The Transformational Leadership

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Que1: critically examine the prevailing leader ship style employed by your chosen organisation?

Ans1: whether we are leading a team for a work, managing for a sports team or leading major key corporation, leadership style is a very important formula behind the success. Leadership is an individual access a person uses managing to lead people. And there are individual characteristics people that others to follow him, possibly they have high quality sense of humour and they like their plan.

The transformational leadership is the prevailing leader ship style who followed britishgas. This leader ship style is type of leadership style that is determined as leadership that's make valuable and positive difference in the followers. A transformational leader only focuses to promote “transforming” others to help each other, to be encouraging and promote, and to look out that organization as a whole. In this type of style leadership, the leader creates the motivation, morale and performance of his follower team members.

British gas today announces proposals for a new restructuring of the team work. A new holding company, British gas team, will be incorporated, the British Gas business which owns and cerate's a Britain's gas transportation infrastructure, and it will become a subsidiary of British Gas team, ring-fenced for regulatory views. British Gas's other businesses, of which British Gas International is substantially will the biggest carried on in different subsidiaries of the latest holding company.

This new movement of British gas is helpful toBritishGas shareholders will receive new ordinary shares in British Gas Group and Transco sub-group. The link of this sub groups in replace with one another for their regular shares in britishgas. It is currently imagined that £1 billion to £2 billion of long-term common bonds, perhaps index-linked, will be announced by the Transco sub-group, by means of that growing the level of debt and toeing alone the connected a set of gears of the Transco business into line with chide spread models for control businesses.

British gas Group is a global leader in natural gas, with interests transversely the gas prize chain in 27 nations on five continents. The British gas Group's strategy, concentrating on associating competitively having affixed value resources to particular, high-prize markets, has sent from one place to another strong development for more than a decade. The Group has sustained with evidence track record in examination,

We formed and passed on from one to another a 5 month programme “Learn to Manage” as part of a 3 step appeal to developing core Management and Leadership skills. This is made up of of 5 units, Learn To:

  1. Manage your Impact
  2. Manage our People
  3. Manage Performance and Behaviours
  4. Manage through Coaching and Feedback
  5. Manage Yourself

These all underscore the importance of developing your own leadership style and apply to the Brand Values of British Gas Business. Confer authority were strain with limited activities between sessions, finishing of education journals and were responsible to the group by modernising on move forward made throughout the schedule with complete capital discipline and prize controls underpinning an essentially healthy financial position.(leader ship British gas study of British gas business. phase)

Que2: Discuss how situational variables (including the financial crisis) have influenced leadership style?

Ans2: To give an account of how the situational variables influence leadership style, there are many possibility theories, now here I am utilizing Path-goal Theory of leadership suggested by House (1971)."In House's opinion effective leadership is made up of choosing the highest appropriate plan of conduct for a given condition. Path-goal theory explains an allot style one which performs two significant results:

Britain's biggest energy supplier is summoning business proprietor to apply to attach a new “listening panel”. The lucky hand-picked some will have “unprecedented access” to British Gas and its administrative authorities, we are told. They are to be flown to far from the shore of gas fields, raise up gas-fired power stations and blinded by energy commerce rooms(By Richard Tyler November 25th, 2009 18:13 “British Gas's ‘listening panel': just hot air? )

The difficult downward tendency in the global economy is decreases the demand for hydrocarbons. This has been mirrored in a decrease in oil prices. Although global gas cost has also flattened, they have done so to a smaller range than international oil measure.

The Group's geographically different, low prize, long-life having being assets remains inherently robust across a wide range of oil and gas prices. Additionally, the development of the Group's growth opportunities and expansion of existing assets will benefit from lower unit costs as the price of raw materials fall and industry supplier and manufacturer margins are compressed.

