwhelming problem of energy.

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Kalabagh Dam would allow extra and better agricultural work to all provinces, inside a little time limit. All other recognized locations for dams have a much lengthier development tenure, in the nonappearance of early lessons. The early installation will generate 11,400 million Kwh of energy annually. Because of conjunctive operation, it will allow improvement of 600 MW of climaxing competence and additional 336 million Kwh of yearly production at Tarbela. Kalabagh Dam will supplement irrigation provisions, hydropower and alleviate floods. Additionally, indirect benefits like more industrial and food production, employment and agricultural boost will accrue. The project will have a useful economic life of over 50 years, without requiring any major replacement of machines and E&M equipment. The development will wage its asset cost in a retro of fewer than 10 years, as proposed project yearly welfares are US$ 628.18 Million and the development monetary cost is US$ 6002 Million (comprehensive of awareness and growths) at 1998 value flat.

The opponents of Kalabagh dam while have the main impact on Sindh and KPK who have some anxieties relating to the building of this dam. The issues are involved which are related to faith shortfall. Due to the serious environment and human impact, the construction of this dam is believed to be worthless. KPK puts an objection to Kalabagh as it will clue towards the dislodgment of a substantial amount of its individuals and a huge area of its property will also be flooded or become waterlogged. Furthermore, it is hypothetical that the Noshehra city, which is actually home to 2000,000 people, might arise a danger of flooding, as it is located at the sets of Kabul River.

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Alternatively, a significant issue in Sindh is desertification, it has continuously felt endangered by Punjab, and it declines to put trust on the province that the entire River Indus waters will not be left to provide the needs of Punjab only, dehydrating the downstream Sindh River. These anxieties are connected to the understanding of the operation of Taunsa-Punjnad and Chashma-Jehlum canal. The unfriendliness of Balochistan to Kalabagh is also grounded on the faith that if the dam overstrains the request in the river than the needs for more water through Guddu Barrage will be encountered with little achievement.

Other issues such as ecological deprivation and human impacts- restoration and relocation because of building have also been elevated. Most importantly, it is supposed that the location of the dam is on a fault line.

Until now, Pakistan has recycled only about 10 percent of its projected 40,000 mw of monetarily feasible hydropower potential, a section around 30 percent inferior than India and China and around 75 percent lower than other established states. The country is not only facing severe electricity scarcity but in spite of the best irrigation system, it still undergo importations of wheat on credit from abroad.

Kalabagh dam has rather become a disaster of supremacy; current faith shortfall between Punjab on one side and the other three provinces on the other is the important issue. It is not for the representatives or magistrates to choose whether this dam should be built. A national level discussion is obligatory lecturing the anxieties of Sindh and KPK based on technical study of the project. For this drive, apolitical experts from all four shires should take measures to study and present the feasibility report at the central level. It would be a optimistic growth if the report bounces a green signal to the construction. Though, if the report finds approximately correctness in the issues elevated by Sindh and KPK such as sinking of Nowshera and site being on the fault line, then it is period to move advancing for decent and contemplate of other supportable developments.


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