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When it comes to a career the skills and personality strengths required are surprisingly similar in many ways. However, each professional career has certain strengths they tend to look for. Communication and cooperation are two of the main traits required for all careers. When I found my Signature Themes I realized how they really relate to my future career, becoming an elementary teacher.

When becoming a teacher there are certain personality strengths that are required and comes naturally to some people. Harmony, Consistency, Discipline, Communication and Positivity are my five signature themes. These are just a few strengths that teachers need. A few others are obviously the ability to teach, instruct, organize, make presentations and listen. These five signature themes contribute to my future goals by creating opportunities for me to move forward in life, with a lot of positive options and pathways. Positivity is a great quality for a teacher because teachers, especially elementary teachers, need to praise there students and encourage them to be the best they can be. A positive person always looks for the good in someone or a situation. In a lot of ways, I'm the person who thinks of the glass being half full instead of half empty. This is an excellent trait for a teacher because students need a positive role model in their lives, and not all have the opportunity to have it at home. My family is very close and family oriented, they have all gone through some rough patches and have remained positive throughout everything. I think this plays a major role on me and how I conduct and live my life. My parents are very encouraging with everything and remain positive in almost every situation. I really don't think that being a positive person can have a negative effect on a anyone. Positivity is a good trait to have and it looked up upon, it is a rare trait to have and I know that my friends really appreciate that trait of mine. Positivity is the type of this that rubs off on people and most likely it's there to stay.

Harmony is a wonderful personality trait of a teacher! Teachers need to have the ability to see both sides of an argument, and be open to listening with an open heart to both parties. I feel that when you argue with someone you should try and keep it to the minimum, and steer them towards harmony and happiness. Teachers bring the good out in students fighting by making them talk about down-to-earth things, things which matter to everyone and they can come to a single agreement on! A teacher understands where a child comes from and they're background. Maybe a child is brought up by arguing parents and confrontation and fighting is alright, well that's where I as a teacher would step in and come to an agreement and steer clear of debate. Again, my family influences me a lot and always encourages my sisters and I to work it out and to not argue. My mom is a horseback riding instructor and she also has many of these traits. She remains positive and never takes sides in an argument two of her students may be having. When it comes to harmony hurting my ambitions in life, I don't see how that is possible in any situation. Harmony is a great trait to have, especially for a teacher. Not enough teachers have this trait and I think that those are the ones that everyone dislikes. Positivity and harmony go hand and hand in the teaching world.

Communication was voted the number one required trait of a teacher. When you think of a teacher and classroom what is the first thing that pops into your mind? Bulletin boards, a colorful picture that draw your attention, and makes you want to read and find out more. Exactly, teacher and communication go hand and hand, they explain, describe, host, and likes to speak in front of groups of people. I am not afraid to express myself, or to let my opinion be heard. Teachers are known for bringing projects to life and to make them exciting and energetic. People respect teachers for being able to think on their toes and create things out of nowhere. I think this personality trait fits me perfectly; this is why I think I would make a great teacher in the future. In the past, I have had a very hard time with public speaking, I do not like to get in front of a large group of people and give a speech. But when it comes to kids and being very influential it doesn't bother me at all. As I getting older and more confident in my teaching ability I feel that standing up and talking all day and teaching kids valuable information will be very easy.

Balance and consistency is important to any teacher. Teachers need to have the ability to not show favoritism, everyone is treated fairly in every situation. In a teachers eyes not one child is more important than any other. Rules apply to everyone equally, no matter what. In my everyday life balance and consistency is very important to me, things need to be consistent and orderly at all times. Consistency will help me with my future plans by being organized and having a known plan, keeping me on track to achieve my goals.

Lastly, Discipline is a trait of teachers, and I don't mean spanking and punishing. Discipline simple means ordered and planned, or even predictable. Routines and structure are very important. Lists, short term and long term goals get you through your weeks. When children learn then need discipline, and need a structured environment where they can learn and focus. Teaching discipline to children at a young age drastically improves they're studying and learning techniques for the rest of their lives. In my life, check lists, post-it notes and routines get me through my day. This helps me achieve deadlines and finish all of my homework on time. Children need discipline, when things are repetitive; you learn them quicker and in most cases, easier. Having discipline in your life in never a bad thing, it makes you have more respect for yourself and others around you. I know that when I achieve my goals and still have time left I feel great. Achieving goals is such a great feeling.

These five personality traits are major qualities a teacher should have. All good teachers love children and have a need to improve their lives somehow. Harmony, Discipline, Consistency, Communication and positivity are just a few of my personality traits that go towards teaching and making the world a better place. In order for me to be successful in my future goals I have to be persistent and do my best in school, when it is time to do my internship in two years, and when it comes time for me to go out into the world and become an elementary school teacher and have a positive input on young children's lives.

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