Skills Required For Effective Management And Leadership Education Essay

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It relates specifically and only to us, and will enable us to tailor our own development to suit our particular needs.


This is all about you recognising the need to improve in particular areas of your personal and professional life.

Development is a relative term so it may be about developing existing skills, or acquiring new ones. Its depend person whether he enhance existing or go for new one.

And secondly development could be about gaining specialist knowledge in an area, or a broad knowledge of another area.

Thirdly and finally development may be about finding space to develop your career, and space within your career to develop yourself.

Personal development

It is process for an individual to do his or her self development and then developments of others. At individual level personal development includes plans, goals, objective and action orientation toward following one or multi aims.

To improve your abilities

Create self awareness

To gain self knowledge

To develop talent

To identify your strengths

To improve quality of life

Develop social abilities

Professional development

Provides way of capturing the things you need to do in order to grow and learn either in your current role or a new one. It also refers knowledge and skill to improve personal development and career advancement.

For professional development there are a variety of approaches including:



communities of practice

lesson study


reflective supervision and technical assistance

Skills require for effective management and leadership

Personal management skills

General Attitude and Behaviour



Decision making


Problem solving



be responsible


Professional management skills

Technical skills

conceptual skills

interpersonal skills

communication skills

critical thinking skills


As an owner of the organization we should develop qualities of leadership so as to be successful in the business. Whether our aspiration is to become the leader, there are certain skills that should be developed. Styles of leadership will vary according to different personalities but the main and the important qualities should be present for excellence. There are different important keys of the leadership.

Standard centred leadership

Measuring situations logically

Being important and also taking instant action when it is required


Should lead by the example

Strong self esteem

Decision making Skills

Planning and executing skills

Leading teams Skills

People Skills


Leaders play an important role in the success of the organization as leaders will motivate the employees of the organization to contribute and to work with their capabilities in order to be successful as an individual as well as the organization. We receive it for fixed the good leaders have high-quality communication skills. Leaders should have few professional skills so as to reach success personally and also professionally which in turn leads to the success of the business.


Inspiring followership



Decision making



Role of Leadership and management skills in achieving organizational Goals

In Business, Leadership and management is about inspiring followers to achieve Team or Organizational goals. The person may be a Team Leader or Manager in a Business, and he or she may have built the respect of his Team.

According to my own practical work experience I am going to describe my role of leadership and management skills. E.g. I am working in B&Q Bargains Retail Company as general assistant. My task and duties are to guide and train tills staff and deal with customer services. I have been fully empowered by my management to take decision while dealing with customer services plus assigning daily routine task and job to my colleagues. My job role is challenging for me to get all my staff in right direction, the direction that will lead toward achieving the organizational ultimate goals. My further duty is to guide my entire till staff how meets our weekly sales target. As our organizational goal is to provide quality product at bargain price to customers for their satisfaction and to increase organization sales.

During performing my job being supervisor or team leader my consideration are how to convince my colleague that how to perform their task by keeping in mind organization aim and how to get there. And how can I further motivate them.

At work I follow two critical rules to encourage all of my colleagues

Selling the vision

Convincing all of my team that this is worth doing

Firstly it's very important to tell all of staff members to know what direction they have to go and why they should bother to go there.

What benefit is in it for them and for their organization

A poor Leader will state the targets and the objectives, figures this week, figures this month.

An effective Leader always can get higher figures and more committed followers by selling a positive outcome in a way that inspires.

E.g. our store target of this week was to increase sales up to £20,000 and at the end of the week our sales were £22,000

Explanation of Goal

In explanation of goal it's important to show the positive picture that what exactly the end goal is. The goal must be positive, rather than negative. It should clearly define what we will be going to do rather than what we should avoid doing. To describe the weekly target to my all of colleague I always use positive language to guide and convince them. According to my personnel experience to guide and convince the art of always using positive language rather than negative is essential to leadership. For example, while explaining task to staff I do not tell them what NOT TO DO. I always tell them what to do and how to do, and I ask them for their ideas for doing things well. I never prefer negative way because the reason is simple it doesn't work and it de motivates team members.

Leader ultimate goal is to provide crystal clear picture of the end goal to all of your team members. Make it really attractive and relevant for your particular group. 'We are going to achieve so much that every new hire will want to come on this Team'.

