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Illegal racing can also be street racing. There are many types of Illegal racing, street racing such as Drag racing, touge racing and Cannonball runs.

Street racing is a race which involves two or more competitors who drive in a straight line for a specifield distance of a ¼ mile. The basic skill of Drag racing are the ability to launch with ideal wheelspin and shitting as fast as possible. Besides that,that is Touge racing also know as "driffing" which is very famous in Japan. In Japanese "Touge" means mountain pass, because these races are held on mountain roads and pases. Examples of such roads include Del Dios Highway in Escondido, California and Mount Haruna, on the island of Honshu, in Japan."Cannonball Run", more commonly know as sprints, are illegal point to point round rallies that involve a handful of racers.

2.0 Presentation & Analysis

Nowaday Illegal street racing is very common by many teenagers.This can be seen while we on the round, many of them ride their motorcycle with the dangerous condition. It is believe that, teenagers are easily involved in Illegal street racing because of many reason. For instance the effect of their friends. It could be worse if we don't take any action order to decreased the number of teenagers who involved in Illegal street racing. Because of their attitudes, the number of accident increasing day by day.

Firstly, the cause that made teenagers involved in illegal racing is affect by their friend. For example, when their friends call them to do something new and dangerous action while ride the motorcycle, they will easily accept it. This example made it clear that many of teenager, they like to show off with one another in order to get praise from their friends. It is obvious that, friends have big influence in teenager life. Many of them only thinks about the happiness without think about the disadvantages.

2.1 Cause of illegal street racing

2.1.1 Teenagers are mostly influenced by their friends

As we can see, almost all of street racing is in the youth group. Their thinking, attitude and action were influenced by their peers. A most of them follow their friends rather that their own parents and teacher advice. This will very dangerous if they follow they follow the wrong path, for example illegal street racing. This is why the amount of the illegal racing increasing from day by day.

2.1.2 Teenagers feel curiosity

Next, the cause of illegal racing is also because of them are curiosity. Meaning to say that a most of teenagers desire to try something new and challenging in their life. This is one factor that attracts them into the illegal racing. Their also felt that is very admirable and outstanding if they can win the race and show their driving skills such as riding in the high speed or get away from the police road blocks. They also love to break the law, because they think that it is just an amusement. People who will break the law will be a cool and great person. They will be respect by among of the illegal racer.

2.1.3 Parents should spend more time and care about their children

As all know, rich family usually faces a problem with their children when the parents only have little time for family. When they are too busy handling their business and had to ignore to their children. Most of the street racers are from a wealthy family claimed that they were given too much money and freedom by their parents and no one to cares about them is also one of the factors make them involve in to street racing activity. They feel that no one family members are really care about where and what they are doing when they out of the house. Their family or the one not cares about them so they are having too much freedom from their family.

2.1.4 Money matter

They also coming from a poor family forces them to join into illegal racing in order to get the prize of money when who won the race. Many of them really need money to support their own because they can't get it from their own parents. Most of them also need money to upgrade their motorbike to become more powerful, sometimes it will cost them a lump sum amount of money.

2.1.5 Mass media affect all people

Many of people are easily influence thru mass media especially is teenagers. Mass media can be translated thru advertising, etc for people. Example mass media influenced the illegal racing through film or dramas that show about the action of illegal racing.

2.4 Effect of Illegal Racing

2.4.1 Effects to individual

When they get the free time will be wasted with unuseful things or work like illegal race. They not interested towards the learn and read because it so bored and silly. So, their education will be distracted. Being alcoholic, gambling are also their social problem, they become rude and don't have any moral value to each other .Even though they are not a legal road user and don't have any driving license, and they still take a risky bike ride. Some of them cost their life with dangerous bike ride in an example trying to escape from police road block and fight with police. Now illegal street racing make by them as a new entertainment activity and new trend among our teenagers.

2.4.2 Effect to parent

Sometime, both of parent and children does not have time with their children and this caused the children joined the illegal street racing by their bad friend. Youngsters who get involved with illegal racing, always being rude with their parents. Their children joined the illegal street racing group, their parents will as a victims if they have a problem example collision of bike ride and catch by police in illegal race, so it make their family ashamed with them. Giving a bad image to their parents will drop their family dignity.

2.4.3 Effect to community

This activities might be harmful to other people and also interrupt community with bike noisy. It any illegal racing was bothered by a police they also make a police as their victims. The illegal street racing group's buddies also not respects to community elders. So, it will create unexpected to this group.

2.4.4 Effect to our country

The illegal street racing activities always happen in our country. This scenario was series and cause to be worried. Government of our country have to face a trouble to solve illegal racing issues. This will make the youngster careless about our country development, because of increasing cases like murdered, rapist and robbers who involved in the illegal street racing. The illegal racing activities existence to contribute bad image to nation. Its involvements of illegal racing cause an increasingly in accident rate of motorcycle and stolen of motorcycle are correlated in illegal racing activities. Government must to increase fine and punishment to make street riser alert that government was series to decrease this problem. youngster who addicted to illegal racing had make them to lose our Malaysian cultural and not appreciate our Malaysian freedom. From these activities issues will make the police to treat them like a criminal, sent summons to them and confiscate their motorcycle.

