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Overview of Building Information Modelling and Its Use in Project Management

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Building Information Modelling or Geographical Information Modelling


Visions of the architects and the engineers were imprinted on the paper in the form of sketches and drawings. The increased development of computer technology gave a real-life vision to the drawings. Since then there is a vast growth from 2 dimensional to VR tech. A construction process is a complicated process which includes integration of various sub process. Unifying these processes was difficult and confusing for the engineers. These technological limitations and growth in computer software technology gave rise to “Building Information Modelling”.

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Building Information Modelling is an inevitable technology in Civil industry. It is information abundant file which includes a collection of data that can be accessed by different stakeholders of the project i.e. the architects, design team, structural engineers, site engineers, contractors, owners and the teams of the project. BIM alludes to a mix or a lot of advancements and hierarchical arrangements that are relied upon to increment interorganizational and disciplinary cooperation in the development business and to improve the efficiency and nature of the plan, development, and support of structures. BIM is additionally used to connect the data misfortune hole between the plan group, the development group, and the structure proprietor, enabling all groups to be in the same level consistently. GIS Informs BIM. BIM Fuels GIS. By giving a certifiable setting of a benefit’s current condition inside which planners and specialists can investigate and assess plan and development – GIS advises BIM. At that point, rich, progressively precise models can be used to improve the general activities what’s more, support of advantages inside a bigger territory – along these lines, BIM powers GIS.

Building Information Modelling around the world

BIM is being utilized worldwide and has turned into a foundation of global development aspiration. The UK drives the field in the usage of BIM, since 2016 all midway secured development tasks are required to use BIM level 2 in their procedures. While France, Germany, Spain and the Middle East have likewise built up the thorough usage of BIM.

In the United States, BIM is frequently connected with Integrated Project Delivery (IPD), with an essential inspiration to unite task groups at an opportune time. The Canada BIM Council was set up in 2008 to institutionalize the utilization of models in design, building, and development.

BIM is gradually moulding Australia’s foundation, to increase the influence of BIM in construction in Australia a BIM Advisory Board was established by the Australasian Procurement and Construction Council (APCC) and the Australian Construction Industry Forum (ACIF), together with the key standard-setting bodies, NATSPECbuilding SMART and Standards Australia

Process of Building Information Modelling

The procedure of BIM bolsters the production of smart information that can be utilized all through the lifecycle of a structure or framework venture. It is carried out in four phases

  1. Plan – Advise venture arranging by consolidating reality catch and true information to create setting models of the current constructed and common habitat
  2. Design – During this stage, reasonable plan, examination, specifying and documentation are performed. The preconstruction procedure starts utilizing BIM information to advise booking and coordination’s.
  3. Build- During this stage, manufacture starts utilizing BIM details. Task development coordination are imparted to exchanges and temporary workers to guarantee ideal planning and proficiency
  4. Operate – BIM information persists to activities and support of completed resources. BIM information can be utilized not far off for practical remodel or proficient deconstruction as well.

BIM for a Project Manager

Duties of a Project manager and the complication in his role

As a master’s student majoring in Project Management, BIM plays an important role in integrating all the resource into one accessible at anytime and anywhere. Project manager is a leader of the team and the person responsible for the whole project. Managing a project is a very complicated task which includes integration of various teams and running the project smoothly. The Project manager needs to deal with the undertakings, assets, due dates, deal with the financial backing, guarantee legitimate correspondence, anticipate potential dangers. Dealing with such a significant number of things can be nerve-wracking and it’s not amazing if something sneaks out.

Dealing with a group that is generally spread out is one major test for Project Managers. Hence a common platform had to be set up to maintain all the teams on the same page and to share their respective works for better integration. Sharing information between led to miss communication and loss of important instructions/ data. Mostly it led to loss of time and a very pain taking task for project manager. The initial cost of the project was out of sight in the design stages. A suitable platform had to be set up to avoid these complications.

BIM to revamp the roles of Project Manager

BIM was found to be the apt methodology to avoid any confusions and complications. BIM consolidates all the information form various teams and project stakeholder under on roof thus reducing the complications. It also enables access of information to the teams at any time and any changes made in the design by one team is directly seen on all the other team’s data bases thus reducing the uncertainty and loss of information. These combination of various software eases the pressure on the Project Manager and thus helping on concentrating other physical aspects of the project. It also helps in better output and a sustainable design. It gives a clear vison of the project timeline and assists in timely delivery of the project. 

There is a pressure for project managers to shorten the project delivery times and resulting a change in the current practices needing for an improved approach in terms of quality and efficiency. Unifying GIS and PM software with representation was perceived as one of the most significant apparatuses for accomplishing the objectives. GIS-based undertaking and management methodology can encourage fruitful execution of the task by decreasing development costs, limiting time, and in this manner guaranteeing upgraded profitability. Coordinating schedule plan information with GIS innovation exhibits a 4-dimensional model which can be used for the representation of the advancement of the task at various stages and course of events. At a time interim, one can use the genuine structure model and the arranged structure model to analyse the work in advancement

Fig 1: Building Information Modelling representation

Challenges in implementing BIM for a Project Manager

A Project Manager must administer the complete project from contracts, team development, initial design till the delivery of the project. By implementing BIM in my role there may arise a few challenges in both Legal and Technical terms.

Legal Problems: There is an absence of assurance of responsibility for information and the need to ensure it through copyright laws and other legitimate channels. There is no straightforward response to information proprietorship as team members give restrictive data to use in a task structure that is being paid for by the venture proprietor. At the point when task team members other than the proprietor and architect/engineer contribute information that is incorporated into the BIM, permitting issues can emerge. Another issue is who will control the section of information into the model and oversee any mistakes. The idea of mix obscures the degree of obligation that hazard, and risk are probably going to increment.

Technical Problems: As cost and schedule are included as extra measurements onto the BIM, authority regarding legitimate mechanical interface among various projects turns into an issue too. Authority regarding exactness and coordination of expense and planning information must be legally tended to the dangers of utilizing BIM are shared among the venture members alongside the prizes.

Evidence for persuading BIM as Project Manager

1) In the paper presented by Robert Eadie, Mike Browne, Henry Odeyinka, Clare McKeown – BIM implementation throughout the UK construction project lifecycle shows the BIM usage throughout the project lifecycleaffirming BIM is frequently utilized in the beginning periods with dynamically less use in the last stages. This examination shows by means of 92 reactions from an example of BIM clients that joint effort viewpoints produce the most elevated positive effect. The procedure perspectives could really compare to the product innovation.

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2) Building Information Modelling (BIM) Application in Malaysian Construction Industry – Aryani Ahmad Latiffi, Suzila Mohd, Narimah Kasim, Mohamad Syazli Fathi in this paper a literature review done to investigate past BIM thinks about on definitions and history of BIM, development issues, use of BIM and BIM devices in development extends just as advantages of BIM. Malaysian government urges development players to apply BIM to development ventures since it can conquer development venture issues, for example, delay, conflict of structure by various experts and development cost overwhelm. BIM is a mandatory condition to be followed by the companies running government projects.


These papers are just examples of many successful application on BIM in construction industry. By integrating BIM in my role a faster and an effective processes can be implemented in the project, a better and a innovative design can be bought about, accurate cost estimates and most importantly a sustainable outcome can be achieved. These benefits of BIM encourage me to implement it in my upcoming endeavours as a Project Manager.


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