Sketch a Plan

In this step we draw our daily plan and activities of the day to boost up our sales and to achieve our weekly target. Because our daily short term plans leads toward achieving end goals. How are we going to get there? You don't have to have the whole plan but goals explanation and daily plan must make sense to the team.

Put up Goal for sale

At final and last step i used to convince my colleague that it is worth doing and gain their buy-in. To motivate all member of team positive language pays very important role. And for every task i used to state the benefits of the task and its benefits for the end goal. For that i have to prepare a list of benefits along with sign in and sign out sheet so as all of staff get in for log in on sheet they can read the daily task and its benefits.

Identified benefits cover these areas.

From customers' prospects what are the benefits for them

How come this task help company to achieve its goal.

If we done with this task then what way will the team benefit

The Team Member - what is in it for this Team Member / each Team Member?

My personal skills

Communicational skills

People skills

Motivational skills

My professional skill

Effectively work in team and group

Conceptual skills

Decision making skills


How my personal and professional skills play role in my organization to achieve certain tasks and objective

According to my experience in B&Q Bargains as general assistant and supervisor my role in duties are to train, provide daily guideline to all staff member of my team and providing customer services to customer. So my communicational skills really help me while interacting with customers from diversified culture. As I am good in using skills such as active listening and tone of voice. And my communicational skills also help me to well behave or carry myself. And it also helps me to groom my career.

My conceptual skills help me to deal with complex situation and always come up with solutions. Using these skills, I always keep in my mind to see the organization as whole and understand the relationships among various subunits, and visualize how the organization fits into its broader environment.

Decision making skills help me to solve my organization problem as my role is to deal with customers in daily routine so my decision really matters for my organization and for my colleague. My decision making skills really important for me because some time i have to take decision on the spot which would be effective for customer and as for as for my colleague and company. Some time my decision creates conflict between me and customers but I will tackle the situation to keep my organization goal.

Being supervisor my role is to motivate my colleagues, as different people got different personality so it get some time hard for me to realize what will motivate my colleague. Because some time my motivational technique motivate one colleague and make another colleague angry. But I always try to balance and tackle the situation wisely.


This task define my personal skill audit, complete swot analysis and learning method to overcome my weaknesses


Personal skill: It's a well-organized and practical approach in completing the personal skill audit after that meeting any precise requirements identified and will deliver wide variety of benefits for the organization.

The personnel skills audit can also be utilized for group of individuals or managers. These may also used at those who are aspirant to become supervisors as the foundation for set of the training objectives can be achieved. There are five important steps to personal skills audit they are

Recognize the people rightly

Simplify the objective

Complete audit or data collection

Analyse the data

Organize learning as well as development plan



Now I am doing my swot analysis which by using the framework of SWOT. That enable me to start separating myself and from colleagues and additionally develop the dedicated abilities and talents which I require to move ahead of career


I have strong decision making power that help me to take effective decision which are beneficial for me and my organization

My effective communicational skills make me superior than other among my colleagues.

Good in selling idea, concept or product

Perfectly organize others

Easily work with team and individually

Able to meet dead lines


Some time it become hard for me to tackle in uncertain situation

I get stuck in uncomforted zone

Easily get emotional




Improving social abilities

Improving self knowledge

Social network

Focus on practically work rather than theoretical


I always change my tasks when I get stuck.

Not very good in managing time

Some time my over confidence become threat for me


To make sure the success of the organization, organization owner requires having wide variety of skills which are relating to leadership and management. Based on the current situation and role, this technique has prioritised most important parts that one should concentrate and that will direct you in the correct way for more training and advice

Areas that requires to develop are

Decision making



Supporting and value others






To be successful in the areas one need to refresh on certain skills and obtain some advice about how to set out the following activities

Encourage improvement in the business

Lead the change

Plan the change

Supervise a agenda of projects

Implement the change

Personal Development Plan might be advantage in helping the individual to realise the aspirations of career. The plan will also help them to recognize learning goals and needs for the short, medium and long term.


