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As a student, I eaten lots of food in cafeteria and I am thinking that it is way too expensive for students who does not make any money like me. What would you rather eat at lunch, your home-made lunch or food from school cafeteria? School cafeteria offers student many different kinds of food, for example, pizza, French fries, chicken burger, etc. However, did you ever think that school cafeteria is way too expensive for students? The school cafeteria is taking too much profit from students and also the food that they are selling in the cafeteria is not healthy. If there is no cafeteria, student could just go outside school and eat better food and cheaper ones. Since there is school cafeteria in school, they should start balancing the price with students. Too balance the price we should find out how many of students have job and how many of students do not make any money. From this summative, you will find out the average student's profit and amount of they spend money on school cafeteria in more detail and will result of student with job uses more money one school cafeteria.

Also School cafeteria should be responsible for student's health while students eat food from school cafeteria. We should find out how clean is the kitchen in cafeteria. Because they are selling food for students, and students shouldn't eat something unsafe because they are in the situation where they should study and if school cafeteria make them sick, there will be a problem. However, students will not stop buying just because the food is unsafe because it taste good for them.To prevent cafeteria selling unhealthy, unsafe food, there should be data of student's thought of quality in school cafeteria, and find out whether they care more about safeness or the taste and there should be some changes in school cafeteria with some government regulation. At the end of this summative you will find out how students are thinking of quality in school cafeteria. What changes does cafeteria should make for students?

Therefore my two thesis statements are:

School cafeteria should balance the price with students.

Food in school cafeteria should be safe for student.


According to what I researched on internet news is that there is school in Alberta where they are starting to reduce unhealthy food in school cafeteria. They are now selling it couple times a week rather than selling it every day. Most students will not care about how clean is the cafeteria because they will buy food from cafeteria when it tastes good for them and also the price makes their choice to buy it or not. Not all students make money and have money to buy food from school cafeteria. Students will rather go outside school to get better food from actual fast food store. As more students go out and buy lunch, school cafeteria will have financial problems with running the cafeteria. Cafeteria store have advantage of being really close to the school, and also it have advantage of running for student in school. However, if they make price high, student will just go outside and eat. Base on the research High-school students who hold part-time jobs may be more likely to start smoking and buys more fast foods than teens that don't join the after-school and weekend workforce, a new study suggests.


This report studied some different topics about school cafeteria and that are relevant to each other. For each one, a particular answer is provided with supporting data, such as graphs. However, I created tables and graphs with using Excel within the data I got from my survey.

How does the student think about the price of school cafeteria?

Figure 1

This graph clearly shows that students are thinking that price in school cafeteria are expensive for them to buy it too often. This graph is survey from Iroquois ridge high school students from grade 9 to grade 12. From this graph you will able to see how high school students feel about the price of cafeteria. Most students are saying that it is expensive and it is true. The reason being cafeteria's food is expensive is because they are thinking that student will but from the school cafeteria because it is closer than any fast food store. So they are increasing the prices and make good profit. From this graph we might want to compare the price with near pizza store or the convenience store beside the Schools.

Figure 6 is data that I collected from the survey in Iroquois Ridge High School students. Most people who had part time job uses cafeteria 5 times a week and most students spend about 5 dollars and also it shows that most people spend money one school cafeteria. As seen in the graph, Student with job is spending more money than who does not have a job.

Figure 7

In figure 7, it is shown two different graphs that explain differences between student with job and no job. In the graph most people who have job uses school cafeteria more than student with no job. It is because student with no job has not enough money to buy expensive food in school cafeteria.

Food in school cafeteria should be safe for student.

School cafeteria should be responsible for student's health, student should not get hurt from eating food from cafeteria so, what I did to prevent the situation, and I used the survey to figure out how students are thinking of quality of school cafeteria. On the internet news that is researched on this topic was that school in Ontario had problem with student getting food born illness. When school cafeteria staffs don't take care about safeness on school lunch meal, there will be problem with student's health and it will affect student with studying. You might want to know how student I high school are thinking of quality in school cafeteria.

Figure 8

In figure 8, the data has shown you that most students are thinking that quality in school cafeteria is excellent however, there are not big differences with really bad and felling excellent about school cafeteria. Therefore quality in school cafeteria will depend on cafeteria staff's effort and decision.

Future Work:

The need of additional information is noticeable in this project, since no exact information about how clean is school cafeteria foods are, I could not get any information except for collecting high school student's thought about it. Even though most student are thinking that school cafeteria is clean, school cafeteria staff should seriously take care about the food in school cafeteria.

Questions that I would like to suggest are like these:

Is there correlation between how much student makes and profit in school cafeteria?

What changes does cafeteria have to make to prevent the food born illness?

How should cafeteria balance the price with what student makes in average?

School cafeteria need to:

Lower the price for any student to buy with not feeling it that it is expensive

Take care more about the safeness in cafeteria to prevent food born illness and to help students with studies.

These topics would interest the readers more and they provide more detailed information on school cafeteria.


In conclusion, Student who has part-time job uses more school cafeteria and spends more money on cafeteria. When I was collecting data from the survey the result came out with what I expected. My hypotheses were definitely right on this topic when survey was all done and I was analysing the information. And when I graphed them, it came out the result as proofing that student with part time job seems to spend more money on cafeteria and uses for cafeteria than others who does not have a part time job. Also From this summative I could not find out the rate of school cafeteria's quaily and how clean or unsafe it is because it did not give me the information about it. However, I found it out how most students are feeling about school cafeteria's quality and the safeness. I expected to have most student being disagree with cafeteria has excellent quality however, result came out with showing me that most students are feeling that school cafeteria has excellent quality. However, cafeteria should still take care more about the healthy than the taste.

Therefore, school cafeteria need to lower the price for students. School cafeteria need to start reducing unhealthy food and take care more about the safeness on school cafeteria lunch.