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Information technology for a company’s business processes and decision making

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Q1:->How can information technology support a company’s business processes and decision making, and give it a competitive advantage?Give examples to illustrate your answer


Information technology Support a Company’s Business Processes And Dicision Making An d Its Cometitive Aadvantage Is:-

Support Business Process:-As a Consumer ,You Regularly Enconter Information Systems That Support The Business Processes And Operation At The Many Retail Sstores Where YOU shop.

For Example:- Most Retali Stores now use computer -bassed Information Systems To Help Them Record Coustmer Purchhases,Keep Track Of Inventory ,Pay Employes But New MeRchandise,And Evaluaate sales Trends ,Store operations Would Grind To aA Halt Without The Support Of Such Information systems.

Support dicision making:-Information system also Help Stores Managers And Other Business Professionals make Better Desions.

For example:-Decisions on What Lines Of MerchandiseNeed To Be Added Or discontinued or On what Kind Of Investing they Require,Are Typically made after an analysis Provided By Computer -Based Information systems.this Not Only supports The Decisions Making Of Stores Managers,Buyers And Others But also Helps Them look For ways to Gain An Advantage Over Other Retailers In The Competition For Customers.

Support Competitive advantage:-Gaining a Strategic Advantage Over Competitiors Requires Innovative Of Information Technologies.

For Example:- Store Management might Make a Decision To Instaall Touch Screne Kiosks In All Stores, With Links To Their E-commerce WebsiteFor Online Shopping .This Might Attract New coustmer And Build Coustemers Localty Because Of The Ease Of Shopping And Buying Merchandise Provide Products And Services That Give a Business a Comparative Advantage Over Its Competitors.

Q2:->Identify several basic competitive strategies and explain how they can use information technologies to comfront the competitive forces faced by a business.


There Are Five Basics competitive Strategies

1.Cost Leadership Strategy.

2.Differentition Strategy.

3.Innovation Strategy.

4.Growth strategies.

5. Alliance strategies.

1.Cost Leadership Strategy:-A Low-cost ProDucer Of Products and Services In The Industry, Or Finding Ways To Help Its Suppliers OR Customers Reducee Thier Costs Or To increase The Costs Of their Competitors.

2 .Differention Strategy:- Developing Ways to Differentiate a fiems Products And service s from Its Competitiors Or Reduce The differentiation Advantages of Competitiors. This May Be A Firm To Focus Its products Or services To Give It an Advantage In Particular Segments Or Niches Of a Market.

3.Innovation Strategy:- find The New Way Of Doing Buiseness.This May Involve The Development Of Unique Products And Service Or Entry Into UniqueMarkets Or Markket niches.It May Also Involve Making Radial Changes To The Business Processes For Producing Or Distributing Products And Services That Are So Different From The Way a Business Has Been Conducted That They Allow The Fundamental structure Or An Industry.

4.Growth Strategy:- Significantly Expanding A company Capacity To Produce Goods and Servieces Expanding Into Global markets, Diversifing Into New Products And services,or Integrating Into Related Products And Services.

5.Alliance Strategies;- Establish New Business Linkage And alliance With Coustemers, Suppliers,Competitiors,joint Ventures,forming Of “virtual companies” or Other Marketing Manufacture Or DisTriBution agreements Between a Business And It Trading Pateners.

Q3:-> Identify the major types and uses of micro-computer, midrange and mainframe computer systems ?


The Major Types And Uses Of Micro-Computer, Midrange And AminFrame computer SystemsAre:-

1.Micro-computer:-It Is Most Important Categoty Of The Computer Systems For Business People And Consumers. Through Usually Called a Personel Computer, Or a PC,A microcomputer IS Much More Than A Small Computers for Use By An Individuals computers .

2. Mid Range :-Midrange computers Are High-End Network Srvers and Other Types Of Servers And Other Types Of servers That can Handle The Large-scale Procesing Of Many Business Applications Throught Not As Powerful As Mainframe Computers They Are Less Costly To buy Operate And Maintain Than mainframe systems,And Thus Meet The Computing Need OF Many Organizations.

3.Mainframe Systems:- IT IS The Large ,Fasr And Powerful Computers systems.

