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Management strategy is a very important factor in each and every organisation. A dictionary will tell that the term ‘strategy' which refers to an action plan or course of action. In other words, how a particular objective might be achieved. The management theory the word strategy should be the planning process of the long term projects and that should be used to explain an activity of senoir managers perform to achieve the company goals. Johnson and Scholes, for example in Exploring Corporate Strategy, define the strategic plan as, “the direction and the scope of the company over the long term, ideally which it is matching its resources to its changing environment and in particular its markets, customers and clients so as to meet stakeholder expectations”.

The stategy management is a ongoing and important function for the company runnig with a good turn over. The startegic management can do the proper plan for the compnay running and management functions. Strategies must be developed at different levels within the organisation to give effect to the overall strategic plan. If anyone is going to start a new business, they need a strategic plan to construct a new company and should implement the plan. Everything should be followed by the proper plan. In this study I am going to select the company which is very famous company situated in Kerala, India is Anna Aluminum Company. I am going to briefly explain about my company. Anna aluminum is a very famous and successful company in the market. They are producing aluminum vessel products. This company starts with one person and one he is one of the richest man in Kerala. He wins in market because of his business strategy was very good and he did everything in strategically planned. Anna Aluminum is the first and leading company of Anna Group. Anna group has many kind of products like chackson cookers, scoobeeday bags and some other products. Anna Aluminum is producing and marketing the vessels and utensils as per ISI standards for the past three decades, it is presently the only company having ISI Certification for Vessels in Kerala. The company has a good turn over in each year. All kind of people will buy the Anna Aluminum products. Any income range people can afford the prices of Anna Aluminum products. They are giving the reasonable price for their products. Because of these reason company is the number one in Kerala. Anna Aluminum compnay management starategy is very good and they are following the production and planning through the compnay strategy. The Anna company manufacturing vessels only using 99.5% pure aluminum ingots.

Task 1:

When I am going to start my assignment one by one following questions I want to explain about my company. My company name is Anna Aluminum Company which is situated in Kerala, India.

I select this company because it is very famous and successful company in Kerala, India. Every human being needs vessels in this world to cook and any other use. The Anna Aluminum is making very good brand products. Because of these reason they become very successful in market. Anna Aluminum got ISI certificate because of their product is very good. This company is making a good turn over. The county is getting more revenue from this company. Some other people tried to start Aluminum company in Kerala, but they could not make success in their field and they could loose their confidence in this field. Anna Aluminum is making new products. They are the fast growing company in Kerala. In this company, I noticed management is very strong. The owner is a right person to take decisions. He is not a qualified person. He appointed a highly qualified manager in his company. He is taking all decisions about the company apart from the owner. Operational level people are also professionals in this company. The company is looking the employee's welfare always. The company is providing food and accommodation for all employees.


 Stakeholders are very important in each and every organisation. With out stakeholder, the company cannot improve the profit and sales. The money is an important factor in any organisation. Without stakeholder, company cannot achieve the goals. Every organisation sometimes get struggle to make more products because of the money problem. In this case, organisation need stake holders. A stakeholder in the organisation should be any person or a group of people who is interest in the success of the business.

In my organisation Anna Aluminum has a different stakeholders like:

Government: government is one of the stakeholders in my company. If the company needs to develop or make new products they need government permission. Government should provide the energy and the resources. The government is interested to improve the company production because government can earn revenue from the company.

Shareholders: shareholders are another group in company. They have share in company. If company is in loss, they have to put money from their pocket. In this reason, they are very interested in company success. In my company shareholders are providing the dividend expense increase, split price increase and also the expansion of share price rate.

Local community: In Anna Aluminum company local community, they also play a fundamental role for my company. The local people help them to give land for the company development. Local community is the different groups like neighbors, municipalty, panjayat and other communities. They can create problems sometimes.

Environment: environment is the one of the important stakeholder for my company. Environment provides that different benefits.

Management: Anna group is a big company and they have all departments like human resources, event, marketing and other departments. My company Anna Group has the top level management. The company provides more external fund for this company. These stakeholders are having a important role in my company Anna Aluminum.


 Each organisation has the some type of criteria that will be considered that when it is reviewing the management strategy plan. If anyone wants to improve more benefit from the part of the strategic planning, then they have to make some sort of the criteria. Anna group always provide some strategic planning and they are making benefits from the strategic planning. Most decisions through strategic planning including the most senior levels in organisations are not based upon objective, evidence-based assessments of the whole situation. They are some what more subjective and are made to fit the perception of the circumstances at the time they are made.

