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Automatic Paper Cutting Machine Development

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Wordcount: 1451 words Published: 18th May 2020

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Introduction and Project Background-

While creating and perceiving mechanization by taking an interest in different sorts of drives, cylinders and human movement ponders. In this article, i have developed how to utilize or change over customary cutting procedures with the assistance of PLCs, cylinders, sensors and DC engines. This is a program that spares time and quality. In the paper, different Man Motions are finished with the assistance of cylinders. This change should be possible effectively any place high calibre and quality are required. Mechanical CNC machine device segments are produced utilizing excellent materials and innovation. They are accessible in driving distances across in various measurements and sizes.

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Understand the application and importance of automation in the manufacture of traditional cutting machines. The cutters come in a variety of shapes and sizes, with a small hand-held power cutting system that can be mounted on a work bench and finally mounted on the floor. This article includes the types of cutters and the store formulas used to set each action. Safety is essential in any operation involving electrical equipment. This document also includes procedures for maintaining and properly setting up the work and methods for selecting various tools, as well as object holding devices to perform work safely without damaging the equipment. , yourself or someone nearby. (sahu, 2015)

Problem Statements and Project Objectives

  • Problem statements-
  1. The main problem which I can face during this making project is that we cannot cut the paper which is large in size.
  2. If there is fault occur during the process the whole data need to be check again.
  3. Sensors cannot work properly. (LIROV)
  • Project objectives-
  1. It will help to decrease the material and lab cost.
  2. It will impact on overall project.
  3. It will increase the production rate
  4. It is more safe
  5. Decrease fatigue
  6. It will incline the storage capability.


The cutting machine comprises of a section called a shaper for cutting metal, wood or different materials. The shaper is round. All edges of the device are similarly sharp. The device is fixed by the pole and pivoted at a variable speed and sustained into the work piece. The administrator must realize how to set up the work piece, set the speed and feed, and give coolant to get a worthy completed item. The size or limit of the shaper is regularly controlled by the greatest measure of stock that can be cut. The framework parts of assembling could really compare to ever. The word was initially made from two Latin words, Manus (hand) and factus (make), so the mix is high quality. As per human cooperation in the assembling procedure of assembling, the accompanying three classifications can be recognized:

1) Manual working framework

2) Specialist machine framework

3) Programmed framework


Finally, the PLC checks the product and adjusts it as needed. The transformation takes place in Phase I based on the read output state and in Phase 2 based on the implementation of the program. After completing the 3 step execution, the PLC returns to the beginning of the period and repeats these steps successfully belt-. Scan time = time to perform the phase ++ time to perform the phase 3.

Conveyor belt

Conveyor is the major part of material handling system which main purpose is to transport material from one point to another, thereby reducing human efforts and reducing lead time on shop floor. This conveyor consists of total seven rollers of mild steel. Sprocket and chain arrangement is used for conveying action. DC motor is used to put or give motion to sprockets. The dimensions of conveyor are 0.6 X 0.3 X 0.6 m. Torque of this motor is 8N-m which is high as to carry the load. Due to high torque, speed of the motor is less which is 45 rpm. This motor is also operating between 0 to 12V.

Conveyor belt

Working principle

1)      Place the paper on the conveyor line

2) Press the START catch on the control board

3) The transport engine turn over marker lights up and the sensor recognizes if the material contains metal.

4) If any paper is available, the issue marker and signal will light up, demonstrating a material disappointment. After a time of postponement, the inadequate material is rejected and keeps on being handled.

5) If no paper is identified, the case propels toward the cutting board.

6) The sensor distinguishes the material and the transport stops after a timeframe. The pneumatic chamber is actuated and the material is squashed.

 7) The closeness switch distinguishes that the material is clipped, the penetrating engine turns over, and the engine pushes ahead, making the cutting machine downward.

8) The work is discharged and the transport begins once more. The sensor goes about as an input and rehashes the circle. (PATIL, 2016)

Results and discussions

For then again programmable rationale controller based cutting machines, the machine has quicker execution times and progressively successful coordination with security measures to investigate materials and simplicity of activity. Because of the hand-off contactor rationale, more equipment and progressively complex wiring are required, which would now be able to be overwhelmed by existing programmable rationale controller machines. The framework has predominant execution and adaptable activity. Additionally, the running time is abbreviated. Along these lines, through this computerization, the client’s desires are met. (dey, 2016)

Input and output system

Ladder logic diagram-

Project simulation model and design-

Figure 1.

Figure 1. Plc model of project

In this view it show the two conveyor belt are attached with each other. In this paper cut in the machine and after it comes into and fill brow paper box.

Figure 2.




Figure 2.Cutting workstation view

In this view it shows the machine is install between the conveyor belts. It moves upward and downward direction. And cut the paper in series.


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