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Aluminium Metal Matrix Composites: Literature Review

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Literature Survey-

Based on Aluminium Metal Matrix Composites.

1]Shilpa P.S et al– They studied the effect of reinforcement of Boron Carbide with the Al2024. By adopting stir casting technique fabricated the specimen by varying the wt% of Boron Carbide. The specimens are developed as per the ASTM. In the end they come to know that as the reinforcement Boron Carbide increased by wt% increases the Hardness, Tensile strength and Yield strength. The percentage of elongation decreases with the increase of Boron Carbide in the composition.

2]F.Abdi et al-They investigated the effect of 5 wt% of TiB2 as a reinforcement with the Al356.1 metal matrix at various temperature i.e.750c, 850c, 950c using stir casting technique. They found that at temperature 950c shows best result s for Tensile strength and Hardness and the TiB2 particles are homogenously distributed.

3]Sandeep Kumar Ravesh et al(C)-They investigated the effect of the various weight fraction of SiC i.e.2.5%,5%,7.5% and 10% and 5% flyash is reinforced with Aluminium 6061 metal matrix composite by using the stir casting method. They observed that Tensile strength, Harness and Impact strength increased with the increase in weight fraction of SiC particle. A best tensile strength 115 N/mm2, hardness 93RHN and toughness value 7.8 for 10% SiC and 5% flyash reinforced composite material was obtained.

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4]K.L.Meena et al(D)-They investigated the mechanical properties of the  developed SiC reinforced with Al6063 metal matrix composite material using Melt stirring technique where the experiment was carried out by varying the reinforcement particle size such as 200 mesh, 300 mesh, 400 mesh with the different weight percentage i.e..5%, 10%, 15% and 20% of SiC particle reinforced material. The stirring process was carried out at the speed of 200rpm using the graphite impeller for a period of 15min. A homogenous dispersion of SiC particle in the aluminium matrix was observed. The tensile strength, hardness and yield strength were improved with the enlargement of particulate size and weight percentage of SiC. Percentage reduction area and percentage elongation and impact strength decreases as the increase in reinforced particle size and weight percentage of SiC particle. Maximum hardness (HRB) 83 and impact strength 37.01 Nm was achieved.

5]H.G.Rana et al-They investigated the mechanical properties and wear properties of Al7075 with the reinforcement of Boron Carbide. They concluded that using the using Friction Stir casting the fabricated specimens provides uniform mixing and enhances the tensile strength and hardness. Hence the microstructure are studied with the help of Image analyser.

Based on Zirconia as Reinforcement.

6]Ram Narayan et al– They investigated the effect of flyash and zirconia with the mechanical properties of Aluminium 6061 alloy composite samples developed by using the technique Stir casting. They developed the specimen by varying the zirconia (5% and 10%) and kept the flyash 10% as a fixed percentage by weight fraction. They observed that due to the presence of flyash and zirconia Hardness and Tensile strength was increased where the elongation decreased as compared to the unreinforced aluminium. The characterization will be done using the scanning the electron microscope machine and image analyser.

7]S. Roseline et al – They observed the mechanical properties of aluminium alloy mmc with the reinforcement of fused Zirconia alumina. They developed the specimens by varying by the weight fraction by percentage. They evaluated the mechanical properties which indicates the variations in the Hardness, Tensile strength and Impact strength. The optimum result for mechanical properties found on the reinforcement to be 90 and 10 by weight percentage of the matrix respectively.

8]Jithin Jose et al-They investigated the effect of flyash and zircon (zirconium silicate) with the mechanical properties of Aluminium 7075 alloy and the stir casting technique was adopted to develop the specimens by varying weight percentage .They after conducting the different test concluded that keeping the zircon at a fixed weight percentage and varying the flyash found that the wear rate decreases where the tensile strength and the hardness increases.

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9]Adil Ahmed.S et al-They studied the incorporation of Zirconium Nano Particles in Al356.2.The stir casting technique was used for the development of composite specimen where the Al356.2 is heated at around 750c and the Zirconium Nano particles are added .Mechanical properties are increased for 15wt% of reinforcement particle developed at 750c shows homogenous reinforcement particle and through using the Scanning Electron Microscope the microstructure of the specimen shows homogenous reinforcement.

10]J.Jenix Rino et al-They investigated the mechanical properties of Aluminium 6063 alloy composite enhance i.e. strengthened by the addition of alumina particle and zircon sand with an overall reinforcement in the Al6063 material matrix. They observed the Hardness and Tensile strength of the composite having higher value at the composite developed specimen, which having reinforcement mixture of 4wt%ZrSiO4+4wt% Al2O3.

11]K.B. Girisha et al-They studied the effect of various weight fraction of zirconium oxide nanoparticle i.e. 0.5%,1%,1.5% and 2% reinforced with Al356.1 metal matrix composite by using stir casting technique. Here they observed that particle agglomeration in the composite is due to high amount of zirconium oxide nanoparticle. Hardness and wear properties are increased as the increase in weight fraction of zirconium dioxide nanoparticle.

12]M.A.Baghchesara et al – They studied the mechanical properties of developed composite specimen using the stir casting method where they considered zircon and TiB2 ceramic particles with size 1 micron and the temperature 750c respectively. The microstructure were studied by using scanning electron microscopy and hence the dispersion of reinforcement as noted. Situation of compounds of the developed specimen were examined by XRD. The end results shows mechanical properties and microstructure behavior of composite was improved compared to the monolithic alloy. Microstructures of the composites in as cast conditions shows uniform distribution of the particles and reveals the better bending in case of zircon reinforced composites compared to the TiB2 composites. But increase in the amount of reinforcement shows better conditions in case of TiB2 reinforced composites.

Based On Flyash with Aluminium-

13] H.C. Anilkumar et al-They investigated the mechanical properties of Al 6061 reinforced by flyash. They fabricated the composite specimens using the stir casting method. They developed three sets of composites with particle size of flyash of 4-25,45-50 and 75-100µm was used. The three set of composites are developed by varying weight fraction of 10%, 15% and 20%. The mechanical properties are like Tensile strength, Compressive strength, hardness and Ductility are studied. They found that increase of particle size of flyash decreases tensile strength, compressive strength and hardness of the developed specimens. They also find that by increase of weight fraction of flyash increases compressive strength ultimate tensile strength, hardness but decreases with increase of flyash particle size.

14]Muruganandhan.P et al-They investigated the effect of flyash reinforced with Al6061.By varying the wt% of flyash using the stir casting method the specimens was developed. The found that increase of flyash increase the mechanical properties upto 20% of fly ash in the metal matrix but the corrosion resistance decreases with increase of flyash addition.

15] M.Sankar-They investigated the Silicon carbide and Flyash reinforced with the Aluminium 6061 alloy.They developed the specimens using the stir casting method.They found that as the reinforcement contents increased in the matrix material, the composites hardness also increased. Tensile strength decreased with increased amount of reinforcement.  The wear rate of the composites reduced with increased weight percentages of the reinforcements.


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