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Emotional Intelligence Plays An Important Role In Life Education Essay

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Wordcount: 1620 words Published: 1st Jan 2015

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Based on our group opinion, emotional intelligence plays an important role in our daily life and workplaces. Without emotional intelligence, we can categories as imperfect individuals. Although we need cognitive intelligence to solve problem but cognitive intelligence just represent a small proportion in our daily life. Therefore we agree with the emotional intelligence is more important than cognitive intelligence in influencing an individual’s success. Inside our suggestion part we will suggest ways to overcome the problem the problem from our topic and apply some suggestion into some parties such as employees, managers and organization.

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Firstly, is about individuals. Emotional intelligence is important for individuals especially in team processes. Basically we know that we have to learn how to social with diversify people, particularly once we take part in the real workplaces, we have to work with diversify people in one group. Inside the group without teamwork, everything cannot be done well. When we work with diversify people, sometime we have to be patient in our group, because different people have different behaviour and attitudes, when they work together in one team, sure internal conflict will occurs, to avoid it, we suggest that establish a well develop emotional intelligence on ourselves first. A person with well-develop emotional is rational when they are in work and doing decision making. Besides, we also know that problem solving and decisions making can easily affected by the differing emotion. Employees with high level of emotional intelligence are capable to manage the stress and frustration which occur in goal setting.

On the other hand, as we know that emotional intelligence are related to interpersonal team processes which consist of conflict management, motivation and confidence building. Normally this problem we cannot inevitable it, because all this problems are the natural impacts of emotional intelligence. Therefore, every group member should learn how to cooperate with the others member by encouraging each others, understanding and concern their group, accept the comment from others people, try to learn how to control our emotional in workplaces. This is why we often say that individuals with high emotional intelligence, they are more engaging in management where can motivate and stimulate team members. To be a successful individual is not easy, except we should have cognitive intelligence, we also have to develop our emotional intelligence, this is a well-develop individual that many companies looking for.

Sometime when we talk about emotional intelligence, normally it will relate to job satisfaction. Our group suggest that, in order to have a better emotional intelligence on job satisfaction is to understanding the conditions. It means that we need to know how emotional intelligence can influence the job satisfaction that will help to determine its potential importance for an organization and we also tend to know that through the competencies management literature we can fulfil the job satisfaction. For instance, if you have a good performance in an organization which mean have contribute an good idea for the company, you will get better reward from the organization. It will lead to an individual job satisfaction. Besides, having a good team member of emotional intelligence would lead to an individual to have higher levels of job satisfaction.

Apart from this, a leader should have a high emotional intelligence to monitor the group members. But, sometimes not every leader can perform well in the workplace, because many of them don’t have developed a good emotional intelligence and at last make the group force to split. One reason of this often happens because the leader lacks of confident in their ability to manage their own feeling and the others emotion. One way to overcome this problem is to give the leader various situations workforce. The leaders will force to face the situation. With this, the leader will able to across the entire situation one by one and slowly increase his confident level. At the same time, his emotion also becoming more controllable and he also manage to monitor his group very well.

On the other hand, sometime the employees cannot perform well on job satisfaction; actually leaders can help them to achieve it. Therefore, a group must lead by a leader. Because normally people can become a leader is because they have high emotional intelligence they know how to control their emotion on work. For example, when an employee’s cannot do his well in his work, the leader cannot angry with the employees; in contrast the leader should motivate or encourage his worker to make their work more efficiency. That is why a majority company leaders have to send their members to a course that can train or manage their emotional. They will learn the important of being good emotion in a group, through this training programme, the employees will learn more on team work how to cooperate with his or her group member in a harmony environment without any internal conflict happens.

Many researcher finalise that the leader should discover the emotional intelligence of the employee and work with their team to achieve success of a task. But a diversify workplaces is a challenges for a leader to well manage their employees. Because different people have different region, culture, emotion and attitudes. we cannot hope that everyone is the same, and the leader also cannot assume that every workers can follow their roles and regulation to well perform in workplace. Therefore, what should a leader do is to join inside their group, and discover all this things. Once the leader can mix with his group member, the group member will have positive emotional intelligence on work and cooperate with each members, because they well-know each other’s.

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After we discuss all the problem and some suggestion on employees and leaders, we will discuss about organization. The effectiveness of a company or organization is depends on the members of the company such as manager and workers. Many companies have a diversify culture of worker and this is easily to come to a misunderstanding between workers and leaders. Different cultures also become a big problem in the company which will bring to an argument. This will happen because all the members in the organization lack of emotional intelligence. To overcome this problem, leaders play an important role. Leader is the one who monitor the organization and he should try to settle the problem that the organization faces. In our group opinion, I think that the leaders should create a programme to build up the teamwork, let the employees know that teamwork is important in an organization. Throughout this programme, they will be lack of internal conflict happens. Actually when a company have well-develop leaders and workers in emotional intelligence, it will be an advantage to the organization or company. Because when they are doing their business or in-charge in customers service, they really need play high emotional on their job, especially when they meet a customers who purposely make difficult job for them.

According to Daniel Goleman, the author of “Emotional Intelligence”, he mentions that 85% of a personal and professional success will be affect by our emotional intelligence. For our group point of view, emotional intelligence will bring more advantages to a human being. It not only can help a human in their job, but also in other sector, such as family, student, business areas and so much more. Take an example, a student with a “C” on his or her report card, can still be excellent at any job if he or she has the emotional intelligence skills. Thus, we agree that emotional intelligence is more important than cognitive intelligence. Based on our understanding, we think that people who have high emotional intelligence means he or she who are expert in controlling and managing their own feelings.

In order to be “expert” in emotional intelligence, we can try to develop it personally. We suggest that to develop our emotional intelligence, a person must first understand his or her own feelings. What is the meaning of understanding he or she own feeling? Such as when I angry or sad, we can predict it and try to control it don’t simply put in on our face, this will make the people all around u feel the unhappy emotional. Therefore, we should avoid it to influence others people. As Daniel Goleman said, self-awareness by controlling my own emotional, I will know my own weakness and strength. Thus, a person that intends to develop their emotional intelligence must learn to be self awareness or self cautious. Secondly, self-regulation is the way to develop our emotional intelligence. After understand own self emotions, we should try to control our own self emotion flexibly, that is we should calm down when we are in anger mood because it will affect our decision making.

All the problem and suggestion above is based on our group member’s opinion. We want to share that how important of emotional intelligence is and how it influence our daily life, decision making on workplace and relationship. Therefore, a well-develop emotional intelligence people will be more success in their future life compare with the people who just relied on cognitive intelligence. We can be more hardworking to build up our cognitive intelligence, but emotional intelligence is different, we have to experience it through our working experience and daily social with others people.


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