School Management Information Systems

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A computer system designed to help managers plan and direct business and operations.

MIS pronounced as separate letters ,MIS refer broadly to a computer -based system that provide managers with the tools for organizing, evaluating and efficiently running their department s. in order to provide past present and prediction information ,an MIS can include that helps in decision making, data resources such as that information of ware resources of system ,system for make any decision, people management and project management application and any computerized processes that enable the department to run efficiently.

Within companies and large organization, the department responsible for computer system is sometimes called the MIS department. Other name for include is information system. IT (information technology).



These days, which we describe information era as various technologic developments have been practiced; the leading risk that an organization could obtain is to hang about tactless to change. A lot of important factors such as constant developments in information technologies, information exchange, and increasing and increasing the expectation of the society to a great extent, recent administration perceptions and applications cause organizations none over the world to develop new applications during order to remain

Every country aims to make available their citizens with the most existing education in the line of their monetary competence. In support of this reason, immense encompass been put into action all around the world.

Inside our country, too taken out within of the lineup, were prepared in conditions of in order technologies and then activated. In commission training courses in relation to the use of computer in following section of the plan that information technology software are circulated to the 3.000 primary education schools just about Turkey and education doorway is established.

As a result of training 600 computer teachers, in-service teaching is designed for all the primary school inspectors functioning on the pasture, and for at least 106.381 educators shaped of managers and teachers of main in learning will be ready in line with recent instruction programs

School Management Information Systems

Being at the commencement stage of the School Management Information Systems, mechanization of the school management is the necessary subject of today's school management. Principals have ongoing obtain supremacy in competitions by directing strategies. School management in sequence systems aim to offer maintain for the managing and educational behavior of the school managers by hand out information. Obtain supremacy in competitions by directing strategies. School management in sequence systems aim to offer maintain for the managing and educational behavior of the school managers by hand out information.

Telem (1999) define the management information in his words as “an executive information system planned. Information systems sustain not only information process but also make the support in innovations. Since being amendable to different changes, these systems are helpful to manage with the load for change.

School managers can make more better and reliable decisions when they get rectify and up-to-date information by school executive information systems (Christopher, 2003). Option making is careful as the heart of educational management and shows the significance. Every day, challenging circumstances that need decision making are based on the complex and unpredicted nature of school surroundings.

In addition to this, managers have been necessary to make more and quick decisions in short times because of the rising prospect from the educational system (Christopher, 2003). In addition, decision making become faster, more regular and more complicated in schools of in the present day. In order to make decisions under such situation, taking and collecting data that is incessant, up-to-date and that can be accessed promptly and analyzing and using this data is a commitment.

Success of school development studies are frequently depends on data based decision making, though School management information systems give information and a diversity of reports from the database in order to data professionally in this side.

increased school principles, supported decisions on the stage of control and planning, improved the power of teaching programs, facilitated student-teacher communication, enlarged the skill between teachers, facilitated methodical and continuous information transfer to parents, and increased communication with more institutions and the central organization.

Information systems were regularly used in everyday work and managers and teachers did not have enough education on the system. Managers and teachers pointed that while school management information systems had encouraging effects on estimation of efficiency of the school, progress of using sources, superiority

It is cleared as we can see communication and information technologies have progressively more had a role on the behavior of schools. During this era, a lot of things have been spooked and written about the significance of computers.

The mock-up of this research, which targets to look and to figure out ideas of managers regarding managerial information systems, is review model.

(MIS) more often than not is everlasting. The classification, on the other hand, consists of certain clerical data that is compelling for a part phase and either restructured or simple from the System as it becomes old-fashioned dialogue sandwiched between Antitrust Division (ATR) and the state documentation and proceedings direction is long-lasting on the stuff of chronological proceedings and their disposition. point of you they required long time information times gone by and facilitating do research on chronological matters that connected to present matters, Antitrust Division (ATR) expects constantly to be pleasing to the eye the sequential statistics in this reservoir, quite than archiving and removing it from the organization.

legal action and Judicial Activities -

include activities Antitrust partition (ATR) Intranet, Appellate Docket System, , post and Complaint Tracking System, national Non-Merger Tracking System against the law Case Sentencing arrangement, , trade and industry Analysis Group Working identification, Field Office Matter Tracking System, Hart-Scott-Roding Tracking System, financially workable examination Group track System lawmaking Tracking System, theme Tracking structure.

The important mission-based information gave to MIS is bring together, set aside, course, stored, and air as-is. MIS applications encompass transaction reason the data not comes first an connected start date) and clear-cut format reason digital numerical numbers safety measures Number) for institute and support in the sequence.

The preponderance of the in sequence in the organization in turn System

Safety covers

User validity

As declare previous, the system is limited for use by the financial personnel, so only people from the Financial Control department. Also, while its use is only finance exact, others departments have nothing to do with it.

Having said that, there are passwords for the end users; hence passwords make certain safety and control.

Physical access

Physical access is made limited by locked server rooms, sign-in sheets, etc. 

Function security

Developers Register Functions

  • Developers can need parts of their Oracle Forms code to look up an exclusive function name, and then take some action based on whether the function is accessible in the current responsibility.

  • Developers register functions. They can also register consideration that passes values to a function. For example, a form may maintain data entry only when a function consideration is passed to it.