The rational model of strategy that would appeal the FW Taylor (the father of scientific management) would be thought through in advance, top down and structured. The reality is that strategy formulation in the real world is some what less planned, bottom up as much as top down and more emergent than structured. Hence strategy appears through the mist as the organisation progresses rather than being a sought after destination. The strategic planning should be systematic, profit maximization, evolutionary procession, pluralistic outcome and strategy process emergent. The classical approach aims at profit-maximization but regards long term planning as less valuable in a turbulent environment than simple survival and quick adaptability.

Strategic planning is the more important for any of the organisation. Without the strategic planning, the company cannot develop their business. Strategic planning is needed from the company starting to life long. Through the strategic management, we can find out where is the position of the company right now. Every business strategy should be consider about in overall business objectives and the personal business objectives also. Through the strategic planning only the company can improve their production and they can develop their business. All companies should have the future plan that is making through the strategic planning. The company should look after the future. Everything should be doing with the project base.

From any company make sure that what customer needs  and the company have to analysis about the customer needs. The company make sure that not only the customer but also the market should be satisfy with the product and the company. The strategic planning must have to improve it strategic objective and it in a simple way.

Feasibility studies: A feasibility study is saying about the company primary steps of work. The feasibility study takes three like, a detailed and basic report, a small research and other.


In Anna group company has some different potential strategy that should be developed. Because this is an aluminum company, so they have some potential strategy like,

Marketing strategy: marketing strategy is very important for any of the organization. There are a  lot of different types of marketing strategy like the new marketing segmentation and the marketing distribution channel. Market strategy should take more important and make it very clearly to improve the sales in market.

Product development: product development is the another strategy in strategic management. Each and every organization is trying to develop their product. Because the company has organizational development is depends on the product. If the company has some problems within the product the company cannot develop the organization. The product quality is important in today's market. Same products different companies are giving now. The customers will go behind the quality product. In this industry, Anna group is number one to give the quality product in market. There are many kinds of products development in market, like product modification through new features. This means everyone have to improve and produces some product and that should be better quality one and the more exceptional, for example some different types of ready products that we have to exist in the market.

Market leadership: market leadership is the another potential strategy in Anna Group Company. Anna Aluminum Company plays a main role in the aluminum vessels market. In Kerala, they do not have any other company like this in market very successful.

Marketing strategy for a subsisting client:

The company has to create a strong relationship with the customers and dealers.

The company has to produce good quality products.

The company has to find out different problems as well as the product quality and their decisions to make more suggestions from the customers.

The company has to share all the information like new products, new offers and other product news send to the customers through phone or email.

Task 2:


When the company plans to set out a new business strategy, then the company has to set a particular target and they have to achieve the target. Each and every company has some good objectives. Without objective no one can develop their company. Every entrepreneur has to set a special objective and they have to achieve their target or their objective. In Anna Group Company, they have some objectives. They have won in market through the specific objective. It will be only one of the objective or the combination of more objectives. My topic also have objective. Before doing the assignments, I have to give the objective about my topic and my specific objectives in my study.

Main Objective:

In this study, my main objective is going to prepare a assignment about the Anna group company strategy management and their success in market through their business strategy and specific objective. This company could make more turn over each year because of their specific strategy management.

Specific Objectives:

To find out the Anna company sales is going up or down

To find out the product price is affordable to the low income people

To find out influence of the company turn over in the national economy.

Without the objective in Anna Aluminum Company has ethical, logical, the environment, the social, cultural and the business objectives.

Ethical objective: Anna Group Company has to achieve the ethical objective. Normally ethical means right or moral objective. They want to achieve from people respect and the company wants to achieve the customer satisfaction. If the company achieved their ethical objective then the company can easily establish an organization. I have to find out what types of people are using mostly the aluminum vessels and what the demand in the market for aluminum vessels is. I have to achieve these objectives.

Logical objective: This is also another important objective in my company. Not only my company, but also every company should achieve their logical objective.

Environmental objective:  my company should be very conscious about the environmental objective. Market is the competition field. The aluminum company normally gets the pollution from the company. The company should be very careful about the environment and the company should provide more pollution control equipments in company.

