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Innovation in Engineering Technology

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Innovation in Engineering Technology

India is known in the world for its manpower in the field of scientists and researchers. UNESCO in 2003 emphasized that “Education in a globalised society should ensure equality of access and request cult al diversity as well as national sovereignty. Globalization and internet has given a new face to our education system. The need of the millennium is to produce trained, responsible and well informed people committed to working for the betterment of the country’s future. It is a proven fact that “Engineering Education” forms the foundation on which future of the country is dependent upon. The main aim of this journal is to highlight different ideas of innovation in the field of engineering

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The first idea suggested is changing the education scenario. The main problem in our education scenario is the lack of qualified teachers, infrastructure, research and training-learning process. No doubt steps are being taken to overcome this problem. Now nineteen percent of the budget is allocated for education which used to be 7.7 percent in previous years. Moreover in India only twelve percent students go for higher education after completing their secondary education which is very less than the number in developed countries in which the number is around 70 percent. Another main alarm is the vocational training that needs to be given to a large no of people in our country.

For providing excellence in teaching, research activities should be introduced. It is the need of every teacher. It encourages new ideas and innovations and helps in making the educational atmosphere enthusiastic. The education imparted by institutions will not be efficient, unless they adopt research and innovation. Worlds standard Engineering education include research and patenting including IPR related issues. These things enable students to learn skills of innovation and use these new technologies for solving current problems, which is very much essential to live in such a competitive world. Promoting meaningful, engaged learning with the precise use of new technology provides students the chance to interact with the wealth of resources.

India is a place with bunch of manpower but lacks in teaching standards and resources due to which the economic growth and literacy rate of India is decreasing at a very rapid rate and the development of the country is almost negligible every year. Education institutions are facing a lot of challenges in providing us with cream students i.e. students who can succeed in this competitive world because of lack of qualified resources and subjects which make the students capable in the present hour. Some of the suggestions for improving the quality of education is firstly we need to change the scenario of education. Qualified teachers should be there in colleges with proper infrastructure and facilities. Moreover in addition to this research activities should be introduced in the studies to make the students capable for worldwide competition. Government should also help the institutions by providing funds for the same and encouraging students to go for higher studies for the future of themselves and our country.

Effective Usage of Libraries through Internet-A View Point

Library is the place where one could find all the information needed for any use. All over the world they play a vital role in our life and for our higher education. Internet plays an important role in providing the information for its user in a larger way. One of the newest technology introduced in the libraries for finding out data is the use of computers. Though with this technology information is readily accessible to the users, many a times the information provided is not relevant. Because of this problem many users are not satisfied with data provided on internet. Due to this problem the main objective of the library is not satisfied. In this I am going to discuss some of the problems and solutions for the same.

There are a number of users who use the library daily to search about one topic or the other. There are users from different categories and different age groups. These include school and college going students, graduates, scientists, doctors, planners, library staff, and academic staff etcetera. Nowadays people prefer surfing net for the information they require then finding that in books and journals by reading. For this purpose a large number of search engines are available. Whenever users enter any required keyword, search engines show all the queries related to that keyword from their database. Around one lakh links are shown for a single query. But the main dis-advantage of finding information on the internet is that in spite of a large number of links provided to each query, not even a single link is relevant for the user. This may be because for each query the search engines try to find out all the information corresponding to that query. The main advantage of using computers in library was time saving but due to this problem, it has turned into the main disadvantage. Now a lot of time of the user is spent in locating the exact information from the available web pages.

The main solution for the above mentioned problem is the classification system. All the information provided on the internet should classify under one area or the other. By using this technique users will be provided with only the relevant data instead of a bulk of waste. Hence surfing internet will provide only relevant data to its users. This technique can also be integrated in search engines. They will generate unique classification number corresponding to the users query and search for that particular information equivalent to that number on the internet.

Technology has taken a new face and the necessities of users are changing as per the advancement in the technology. So it is the need of hour to integrate the new technology for the ease of users. Seeking the disadvantage of this new technology we need to rectify it so as this technology proves to be a boon for. Also all the main objectives of libraries are satisfied and users gets information easily and at very fast speed.

Challenges in achieving excellence in technical education

The main key behind success and development of a society is education. Our country is developing very fast and is also far away from being called developed. India has improved technologically and economically in the field of agriculture, providing nuclear power, space technology, and defense etcetera. Mobile technology is growing tremendously in India. It is the need of the hour that the present generation i.e. the youngsters should be aware of the talents, aptitude so that they can create wonders in their field of interest. Moreover we need to unleash their creative potential by helping them do what they want to do.

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Due to complete transformation in the technology, there has been an increasing expectation for higher education in order to level up with the present technology. Unqualified and dearth of faculty is responsible for the loss of quality education. The graduates passed out from such institutions have to sit unemployed for large time increasing the unemployment rate of the country. Against this problem the National Knowledge Commission (NKT) has taken steps in order to build excellence in educational system so as to meet the knowledge requirements of 21st century and to increase India’s competitive knowledge and also to improve the management of institutions under Intellectual Property Rights.

The center point of quality education and learning is teachers. Nothing can ever replace a good teacher. The core of our engineering education policies should be teacher training and retention. Other thing that effects quality education is capacity and competence building. India has got second position in Global Innovation Efficiency index. India’ s labor force is growing at 2.5% per annum while the employment growth rate is 2.3% only.

After teachers it is the role of education institutes in shaping our country’s future. Maintaining international quality of engineering institutions in India is the main aim of ISTE. Under the financial assistance from AICTE innovative programs like faculty development are started by ISTE at express rate. National Mission on Education through Information and Communication Technology (NMEICT) is a mission initiated for providing connectivity, low cost computing device and valuable contents to all the higher education institutes in India. Proper definition of innovation should be taught to the students as the commercialized way of solving problems with advanced technologies. The global leader for research was India with 159 research areas in the five year span of 2006 to 2010.

Engineering education in our country should be designed in such a way so that the engineers can fight with the trained manpower in solving technical as well as social problems. India has got a positive growth rate in the beginning of year 2012 that to with a very rapid rate. It is the most favorable place for the Multi National Companies (MNC’s) to invest. The rapid rate of increasing urbanization and industrialization is acting as a catalyst towards the growth of India. It highlights how all the things stated above can be bring to action in order to meet the challenges faced by engineers in our country.


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