The word development might unfortunately recommend that objectives are merely about correcting the poor performance in the organization. In fact the objectives of personal development can also be used so as to manage the performance in different ways

Remedy so as to address the poor performance

Growth and diversification

Consolidation so as to continue and drive forward a satisfactory performance level

The common importance while setting the objectives should definitely be on looking for improvements. Moreover, continuous development of maintaining the values since it is more about faster, better, smarter. The word improvement can be viewed broadly to integrate the important three areas of development.

My objectives for career and life planning

My primary objectives:

My area of interest is to start my career as finance manager. And already I have qualification in finance. And I am studying Btec level 7 in Management studies.

But still I need to improve some of my skills to achieve my ultimate objective

Desire State

Able to act and talk confidently and to be assertive to control of situation. Able to press hard of my recommendations, ideas and decisions to be accepted y others when I feel it is good.

As management post decision making is really very important so I want to improve my decision making skills. To proactively take the decision as many situations as possible. When there is group decision to be made I want to be the first to give the recommendations. Not to be influenced by others.

To look for positive in any circumstances and make the best of any UN favourable situations.

Able to find solution rather than getting emotional and losing temper

Why I want to achieve these objectives and what does it give me?

If I am fully confident I can seek more opportunities for myself. I am able to order more respect and other will be able to see my worth.

I will be able and have enough courage to try new things and go against the group which will give me more opportunities for success and makes my life more interesting as well.

With confidence my true self will finally shine through.

With good decision making skills I no longer follow other people decisions and orders. I get to choose for myself and live on my own terms. It further builds my confidence and installs self esteem in me.

By being able to control my emotions and temper, I will not say things that I will disappointed later on. I will not hurt anyone as before. To avoid pointless confrontation and have compassion instead.

My Short term goals

Finish reading different books on good decision making skills and self confidence and practically apply them

Visit certain organization to observe different management skills

Attend seminar to built self confidence

Or attend some classes to control anger and loose temper

My Long term objectives

In any situation no matter what happen I will not lose my temper at all, but have calmness within.

Able to command confidently whenever I want, not be affected by hindrance.

Have the habit of taking the lead in most situations and being assertive, while at same time keeping some balance and not being extreme.

Resources available to meet my objectives

I will use NLP techniques to develop my confidence. NLP is Neuro-Linguistic Programming that is a controversial approach to psychotherapy and organizational change based on "a model of interpersonal communication chiefly concerned with the relationship between successful patterns of behavior and the subjective experiences (esp. patterns of thought) underlying them" and "a system of alternative therapy based on this which seeks to educate people in self-awareness and effective communication, and to change their patterns of mental and emotional behavior" (Bandler, 1975)

Practice being confident by suggesting ideas and making decisions during weekly company meetings and requesting to lead new projects

Consulting psychiatrist to develop a calm mind and control lose temper and emotions

Attending different seminars to develop management skills

Buy & Read books 'how to develop confidence, by Joe smith

Read different books to built strong decision making skills

Focus on applying new skills to real world situation

(SIM, 2008)

Timeline for monitoring and review

When I want to achieve my primary objectives

Focus area # 01

Hours per week: 3

Days 1: Monday, Tuesday, Thursday

Time 1: 8pm to 9pm

I will read how to develop confidence

My schedule to work on these focus area

Days 2: Saturday, Sunday

Time 2: 8am to 9am, Practice NLP techniques to develop confidence and control lose temper

Focus area # 02

Days 1: Wednesday, Friday

Time 1: 8pm to 9pm

Read books, journal, articles to built good decision making skills

Practically work on focus area # 02

Day 2: Tuesday

Time 2: 2pm to 4pm, being fully assertive take decision in company weekly meetings

Focus area # 03

Day 1: Thursday

Time1: 2pm to 3pm

Emotion and lose temper control class

Practically work on focus area # 03

Day 2: Sunday

Time 2: 10am to 11am, meditation

Time line and starting date

Starting date 15th Jan 2011

Short term goals: 2nd April 2011

Long term goals: 1st July 2011

Feedback from different sources

Feedback is process that shows output or returned to its input in order to continue the further output. So in order to inquire my input and effort I will take feedback from my customers and colleague.

At the end of every weekly or monthly meeting I will give feedback form to my entire colleague either they are happy with my decision or the way I deal with them. Or further suggestion to improve it. So it will help me if I am lacking in any area or I need further improvement.