2.4.5 Effect to the religion

The illegal street racing activities will affect the repudiation of their religious. They were being no money value in their selves like being rude to parents and elders. They also not respects to their religion as example being alcoholic even religion restrict them to do that. They also neglect the religion need them to do. They take alcoholic drinks although it is not pleased not the behavior of not respecting their religious but still they keep on doing it.

2.5 Solution

2.5.1 National Service

During this programmer, teenagers will be taught by many experienced teachers. The teenagers also can find more friends participating in national service. Besides that, teenagers can fill up their time by participating in the national service. The program of national service also gave all kind of training, hopefully can change their attitude.

2.5.2 School

The school counselors should give a talk to remind the students about how illegal street racing will affect them and the reputation of the school.

2.5.3 Parent

Parent is also so important, because both of parent and children does not have time with their children and this caused the children joined the illegal street racing. So parent sure spend more time with them children .Beside that, parent must give more care them children.

2.5.4 Government

Government can promote the dangerous of illegal street racing by organizing campaigns and events to create the awareness of the effect of Illegal racing to themselves, society and the country.

2.6 Conclusions

The conclusion is all parties must responsible to care our teenagers for our country to the future. Parent must spend more time with them children and give more attention for their children. Besides that, the school counselors should give a talk to remind the students about how illegal street racing will affect them and the reputation of the school. One more important thing is we must choose the right friend because friend will affect our daily life. Finally illegal racing also cause their parent worry about them. Parent, neighbor and friend also worry about them. This case will occurs accident, when accidents occur, they need to spend a lot of money to treat and waste their time. So, when their friend invite them go to racer, they should ignore any invite and think about their parents, neighbor and friend. They should spend their time in meaningful activity example join some volunteer, help parents doing household duties thus.

Introduction for Question 2

What is Information Technology, information technology is by using the term of information technology (IT) was a phrase that was used by those who worked in place like college, school and hospital to processed or store them information. The information technology can be used for study, design support and operation.

3.1 Presentation Analysis of Finding

How Information Technology (IT) influence our college student?

3.1.1 Communication

We can communication with our lecture by using email and SMS, essential to communicate and effectively. It can help us to get closer with the lectures, when we have any problem or question we can easily find them and discuss with them.

3.1.2 Multimedia presentation

For our college student a presentation consisting of pictures and words that is designed to foster meaningful learning. We also can use it for presentation example: Power point, Microsoft office and Microsoft Excel.

3.1.3 Web storage

We can storage the holds data, instructions, and information on the web for future use. We can also store privacy document and folder so that can prevent from the computer hacker to hack into our computer system, this function also can pack up our pass assignment, home work and exam.

3.1.4 Creation of New Jobs

One of the advantage of Information Technology (IT) is it can create many new job in the country so that the unemployment rate will be lower. For our college student we can search different types of the jobs over of the world.

3.1.5 Storing and protecting information

Information technology (IT) also can protect our data and information from being hacked or wiped out in case of any technical failure. So that, student can safety save their privacy document and fold on computer without any virus corrupt that fold.

3.1.6 Internet access

Not only communicate with lecture, student also can do many things by using internet. They can improve from others knowledge or experiences. In chat room, we can share any ideas and information and learn about the many diverse cultures over there. Besides that, Internet also can help student who are no English skills to learn English. Nowadays most of the college or university will upload student result on the internet, so that student can using internet check their results from any part country or word

3.1.7 Online result

Nowadays, most of the college and education boards provide results on the Internet. So that, student can checks their result by using internet on anywhere.

3.1.8 E-Library

E-library is a electronic library and it is contain more than thousand book, magazine and newspaper. Student can read book and refer note and find refers book from the e-library. When we want to find refers book we can just log in to the e-library to get the book.

3.1.9 Online education

Internet provides the facility to get online education. We can download the lectures notes or tutorials on we own computer. We also can listens with repeatedly by lectures and get a lot of knowledge. It is also very cheap and easy way to get education.

3.1.10 learning resources

Now,there are more and more learning resources in the internet by the Information Technology.Through the extra learning resources,i can easily search for information online and collect data for my tasks.In a way,this will help me to understand better of what im actually doing in an assigment.The leaning resources brings a wider information line in the education which help me to get to know more things and learn more.

3.1.11 Distance learning

I can study online instead of studying in a classroom.With this method i can study by staying at home or home study with a computer.It helps in saving my travel cost and expenses to go to the school.This method is also an effective way to learn because we can easily get information online where the lecturer will use various ways to deliver information.

4.0 conclusions