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The Development Of Global Education Education Essay

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5/12/16 Education Reference this

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In the first place, the domination of the English language globally is undeniable. English is the language of diplomacy and international communications, business, education, science, computer technology and media. This is because English was used to develop communication, technology, programming, etc. With the development of globalization, English plays an important role in the world, ‘whereas no compared body exists to regulate the use of English, the desire to uphold standards is clearly present’ ( McKay, 2002). McKay maintains that the global diffusion of English has taken an interesting turn which the local people of this language seem to have lost the exclusive prerogative to control its standardization. Strevens defines Standard English as a particular dialect of English, being the only non-localized dialect, of global currency without significant variation, universally accepted as the appropriate educational target in teaching English, which may be spoken with an unrestricted choice of accent. Lindsay (2000) maintains that teaching English worldwide is a useful instrument for both those who need a essential self-training in teaching Englsih and those who are planning to take a pre-service training course in the profession. Teachers not only use the book to provide the main points of the theoretical knowledge, but also the book constantly supports theory with procedures, techniques, and activities which are useful for teaching of all parts of the English language. For instance, there is increasing teachers in Asia learn new method from western country, these is because the internationalization influence on education. They learn from each other to notice that good teachers should be less concerned with methods and approaches than with adapting their teaching to the students, through studying their needs and then choose the suitable materials and techniques for the students. In English teaching, the teachers should have an open mind and have new ideas about teaching and learning, and make the students be interested in learning English.

In the second place, with the development of new pattern, new demographic patterns as well as new communication and information technologies and administrative and marketing practices have irrevocably altered schools in the world (Arber, 2005). The students are from different countries, some are different race have different language, skin colour, geographic location and religious. Arber defined race that is an ideology and an invention. ‘It is a social construction which describes a set of properties that are said to be inherited and fixed’. They have different background, but they use the general language English. They get along very harmoniously, they even learn from each other in various local language and cultures. They help each other and make progress together. Arber (2007) demonstrated (cited in Gunew,1994) that multiculturalism provides the language and the ways of thinking that frame national imaginings and proscribe, practice, and maintain relationships between margin and centre as they are textualized within Australian context. In school the racial barriers is going to be broken down, this is means students from different countries whatever the skin colour they are, they talk to each other, make friends and take part in the clubs which can promote their emotions with each other. Williams (1998) argues that members of ethnic groups are essentially different and need particular help if they are to succeed in the school. In addition, globalization have impacted on culture and society, large-scale international migrations are making the populations of many countries more diverse and lead to changes in national cultures and identities. Barker (1999) explains that identity is about sameness and difference about the personal and the social, about what you have in common with some people and what differentiates you from others. Arber (2005) at last suggests these notional positioning ‘self’ and ‘other’, persisted even as conceptions of ethnic identity seemed to change and to take part in an increasingly globalized world.

In the third place, technology has certainly changed the world we live. It has impacted on the different aspects of life and redefined living. There is no denying that technology plays an important role in people’s daily life. For example, computers and the internet technology have revolutionized the field of education. The importance of technology in schools cannot be ignored. The computers provide an interactive audio-visual media. Office software like PowerPoint is useful the meeting and presentations, Microsoft Word is used for editing documents and assignments. These can be used to render information to the students in an interactive manner. The visual effects provided by teacher plays a direct and vivid method for students. It also can attract the interests of students. Interactive media have proven to be useful in enhancing the concentration levels of students. Nowadays, computer education is a part of school and college curricula, it has become easier for the teachers to render knowledge and for the students to grasp it. The advanced technology is used to add a fun-element to education and help teacher teach better for the students. wikepedia explains globalization refers to increasing global connectivity, integration and interdependence in the economic, social, technological, cultural, political and ecological spheres. Under the influence of globalization, the technology used in education is a major breakthrough in education. The web is involving a huge information base. The internet can be used an effective tool for acquiring knowledge. Students can suffer the internet to search the useful information for study. Many schools even apply for modern facilities in the classroom. Many educational institutes offer online courses to the students. It is very convenient for students to submit the assignments and homework online through the internet.