  • Normally, developers describe a menu include all the functions accessible in an application (i.e., all the forms and their securable sub functions). For some applications, developers may define additional menus that restrict the application's functionality by omitting specific forms and sub functions.

  • As developers define menus of functions, they typically group the sub functions of a form on a sub function menu they associate with the form.

  • Assumptions/Risk Assessment

  • Assumptions support the base of the solution. Assumptions include

  • Library houses a certain minimum number of copies of the same book for sake of many borrowers.

  • Library uses original books/CDs.

  • Library does not advise users to copy CDs/DVDs onto their computers.

  • Library restricts the most number of borrow able items for different users.

  • Library server runs a version of Windows operating system.

  • Client systems support .NET Framework.

  • User has basic computer knowledge and knows how to search/find information in the internet.

  • User has a well-mannered internet swiftness to run the online solution.

  1. Functional Specification

  1. Initially when the solution is host in the server, administrator accounts are setup. These administrators manage the server. First time users can carry on with simple search but those who want to borrow books need to sign-up for this facility. They can then sign-in anytime for searching, borrowing or returning books. They can also view their profile pages, history of their transactions

End-to-end solutions ability

We handle turnkey projects, and have built, managed and supported our customers IT systems crosswise the value chain — infrastructure, applications and business processes.

This is how we work:

  • A Customer Services (CS) unit designs and builds the IT infrastructure and network.

  • A Systems Integration (SI) unit builds up applications and integrates them across diverse hardware and software platforms.

  • Our IT-Enabled Services (ITES) unit manages developed applications and digitization activities.

Our Education and Training unit grant IT education and training to users.

Wide domain expertise and technological competencies

We have proven expertise in a wide range of applications, including

  • Real-time systems

  • online systems

  • entrenched systems

  • process control

  • operation processing

  • reflection processing

  • data communications

  • networking

  • parallel architectures,

  • E-commerce technologies and e-governance applications.

Considerable resource pool with diverse skill set

We attain this with the help of our resource pool of engineers trained in various technologies, with huge domain knowledge and diverse skill sets. With 3,718 workers, more than 21%have more than ten years of work experience. We also have a big capability pool that works on emerging technologies and competency areas.

We have a flawless educational profile; as many as 30 % of our workers have postgraduate degrees.

We also carry out considerable research into emerging technologies and competence areas at our state-of-the-art, ISO 9001-certified R&D centre in Hyderabad, India. That is what gives us an circumference in complex, high technology projects.

The Systems Integration Business Unit's all four regions are at Level 5 (optimizing level) of the SEI's Capability Maturity Model (software).

Healthy and Strong customer relationships

CMC's customer orientation and service culture lead to enduring bonds with clients. Our diverse value proposition and service culture, attached with our track record of victorious service delivery, are reflected in our long-standing customer relationships with dominant players in

Up gradation

Management Information System (MIS) is currently being upgraded for web-based functions. The front-end will be ASP, and the database is being upgraded to Oracle 9i.

Strong point

  1. A enthusiastic group drawn from experts in water resources, irrigation management, hydraulics, and hydrology, works for the drawing, development and implementation of the canal irrigation management system

  1. CMC has wide domain knowledge and understanding of the procedure, policies as well as the operational and administrative management composition and style of irrigation departments


To design, developed and implemented a Management Information System in India, funded by the World Bank.

Feasibility studies

Feasibility studies to discover the functionalities required in an MIS, and to build up a framework for an information system

Client list

  1. Irrigation Department, Government of Maharashtra

  2. Maharashtra Krishna Valley Development Corporation (MKVDC), Pune

  3. Department of Information Technology, Ministry of Communications and Information Technology, Government of India


According to the outcome of this study which was regarding the usage of School Management Information Systems in primary schools and which mean to decide the viewpoints of the school managers associated to management information systems, it was experienced that the number of computers was not sufficient and there was only one computer joined to Internet in nearly all of the schools. Besides, in a small number of of these schools, there was a web page

of the school. Study which was conducted by the Pelgrum (2001) in 26 countries and by Mentz and Mentz(2003) in the schools of South Africa, it was seen that one of the most common hurdles of the applications of management information systems was the insufficiency of the numbers of the computers.

Due to this reason, it can be said that there was an important infrastructure problem of the recognition of school management's information systems in today's schools. As Greg rash stated (2004) the uniformity with technological improvements increased with the practice of technology. For that reason, it is compulsory to provide educators chiefly school managers with sufficient technological chances to make them accept and go with the improvements. The problems encountered demonstrate the necessity that the applications of information system should be done in the scope of a useful program.

Besides, there is a vital difference among the schools in terms of having these technologies. This inequity makes us think that there is some inequality connected to the usage of these technologies' opportunities not only for the manager and teachers but also for the students. This situation shows that there is a possibility of coming face to face with the problem which is discussed extensively and called “digital division” not only nationwide but also in the schools in the similar province.

In addition, it was seen that there are still some school managers and assistant school managers who don't have a computer in their rooms at the schools in the scope of this study. In the middle of the school managers and assistant school managers who have a computer in their rooms, some of them use a computer without an Internet contact. Besides there are some schools whose teachers do not have the opportunity of making use of the information technologies. This is also is seen that The Ministry of Education's objective (MEB, 2002) which is supplying each staffroom with at least two computers; supplying guidance service, library, school managers with Internet access in order to talk with the central and provincial offices and also for the practice of management has not been achieved yet.