Cultural: In my country, having different places, different division and different culture, so my objective should be achieved in all kinds of the people and all kinds of the culture. Aluminum products are used by different culture people and all segmentation also using the aluminum products in my country.

Social objectives: This is one of the major targets for each company as well as my company is always trying to achieve their social objective to the customers. Social respect is the important in my country. The company should make the customer relationships with the customers through phone, email, mail and other ways.

And finally business objective is the important objective for my company. Business objective means the company product should be in market and the customers should buy more aluminum products. Every established organization, the main aim is only for money, so the company should achieve the local market as well others. And also the product should be affordable to customers. Anna group is very good for this. Any income group can afford Anna group products. 


Every organization will have some vision and mission. Without vision and mission, the company can not establish or new product. And also in my company as well have some vision and mission. Before I explain about my company's vision and mission, first of all i would like to explain what is vision and mission.

Vision: Vision means analyze what the company wants to be. Vision always provides to clear decisions and making criteria, also it provides concentrate on the future. Vision is the source of the encouragement.

Mission: Mission always provides the strong long term customer relationships and critical process like competitions. Mission always informs desired level of performance.

There are some visions and mission in my company which are as follows:

Vision statement: “with ethics and integrity, Anna group strives for excellence in all facets of aluminum vessel products in order to enhance the company position as a leading in industry. My company team transforms the forward thinking ideas and into cutting edge applications, that too achieve maximum results for our customers, company and community.

Mission Statement: To be the leading company for the aluminum vessels today and tomorrow by making a good market and also getting customer satisfaction. The company commitment is to preserve the aluminum vessels and generate economic growth in the area. Mission always provides the level of performance of my company.


Every organization has some objectives and some of the company who achieve and some of the company, they will not. My company achieved the company objective and this is very easy that to evaluate. Every organization has some objectives like marketing, product, financial and managerial objective as well as strategic objective in the strategic management planning. The main plan is that, company should provide more production. The company production increases means the customers had accepted the product. This process should plan through the strategic objective. In my company there are some objectives like business ethics, raising awareness, promoting goal practice, role modeling, and managing diversity.

Task 3

Time table is very important for each and every organization. All organization should follow about the time management. If we are a manager, then we should have to understand about time management. Every organization need some strategic objective management and need a proper time table for the strategic implementation.

Strategic implementation is one of the phases of strategic managements and this involves the use of professional and organizational implements and techniques to direct resources to achieve strategy planning. Every organization, they must set their target. Every target should have clearly and achievable milestone. If we want to implement to our strategic planning, we have to set a time table


The communication is the important element of success of any company strategic development as well as in the market. Every people know that without effective communication, any organization can not run in future. If anyone wants to do the strategic planning, they have to talk with the manager; in this case they need proper communication to do that strategic planning. My company has the good relationship with the customers. My company product is very good that's why my company can able to win in the market easily


If my company wants to improve the strategic planning, first we have to set a good plan. Analyze the plan with some experts and after that we have to try implement of these plans. After that we have to evaluate and monitor all things. This is the final stage of the strategic management. We have to monitor our implementations. We have to set a target as well as the communication system should be used effectively. Every target generally set for the financial. Money is important in business fields.


Strategies must be developed at different levels within the organisation to give effect to the overall strategic plan. Anna Aluminum got ISI certificate because of their product is very good. Anna Aluminum is the flagship company of Anna Group. This company is making a good turn over. The country is getting more revenue from this company. Some other people tried to start Aluminum companies in Kerala, but they could not succeed in their field and they lose their confidence in this field. Anna Aluminum is making new products. They are the fast growing company in Kerala. In this company, I noticed management is very strong. The owner is a right person for take decisions.

The classical approach aims at profit-maximization through deliberate planning and action. The evolutionary approach also aims at profit-maximization, but regards long term planning as less valuable in a turbulent environment that simple survival and quick adaptability. Strategic planning is very important for any of the organization. Without the strategic planning, the company cannot develop their business. Strategic planning is needed from the company starting to life long. Through the strategic management, we can find out where is the position of the company right now. Every business strategy should be consider as the overall business objective and personal business objectives too. Through the strategic planning only the company can improve their production and they can develop their business. The Anna Group company is a number company can understand the customer needs and satisfaction. Their vessels can afford any income range people. Because of these reasons Anna Group is continuing their number one position in market.