Continuous Improvement Plans for School and Learning Organizations

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Synthesize Current Research Related to Continuous Improvement Plans for School and Learning Organizations

 This week assignment requires that I perform as an organizational leader.  My task is to

take charge of handling changes and forming major improvement inside my organization.  My

first change is to evaluate all existing scholarly studies that are connected to the problem at hand.  

My strategy plan will be to require regular research for effective improvement.  However,

making improvement changes are important to increases students’ growth and maintain excellent

outcomes in my learning organization.  My learning organization will be targeting strategies that

will target growth and constantly improvement overtime and not overnight.  My plan consists

some basic changes and instructions for ongoing routines for improvement to take place.  The

changes will merely become effective for the terms and conditions of everyone considerations

and dedication that has the same goal in mind.  My strategy plans consist of four factors that will

contribute to the change and improvement for my learning organization.  The plan will also

require that all accountable staffs and teachers must involve themselves in the process of the

school improvement plan.  These are most likely everyone that will be working with students. 

Everyone will need to attend scheduled development trainings.  The teachers and other staff

members must review student’s data and target those low performance students that would need

more help and certain areas.  Teachers will be able to review student’s prior data from last year

to current year and monitor the update benchmark date to that will show any growth.  I will be

looking for growth during the improvement plan.  It is very important that all stakeholders know

that authentic improvement takes happens in classrooms.  

What is continuous Improvement? What is the background of improvement planning?

 In my position continuous improvement in my learning organization is related to

student’s educational process which unwraps or unpack gradually over a short period of time. 

According to (Berwick, 2013), continuous improvement is closing up the achievement gap so

that everyone is able to succeed and grow successfully.  The background of an educational

improvement planning in my organization will include standardized testing that will provide test

taking strategies.  My ultimate plan will continue to provide each student with a high quality of

learning.  Our background has also include working with the district guidelines and state

standards to develop a vision and staying focus on student achievements and growth.  We have

met and will continue to meet all district and state standards.  Therefore, through our trails and

error those that are in leadership positions will continue to read the community and perform at

professionalism level in and out of the organization.  The schoolclimate and morale will

continue to be supportive for our families and the involvement of our communities.  My

background plan is based off of data and school and community culture from last year’s data. 

What leadership behaviors support continuous improvement?

I believe that a transformation leader behavior supports continuous improvement because

they strongly identify and support the changes that targets their vision.  It is important to be very

supportive when in a leadership position.   This will allow employees to enjoy coming to work 

with a good attitude.  In my experience, being supportive is a critical task and all leaders should

behave in such a manner.  When building a culture of a company or organization it is important

to leave room for improvement and making sure, everything is well balanced within the


What role do data collection and analysis play in this process?

The role of data collection and analysis plays a big part in collecting proven data.  Once

data is collected improvement can be governing to revamp students thinking process and set

goals improve on student’s growth.  In order to move forward with any type of improvement

collecting data must be gather and analyzed.  Leaders must analyze data by clarifying and using

different approaches to arrive at the same goal as others.  As I stated early everyone is

accountable and must focus on students learning process. 

What are some models and best practices for continuous improvement?

 I think that doing the early stage of developing a continuous improvement plan everyone

task should be planned and assigned.  This is something that everyone should have knowledge of

when implementing rigorous ideas.  The best practices make enquiries to recognizes leadership

abilities to successfully implement the recovery procedure.  Best practice is the groundwork for

the need of improvement.  It emphasizes on student’s achievement compare to all the schools in

the district to show growth.  Growth is the key to learning and attain materials.  This may also

influence students’ culture.  School is a safe heaven for students and should engage and

encourage students to want to learn.  Students must be willingly to take part in their learning

process as well as participate in the classroom.  Therefore, teachers must also manage students


What are the drawbacks or challenges associated with continuous improvement plans?

 The drawbacks and challenges that is associated with the continuous improvement plans

may consist of consistency that will show responsibility and dedication.  A constantly improving

plan is insistently improving repetitively.  As I implement the new improvement system to

progress more at limited time, I will train teachers to work toward one goal in mind.  That goal is

to raise student scores and be ready for promotion without forgetting the material next year. 

Another advantage is that teachers are rewarded with teacher of month for six weeks would be

rewarded for their dedication and hard work.  Dedicated teacher is those that don’t just show up

for work to get a job done.  These dedicated teacher makes teaching their passion to teach

students and offers the best education.   According to (Argyril, 2010), when the continuous plan

is in place the organization is able to put in perspectives best practices to repeatedly assess and

formulate the necessary changes for everyone to benefit from it.   These techniques will give me

organization the ways to promote student’s success.  With the improvement plan in place their

should not be any or very few challenges that may occur.  However, most of the time when the

improvement plan is in place minor challenges are very limited.  The improvement plan is a

strategy to illustration adjustments and growth throughout the school year.  The continuous

improvement is generally applied as an incremental procedure in which improvements are made

gradually according to familiar expectations.  Having a proper continuous improvement plan in

place, my staff will be able to describe and model meaningful objectives that will set the

classroom expectations for students learning process.  However, the improvement plan reflects

on data and the accountability of everyone to play their part in the process.  In any workplace

when you have improvement plan in place the business will always improve for the better.  It

also depend on hard work that will determined the growth of student’s success.  For example, 

leveling and change may include morning and afterschool tutoring and some Saturday School

from 8:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. Extra work will pay off in the long run. 

In conclusion, as an organization leadership my contribution to managing change and

making improvement will create a foundation that will emphasis on student’s achievement.  My

plan will also gather data and analyze student’s assessment to target their growth.  When

choosing a rigorous approach, the structure patterns off the district expectations that will

accelerate growth and a lasting achievement.  I would like to mention the no child left behind act

of will guide all district to work out an improvement to that will close the gap of students being

left behind.  This act makes sure that everyone is accountable for students’ achievement. 

Without an improvement plan companies and other organization would not stand.  The state is

the one that will shut the doors to many companies if they do not rank a certain percentile. 


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