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Learn In Private Institutions In Getting Job Education Essay

Paper Type: Free Essay Subject: Education
Wordcount: 2572 words Published: 1st Jan 2015

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The current issues in education nowadays which is about the opportunity of students that learn in private institutions in getting job have been discuss and we look this issues as an important issues in our education in Malaysia. First of all, private education can be defined as an education where parents need to pay for rather than free education that was provided by the government. It is also known as an education that was provided by a private individual or organization, rather than by the state or public body. It means that it is not operated by the government. Private education often occurs among people who have high economy status.

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It has many private education institutions in our country and this education institutions is classified as private because it is controlled and managed by a non-governmental organization like Church, Trade Union or business enterprise or its Governing Board consist mostly of members not selected by a public agency. Usually this institution was established by the coalition of corporate bodies which make an investment towards these institutions. But many private institutions receive public subsidies especially in the form of tax breaks and students loans from the government.

In the early 1990s, there were approximately 200 private colleges but no private university. But in 2011, there is exist 53 private universities including private university colleges, 6 foreign university branch campus and more than 500 private colleges. From this data we can see that the number of private institutions increasing rapidly from year to year. The number of private university is higher when we compared it with the public university. We can see the dumping of private institutions in our country compared to public institutions. Approximately 50% of the country’s total tertiary student’s enrolment population is in private higher education institutions. The increase in enrolment population within private higher education institutions demonstrated in staggering rise from only around 15 000 in 1985, to just about 35 000 in 1990 and just over 320 000 in 2005.

The rank of private institutions can be classified based on its tier. Tier is known as a level of one institution is ordered. It has six tiers where tier 6 is the highest level and tier 1 is the lowest level. Tier 6 is known as outstanding and none of the private university in our country is classified in this tier. While for tier 5 it is categories as an excellent tier for example University Kuala Lumpur, University Technology Petronas and many more. AIMST University and University Tenaga Nasional is the example of university that in the tier 4 which is classified as very good. Tier 3 is classified as good and College University Insaniah is one of the universities in this tank. For tier 2 it is known as satisfactory and tier 1 is weak. It also has private stitutions that are not rated and it is because they do not have a specific place or their own building to make as a class. So it is hard for the government to give them the tier.



It has many problems that private institutions need to face in term of preparing graduates, provide the facilities and serve the training to the students. It is because private institutions are fully operated by their own organizations without the helping from the government, so they need to find their own solutions to give the best services to their students. Students that enter to these institutions deserve to get the best services as they pay the expensive tuition fees. Therefore, private institutions definitely faced the problem in providing quality services to their students.

The main problem that private institutions usually faced is in preparing the graduates. They have problem in prepared graduates that are able to compete globally and have entrepreneurship skills in the world of work. As we know in public institutions, students require to take the subject for entrepreneurship. It is because to provide students to be an entrepreneur in case that if they finish their studies and they still did not get work, so they can use the knowledge that they learn to build up their own business. But in private institutions, these subjects are not provided and not compulsory to the students to take this subject. So it is one of the problems that were faced by the private institutions in preparing good and quality graduates.

Besides that, private institutions also have problems in preparing graduates that have good communications skills. As we know, usually many students that enter to the private institutions have low academic achievement and they do not get an offered to enter the public institutions and that’s why they go to the private institutions. When they have low achievement in academic it is hard to develop good skills among them compared to high achiever students. It is hard for the lecturer to build a good communications skills among them.

Students in private institutions also lack of moral values and disciplines. It is hard for the institutions to disciplining students because the rules and regulation is not too tight. Students are free to wear the clothes that they like and they can enter and skip the class whenever they want. Private institutions did not care about their students’ attendance and how their student dress. Because of that, the graduates from private institutions will lack of moral values compared to public graduates. They also lack of disciplines because they can do what they want and like in this private institutions that they pay for.

The second problem that private institutions usually faced is in term of facilities. They cannot provide adequate facilities for students and this is because their spending was not enough and they need to buy all facilities for the teaching and learning process by itself. When they have inadequate facilities it will make their learning process not running smoothly and teacher cannot give their best services to the students. Facilities also the big problem that private institutions should face because equipment for learning is very important for students’ comforts. Private institutions cannot provide enough facilities because of inadequate financial.

In addition, students also need to share the lab facilities when they are doing some research. It will make students feel uncomfortable when they need to share the equipment with their friends. Besides that, students also will lack of skill when they cannot do their research by their own. It also will limit students’ activities for example in doing research and as we know lab facilities is important for us to conduct some experiment. For students in higher institutions they need to conduct a research to make their learning process more effective and to make them more understand about some topic but when private institutions cannot serves enough facilities, their students learning will be limited. Financial problem is also the main factor why private institutions cannot provide enough lab facilities to their students because of the expensive price for lab facilities.