For Example:- Mainframes ccccccccan Process Thousands Of Million instruction Per Sec Mainframes can Also Have Primary Storage Capacities.

Q4:->Outline the major technologies and uses o computer peripherals for input , output and storage?


The Major Tecnologies And Uses AComputer For Input Output And Storage Tecnologies is:-

Peripherals Is The Generric Name Given To All Input Output And Secondary Storage devices That Are The Part Of The Cpu Pheriperals Depend On Direct Connections Or Telecommunications Links To The Centerals Processing Unit Of a Computer Systems. All Pheriperials Are Online devices That Is They Are Separate From But Can Be Electronically Connected To Attend By The Cpu.




4.Hard disk drives

5.CD And DVD Drives

6.Backup Systems.

Q5:-> What trends are occuring in the development and use of the major types of computer systems?


Software. Computer software consists of two major types of programs: (1) application software that directs the performance of a particular use, or application, of computers to meet the information processing needs of users, and (2) system software that controls and supports the operations of a computer system as it performs various information processing tasks. Refer to Figure 4.2 for an overview of the major types of software.

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· Application Software. Application software includes a variety of programs that can be segregated into general-purpose and application-specific categories. General-purpose application programs perform common information processing jobs for end users. Examples are word processing, electronic spreadsheet, and presentation graphics programs. Application-specific programs accomplish information processing tasks that support specific business functions or processes, scientific or engineering applications, and other computer applications in society.

· System Software. System software can be subdivided into system management programs and system development programs. System management programs manage the hardware, software, network, and data resources of a computer system during its execution of information processing jobs. Examples of system management programs are operating systems, network management programs, database management systems, system utilities, application servers, and performance and security monitors. Network management programs support and manage telecommunications activities and network performance telecommunications networks

Q6:-> Explain the following terms:

(a)DTP :-DTP Stands for Desktop Publishing And It Use to End Users And Organizations to Produce Thier Own Printed Materials That looks Professionally published That Is design and Print Their Own Newsletter,Brochures,Manuals,And BooksWith Several Type Styles,Graphics,Photos And colors On Each Page.

(b)Presentation Graphics:-It Helps To Convert Numeric Data Into Graphics displays such as Line Charts ,Bar Graphs,pie Charts,And Many Other Types Of Graphics. Mostly Top Package Also Helps U Prepare Multimedia Presentations OF Graphics,Photos,Animation,And Vidio Chlips Includind To The World Wide Web

(c)Software licensing:-A S/w Applications Is Purchased COTS Or Is accessed Via An ASP,The Software Must Be Licenced for Use Software Licence Is Complex Topic Which Involve Considerations Of The Specials characteristics Of Software In The Context of The UnderLying Intellectual ProPerty Rights ,Including Copyright,Trademark And Secrets As well As Traditionls Contracts Law Including Contract LawIncluding the Unigorm Commercial code(UCC).

(d)RAID:-RAID Stands for Redundant Arrays Of Independent DisksThey Combines from 6 To More Then 100 Small Hard disks Drivers And Their Control MicroProcecessors Into A single Unit. RAID Units ProVide Large Capacities With High acess Speed Since Data aRe Accessed In Parallel Over Multiple Paths From Many Disks.

(e) Application service providers:-It Is A Large And Fast Growing Number Of Companies Are Turning To Application service Providers Instead OF Developing OR Purchasing The Application Software They Need To Run Their Business Applications service Provides That Own Operate And Maintain ApplicationsSoftware And The Computer System ResourcesRequired To Offer The Use Of the applications Software For a Fee As a Sservice Over the Internet.

(f)Programming languages:-It Is A Measure Catagory Of System Software They Require The Use Of Varity Off PRograming Packages To Help Programmers Develop Computer Programs, And Language Translator Programs To convert Programming Language Instructions Into Machine codes. The Five Main Major Levels Of Programing Langauges Are Machine lAnguages Assembler Languages,High-Level Languages,Fourth Generation Languages,And Object-Oriented Languages Oriented Languages Like Java and XML Are Being Widely Used Web Based Business Applications And Services.


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