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Assessment of a students personal learning style

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Wordcount: 1188 words Published: 2nd May 2017

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Any educational course is always commenced with some expectations and hopes to achieve some specific goals. These expectations and hopes are always contingent to some estimation as well as some strategic plans to achieve the set goals. In this essay I will endeavour to write a personal reflection on what I have learned upon completing the course .This will include some assessment of my personal learning style and strengths and weaknesses, an estimated work plan for my completion of the degree, and the strategy I will intend to adopt for future essay writing. This will be a useful document to help me through the course as well as an important part of my assessment. These expectations with reference to their strategic planning for the accomplishment of the course are as follows:

My expectations before the commencement of the B.Th. course at SLCC.

A new learning experience in London (SLCC).

Exploration of learning potentials and weakness.

Evaluation of my strengths and weakness to improve the mistakes and shortcomings.

The Assessment to judge my achievement and future planning to complete my degree at a specific determined time.


It was expected by me that I would be supposed to go through the written examinations as is instructed in my home country, Pakistan. I was unaware of the enhanced research study at UK because I never researched before even at my Master degree level studies rather went through a specific syllabus and examination system.

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I also thought to be prepared for the examination by cramming the things in contrast to be creative minded person as I am now. Learning through visual aids like movies that are being shown by Mercia time to time and use of PowerPoint in the seminars are very innovative and a new things to learn for me. These things left a permanent impression on my memory as is also said that show and tell is a good way of teaching and one learns a lot through hearing and seeing.

Seminars that are held on some occasions are also a good source of education as they just bring a slight change in one’s regular monotonous routine of learning work. Apart from this change, they also provide a chance to learn a very comprehensive and lengthy topic within a short period of time. These seminars are also a unique experience for me as they informed me about the things happening on an international level for instance persecution of the Christian throughout the world came to my knowledge at SLCC in contrast to my previous knowledge of persecution that was only limited to the Bible.

Discussion on some topic is a best way of learning as compared to learning alone because in a group discussion different opinions and ideas are shared that bring out the best possible answer of the faced issue. In addition, question answer method of study at SLCC also brought confidence in me to further explore and polish my hidden talents.

I never had any idea to cope with an atmosphere where essays are written by using libraries and internet because I was not good at internet and never used any library before coming to SLCC. Therefore, usage and utilization of library and the Internet created in me a sense of curiosity for more and more as well as correct knowledge.

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I was accustomed to read books as opposed to e-learning or learning by internet as far as my study is concerned. A poor knowledge of computer and internet kept me away from using an internet but it is now hoped that I will be used to it very soon in my next two years. The Subject of theology was limited to biblical doctrines only but an interaction with a multicultural environment at SLCC gave me a good opportunity to learn theology at a broad canvas; for some African countries laid more emphasis on stereology contrary to the Christology.

If I had not been here I would have not known that I could write and speak English correctly, in fact I developed my English writing skills here. A well-organized and well-scheduled study system revealed as well as enhanced my strengths as a student as I will be adapted to this system to read as many books as possibly I can. Especially, the course of research and study skills has been proved the best source to create convenience for study as well as essay writing. This course guided me to improve my study skills to a great extent.

It is said that travelling is a part of one’s education. Local tour of London and international tours especially of Israel is a long lasting educational experience for me as a student of theology to learn the Christian geographical boundaries.

Previously I was not well-disciplined and always waited for last moments to prepare and complete my study tasks but now I am disciplined enough to meet even the tight deadlines whether they are inside or outside of my study spheres.


Generally, an annual and particularly a weekly assessment of my achievements is required in order to be accountable to myself to see whether I achieve my set targets or not. This assessment includes my educational as well monetary obligations to the degree. I am being benefited by a well-read faculty of SLCC to be imparted with correct Biblical and theological knowledge to be enabled to write my assignments. I am intended to avail all the available sources such as books, the Internet, movies and journals to present a good academic and scholarly work to get appreciable results in future. I am supposed to complete a minimum one essay in a week in order to complete my degree on time. Therefore, keeping in mind this tight and tough routine of essay writing I am determined to be regular and punctual in attendance to clarify my concepts about theology so that I will be able to reproduce my essays easily.


It can be concluded that completion of first year of B.Th. at SLCC as was expected and desired by me, had been a wonderful academic and spiritual experience for me as it highlighted hidden qualities and talents in me. Therefore I could explore my talents to improve my academic career. Evaluations of my weakness and strengths as a student further stimulated me to improve my shortcomings of poor knowledge of research and computer utilization and use my previous good knowledge and skills of English for the attainment of my targets. The successful completion of first year has infused in me a marvelous spirit to make a strategic plan of my regular assessment and accountability on weekly, monthly, mid-termly, mid-annually and annually basis for the further achievement of my aims as far as my next two years are concerned.

Briefly, the study at a degree level is a well-planned and career-shaping study. A Study at a degree level is not merely degree-oriented rather it is a well-researched and knowledge-oriented study which actually develops a one’s character as well shapes one’s destination.


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