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This essay identifies and discusses the reasons motivated me and my work sponsor to come here to study a master degree at Bangor. In this context, explained how I selected Bangor university, explain the ways of choices, background about Bangor university. The benefits I obtain when I finished my degree and my future plan after finished my master degree. Secondly defined term of leaning, explained learning approaches and the learning process, also how differ form one another. Brief description of learning theories such as behaviorism and Classical conditioning, however the definition of styles and his conditions. also discusses the group work which defined types of group formal and informal group and the classification of it , the reasons of how do people joint groups ,the stages of group structures which are forming ,storming , morning, performing and adjourning. Factors explaining group behavior includes internal and external factors, group structure, group process, group tasks and decision making group. In the last topic explained how to attempt to address the issues that related when people anticipate in group work ,the important issue that will be happen is multiracial group which discusses what the leader should be use the RAP framework which stand of recognize, anticipate and problem-solve.

What has motivated you to study a master degree at Bangor?

Motivation can be defined as a decision making process in which the person put some desired goals and then adopts specific behaviors to gain these goals. Also to satisfy their needs in life and happy with it. According to (Huczinski & Buchanan 1991) motivation defined as a process of decision making do by individuals and through it select desired findings and derived the appropriate behaviours to achieve it. Huczinski & Buchanan 1991) page 230.

First of all I attend here to study at Bangor university to obtain several benefits, the purposes that motive me to came here representing in a lot of reason .firstly I am a banker working in bank in my country, the manager have a proposal to send some of the staff to do a master outside of my country, he has a lot of alternatives of universities abroad. He nominates many countries for example Malaysia, India and UK. He submit their proposal to the Board of Directors to a proof it, but the Board of Directors reply that is the better choice is to sent the employees to United kingdom , the universities in UK provide high standard of qualifications. They also offer more motivation to go ahead in your qualifications. And it offers more support to international students than any other country. The diversity of the UK cities which let you to meet many people from different areas that is chance to know new cultures and tradition from international student they influences me by different characteristics, beliefs, values and attitudes via sharing in accommodation, in classes, social activities and doing assignment in group this also have much advantages by sharing idea form multinational students. After Board of Directors agreed of the UK universities the manger transfer his proposal to the Training Department. The staff of it they ask question, how select candidates? After along meeting they decided to make course in mini-MBA and then choice best twenty and after it they sit to IELTS test. Fortunately I passed the test and I get opportunity to study a master degree at UK at Bangor University.

Secondly how choice Bangor? The answer was meeting together the candidates, Training Department and H$H consultant. They did comprehensive research, gathering lots of information and began to make alternatives, some surfing internet and other make intensive communication and at the end the selection tend to Bangor University. Why? Because it have high ranking in the areas of banking and business research among the UK's universities, best educational system. They think Bangor has famous professors and lecturers especially in business collage, Bangor city is one of the most beautiful places in the UK,. On the other hand it very quiet suitable for studies. It has friendly people and lovely, cheaper stores, private rent available around the university, has many libraries and full equipped.

My future plan is to improve a career in banking and finance in an internationally oriented bank. My objective is to work as a manager for one of the top investment banks in my country, or as a banking Advisor for any world banks. To gain this, I want to complete my academic knowledge and to take the Master Degree in Islamic banking and finance in Bangor University which provides me best background education to secure my future job.  Having this knowledge will allow me to better background in banking working. With changes in the world, in political, economic, and technological fields, I think that after world crisis all professional Islamic investment say Islamic finance the best ways which ably it in bank that particularly appear in by the lasted crisis in the US that any banks work in Islamic finance do not affected by it .  I am however open-minded and prepared to meet all challenges faced to me. I am trust that a Master Degree in Islamic banking and finance will brig me a chance to build a successful career and become a good professional, contributing value to my future banks. (my own opinion before inter Bangor university )

What is your approach to learning?

Leaning is now recognized is a shift in behavior as outcome of experience or practice, knowledge acquisition and obtain through study like skill in some thing example books, TV, newspapers, radio and internet . Also the people process of building understanding focus on experience from different sources, also inferred form change in behavior and performance, shift in memory, and outcomes experience. (Tessie J, Rodriguez, D. M.) Page 144.

The learning granted or gift from god who somebody are cleverer than other they have fast understanding and remembering things. The learning is not exclusive to an education system. Learning starts before long time before apparent of large number of school or institutions. It spread rapidly after school came, there are a lot of different approaches of learning not only enter educational system which discusses and explained by many interested researcher. The learning process and learning approach is differ from one person to another the idea of that notion learn as individual learners have specific approach to learns so as individuals have different preferred approach for example some individual take information through specific ways and other find it impossible by this medium because it quite difficult to take it. This lead us to the types of which learners take information such as visual or auditory learners. There a lot of theories of approach learning like behaviourism explained on the observation and mental activities also which humans and animals similar can be learned to do specific things. Classical conditioning this theory focus on acquisition, extinction, generalisation and discrimination.