Impact of learning programme on career

To bring effectiveness and improvement learning programs play very important role. Over the past decade many experts have stated that to be good manger good decisional making skills, communication expertise and confidence is really very important. To improve decision making skills effectiveness it required more than just an event, it required a 'behavioural change processes. This forced experts in the field to begin talking about a process and they realized that what happened before and after the training was just as important then the training event itself. The road to success was leading them to improved sales proficiency. Success was measured by quickness to

Proficiency. This was a good plan back in the day. Today, if one puts this process under the

microscope, it becomes very clear that this process did a really good job at exactly what it was designed to do - improve sales skill proficiency fast.

In today's hypercompetitive market, where customers are savvier, new products are

launched more frequently, new markets opportunities are expanding, and margins are tighter, we

must begin to look at more than improving sales skills proficiency. Today we have crossed over the tipping point where a need exists to build a new road which leads to improved business results and better business outcomes. This process must be qualitatively different from the dated 'behavioural change process'. The road to business impact must include ways to improve knowledge acquisition and focus classroom time on skill application. It must include learning extensions which drive stronger application of the skills on the job which inevitably drive improved business impact. We at Sales Momentum believe we have cracked the code on how to drive better business results for our clients. We have designed and developed an entirely new generation of programs, tools and processes which help clients achieve specific and measurable business results. Our Learning Roadmap to Business Impact was designed in a custom, flexible fashion which allows our customers to make changes to the process as their business changes.

Assignment 2



Of Personal Development Plan

In fact the objectives of personal development can also be used so as to manage the performance in different ways. Objectives are merely about correcting the poor performance in our organization

1- Remedy so as to address the poor performance

2-Growth and diversification

3-Consolidation so as to continue and drive forward a satisfactory performance level. The common importance while setting the objectives should definitely be on looking for improvements. Moreover, continuous development of maintaining the values since it is more about faster, better, smarter. The word improvement can be viewed broadly to integrate the important three areas of development.

My objectives for career and life planning

My primary objectives:

My area of interest is to start my career as HR manager. And already i am qualified in zoology. And now currently I am doing BTEC level 7 in Management studies for attaining my objectives. But still I need to improve some of my skills to achieve my ultimate objective

What is my desire State?

1-I want to able to talk and act confidently in any situation of my organisation or whom am I talking to. Not afraid to try new opinion ideas and take some risks. I always look for new opportunities rather than to follow the old system. I am able to influence others and decision made because I show great confidence.

2-Able to be confident to take control of situations. Able to press hard for my recommendations decisions and ideas to be accepted by others when I feel it is really good. To proactively take the lead in as many situations as possible in my organisation. Not to be influenced by others.

3-To calmly assess any situation before reacting to it. To look for positives in any situation and make the best of any cruel situations. To focus my energy on finding a solution rather than losing my temper.

Why do I want to achieve that and what does it give me?

1-With full confidence, I can wrath new opportunities for myself and I am able to be command more respect and others will be able to see my worth. I will have the guts to try new things and go against the group, which gives me more opportunities for success and make my life more attractive as well.

2-With brazenness no longer I follow other people decisions. I get to choose for myself and have to spend my life according to my rules. By being confident, I command respect for others. I also play a part and help fully when I am confident. It further builds my confidence and installs self admiration in me.

3-By being able to control my temper, I will not say things that will be disappointed me later on. I will not upset my loved ones and friends as before. In addition I will stop to waste energy venting out my anger. Rather the energy can be used in a positive way. To avoid worthless conformations and have kindness instead

Career Development and Life Planning Process

Through formal assessment, evaluation and private counselling, we will discover our own unique personal style and potential, and then be assisted in applying this self understanding to our career and life planning process.

Evaluation and private counselling

Our goal is to help others to achieve balance in our life and career by evaluating and determining all that is uniquely and experienced counsellor will ensure that we make appropriate and satisfying career and life choices.

Assessment and Testing

A variety of specialized assessment instruments will be utilized to highlight:

Personal and career needs and objectives

Natural aptitudes


Transferable skills


Personality type

Actions you plan to take to meet these goals

actions which I planned to meet these goals are by Group discussion, running meetings, time management, stress management. exchange ideas between the members in my organization, in order to solve a particular problem. So that awareness is developed among the individuals.

