Importance of creating information management policies

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Ethics are standards and principals that guides the people's behavior. Whatever is ethical to one may not be ethical to another.

Business dilemma

After reading this letter I would firstly call miss Fernandez and discuss with her about the contents of the letter and take her opinion. I will try to find out if the letter is actually written by her or if it is just a situation that the employees are creating and/or trying to damage her reputation. Upon doing that I will take a action that can be justified to make sure that both the employees are satisfied. If miss Fernandez has actually written the letter then I will ask her to apologies with the other employees and /or pay a penalty thereafter. So that these types of behavior do not occur in future. I will take action that will signal to employees that these types of unethical behavior is not accepted and will cost a lot to them if it occurs again in future. If these actions are repeated more harsh penalties will be placed.

Making business decision 1

In this situation, I would first check if there was ever any agreement made with customers that their personal information can be used for future marketing. I will request Mr. Brawer, that I will not sell the information to him, but if he agrees to pay me I will inform all my customers ( by emails, word of mouth etc)who are interested in music about his new shop, I will also give my customers his (Mr Brawner's) contact and all interested customers can contact him. If Mr Brawner does not agree and still wants the information about the customers then I'll sell the information provided there is no such agreement made with the customers about selling their personal information.

Making business decision 2

Net neutrality is the guiding principle that preserver the free and open internet. Because of net neutrality internet has driven economic innovations , it protects consumers right to use any equipment, application or services without interference from network provider.


- Net neutrality is helpful since it will give the café competitive advantage over other cafes in the market. Competition will ensure better quality products being produced.


- Internet safety is the major issue.


Apply your knowledge.

There are wide variety of employees at the Broadway café. So it is important to build a good relationship with all employees. There is a need to build a sense of trust among employees. In order to protect the data ‘(recipe's) , restrictions should be placed upon who accesses what type of data. We should not allow any employee to access any data they want. Limits should be placed data access. Sensitive data must b be accessed only by selected employees, who can take the responsibility of data security. All valuable data must be secured in terms of username and passwords'.


Data is the most valuable asset of any organization. Data is used (transformed) to generate information and knowledge. And by using these information and knowledge important business decisions is made. So data is the root asset for any decision making. Therefore, Broadway café must follow proper data and information management policies to protect this valuable asset. The management policies that are essential are having backups for all data and information, to minimize risks. Data must be secured to prevent unauthorized use or to prevent misuse of all information.


Information security is a broad term encompassing the protection of information from accidental or intentional misuse by inside or outside an organization.

In order, to understand why information security is important it is essential to understand the value of information to a organization. Information is the most valuable asset in any organization, and it needs to be secured from theft, fraud, misuse and virus, worms etc.


Yes I do agree, it is not wise to use for the employees to use the business computer for their personal use, since when they use the company computer to access their e- mails there is a risks that e-mails may contain virus, spam that will infect the company computer where valuable information is stored.

Moreover, it is very important to place restrictions on who can access the company e- mails, it can become very dangerous if employees misuse the mails, or get access to confidential information. But this restriction can lead employees have a rebellious attitude, since they may feel they are not trusted or they do not have freedom and are bounded be restrictions.

To some extent, employees should be allowed to use company phones and e-mails, but they needs some control over it, so that future problems donot arise.


What is identity theft?

Identity theft is a criminal activity when someone's personal information is stolen such as PIN number, security number for criminal activity without the ones concern. Identity theft is a growing crime in today's technological world.

The ways to prevent identity theft:

Ø It is very important for us to check and verify our financial information. Must check for the contents of the our bank statements, and reconcile with business financial information. Should check for all the withdrawals (debits) that are made from the account. In this way we will be able to tract all the withdraws made even it is important to tract all the bank charges being made. Make sure that you are receiving all your credit card and bank account statements monthly. Carelessness in checking for these requirements will lead to large and unexpected losses in future.

Ø Be aware of all the unwanted calls and text messages ,emails, there can be calls or messages coming even the emails providing you a chance to win large sums of money, and requires your personal information such as bank account number, credit card number etc.

Ø It is very important for the business to be aware of what is identity theft and how is it carried out, so that we are able to protect valuable personal information so that this type of crimes are avoided.

Ø Should always have backup plans, on what has to be done as soon as this type of crime is detected.

Making business decision II

How would a biometric payment system help protect the café and its customers?

Protecting customers identity is a growing concern of the Broadway café. Biometric payment system is going to help the Broadway café and its customers by providing enhanced protection against fraud and identity theft. Biometric system such as fingerprints, are more secure than other means of authentication, including PIN numbers, or signatures. People can forge signatures, passwords and PIN numbers can be easily be found out and used by others. But, fingerprints and other physical means of security are difficult to forge, as it provides the most effective means of protection. The biometric payment system would protect the café by having to pay fee by those who commit fraud and make customers feel that their identity and other personal information is protected. It makes customers feel safe while in café, since their personal information is stored in café computers not in the notepads that can easily fall in wrong hands. Generally, Biometric system provides a safe environment for both café and customers.

What advantages could the café gain by implementing a biometric payment system?

Biometric payment system provides enhanced protection against fraud. Biometrics for example fingerprints, voice is more secured than other means of protection, since PIN cumbers and signatures can be easily forged.

Biometric payments system provides both business and customers protection. Customers would not need to carry cash, checks or cards. Customers can make their purchase with the touch of finger, making purchasing convenient.

Biometric payment system is a faster means of processing then using cash or credit cards. Its faster than traditional means of payment . it is more timely and convenient.