Besides that in some private institutions it also has small classes. Classroom is the perfect place for the delivery of teaching and learning directly from the trainers to the students. Nevertheless, the extent of available comfort and the environment can stimulate students’ attention and acceptance towards the teacher. The issue of students overcrowding and too many students in a classroom are the problem that private institutions encounter. Sometime in one class it needs to accommodate and cater many students and it will make students feel uncomfortable during their learning process. Some private institutions only have a small building for their institutions and they only have very limited class. Because of excessive intake of students, the class for the students is not enough and they need to locate many students in a small class. In this case to reduce this problem, private institutions should limit their students’ intake and provide more classes for the learning process. Some private institutions do not have enough places to allocate class because of small building.

The third problem that private institutions face is in term of training. Most lecturers and staff in private institutions have less qualification and experience compared with the public institutions’ lecturer. Lecturer that was hired in private institutions usually less of teaching technique and some of them do not have qualification in teaching courses. Lecturer in private institutions usually only have degree qualification and only a few of them that have master’s qualification. When they do not have qualification and less of teaching technique, their teaching will be less effective compared to the lecturers from public institutions. Private institutions are difficult to hire the quality teachers because many teachers fear that there are not secure if they work in private institutions. They more prefer to work in government sector compared with the private sector because government will give them more benefits. Besides that, private institutions also can expel them any time they want. That is why only the teacher that do not get placement in government want to works in private institutions because of no choices. Some private institutions need to hired teachers that have low qualifications because the shortage of teachers. When they have less qualification teacher, students also will get less skill.

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The lecturer in private institutions also always changed several time for one subject. This is because, there are part time lecturers in these institutions and often have business to deal with. So a replacement lecturer will come in instead. Sometimes public institutions need to hire the instructors that make a teaching profession as their part time job. So, the exchanging teachers always happen and this is the problem that private institutions need to face. Usually, teachers who work part-time in private institutions are just to earn extra income. Private institutions need to take this type of teachers because of the shortage of teachers’ problem that they face. Some of the graduates from universities also tried to get a job as a teacher in private institutions because they know that the requirement to be a teacher in private institutions is easy. They usually come from the fresh graduates that have no experience in teaching. In addition when the teachers always change, it will make the learning process not goes smoothly and students will be confused due to many teachers with different teaching technique. The training also one of the problem that need to faced by the private institutions in terms of provide a qualification and experience teachers.



Based on these problems, an alternative ways to solve the issues should be taken immediately. To overcome the issues of the opportunity of students that learn in private institutions in getting job, the private institutions and the government should take an action. Private institutions should implements some steps to create graduates that are not only able to compete but also able to create job in the world of work. It means that, private institutions should provide a courses or program that trained their students to be an entrepreneurship like entrepreneurship courses like the public institutions do. This course will prepared their students in case when they finish their study and they do not get work. When they have the knowledge on how to build a business they can create their own job after they finish their study. This will avoid them from unemployment problem.

Besides that private institutions should provide the education system that relevant with the progress of the needs from the world of work. It means that, the syllabus of education that was provided by the private institutions should suitable with the world of work nowadays. Private institutions must prepare their students to have a good communication skill and can master English well. When their students have a good communications skill it will give them opportunity in getting job compared with the students that cannot master English well. Because we know that, English is very important in our world of work nowadays.

Private institutions also should ensure that the courses offered get recognition by the government. This is because when the courses that were taken by the student did not get recognition by the government, it is hard for the private institutions’ graduates to get work due to not recognized degree. Private institutions should make sure that all the courses that were provided get the recognition first by the government. Companies usually do not want to hire graduates who have qualification which is not recognized by the government.

In order to produce graduates that have good communications skills, private institutions should provide well-trained lecturer to teaching there. They cannot hire the teacher according to the needs but they need to choose the best lecturers that have qualification. This is because, students that study in private institutions pay for it and they deserve to get the best services compatible with the money they spend for it. To produce good students we need to provide good teachers.

Courses on career planning should be held for graduates in various fields in order to create a well-trained human capital. Private institutions should plan some courses for their students in order to provide a quality graduates in the work field. For example they organize a program like Career and Training Fair for their students. Program like this will introduce them on how to prepare for the job interviews. Some of them will get knowledge from this program.

Government also should take an action in order to solve these issues of getting job among students in private institutions. Government should limit the opening of private institutions in our country. This is because too many private institutions that were establish and for sure graduation from private institutions also increases. To avoid too many unemployment graduates, government should limit the approval from private agencies to open their private institutions. We can see nowadays the dumping of private institutions in our country compared with the public institutions.

The intake of students to enter private institutions also should be limited in order to solve the issues of unemployment graduates. Government should issues the number of students that can be taken by private institutions each year so they know how much students they can take. Private institutions should take the students based on the conditions specified by the government. Besides that, government should ensure that private institutions take the qualified instructor to work there. Government should set the conditions required by all universities in order to take their instructor to teach there. If they take a qualified and experience teachers, they also will provide best students from their institutions.



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