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DC Motor Direction Control Using Arduino Uno with L298 Driver

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Abstract: Dc motor direction control by using Arduino and L298N motor driver is the main title of the project By using this Arduino we can see how to control DC motors and We can control the direction of the DC motor by simply controlling the input voltage to the motor and the most common method of doing that is by using PWM signal. We here use L298n motor driver as H-bridge. It main purpose of using L298N is that it can control speed and direction of DC motor. To competeing this task we have work on programming which is done in Arduino IDE after completion of that we design our simulation in the Proteus software after finishing that we compile our coding in Arduino hardware 


In 21th century is technocrat world there are so many innovation occurs every minute in this world. Everyone has the different innovative idea so by using electronic components we can make any electronic gates which reduces our efforts. By using electronic components we have made one project which called DC motor direction control using Arduino UNO board and L298 motor driver by using this user can revolve the motor to clock wise and anti-clock wise and using in different application. In our project motor rotate clock wise slowly and run ate given speed then after it comes in state condition and again it run anti-clockwise. It has lot of application worldwide but generally use robotic, industrial application.

Background/Related work

Our project main part called Arduino UNO is very important, it is open source circuit used in every electronic project work, it is microcontroller board based on the 8-bit Atmega 328p microcontroller. Electronic device are become more compact, flexible and inexpensive. Microcontroller are used in embedded system and apply the according to requirement Atmeg328. There are many version of Arduino UNO and for fetch the program in the hardware it needed Arduino IDE (integrated development Environment). It has everything on one board like crystal oscillator, serial communication, voltage regulator along with this it has also 14 digital pin input/output and out of this 6 pin can used as the PWM output and 6 analog pin. For the source, it has power barrel jack and reset button given on board.

Arduino UNO Application

It has come with wide range of application. Number of people are using Arduino board for developing instrument and project for scientific research. Here some application

1)      Security and defense system

2)      Digital electronics and robotics

3)      Traffic light count down timer

4)      Medical instrument

5)      Parking lot counter


Arduino Uno Technical Specifications


ATmega328P – 8 bit AVR family microcontroller

Operating Voltage


Recommended Input Voltage


Input Voltage Limits


Analog Input Pins

6 (A0 – A5)

Digital I/O Pins

14 (Out of which 6 provide PWM output)

DC Current on I/O Pins

40 mA

DC Current on 3.3V Pin

50 mA

Flash Memory

32 KB (0.5 KB is used for Bootloader)


2 KB


1 KB

Frequency (Clock Speed)

16 MHz



Arduino UNO pin Diagram

DC motor

DC motor has part of many equipment and machinery. We are using 6v DC motor, It is device that can use in industrial equipment as small device and it also chipper and used in robotics, Quadcopter, and internet of the things project. DC motor work on the current and voltage needed for the capabilities of microcontroller but DC moto necessary to use some external device of electronic to drive the and control the motor and it required individual power supply. There are many ways to drive the DC motor from their output of device. however, transistor also use full to drive the DC motor and the other way to control the direction of the motor is L298 drive it is integrated circuit.

How DC motor work

(Dronebot, 2019) 

DC motor has two main part stator, rotor and armature. The stator is permanent management and it has magnetic field and the rotating part called armature simple coil. Here armature is connected to DC power supply and 2-piece ring fixed in motor shaft, this section called ‘commutator ring. DC applied to the commutator where flow passes through the coil it generated magnetic field. Here we use 6v motor.

Motor driver L298

(dronebot, 2019) 

We are here using the L298 motor driver for controlling the direction of motor. The circuit contain the heatsink if high voltage motor is used heatsink absorb the heat. L298 has 5volt voltage regulator it is for supporting diodes and capacitors and connectors. Here more specification we also use voltage regulator for motor power supply with 7.5volt.

Working Principle


(Eletronic tutorial) 

Here we consider the PWM (pulse with modulation) as working principle. It is technique which adjust average value of the voltage, which is turn off and on by the electronic device at fast rate. The average voltage depends on the duty cycle. So depending on the capacity of the motor, Arduino PWM is connect with the transistor and controlling the speed of motor by PWM output.

Project simulation



This is the simulation design for the DC motor direction control using Arduino UNO and L298 driver

Programming of DC motor Direction control using L298 drive


Project Implementation

Project implementation is the part of the project. Implementation and planning give shape of the work and work has done on time. It creat barrier for the involved person. Because we done this project in group of two student. we divide our work on this project. Our work phase split on Design, Programing, Hardware connection. After ward my group partner and i started working on the simulataion section on proteus softwear of the project after finishing that he work on the project programming to complete this task. After finish that I worked on the hardware of the project.

Challenges in implementation

In this part of the project, when we prepared the programming of the project that time, we faced many difficulties. Because need that our motor should be work according to the clock wise and anti -clock that is the requirement of our project. During project we fac difficulties like damaging electronic components

Limitation of project

  • Motor driver L298 drive only two motors at time we can not connect more than two motor
  • By using L298 driver we can use maximum 35voltage.
  • This project DC does not carry more load.
  • If over voltage arise it is chance to damage the motor.
  • It can not work beyond its barrier


The main aim of this technical report is to explain out come of this project. Our project is Dc motor direction control using the Arduino UNO with motor driver L298. The motive of this project report is to include the all dimension and measure of DC motor direction control. We made the hardware of the project by implementing on simulation work and we also prepare coding to rotate our motor in clock and anti-clock wise direction control. It has some Application. It can be used in simple robotic applications to control direction and speed of single motor. Many industrial application require adjustable speed driver and the constant speed for improving the quality product.



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