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Curriculum and Instruction: Trends and Issues

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Curriculum and Instruction: Trends and Issues

I understand why the trainers have been frustrated for such many years. This is due to the lack of improper in-services activities that were meaningless. Being a leader as well as an actual lead teacher, I would implement some dramatic changes that is or will be essential for the team. I will implement proper pre-services for particular subject areas. For my colleagues I will provide certain staff with professional development workshop through the school year making sure that they stay up to date with the current technologies through education. This will allow the educators to focus more on the curriculum, so that when they are creating their lesson plans using new teaching strategies learned from processional staff development trainings (Wood, 2017).

How can caring be incorporated effectively into the curriculum?

When designing a curriculum we also have to look at the common core standards in undermine social-emotion learning. A common core standard is description of skills students should have at each grade levels by the end of high school, challenging academic ideas expectations for all students are expecting to improve in their leaning achievement and be ready to embark in college reediness, (Gewertz, 2019). With that being said, when teachers are designing the curriculums base on the level of social emotional with students that they have in the classroom. The teachers have to keep in mind that it is crucial about the needs in the classroom and being empathy about it.
                         How is teaching a science? An art? Both of these at the same time?

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Teaching is science because the teacher is creating ideas on how effective the students will be able to learn. For example, we know that science has a lot to do with collecting data from experiments. For teachers they have utilized certain teaching strategies and techniques to see in the learning is effective. In art, this where the teachers bring themselves more fully into their teaching. This is where the both science and teach combine is by doing arts and crafts in this form the students are engage, moving around, and hands on. Both science and art have similarities depending on how the teacher incorporated in their curriculum. When reading the article “Aesthestics and Inspiration for Visualization Design: Bridging the Gap between Art and Science”, by Greg Judelman basically he is stating that the students are able to not only do hands on but visualizing the work (Judelman, 2004).
                     What is the proper role of psychology in selecting instructional practices?

The word psychology is means the study of a human mind and behavior. An instructional practice is the way a teachers uses a method that guides them in interaction in their classrooms. When we combine these two in the classroom as to proper role in teaching, we can say that the teacher has to be mindful in their behavior when it comes to teaching these individual. What I am saying that educators could watch themselves and their own behavior to become self-aware of new understandings about how they are presenting/teaching the information to the students in their teaching. Reading the article, Using Educational Psychology for better Teaching-Learning Environment under the section “Role of Educational Psychology in Making Conductive Teaching-Learning Environment”, by Sharma, Sonal, she states that “psychology is necessary to create congenial learning environment resulting in better learning” (p22).

 What kinds of knowledge does the effective teacher possess?

In this phrased we already know that knowledge is needed when teaching a general body. The effective teacher must obtain proper training in order to teach. The effective teacher that possesses the proper education along with training will allowed them to teach effective without being guided. How would we know if that classroom was properly taught? Well we all know that by looking at the end of the year test/assessments results. This will indicate if the students’ scores increase or decrease from previous years. In that matter the teacher was effective and knowledgeable throughout the school year.


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