Last and not least, this essay will explore teaching in new time which is used in international education. Large numbers of schools are admitting international students and universities are not only increasingly pay attention to enroll international students, but also to open offshore campuses (Tsolidis, 2001). Globalization has become a trend of educational development, in order to keep pace with the development of education, curriculum objectives not only notice the course knowledge, but also should focus on innovation and personality traits of the culture and concern and understand on global issues for students. Many learners focus on the lessons which the teachers taught, the teachers need to have the notion of how to conduct the lesson. Course of globalization includes not only the mainstream of knowledge, but also involving the change of academic knowledge, such as the global nature of views and information, etc. that can help the students create the critical and analysis thinking In addition, the notion of culture clash and cultural conflict has been profound in traditional understandings of cross-culture education. As for the teacher, this is not only an opportunity, but also is challenge in the field of education. The syllabus which the teachers need should follow the step of the new times, the pedagogy should also be designed novel that can rise the interests of students. Whilst the teachers also need to master the skills of the use of new technology products to assist teaching, such as: computers, internet, OHP, etc. The teachers use some activities like role plays, workshop and solve the puzzle and so on with the other students to integrate language skills to promote the classroom’s atmosphere active, it is the teachers’ duty. They can collect the data and feedback from the learners during the class. At the meanwhile, the students can learn from each other and enhance the emotion with their classmates.

In this passage, it is noticing the processes of globalization and internationalization especially as they impact higher education in developing countries. At the beginning, it mentions that these two concepts are quite different in their approach as are the consequences for these countries. Take a closer situation in China to support this analysis. Internationalization is seen as an extension of the traditional commitment of universities to learning, and as an exchange of knowledge. By contrast, it is sometimes thought of as an innovative response to external marketing opportunities, and therefore its nature has changed dramatically during the last decade (Windham, 1996). By extension, internationalization of the curriculum is about infusing this dimension in the teaching and learning that take place on campus, it conclude international studies, language learning, international exchange for students and faculty members, as well as student- led educational activities. Dyer (2006) mentions the students live in a global, interconnected and interdependent world characterized by change. Economic, environmental, political, spiritual and social forces are prompting education to become increasingly global in focus and outlook. China also begin to make the reading involving the global information and ideas integrate into the core curriculum program of study among the students in the academic links between globalization. They transform the forefront of global science and technology development results to the students, so that the students learn about the world and current changes in the external environment. Internationalization of the curriculum may influence on the means of providing an academic environment that support the diverse cultural learning needs of international students. In China, many language training schools employ some foreign teachers to teach the students. The students can learn the culture and language to adapt the new time. Many universities apply for some modern equipments and facilities which can help the teacher to assert the teaching. Even the students can learn from the internet, have the lessons online. It is a modern and effective method for students. More and more teacher begin to learn the new pedagogy to have lessons for students, they talk with the students freedom like talk with friends and they are not any longer serious to the students. Education and the curriculum play a important role in shaping students’ values (Khalideen, 2006). This is because curriculum is typically reflective to the values, attitudes, and beliefs of the .particular culture and institution, forcing students to assimilate to an unfamiliar learning culture is unlikely to be successful and may negative impact on their sense of identity.

Globalization of education in China is unquestionable a big challenge. If the globalization of education wants to achieve, it largely depends on teachers and their innovative educational practice. As the context of globalization, teachers entrust with the important task of global literacy for students. They must recognize their own values, to adjust and enrich themselves. As be a teacher in the future, the role of teachers and professional quality of the knowledge structure in the context of globalization should be adjusted and enrich. The development of education is rapid in China, there is a large number of personnel need to develop, due to international factors, even those who study abroad to continue his study. In fact, teachers’ responsibility is very significant. Therefore, if I will be a teacher in the future, I need to learn multicultural and creative thinking, and have diverse cultural and ideological sensitivity. I also should good at learning multicultural to achieve the combination of their own culture of innovation. Teachers influence the students to a large extent. A good teacher should be on the internet and information system changes in the field of education to take efficient measures immediately. We need to learn new teaching model and design new curriculum for the students. Moreover, when the course content and nature change, teaching methods should be adjusted accordingly. In the context of globalization, teachers should fully take into account the student’s cognitive, affective and participation. For example, create a relaxed classroom’s atmosphere and develop students’ ability to solve the problems independently. According to the research that to encourage frank and open discussion in an atmosphere of globalization as the center to easily lead the students to learn and to promote them interest in global issues, thereby to enhance the efficiency of learning. For the teachers can use a variety of learning activities for students to participate in a comprehensive understanding of global issues. They also can promote student critical thinking on the different issues and create cooperation among the students as the meanwhile, so that students out of their mindset for the overall situation.

Critical thinking of students is very important to the global quality of the training, teachers should focus on the use of critical thinking. Teachers can sometimes raise controversial issues for the students to think, so that students in the process of looking for the answers can play their imagination. It will also help them to understand and compare with the different answers, so as to achieve the purpose of training in critical thinking.

To sum up, The globalization of education has become a trend, in order to keep pace with the educational development of the new times, the world should pay more attention to the development of education, train more professionals and develop the international education to be better position.

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