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Shaft Rotational Speed Experiment
23rd Sep 2019
Introduction: Abstract: Introduction: Theory: DC Generator Tachometer: Digital Tachometer: Stroboscope: Lissajous Figures: RC Filter, Low Pass: ...

Engineering Code of Ethics Analysis
23rd Sep 2019
Introduction: Engineering Code of Ethics Analysis  One of the most important documents to the Professional Engineers is the Engineering Code of Ethics. This governing document serves as the guid...

Sensational Sensors and Detectors
23rd Sep 2019
Introduction: Sensational Sensors and Detectors Table of Contents Abstract          pg. 3 Background Research     &#...

Charpy Impact Testing
23rd Sep 2019
Introduction: Charpy Impact Testing Introduction Charpy impact testing is designed to measure the energy absorbed by a force placed on different materials that allow us to measure the materi...

Historical Products Report: The Chainsaw
23rd Sep 2019
Introduction: Historical Products Engineering Report     The Chainsaw Introduction A chainsaw is one of the most powerful tools in the timber in...

Photocatalyst Activity of TiO2 Nanotubes
23rd Sep 2019
Introduction:   Photocatalyst Activity of TiO2 Nanotubes INDEX   Introduction………………………….…………………………… 1  P...

Cost Effective Measures for Fleet Haulage Companies
23rd Sep 2019
Introduction: Introduction With fuel prices rising slowly, the world of transport is looking for measures in which to try counteract their rising annual costs. Engineers are working vigorously to try...

Design of Remote Controlled Aircraft
23rd Sep 2019
Introduction:   Table of Contents Executive summary Management summary Plan chart Conceptual design summary Mission requirement De...

2010 Minneapolis Metrodome Roof Collapse
23rd Sep 2019
Introduction: Minneapolis Metrodome – Engineering Failure 2010 Minneapolis Metrodome Roof Collapse Abstract The Minneapolis Metrodome, a sport stadium in Minneapol...

Requirement Elicitation and its Automated Tools
23rd Sep 2019
Introduction: Requirement Elicitation and its Automated Tools ABSTRACT With the rise in technology touching sky high like no one has ever seen this height. Starting from simples automati...