Short Term Goals And Objectives

My short term goal is to find a position where I can use my knowledge for the betterment of my organisation and I want to participate and apply my strengths for the growth and success of my organisation. I want to see myself as a HR manager in esteemed organization . I will start Reading books on self confidence and apply its principles for my personal and professional development skills in my organisation. Make 3 new recommendations to the boss every month and get him to seriously consider it.

My Long Term Objectives

My long term objectives are to attend seminar to built up self confidence and in any situation will not lose my temper at all and have to command confidently in my organisation and not to be affected by any hindrance. I want to develop the habit of taking the lead in most situations and being confident, while at same time keeping some balance and not being extreme.

Resources available to meet my objectives

I will use NLP techniques to develop my confidence. NLP is Neuro Linguistic Programming that is a controversial approach to psychotherapy and organizational change based on "a model of interpersonal communication chiefly concerned with the relationship between successful patterns of behaviour and the subjective experiences Practice being confident by suggesting ideas and making decisions during weekly company meetings and requesting to lead new projects. Consulting psychiatrist to develop a calm mind and control lose temper and emotions. Attending different seminars to develop management skills

Time Table for Development

When I want achieve the desired state

Focus Area no 1

Hours per Week:15

Day Time 1 : Mon to Fri

Fri 9-10 PM, B&Q How to develop confidence

Starting day/Dates

Focus Area No 1

Start Date 11/03/2011

Short term Goal : 31/6/2011

Long Term Goal 30/8/2011

My schedule to work these focus areas

Hours per Week:10

Day Time 2 : Mon to Thu

Fri 7-10 PM, Practice NPL techniques on developing confidence.

Focus Area No 2

Start Date 1/6/2011

Short term Goal : 31/7/2011

Long Term Goal 30/9/2011

Focus Area no 2

Hours per Week:10

Day Time 1 : Tue to Sat

Sat 9-10 PM, Communications books

Day Time 2 : Fri 3 PM

5 PM Practice being assertive in company weekly meeting

Focus Area no 3

Start Date 1/8/2011

Short term Goal : 31/8/2011

Long Term Goal 30/9/2011


Monitoring Feedbacks And Adjustments

Feedback is a development process that shows output or returned to its input in order to continue my further output. So for the betterment of my own skills and effort I will take feedback from my sub ordinate, associates, customers, clients and co worker. At the end of every monthly meeting I will give feedback form to my entire colleague either they are happy with my work in decision making process or the way I deal with them and Or further suggestion to improve it. So it will help me a lot where am I week in any area and I need further improvement for myself and organisation. Based on our assumptions, there could be positive and negative feedbacks in their learning styles and skills

Consultation Feedback Form

This form will enable me to submit comments and recommendations to Accountability of B&Qs. With the help of this we will capture the major thoughts on each issue and views of workers.

Feedback form

Topic for discussion


Feedback comment/recommendation

Broad consensus or not?



 Objectives and goals



Strategy for achieving goals


Involve team members


detection of required mechanism for achieving goals.

Team views


Is staff is ready for this task?

Task 3

What is the Meaning of Career Development?

I want to do this! What's This?

Career development is a buzz axiom in all professional arenas. Employees and employers similarly are seeking opportunities to develop their career skills to keep up with current trends. Specifics for career development may vary, but the basic implications are the same across the board. it is always beneficial to seek out career development opportunities for your area of professional knowledge.

Definition of Career Development

I want to do this! What's This?

Career development represents the entire series of activities and events related to an individual's career. Career development encompasses acquiring of educational qualifications and certifications, career path, self actualization as an individual, shifting of careers and career growth, learning curve, family life, activities and recognitions.

Career Development Program Objectives

To help us manage with continued changes in the world of work.

To help us develop a rational attitude toward the dignity of all work and workers.

To help us understand their unique abilities, interests, and aptitudes.

To help us develop a realistic understanding of themselves in regard to decision making and career alternatives.

To provide us up to date occupational information and other labour market data.

To provide us the opportunity for individuals to become familiar with a wide range of opportunities.

To provide us information about the world of work that will assist individuals in making long range educational and career plans.

To assist us in making proper educational and occupational choices.

To provide us suitable follow up information.