Path Goal Leadership Style:

  1. Directive: In this method the leader provides way and subordinate have go behind the directions.
  2. Supportive: In this style leader works very friendly with their subordinates and also works for social movement for subordinates.
  3. Participative: In this leader consults with all group associates and accept their suggestion for development of the organization.
  4. Achievement-oriented: In this leader locate the challenging responsibility for subordinates and examining development constantly and screening confidence on subordinates.
  5. British gas has launched a number of opening and continuing agenda to help us meet the challenges in front. Our energy and carbon strategy for the next five years is currently in development and we are consulting with our stakeholders on our planned approach.
  6. British Gas is committed to tackling the issues of climate change and sustainability, to minimise the impact our operations have on the environment. British gas also plans to teach our customers and enhance awareness of environmental subjects, and give confidence our workers and customers to develop into more in charges towards green matters
  7. The closing stages of 2005 saw the ending of the first five-year environmental action diagram. Important developments in our performance were attained in regions of energy management, resource use and waste management. Centrica has urbanized a second five-year achievement diagram that will take british gas to the end of 2010.
  8. The Britishgas new step builds on their past victory and reproduces present and past environmental problems and challenges. Centrica has altered considerably since the performance of the first map and there are likely to be major modify to our business in the next five years. To meet these faces, the britishgas creating promises in three key areas: policy, governance and stewardship.

Que:3 Examine what ‘contribution' culture has made to the apparent success, or otherwise, of your chosen organisation?

Ans:“The administrative culture consists of the deep underlying statements, principle, standards and average which are divided by the members of an organization occur from the organization's olden days and custom and are made to order by contemporary events. It can additional simply create as the statement about how persons do things around here”.

“The culture of an organization is essential because the task, the plans and the way they will be gifted will increased from this heart of key statements, how it is directed and how successfully it is conversed and divided throughout the organization. The culture will be resulted from and will influence leadership and the method of management and will play a main job in customer happiness particularly in the service industry where the nonappearance of physical confirmation must be restored by a solid culture.”

British gas culture

  1. High quality customer service
  2. Affective Communication
  3. Promote activities
  4. Performance management

British gas has attempted to give their customers with high value service, however with millions of account. They providing superior service to each customer

British gas affectively communicating with their workers and give confidence them to divide their views, ideas and concerns is main to the way British gas operate

They follow two points

First: recognition that valuing variety is only the right thing to do for any organization

Second: commercial recognition that it creates high quality business sense

British gas plan to promote movement across the company, which will enable to recognize, reproduce a give out the breadth of assortment in the communities which they control

Performance management culture they assess their employs every six month and provide feedback to them. And they provide up prices on the bases of performance, employs works hard to achieve the goal of the company.

The effect of altering demographics, and social and technological change, builds high quality diversity management and the making of an inclusive organisation an increasingly central part of sustainable business success. Their mission is to promote developments across the company, which will make possible us to understand, reflect and hand out the breadth of diversity in the communities in which they operate.

Que4: what are the key leadership and cultural facing your organization to maintain or improve its position in the future?

Ans: leadership challenges faced by British gas to maintain or improve its position in future is

  • Multicultural work force
  • Improving the ethical behavior

Cultural challenges faced by British gas to maintain or improve its position in future. They are two main points

  • Tough competition
  • Customer complaints

APPARENTLY, profit is the allure for solid setting up to compete against British Gas. But, as preparation try to make a competitive gas market, should this profit be removed from the consumer or from British Gas itself? This is the question at the heart of a row between British Gas and the their authorities, which turn out to be public on July 31st when the company requested the Monopolies and Mergers Commission to class things out.( Article: Better broken up: British Gas. (Competition in the gas industry)(Britain) )

Had British Gas been broken up as well as privatized back in 1986, this improper fight might have been avoided. But Sir Denis Rookie, then British Gas's indomitable boss, twisted ministerial arms to keep his company in one peace. Moreover, accepted capitalism...

They value their people and are committed to making a culture of common trust and respect where they can express their ideas and help promote the company.

At British Gas, they attempt to supply their customers with high quality service; however with millions of accounts, some issues are bound to arise. Between 1 October 2008 and 30 September 2009, we received 206,030 complaints from domestic energy customers .which could not be resolved on the same day or the next working day after the complaint was received. Putting this figure into context that's an particularly small part evaluated with the full total number of contacts we receive. Respectively, the amount value of customers taking complaints to the Ombudsman is now 44% below our market share. High quality customer service is vital role for businesses like theirs. They value feedback from their customers, and vigorously look for your ideas on the services they deliver. By means of this feedback, they are continues working to promote the way they work, and they have finished substantial progress in all locations of their service in the previous two years. Indeed, our success in creating developments was complete clear in the recent audit of our complaints processes by O gem (the Gas and Electricity Regulator), where it observed:


  5. By Richard Tyler November 25th, 2009 18:13 "British Gas's 'listening panel': just hot air?
  6. Article: Better broken up: British Gas.( Competition in the gas industry)(Britain)