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Six Steps To Make Complex Decision Effective Decision Education Essay

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Wordcount: 2245 words Published: 1st Jan 2015

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Decision making is a process of selecting from several products or ideas and than taking action on that .All of us have to make decisions in our day today life. Some decisions are straightforward, simple and easy to understand and some are too complicated to understand. Simple decision can be taken easily, whereas complex decision involves uncertainty, complexity, high risk consequences, alternatives, interpersonal issues.

There are six steps to make complex decision into an effective decision.

Create a constructive environment.

Generate good alternatives.

Explore these alternatives.

Choose the best alternative.

Check your decision.

Communicate your decision, and take action. (Source:-www. Minds tools .com)

Problem solving means whatever we do in order to achieve our goal. In today’s world each and every person is facing problem. Some problems are familiar, reflecting the concerns of most people in our culture, while others will be problems with which you are unconcerned yourself. All problems are having two things common. They all specify goal and the solver is not immediately able to achieve the goal due to lack of resources or knowledge. First and foremost is to define the problem and than try to solve it with different approaches. Theoretical, behavioural, quantitative, qualitative and practical aspects are all reviewed, examined and applied for solving the problem.

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By using such a model, you can take huge decision in a simpler way. Solution of the problem is the first step for taking any good and effective decisions. Well-defined problem helps the solver in providing information needed in order to solve the problem. Many problems can seem quite different ‘on the surface’ but they are having same underlying problem structure, as a consequence they are having same solution.

As we all know that United Kingdom is facing a problem for accommodation and jobs. I was facing a problem for getting a job in United Kingdom. Moreover, it adds fuel to fire by inviting hundreds of thousands of student for further education. As I was fairly new to this country and change in systems I was struggling to get a job in U.K. I was roaming in shops and supermarket in search of a job, but there was no positive response from any side. I also visited Essex for a search of job but everything was waste of time for me. Many people had given me advice and help for a search of job but all things were going negatively. I decided to leave with my relatives to cut down my expenses as I was not getting job.


As I have stated earlier that, I was finding difficulty in looking for a job. With the help of logic and magic given by Rayment in ‘Mind Morphing ‘I have tackled my problem.

Firstly, I try to find the basic small-small problems, to solve the problem. As I gradually know the requirement for achieving job, like national insurance number. So for that I have faced interview on phone, they have ask me some basic question related to my house and academic. I made an observation that how’s other are applying for jobs? Many students told me to make good curriculum vitae for hunting a job. So I simply started to concentrate on such topics.

For tackling complicated problem into effective decision I had followed following steps.

Understanding the problem

Devising a plan

Carrying out the plan

Looking back(conclusion) (www.teacher.scholastic.com)

Understanding the problem: My major problem is to find the job in UK. As we all know that there is lack of jobs in United Kingdom as its economy is going down day by day. Many people are losing there job due to bad economy. For finding a job I was roaming in shops and seating in a hope of getting a job through the reference of my relatives. This was my big mistake to seat idle in a hope of getting a job through relatives. Ultimately I realised that I have to struggle for my own to get a job. As I am fairly new in UK, there is lack of information with me. Afterwards I tried to gather all information from all area for getting a job.

Devising a plan: After gathering all the information related to the job, I started preparing a plan, so that I can implement it in near future. Finally, I decided to stay in Cambridge and decided to search for a job. I decided to register at employment bureau, which is located in my university. Later on, I decided to post my C.V. in the major areas of Cambridge, where most of the bars, restaurants and shopping malls are located. I also decided to register at job centre plus as well as search on internet on regular basis.

Carrying out the plan: After making constructive plan, I simply implemented it to succeed in getting job. I always read news paper and searched on internet as a daily routine in search of job. One day I saw a job vacancy for cleaning purpose in a school, I simply applied online after that they gave me a call for an interview. Fortunately, I succeed in achieving job and along with that my tension of getting a job without affecting my studies got released.

Looking back(conclusion): Therefore, I can say that every thing went according to the plan. As I was looking for a job in Cambridge itself as my university is in Cambridge, I got double benefit from my decision, the first one is that I got a job and the second is that I was able to concentrate on my studies.


As we all know, that success of any person depends on its hard effort put by him. I succeeded because; I was focusing on my plan in serious way. I was worried about my job in Cambridge, I was not able to focus anywhere as I was worried of, that from where I am going to pay my rent and food expenses. But I followed my plan in a systematic way and achieved success. Therefore, I can say that if a person plans anything systematically than he can get success in life as I got. The moment I got a job, I felt really relaxed and peaceful because the biggest problem of job has been solved. On the other hand, I can easily commute to my university and home. Moreover, as university is nearer I can use library for course work as and when required .so that I can give more importance’s to my studies. Furthermore, Cambridge is a nice place for education as well as residing. Finally, at the end of the third month I succeeded in getting a good job and got an opportunity to study and work in the home town of management i.e. Cambridge.