Learning style is recognised as a specific method in which an individual learns, learning mode which the best manner to understand and take information, gain skills and knowledge , strategies or habit like regular reading in deliberate educational that an individual displays. Cognitive style is also recognised in a set of different approaches, as a certain approach to problem-solving, focus on ability to think and understand things, especially complicated ideas. A typical or noticeable quality of someone or something of cognitive processing which are strange to a specific people. Regular or strategies, mental behaviours, randomly applied by an individual to problem solving. The expression preferences of learning has been used to relate the situations , environmental , encompassing, emotional, sociological and physical situation, that people learner would select to adopt comfortable position. Learning styles are not permanent a particular characteristic which people will often fallow it. Individuals getting knowledge are able to do many different styles of learning in a lot of causes. might be use more than style according to Honey and Mumford (1986) (suggest that we in need of skillful to adopt one of four different styles in so as finished any given learning job in more satisfactorily) According to Honey-Mumford Model there are four type styles, activists which individual prefer action learning rather than reading or listening . Reflectors which individuals collect more information before making decision. Theorists, which to see the relationship between observations. And pragmatists which are keen to search and find new idea and use it. ). (ALAN PREICHARD 2009 p1-44).

About my self the best approach to learn my self is practice learning, for example in my studies I prefer empirical study that base on home work , show in the lap also via a lot of media like TV or games .

What issues do you anticipate in the group work?

Any number of individual which perceive themselves to form a group and interact with each other to achieve specific goals. According to David Buchanan and Andrzey Huczynski say (group is tow or more people in face-to-face interaction, each aware of their membership in the group, each aware of the others who belong to the group, and each aware of their positive interdependence as they strive to achieve their goals) page 286.

The group includes two types of groups, formal groups and informal groups. Formal groups are formal created to achieve specific task in the organization. In formal groups, the behaviors are serving the needs of the organisation to perform specific tasks. For example the staff of business school collages an example of formal group. Informal groups are not created formally, unplanned by the organization are basis on common interest. The groups divides into, task and command groups are related to formal groups, whereas friendship and interest groups are naturally created. Group command this group is forms by the power of the leader in the organization. Task Group, this refers to individuals who work combine to execute a job task.

The important issues face or encounter any body joint in work group represent in why do people joint in groups , stages of group development ,the factors inside organization and out side organization affect the group behaviour which explain why are many group performances successful and others unsuccessful?, group structure and group process ,and finally the group decision making. About my self I work in a bank and my experience six years. I jointed in many group work during working all points I mentioned above I think is important issues face any individual group members which any body anticipated occur or happen during groups work , most authors and researchers talking and discussed this issues .

Why Do People Join Groups?

People join in group for many reason personalities and organizational. The personality includes, security to joined in group individuals will decrease risk of appearing responsibility alone, because they afraid from threats. Status, by joining a group, members can have recognition and status. Self-esteem, in order of more confidence. Affiliation, they become more close relationship to achieve best result. People can enjoy the continuous interaction with each others. Power, There is more power in great numbers. On the other hand for organizational reason includes flatter structures, perform tasks, improve productivity and quality and more motivation in order to provide support reward sense of belonging.

Stages of Group Development:

Group development in common passes via five stages. According (Tuckman 1965, Tuckman & Jensen 1977).Forming, this phase is featured by the group responsibilities and roles, also group purpose, goals and external relationships. Storming, this phase is featured focused in the main objective and avoid conflict. There is conflict between the leader and members group. Norming, this phase is characterized by complete relationship and best cohesiveness and the decisions making sharing among whole group. Performing, In this phase the group known what is doing and why, put the strategic into action and apply it as it planning, focus on over -achieving objectives. Adjourning, In this phase, the task has been finished or achieved the group members can go to an other new job, and be ready themselves to go their on ways. (David Buchanan and Andrzey Huczynski, page 305)

Factors Explaining Group Behavior

Why are many group performances successful and others unsuccessful? The solution includes many internal and external variables which influence the ability of the group member, the group size, the conflict level, the consideration of group norms, homogenous represent on routine and standard task, the level of cohesiveness. Members education such as experience and training, job design ,motivation of employees and attitudes, also diversity training , gender, and academic major, personality orientation. The individual factor must be followed first because are effect on the outcomes of group. Also the are many external factors which affect the group performance , so every work groups are influenced by conditions come from outside like overall strategy of the organisation, government regulations , structures authority, official regulations, resources or the input represent by skills, knowledge and abilities and personality , process selected by the employees, system of reward and evaluation the performance , the culture of the organization physical work setting, the traits of groups affect the performances of group which influence outcomes of whole group members .

