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Is College the Best Option?

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18/05/20 Education Reference this

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Young men and women who are about to start college or even students that are already preparing themselves for life, tend to question the capability of the educational institution when it comes to evaluating if the education provided by it is indispensable. The reasons some people underestimate the influence a college can have in their future can vary depending on the individual. It is not possible to know what decisions are the best to make to be successful; however, having a college degree increases the opportunity of getting a job or achieving economic success. By examining the education provided within the installations of a college, the help available for people with financial issues, and the prestige that a college degree can give, it is clear that college is the best option for a bright future. 

 For many years the sole purpose for educational institutions’ existence has been to provide education. Education is one of the most important virtues an individual can have, and having it can be essential to a great future. Academic success is important because what most people don’t realize is that educational success is related to most of the outcomes we value thriving. Adults who tend to be academically successful, with high levels of education, are more likely to be employed, have stable employment, earn higher salaries, more likely to be happy as well as healthier, and less likely to engage in criminal activity. In addition to providing academic education, colleges also contribute to their students path to independence. “Whether you commute to campus or move out of the house, your independence will expand by attending college,” said Christine McDonald, from an article published on the website of Patrick Henry College, addressing the idea that moving out is a big step for a young adult, mostly because it entails more responsibilities and what better place than a college environment with modern utilities and safe communities. Furthermore, I think the college atmosphere and living environment foster both academic education and personal growth. Correspondingly, colleges contribute a portion of their profit to the education sector. According to research done in 2008 by Data Cost Project, spending on education-related costs per student is higher than ever, meaning an increase of economic support in the education sector is growing.

 One of the biggest issues people have with college is the cost of tuition. Some people argue that college and university tuition are much too expensive causing a lifetime of student debt with payments often too expensive to maintain. Although most educational institutions have a high tuition fee, “investing in college provides a tremendous return” claims Stephanie Owen and Isabel Sawhill. The gap in annual earnings between young high school graduates and bachelors’ degree holders working full time is $15,000, meaning that over time everyone can regain their investments in college. As noted above, colleges are expensive, that is a fact no one can deny; however, colleges provide financial aid for those that are in need of tuition assistance. There are multiple ways institutions can help, for example, student loans. I like this example because I discussed this option with my parents before entering college. We discussed that student loans might not be seen as the best option at first, nevertheless, a Hamilton Project research shows that lifetime earnings of a bachelor’s degree are almost $570,00 and $170,00 for an associate’s degree, and that is enough for paying back the college. Additionally, Colleges provide scholarships. Scholarships are prestigious awards that often come with financial aid which students can use to pay school-related expenses, like books or classes. Having a scholarship is as easy as focusing on governmental websites with financial aid resources. As stated, there are many ways of obtaining financial help for expensive tuition, all relying on the basis that it is possible to get the money back after achieving a college degree.

 Prestige is a reputation or influence coming from success, rank, or achievement. In this case, a prestige provided by a college degree can be beneficial. Most managers seeking new employees direct their attention to the educational sector of the resume written by the person wanting a job. At this point, it becomes evident that higher education comes with greater employment opportunities, and this is where prestige gained from a college degree becomes apparent. During the time a person decides to be in college, not only is it possible to develop your prestige in order to increase your employment opportunity but it is also possible to build a network of people. The Art Institute supports the idea that college education is the best option shown in by itself statement: ” No matter how talented you are, a strong network can help you start and advance in your career.” Nowadays simply knowing the right people is the biggest advantage you could give yourself, and when used in a strategic manner you might not even have to possess all skills you would otherwise need in for the opportunity itself. Being colleagues with someone that knows someone that conveniently shares the same career area can make easier the transition from college to work or present you an idea of what it is like to study or be part of that career. My uncle studied chemical engineering in a college from Guatemala and about two months before I graduated from high school, I asked him what is that career like. After he answered me with astonishing stories about that career, I decided I wanted to follow the same path as him.

 To conclude it is obvious that college has a lot to offer and can give a lot in return after dedicating time and work to it. Along with that, some people argue that because of the complications a college can present, it might not be the best option. However, the education provided by the institutions offers a greater employment opportunity. At the same time, financial help is accessible and viable for people who need it, with the opportunity of getting more in return, economically speaking. Furthermore, after all the effort put on getting some kind of degree, it will give you the prestige you need in order to facilitate the escalating into the professional field. It is not guaranteed college will lead you into a successful future, nevertheless, it maximizes the possibilities of achieving a thriving future. 

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