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There are different approaches of problem solving and decision making which could enhance your decision making abilities and improve your problem solving scenario. Many psychologists, after their long years of researches, have given outstanding and useful techniques and methods which can also be implemented not only by big organisations but also by individuals in solving their day to day problems. One such technique is ASK SIR L given by John Rayment in mind morphing

According to ASK SIR L:

A ppreciate:

Appreciate is the first stage in this model, that helps in finding existing problem. We should indentified the problem with the help of SWOT analysis and examine internal strengths and weakness as well as external opportunity and threats. So effective steps can be taken to tackle or avoid the problem. Despite of having information technology and modern techniques, some problems are difficult to solve. In this stage I have detected that my problem is to get a job in UK despite of having extreme competition.

S pecify:

In this stage we should be specify what the problem is, for that you should be aware what is going wrong at the time of generating solution. It is necessary to establish as many facts about the problem as possible and experimentation may be required. Onces you indentify the problem, cause and solution become easy to define. Considering all things how and why the problem occurs, attempts to specify the problem in this way will move into the area of causes. In this stage solver can get a clues how to solve the problem but not a solution. We should also think about 6 classic questions: who, what, where, when, how and why? For finding causes of problem, underlying logic should be used: exactly how would the problem result?

You should recall the length of problem in this stage, so it will help to indicate the amount of effort which should be put into solving it.

K auses:

Causes mean some specified event to occur like any bad event. It is important to distinguish between cause and effect .so that when we come to look for solutions, we do not mistakenly attempt to treat symptoms instead of the underlying causes. There are three types of causes that is: potential, possible, actual. Potential cause means considering all events that could result in a situation ‘Brain storming’ is done to list potential causes, including those you might be tempted to reject out of hand. Possible cause should be separated from potential cause so that unnecessary things can be eliminated, if they are not requiring for further application. Actual causes should be abstract from potential causes so it becomes simpler to take decision from actual causes rather than to take from potential causes.

S olutions:

Solution is depending upon the kind of problem you are facing. For solving the problem not only approaches and ideas are require but adequate intelligence and practical implementation is also require. We require the solutions which help in solving our problem and achieving our goal. Any problem can be solve in different ways it totally dependence on person how he/she want to solve it. But be aware, that the solution accepted by you should be properly tested before implementation. Solution selected by you should avoid serious adverse events in the future. In complex decisions, it will be necessary to establish and analyse the relative merits of each option. Solution must be fair, equitable and acceptable to all affected parties.

To overcome from this problem I had find many solution. For instance, if I live in Essex with my friend than it helps me to reduce down my cost and keep it away from homesickness. On the other hand my commuting fare has been increasing and it’s a tedious job to commute three days in a week. Finally, I decided to stay in Cambridge and to concentrate on my studies and job. So you have to select effective solution out of many solutions.

R eview:

After implementing the solution next step is to take review about what is happening. Review is an assessment of the effectiveness of a particular decision. It is necessary to establish the extent to which it is being successful. Generally review is requiring when there is a complicated situations, it helps us to find a clear -cut outcomes. Sometimes solutions may not give immediate results, so their ultimate effectiveness cannot be known. In such circumstances we should asses whether particular aspects of the solution are working with the help of review. From this one can know about their degree of success, they can realise their positive achievement.

In my case I call for job interview, after completion of my interview, I was taking a review of my interview whether I have made any mistakes or not. After thinking lot I conclude that it was a satisfactory interview.

L earn:

Problems can be solved after a great deal of thought, time and effort. We learn more and more things by solving such a complex problems. Getting success or failure in making effective decision is the matter, but if we want to avoid problems of this nature in future, and improve the quality of our problem solving, we need to identify any shortcomings in our current processes. Main focus should be on learning how we can improve our future decision making. Having extracted all available learning points, we must ensure they will be carried forward into our future decision making. (source:-mind morphing)

Application of ASK SIR L technique would have improved my degree of success. If I would have known this technique earlier, I would have applied in my problem solving. Then, it would have gained me success much earlier and I could hopefully be able to get my job with a span of 45days or so.


Everyone is facing difficulties in their life, but it totally dependence on persons abilities how he/she turns complex problem into effective decision. As a student life and that too not in your home country is full of problems and anxieties. If I had not use such modern techniques, than I can’t solve my problem in such a simpler way. For solving this complex problem I had done lots of ‘brainstorm’ by reading books and searching on internet. But by solving this problem and reading lots of references, I had understood how to tackle the problem and effective decision can be taken from that.

Make your problem as simpler as you can, try to analyse each and everything you can . Note down all your opinion and than extract unnecessary ideas from that. Therefore I would use ASK SIR L and other similar technique in my future to overcome with such a problem.


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