Having a Career Goal

A career goal will also guide us into doing what we want to do in our life. Generally our career goal is based on our skills and interests, career possibilities, and job trends. Once we have chosen a career, think strategically about the steps to accomplish our goal.

Enhanced Job Performance is the Main Goal

The primary purpose of my career development activity is to enhance job performance. Some professionals might choose on for a career development exercise that introduces new and innovative skills, and others might choose to participate in an information session. Any way the point of these activities is to improve job performance.

Career Development Means Staying Sharp in Current Skills

Career development means we have to work to maintain an up to date knowledge of the skills which the professional already have? Although practice makes perfect, it's highly unlikely that we use every single career skill on a daily basis at work.

Good Business Relationships are Part of Career Development

We have to built up solid working relationships with colleagues for career development. Most career development session include activities that focus on identifying and repairing trouble spots in business relationships.

Career Development Hones New Skills

We have to develop new skill which is an integral part of the career development process. Staying abreast of the up and coming skill sets for a given profession contributes to remaining competitive in that career field.

Career Development Aids in Career Comprehension

we have to understand the expectations of a career is the first step to being able to achieve great things in our career field. Career development means understanding the career's expectations which, in turn, leads to providing a better quality service or product.


Both B&Q and employees similarly get benefit from career development and training programs. Companies are able to educate their existing staff to handle additional responsibilities, and employees benefit from receiving a raise or being able to list the additional training on a resume. If employees are able to show well rounded skills and list additional training on their resumes, they have a better chance of landing new positions.

Problem Solving and Analytical Ability

I will be able to identify accessible and impending problems in B&Q and elucidate the critical elements of problem situations obtains and evaluates relevant information demonstrates awareness that new information sources are required for these.


I will be able to take decisions and actions on difficult or unpleasant tasks in a timely comportment, to include the suitable communication of both negative and positive information and decisions.


I will be able to build up and evaluates alternative courses of action makes decisions based on correct assumptions relating to resources and guidelines which supports decisions or recommendations with statistical implementation of solutions to problems and recognizes when no action is required.

Communication Skill

Communication is a critical skill for our organisation, both for keeping team members up to date and for winning the support of key stake holders. I will be able to presents and expresses my ideas and information effectively and quickly in an oral and written mode and listen actively others. with the help of communication we can produce trust encourages people to propose ideas, suggest ways to enhance work, speak of their concerns and give advice and ability to convey the strategy for their team by setting goals, planning and prioritising. Communication produce collaborative environment for us as a team members support and encourage each other rather than focusing solely on their own tasks and responsibilities.

Interpersonal Skill

I will be able to develop these skills communication, leadership ability, decision making skills, problem solving skills and technical skills and managing skills, and considers the needs, feelings, and capabilities of others deals effectively with others in favourable and unfavourable situation in any case of their status.

Direction and Motivation

It provides me direction in the activities of others to achieve my goals and gains the respect and assurance of others. Aptly assigns work and authority to others in the completion of goals provides advice and assistance as required.

Managerial Performance

I will be able to perform my duties as a managers accurately and assess the impact upon others of role performance and I will support and promote organizational policies decision, programmes, and what initiatives i have to taken for the betterment of my organisation.

Speciality Competence

Appropriately I can apply procedures, requirements ,regulations and policies for the betterment of my organisation to compete with others.

Organizational Knowledge

It will enable me to understand the knowledge of my organisation or department .the mission of my relevant organizational unit which we want to achieve, and the principal programs of my organization.


I can establish work standards and expectations for self and others. Suitably assigns task to team as a team leader and can assign delegates work and ability of others for the success of my organisational goals. Keeps in mind my organisational goals and objectives and work on them to achieve. monitors progress toward goals, and works to overcome barriers and obstacles. I will Provide coaching and advice and backing is required and will help my subordinates in every field to solve their problems. I will properly assesses performance of employees.


I came to a conclusion that basic function of this report is to reveal and conclude the staff members and managers of B&Q can take liability for their learning and development needs to meet their personal and professional goals and objectives. This will be achieved through analyzing current personal and professional skills and by implementing our personal development plans. This work also highlights the assessment of feedback from others to improve performance continuously. Reviewing learning needs as these skills will provide the learner for future challenging tasks and career development.