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Technology plays a major role in modern life that affects all the aspect of human activities. Therefore our societies get a lot of benefits from modern technology. Universities and colleges for example have so many facilities. Such as labs with sophisticated computer devices, internet connections with high speed, projectors and smart boards. Using these developed tools can help students in many ways; first, students can study and understand their subjects well when they use audio-visual technology. Second, students may pass their exams online. Third, they can access a lot of resources like libraries, websites, and scientific papers online. These facilities may help students master their subjects, save time, and stay in touch with the new world.


A Scale chart for using Technology since 1780 to 2011

This Chart will be explained well throw the attached document.

What kind of Programs that the students can use it in the universities life and can be used in studying, and projects things?

The programs are:

7zip : with is using for extracting high compressed files

AutoCad : used for drawing without using pencil and papers

Adium : used for messaging but using Mac operating system only

Amanda : for Network disk

Msn Messenger : communication with the students and their instructors

Azureus: Peer to Peer programs which is being used mostly in the dorms to exchange files and things like Videos, pictures, etc.

SQL : DataBase program used at the universities especially not schools

Microsoft Office : Excel , Access, Word , PowerPoint and Outlook

Audios and Videos Programs

http://4.bp.blogspot.com/_lwLEB0H9sdo/SPcroRC5JCI/AAAAAAAAAxc/7rTnogFVanA/s400/osdm_startup.JPG http://www.limewireworld.info/images/azureus.jpg (www.mdzworld.tk)


http://3.bp.blogspot.com/_mjE_OKi5TZs/TKSlaxjEP2I/AAAAAAAAAL0/Zxr9Z9wD62w/s1600/Microsoft%20Office%202007.jpg http://www.qortuba.org/wp-content/uploads/2010/04/msn-mac.jpg (www.sizlopedia.com)


Advantages and disadvantages of Technology in Education:

The technology facilities that we have today has offered a lot of information and ideas to students, which saves great potential for learning, today we have so many procedures and way to present data and information for different learners whatever their learning style is, and make them benefit from the material. And this doesn't only include the web world and internet, but also includes many technological facilities such as projectors and smart boards (Hollowell, 2010).

There are some conditions that may prevent some students from getting benefits from the technological facilities during their studies, so they may not be able to have computers or laptops due the socio-economic status, some of the students may live in a place without a computer, some other students might be attending a school in a poor district that doesn't offer more devices or a school that offers limited number of devices, this will lead these students to a disadvantage in learning and practicing the technology, in addition we all know that poor cities have less chances to receive new technological facilities (Hollowell, 2010).

This new generation depends on computers and technology, we cannot even doubt this. Technology taken a very important role in our studies, but it is very important to know that it can really give some improvement to the traditional methods of learning but it cannot replace it, finally the quality of the class relies on the knowledge of the instructor and not on the technology available (Hollowell, 2010).

As technology can be more helpful in the classroom for students and teachers, there is a chance that it might be a source of distraction and confusion for both students and teachers, experts are required to be available in schools and colleges to fix the hardware and software problems because some teachers doesn't have enough knowledge to do that, supporting the purchased technology is necessary to avoid the useless and disadvantage of it. Technology always needs frequent check to avoid the damage (Olsen).

It is incredible and useful to use online education because it can be accessed at anytime and from anywhere, and this advantage allows the students to give time for their daily lives while concentrating in their learning objectives. Traditional methods of learning have more specific places and specific times (Roath).

Online classrooms are very convenient in connecting students to each other and to their instructors, so that they can meet at anytime of the day or night with no difficulties. In opposite communication and interaction in physical classrooms can occur only during classroom hours (Roath).

How can we get benefit from using technology in our studies?

In the 21 century, technology has been changed in a different way in our community. Many people from all over the wide world rely on computers and technological devices in their daily lives. Schools and other educational organizations have been able to offer more computers for their students since computers became more valuable, there are too many benefits that students can get from technology (Elizabeth Reed Osika) .

The educational technology is used as helpful tools to enhance students learning and success in the American schools for around 30 years. Computer-assisted instruction (CAI) was made to assist students to benefit and obtain the basic skills, as well as practicing them (U.S. Department of Educatation).