Group Structure and group process

The group structure act as the main issues face the groups when work to gather because of the behavior of members are unclear and possible to do predict inside the group as well as the outcomes that you planed. There are many different factors which affect the group behavior. They include the leader of group like unit manager, employee charge or responsible for workers, project manager or committee president. The roles of any member, norms are necessary because they help and support group and let it go on and survival, help to predict behavior, reduce the clash between the group individuals and give individual to express the main values or attitudes of the group, status group is important to classification of group among the other, size of group which make Social loafing is that some people of the group tend to do less effort than other when they work to gather in the group, the group composition is an important factor for predicting group's behavior. Heterogeneous groups tend to perform better than homogeneous groups over the long run. The level of group cohesiveness is group individual attracted help others in order to motivated whole group and to stay together to achieve tasks.

Group Processes is important such as ways of communications each group individual support each other to provide information and exchange information between other so as to solve problems, decision process, chair group behavior and conflict reaction. During social loafing obtains opposite outcomes of using individuals, the positive results when the out pot greater than input. (David Buchanan and Andrzey Huczynski page 318-335)

Group Decision Making

Decision-making in groups or an organization is the important task made by group members in order to choose the best alternatives that doing by group member which represent the outcomes, may in all departments of the organization be able to be used. At this point, when a decision maker chooses a particular action, he does so with full background of the power and diversity of alternative opinions. He does so, however, using his own notions of the severity of the reactions and disappointments of the individuals whose own prefer- ences for some action has been shunted aside, if not ignored. This problem of how to combine the action preferences of individuals with differing values (utility functions) has been studied intensely in recent years. A basic question concerns the degree to which a group of individuals with differing utility functions can agree upon a single, group utility function. Under certain axiomatic assumptions, Arrow (1963) has shown that such agreement is impossible. Under other assumptions, however, agreement is possible. If, for example, there is a single decision maker who wants to take every group member's preferences into account, but who will make the ultimate decision himself (this is the context we are assuming throughout), then no contradictions of this type arise. (Kirkwood 1972).

During my work, I work in country have a big diversity, the population composed form different tribes and have different tune speaking and values, attitudes and ethnics so as difficult to work in group and to forming group work until arrived to decision making (outcome) .


4-How will you attempt to address these?

Whereas people joint group come from different races to interact together to doing a work or job I think some problem or causes should be occurred in all the stages of group which I explained above, from forming a group to finish the job and making decision for specific goals. So as the manger or the group leader should be aware of this important issues might be happen and failures group continues. The important issue may be happen the race because it is much apparent when group members joint for different multiracial in the group that must be forming this is called multiracial group. To mange or control multiracial group according to Davis Galinsky and schopler (1995) (urge that the leader use the RAP (recognize, anticipate and problem-solve) framework which stand of recognize, anticipate and problem-solve. Recognizing crucial ethnic , cultural and racial differences in any group work requires the manger to be both self-aware and aware of racial dynamics of the group. A manger of multiracial group needs to be aware of personal values and stereotypes. Recognize racial ethic and cultural differences among the members of group. Respect the norm, cultures and customs of the population represented in the group, familiar with resources in the community that responsive to the needs of racial component of the group, be aware of various forms of institutional discrimination in the community and their impact on various populations of groups, and racial tension in the community also. Anticipating how individual members will be affected racial issues prepares the leader to respond preventively and inter-preventively when racial issues arise. The leader should anticipate potential sources of racial tension in the group when members formulate their group goals and when the leader structure group work. To anticipate tensions and help members deal effectively with them the leader should be seek to include more than one member of any given race, develop a leadership style that is culturally appropriate to the group's specific racial configuration, treat all members in respect and equality ,seek to empower members to obtain their rights particularly if they are been victimized by institutional discrimination or other forms of racism in the community , encourage development of norms in mutual respect and appreciation of diversity. The last element is solve-problem which the leader should be use solve-problem approach by the evaluation and generating alternatives, use conflict resolution approach include role reversal, empathy, inquiry, use intervention and goal that are culturally acceptable and appropriate for all members of the group and provide some rules in problem solving and conflict .( Charles Zastrow, Karen K. Kirst-Ashman 2010-2007, P359-360.)


To conclude, this essay has explained factors which motivated me to study master degree at Bangor university, focus on the reputation of it academics ,staffs, and area, also my future plan after complete my study at it. The definition of learning, approach of learning and styles of learning any my styles learning during my live. However the most important issues anticipate occur or happen in a group work as general and my experience work such as, why do people joint in groups, stages of group development, the factors inside organization and out side organization affect the group behaviour which explain why are many group performances successful and others unsuccessful?, group structure and group process, and finally the group decision making. Although how will you attempted to address this issues I mentioned above which I focus on multiracial group I think it is important issues face in my work experience which must be mange or control by RAP framework which stand of recognize, anticipate and problem-solve, which the leader should be do in recognize, anticipate and problem-solve.