Biometric payment system has lower transaction processing cost, because credit and debit cards processing fees is increasing. This saving is passed on to consumers thus customers will choose our café.

The recipes that are stored in grandfathers memory can be safely stored in computer since the computers are protected and only authorized personals can have access to it, and will allow future generation to access these recipes. All data and information can be backed up.

What are the issues and concerns would you have if you decide to deploy the biometric payments system?

Implementing this advanced technology can be very risky, and can rise a lot concerns. If the implementation and usage of the system is too confusing or time consuming then customers may lose interest to even signup to use the program.

Fingerprints have law enforcement issues. Consumers may fear that their finger prints can be made available to law enforcement officials or government agencies.


The Broadway café, would hold in a database with a numerical representation of fingerprint, not actual fingerprints, this will allow us to discard fingerprints reducing consumer fear. Once customers become comfortable with this system of protection it will become valuable for both the café and customers.


The benefits of antivirus protection.

Ø Installing antivirus is simple and it prevents virus and other forms of malware from damaging your PC or network.

Ø Prevents downtime that is valuable working time could be wasted if you cannot access your PC due to a virus infection.

Ø Protects valuable information on PC.

Ø Prevents others from accessing organization information, whether its business or personal data.

Ø Prevents time consuming and unnecessary task of cleaning or removing virus after damage has been done.

Ø Reduces financial implication, getting the technical support required to achieve removal of virus and to restore your lost information.



A firewall is a device designed to permit or deny network transactions, it protects the networks from unauthorized access or use.

Firewall helps to:

Ø Control access to site systems.

Ø It enhances privacy.

Ø Using firewall some sites can be blocked. firewall is less expensive for organization because most software and other security software can be located on the firewall.priti


Business Dilemma

Yes, I will introduce this sensor technology in the café, but before implementing any new technology issues and concerns needs to be addressed. The concerns with the use of senor technology is the privacy issue, that is does the sensor reveal the private information about the customer, can the sensor uniquely identify or easily track which cup needs a refill, and what can be done to improve the privacy issues.

Other sensor devices that can help the café:

Ø Radio frequency identification device (RFID)

RFID is a technology that track and trace application at a low cost, standardized, wireless communication and sensing .RFID can be placed outside the coffee mug which will detect whether the mug need a refill or its full. RFID is a low cost sensing technology.

The concerns of RFID is the privacy issues , is the data collected from RFID protected, or limited to only authorized users. Security is also a critical concern that is all the information collected by RFID readers secured.

Ø Fleck sensors which can collect data like location and temperature of the coffee mugs, they form a mesh network, and communicated through radio waves. Again with this device concerns such as privacy issues and security comes in. moreover, the concern of whether the device is environmentally friendly also becomes a concern.

There is no particular law till now while deploying this wireless technology, but there should be laws attached to protect customers, employees and café. The laws that can be implemented are privacy laws, that is not allowing everyone to access whatever data they want about the café, its employees or customers. There also is a need for security law, to protect the three bodies (café, employees and customers) of the café. Moreover there must be laws implemented to ensure that the wireless devices that are installed are environmentally friendly.

3. Business decision 1

1. Why are m- coupons better than traditional papers coupons?

Ø m- Coupons are better than traditional paper coupons since it is readily available for customers to use. Since m-coupons are stored and carried in cell phones it has higher redemption rates than traditional paper coupons, since it's readily available whereby paper coupons can be forgotten a t home or misplaced but people do always carry their mobile phones.

Ø It is faster and cheaper than traditional papers, it encourages impulsive buying will increase the sales of the café.

Ø We need to cut and keep paper coupons safely, but m- coupons can easily be stored in phones, and can be deleted from phone after use.

Ø Its environmentally friendly, since no need for papers. It will also help to create new customers and increase profitability.

Ø Customers are real-time on their phones and will increase customer base.

2. What are risks involved with mobile marketing and m- coupons?

Due to day to day advancement in the technology, the security risks are also increasing, through mobile messaging sometime unwanted text messages can be sent and these messages can contain scams ,viruses and worms.

Privacy issues are associated with mobile marketing and m- coupons , if the café is having issues of customers privacy and the issue is not dressed, the growth of mobile marketing will jeopardize the situation and it can lead to loss in customer trust.

3. What are the privacy issues involved with mobile marketing and m- coupons?

The privacy issues involved with mobile marketing and m-coupons is increased ability to collect individualized and personal information, the ability to track visits to wireless websites and the ability to collect locational information about consumers (ACC, 2007)

4. How can the café benefit from collecting and tracking response rates of m- coupons by customers?

The café can benefit from collecting and tracking response rate of m- coupons by using this response rate to generate analysis information of the café and its customers. The types of analysis can be done with using the response rate is firstly statistical analysis which can be used to find the relationships or correlation between the café sales and its customers. Secondly, “association detection”, association detection of m-coupons will detect the habits and consumer patterns in consumption that is how quickly they react to advertisements. Lastly, it will help in cluster analysis which will help to segment customer information helps to identify customers with similar behavior, ( Baltzan and Phillips, 2009)

5 How can the café benefit from tracking if an m- coupon is forwarded to another cell phone?

Apply your knowledge

In order to secure the cafes wireless network, is through the use of firewalls, this method of security, prevents unauthorized access or it's a method of guarding a private network from a public network. Firewalls are less expensive than other software's, since firewall is a package with other software's and security programs all in one. The firewall will protect the cafes networking from public networks.

Ethical issues do arise while implementing this security system. While using the firewalls we are limiting the customers desire to access all the information that they want about the café.