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Question:- Employing people effectively is critical to organisational development but too few HR managers devote adequate time and resources to managing employer attitudes with respect to the necessary changes that accompany development.

Ans:- It is the world of twenty first century where we can face lots of challenges and difficulties in life. We, human beings, all have to face it. Everyone competitive to each other. Not only a single person in business and any organization are competed to each other. So, today's world is competitive, it is too hard to sustain in one position for a long time especially for any business. It has extremely difficult for a company to maintain its competitive advantage in the market by becoming a low cost leader or product differentiator. This competitive advantage can be obtained with a high quality workforce, enables organization to complete on the basis of market feedback, product and service quality, differentiate products and technological up gradation. So to maintain these things HR managers also play the vital role in the company. They manage the people, who individually and collectively contribute to the organization objectives. They are the one who employed people. Employing people is a great task. It is one of the tension full work which are done by HR managers. When organization is growing bigger and bigger, they need employee. Employees are the core part of any organization. If their employees are the best than definitely the organization progress a lot. But if there aren't any good employees then the organization will be fallen.

In the contemporary scenario, organizations are faced with multi faceted challenges. Likewise changes in technology, competition and so on account of changes. As Warner Burke says, "Organisational Development is a planned process of the change in an organization's culture through the utilisation of behavioural science technology, research and theory. So we can say when organisational development is applied there'd be change in the strategy, structure and the whole system of any organization. It is also concerned with managing planned change in a flexible way that can be revised as new information is gathered. This changing affect toward the employee of any organization. The change would be the positive or negative factor of the employee's attitudes towards the company. Employees attitude towards the change of the organization is the key factor to be the fail or success of that organization because when employee like the changes of the organization then they fully focused on their work and duty. They present themselves as an effortful ways which support the changes of an organization. However, when the employee shows the negative attitude toward the change then they are more likely to resist, oppose toward their organization. As Porras and Robertson (1992) indicated behavioural change at the individual employee level is essential to organisation change where as Antoni (2004:198) reported, 'One has to change beliefs of the organizational members which shape their behaviour, in order to support sustainable organizational change.' Thus to run the organization successfully, the HR manager's role is very important because he is the one who role like a golden bridge between the organization and its employee.

In this phase, Human resources who handle the staff function coordinated the other areas in forecasting the future and gearing up the human resource to meet the upcoming challenges. In this way HR is one of the top management to initiate and sustain change management programmes. But sometime HR faced lots of challenges such as to give the facility in work of employees which make them balance in their life, to make career plans, to manage cultural diversity, to sustain the productivity and creativity and so on. If these things HR has done well then the employees of any organization will be happy and they can do the work well. So in this way organization will be developed on its own way. These things only are possible if the HR managers have some skills like strategic planning, understanding business requirements and realities, leadership and team building skill, knowledge management capabilities and facilitation and coordination. If these things are with him then only he faced the recent challenges and control the management but if he doesn't have these qualities, he will fail from his job.

Employing people effectively is critical situation when organization is growing. While employed people in work we have to see around subjects like wages, hours of work, sick pay, flexible working and so on. The rules surrounding all these are very -very big complex so it is important to look professional advice from your solicitors, accountant and human resources managers. This is the age of liberalization and globalization. In the present scenario most of the organizations are growing. In this time HR has become necessary for the organization, to identify recruit and channel competent HR into their business operations for improving productivity and functional efficiency. Most of the HR managers try to do their best. But a very few HR managers devote adequate time and resources to managing employer's attitude with respect to the necessary changes that accompany development. As for the example, let's take The Men's Warehouse which has achieved success through its distinctive feature that is people oriented business philosophy and through this was able to access the full potential of its employees. The men's warehouse was so successful because they follow the humanistic philosophy. Most of the organization has problem to manage the people but it is the one who stands out broadly because it didn't treat its people badly. By employing the people, they had fulfilled their expectation. They had gives the dignity, respect and equal opportunities to everyone. So, this is the one of the cause that man's warehouse was so successful.

Similarly, the Royal Mail, where 200000 people had employed. In early time it began to suffer from serious problem like strikes. They had failed to adopt its internal structures and culture to a rapidly changing external environment in which increasing competition was the most important development. But when they specialized the HR development, slowly and gradually their problem was solved. At first HR played the role of trade union where company's employee could share their problem and so on. And slowly they made policies which covered almost every aspect of the employment and management of people. Like this they got success at last. Whatever problem they faced in the initial stage later on the concept of HR solved it.

From the above example we can say that the HR managers play the vital role between the company and company's employee. Because of them the company runs successfully and get success very fast. So here human resources management is considered as the key to higher productivity, better relation and greater profitability for any organization. In this competitive world, all are competitor to each other. Most of the HR who couldn't understand their role between the organization and theirs employee they are fallen but a very few HR managers who manage the employee and organization are getting success in their field. So to manage the people is not a big deal but to understand them and to read out the attitudes towards their organisation is difficult. HR managers are those people who are well qualified to employ the employee according to their needs so they can do well in future.

To sum up, "Employee needs lots of knowledge and skills to complete any tasks, without these things an organisation cannot achieve its goals" (Anonymous). Lastly, we can say that to look these qualities of employees can only see by few HR managers who can manage and understand their employees well and also the time, resources and necessity changes of an organization; are fully successful in their way. People never satisfy with his/her work. Whatever they have, they never satisfy with it because always they want some new and different things which can change their life style. In this case, job plays the vital role. Job satisfaction is one of it. They want that they were treated equally, there should not be no partiality; they were allowed in safe and secure working environment and also they are paid goodly and rewarded fairly. If these qualities are fulfilled by their company management, they can sustain for a long time in same company. But good management can found in very few organizations. So we can say that a very few HR managers are only make their employee satisfy because of their good management.


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