Some people think that there is a similarity between the importance of technology education and the importance of teaching aids and methods,

But actually there is a big difference between the two of them, which means that the importance of technological education is more comprehensive (hibatolah, 2007).

Insight: in which illustrations and graphs have a very important part in clarifying the written concepts to the student (hibatolah, 2007).

Understanding: the means of technology education help students to recognize things (hibatolah, 2007).

Abilities and skills: the means of education are important to teach students some skills such as: pronunciations and spellings (hibatolah, 2007).

The way of thinking: the means of technology education plays an effective role in training students to think clearly and solve their own problems (hibatolah, 2007).

In addition to verifying the experience, the growth of general knowledge, forming concepts, and the variegation of evaluation methods to meet the differences between students (hibatolah, 2007).

If we try to make a comparison between students in schools and students in universities, we will find that schools students doesn't get more benefits from the facilities that are available for them because they usually waste their times playing games, chatting, etc. on the other hand, university students often know the value of these facilities and the benefits that they can get from them.Technology is improving education?

Technology is helping teachers and students to better understand the content of their subjects, and allows them to develop the teaching and studying methods in order to get more benefits; the role of technology in schools and universities has turned from a simple (computer class or IT class) into a multipurpose learning tool that can change the way we demonstrate concepts, assign projects, and assess programs (Kessler, 2010).

In the following points, some examples on how technology has shown it's potential to improve education:

1- Developed stimulations and models.

2- International learning.

3- Sensors and probes.

4- Multimedia.

5- Electronic books.

6- Scientific games.

(Kessler, 2010)

Technology improves education at universities in many ways such as:

1- Online examinations which are more helpful.

2- Online studying systems.

3- Video conference classes.

4- Online Students accounts.

5- Scientific labs for engineering students.


To figure out the importance of technological facilities in the educational organizations we formed this survey that can enable us to find out the opinion of the students about it and to give a short study about these facilities that were used

The Survey contains yes or no questions and it also the last question is talking about the opinion and suggestions. And how we can use it to improve the technology in educational field.


Randomly selected people

Q1. Is there any kind of technology facilities in your university?




45 students


15 students


Q2. Do you think technology is helpful in your college life?



53 students


7 students



Q3. Do you think that online exams are more convenient for you?



34 students


26 students



Q4. Is it more helpful to study depending on online systems?




39 students


21 students


Q5. Is your university planning to improve its technology facilities in the near future?



38 students


22 students



Q6. Have you ever tried the video conference classes?





42 students



Q7. Are you satisfied with the facilities that you have in your university?





35 students



Q8. What is your opinion in using these facilities at your university?

As we found from the Survey data that all of the students agree with the point of developing the University Technology that it can help them in studying and doing their job and they considered that some of them don't have the good technology that can satisfy them, over all they should upgrade their facilities or the university facilities.

Now a day's all the students want something easy to learn from and an easy way to get the information with lots of interesting technique so any education organization which want to gain a lot of money use this technique to attract more students to come to their organization not only to get money but also to be honest to help the students to improve their thinking to develop this organization which will help their country not only their country but also the whole world by building new generation , with high thinking .


In the year 1780 all the educational organizations including universities, colleges, and schools used to teach their students without using any type of technology, but in the new generation and especially in the year 2000, technology became a very important part of education.

The revolution of technology brought us many useful programs that we can use in different field of lives, these programs have an effective role in changing our lives and make easier and better.

From this research we found out that we can get advantages from bringing technology in our studies, but we also found out that there are disadvantages from the use of technology that might ruin our studies and affect our future in a negative way.

From this research we learned how to get the benefits of technological education, and use these benefits in a lot of organizations such as: schools, universities. We are obligated to train our students to use these benefits in a positive way.

The survey showed that the majority of students agree that technology is helpful in their college life, this mean that students have a strong conscience about what is happening in today's world.


1- Technology is very important in education, in addition it is helpful for students and instructors.

2- Universities and schools should be equipped by technological facilities.

3- Educational establishments must train their students to use the technological tools.

4- It is mandatory to do a regular check up and update the labs and the devices especially at universities.

5- Students have to take courses in IT to make sure that they can use computers and other tools.

6- All of us must strive and struggle to try to find and discover new technological devices and programs in order to fulfill our studies.