The Importance Of Personal Development

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Personal development planning is the method of producing an action plan based on knowledge, reflection, awareness, planning and goal-setting for self-development within the context of an education, career, or for self-enhancement.

PDP makes one aware of how they are progressing and this awareness is beneficial. For example, it identifies areas of concern and it will help to prove to prospective employers that, through PDP, you have learned strategies that make you a focused, desirable and well-motivated individual. Moreover, PDP processes can motivate when the interest starts to decline.

The PDP processes help learners to think about their learning and to plan for the future,

This includes:

Reflection : putting ideas and thoughts together to serve the purpose

Recording: record thoughts, ideas, and experiences in written form or use video, audio etc.

Action Plan : set milestone in order to achieve the goals

Executing: carry out the activities mentioned in the action plan

Evaluating: understand what u been doing.

However, PDP is about practicing!! Mark the current position and plan out methods of learning, act on the action plan and produce the evidence of the achievements.

Importance of Personal development plan in business:

The employers expect employees to understand the organizational goals and their own performance, employee should also know how to manage stressful situation and how to meet time during workload. Employees are expected to respond positively to changes. The employers offer training when needed. It is important to realize how employee behaviour affects others. That is why almost all the organisations are emphasizing on Personal Development Plan.

Problems faced by the company before implementing PDP:

Lack of trust between the group members

Poor listening and understanding of/ lack of interest in- makes employees tick.

Due to lack of communication, employees are unclear about the where business is heading, creates confusing about their own priorities.

Fails to introduce effective management system and structure -Boss (autocratic rule)

Benefits of personal development plan:

Increases level of efficiency and professionalism.

Effective communication with all colleagues and boss.

Appreciate others work by implementing EI (refer appendix)

Help to create a new strategy to obtain maximum output with minimum resources using strategic skills.

Different learning style helps in enhancing the performance.

Motivation and time management helps to learn stress relieving techniques

How to complete tasks on time.

According to David Taylor and David Edge

Personal development plans: unlocking the future.

Abstract: The plan inspires employee to think of their hopes and their life, expectations and ambition. It explains the dimensions and process. [1]

I found this model very helpful to understand the significance of PDP in professional and personal life.

(Refer the following figure. 1- the dimensions of the personal development plan)

Figure 1 : Personal Development Plan Dimension


"Evaluation is the key stage to the self-development cycle because it enables me to discover whether that development activity was worthwhile, applicable, and if and how my skills or working behaviour as a result". (Kolb argued 1984 -76)

Technical - course-related skills

Learning styles:

Stewart and Felicetti (1992) define learning styles as "educational conditions under which a student is most likely to learn."

Basically learning styles states "How" one prefer to learn than "What" learners learn.

There are 4 styles of learning style types as proposed by famous American educational theorist David Kolb namely Activists, Reflectors, Theorists and Pragmatists (

During the group discussion the questionarie(Honey, P. and Mumford) help me to identify my learning styles, I was sure that I am not theorists and the result proved me right. I am not only activist and reflector but also pragmatist.

As a activist : I am open minded, I listen to my team mates, friends and take they opinion . I like to expose to new things as said by my tutor , team- mates and friend but sometimes I react where I m not suppose to.

As a refector: Whenver my tutor give me any feedback I see to it that I don't commit the same mistake. At time am a good listner but however when it come to decision making I am slow.

As a pragmatist: I keep experimenting new styles of writing or presentating the data just to check which one is more appropriate, when my team members ask for my opinion I give them the realistic approch as in if the strategy is favourable and how can we demonstrate it. At time I am disinterested in underlying principle.

However,I can take a disciplined approach to tasks by being theorists.

Another Learning styles: MBTI (Myers-Briggs Type Indicator)

According to the test I am





Extraverted Characteristics

I Act first then reflect later

I feel sad when there is no interaction with the team- mates

Enjoy wide variety and change in people relationships

Sensing Characteristics

I live in the present, attending to current opportunities

Memory recall is rich in detail of facts and past events as I am a visual learner.

From past experience I develop myself, i.e. feedback helps me to improvise.

Feeling Characteristics

Sensitive to group members reactions and needs

Unsettled by team - mates conflict.

Perceiving Characteristics

I prefer to act than plan.

Like to multitasks, I try to cover many assignments at the same time.

I work well close to the deadlines.

I enjoy working with my group when they give me freedom, variety and flexibility.

Social and Inter-personal skills

Emotional intelligence:

"Emotional intelligence is the innate potential to feel, use, communicate, recognize, remember, describe, identify, learn from, manage, understand and explain emotions"- S.Hein, 2007

My EI strengths


I know my feelings and their effects on group members

I strong sense of my capability and self-worth as I am aware of my strengths and weaknesses.


I readily act on opportunities given by my tutors or team-mate.

I align my goals with those of the group.

Empathy :

I read a group's power relationships

I recognize, anticipate and meet team- mates needs

The test result states that I am not good at Self-regulations and Social Skills, I am working on Self -regulation, however I believe I am good at social skills as I am a good listener, I cooperate with my team-mate well, I help my mates whenever they approach me by interacting and communicating maturely, I enjoy culture difference as I have accepted this difference.

Strategic and Operational skills:

"Competitive pressures and changing technologies, lines of business, organizational structures, and strategic plans are forcing changes in the nature and content of work and jobs "(Bridges, 1994)

When I was elected as a group leader; my strategy was to assign task to each and all, based on their interest and their learning style so that every member can participate, liberty to work whenever they want as long as they complete the task, thus time was used efftectively. After 3 to 4 days we used to meet discuess, coordinate and compile our work. Today companies are using more or less the same stratgy to achieve their goals.


Goals can be achieved if I use my skills effectively


Goals are about setting realistic, certainly achievable steps in place towards accomplishing something that you want. 

How to achieve?

Skills Audit-> Action plan->Commit Journal

My goals:

To pass MBA with flying colours:

In order to complete my MBA successfully I have to understand and implement different learning skills, I should able to work independently and with the group as well, I should be highly motivated so that I can boost myself and my team mates as there are lots of derailers such as information overload, lack of structure in your life, feeling alone and isolated from friends, which I am sure I can overcome by prioritizing my goals, utilizing the time to the fullest. Understanding my responsibility as student by completing my course work on time, actively participating in group activities. Take feedback from tutors, team mates and friends so that I can reflect it my next assignment or presentation.

Skills required:

Active listener

Understand my team mates query and reflect it

Learning skills

How to learn from different situation


Sharing our opinion with tutors, team-mates


How to deal with the presentation, strategy used?


helps to achieve mile stones


usefulness of the data


time management, which subject to deal with first


MBA is about group work and self-assessment

Financial Freedom:

It does not mean that I want to be rich immediately, but I want to be independent, since my childhood I was very much impressed by "earn and learn" system and I want to walk on its parameters. I can achieve this now by doing part time job.

Skills required:

Positive thinking

in job there may be lots of obstacles


to interact with customers and professionals

Self -marketing

to survive in competitive world

Emotional intelligence

to handle customer, manage, etc.

Time management

to do assigned task on time


projects, company report, etc

Physical fitness:

I want to stay fit, back home my mom use to take care of the diet. As I am here all by myself, special attention is required. Fresh food, balance diet and proper exercise can help me out in order to avoid any health problem.

Skills required:

Positive thinking

To keep balance during ups and downs


In increase my fitness level

Time management

To practice it daily


Check previous performance and improvise


Benefits of PDP to personal life:

Self awareness, a better understanding of myself

I was able to make apt choices to meet my goals.

I am developing a positive approach.

Greater awareness of my desires and how to meet them.

Awareness of the unique role I play.