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Self Analysis

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Published: 21st Jul 2021 in Education

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Life is nothing without an outcome of our priorities what we have and the choices what we make. Though priorities and choices differ individual to individual but below are the few things that I think everyone must have in life. Self-analysis is the study of one’s own personality. Self-analysis will help the individual to understand their own thoughts and behaviour which help them to evaluate themselves. (Victoria Neufeldt, 1997) Self-analysis mainly depends on certain supporting factors such as:-

  • Self-Assessment
  • Self-Evaluation
  • Self-Development


Self-assessment is a process by which you teach more about yourself or it’s a process of critically reviewing the quality of one’s own presentations such as what you like, what you don’t like, and how you tend to react to certain condition. Knowing these things can help you determine which work environment and work situations could be a healthier fit for you. Self-assessment may be commenced on an individual basis or, in the frame work of external feature evaluation on a collective basis. Self-assessment is used interchangeably with self-evaluation and self-study in the context of higher education quality. They all involve a process of self-reflection by the institution or sub-institutional unit being reviewed and the preparation of a document reflecting that self-reflection.

Self-assessment comprises of two main elements – making decisions about the standards of performance expected and then making judgments about the quality of the performance in relation to these standards. Self-assessment began as a preparation for inspection, although it is an essential business process in its own right. The self-assessment process must be effectively led and managed and should be an integral part of the organisation’s management. Self-assessment is a process of creative assessment during which students reflect on and evaluate the quality of their work and their learning, judge the degree to which they reflect explicitly stated goals or criteria, identify strengths and weaknesses in their work, and revise accordingly. (Stephen.P.Robbins, 2008)

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A simple self-assessment example:

Students are invited to complete a simple self-assessment sheet according to agreed criteria and submit it with a completed assessment. To extend the benefits of the exercise, students can be asked to explain why they evaluated themselves in particular ways. Students can be awarded a percentage for completing the assessment or graded for the quality of their rationale for their self-assessment. Studies that evaluated the use of a simple self-assessment component like this report a number of benefits. One of the most interesting is the feedback from students that the self-assessment requirement made them return regularly to the criteria as they were working on the assignment and keep checking their own performance against them. This heightened engagement with the implications of criteria can help deepen students‟ understanding of what constitutes quality learning. (Andrade & Du, 2007)


Self-evaluation is the process through which a project or organization seeks to understand and access the value of its own work. If you want to self-evaluate about yourself, then you have to see your inner world. If you close your eyes and try to see your inner world, you won’t be able to find anything. Actually inner world isn’t any place within your body, it’s your psychology of our mind, it’s our consciousness; in another words, the dimension of this world isn’t physical but it gives birth to all the physical things you see around. Your inner world is infinite not in space and time but in its potential it gives birth to infinite space and time, and gives birth to other things which are filled in this space and time. (John MacBeath, Archie McGlynn, 2002)

Every individual must learn the importance of self-evaluation in order to become a lifetime learners. We can do this by making out self-evaluation forms, journalizing, taking tests, writing revisions of work, asking questions, and through examinations. When students judge themselves, they are assessing what they know, do not know, and what they would like to know. They begin to identify their own strengths and weak point or drawbacks. They become more familiar with their own opinions or principles, and probably their misconceptions. After they self-evaluate they will be able to set goals that they feel they can conquer with the new information they have about themselves. (Anita Konzelmann Ziv, Keith Lehrer,, 2011)

There is a national attention on generating the situations in which people accomplish to their uppermost proficiency. Within this, there is a growing awareness of the need to identify and provide effectively for gifted and capable or brilliant people, and a clearly held belief that improving learning for the most talented moves all people forward. It’s the information and beliefs individuals have about their own characteristics and themselves (awareness of their own inner thoughts and feelings known as private self-consciousness).It is very crystal clear that self-evaluation is the most important tools for an individual. The basic tool behind each individual is completely based on their personal appearance.

People respond to others on the basis of their physical appearance, sometimes fairly and other times unfairly. Although an individual’s physical type and facial characteristics impose limitations, most people are able to control their appearance to some degree. Grooming, clothing, accessories and style-you can control all of these. If your goal is to make a good impression, adopt the style of the people you want to influence or impress.

Self – Development

Our life is a series of choices. And if we chose the best one carefully, we can do great things with our life. Things that matter and things that greatly affect the lives of others. Even things that will be influencing people long after we are gone. To avoid wasting time and energy and to make the most of your self-development efforts, it is crucial that we should set a direction for your self-development. (Mackall,D.D, 1998) In other words, identify your personal and professional goals and decide where you should go. An understanding of your strengths and weakness is an important place to start when determining where you should focus your self-development efforts. Our roles and responsibilities at home and at work may offer necessity for self-development. For example, you may be a spouse, parent, teacher, soldier or mechanic. Each role has different responsibilities, skill and knowledge requirements, and expectations for your behaviour. (Stewart, Jim, 1996)

Personal Development Planning will help you to define and explore your goals and map out ways to turn them into reality. It will enable you to articulate the skills you are developing now in order to open up opportunities in the future. In this globalised world a person has got his own responsibilities to survive in a highly developed societies or nation, so that the person has to develop his self-qualities first then he can succeed fast. (Karl Moore, 2009, 2009)

So it is very important that we should follow all these analysis, evaluations to make ourselves believe that there are lot of things to explore and prove to ourselves.


There was lot of interactive tests for calculating and understanding our self-nurtured skills which helps in analysing the negatives and positives, the strengths and weaknesses, pros and cons of my life circle. There were lot of tests like johari windows, Psychometric tests, Human metric tests, Knowing your personality tests, Kisa personality tests, Prospects Planner Free Online Career Tests, Kersey Temperament Sorter, Similar Minds Free Online Career Test etc. I took more interest in taking:-

  • Psychometric tests
  • Prospects Planner Free Online Career Tests
  • Human metric tests
  • Knowing your personality

Psychometric test

Psychometric test really helped me to understand what my capabilities are, what iam good at and which all areas should I improve, It helped me in measuring my knowledge, abilities, attitudes and personality traits. After the completion of test the psychometric test development team will suggest the shapes and views relating to our test, From my shapes and views I got a lot of good information and tips to improve myself as a professional in future. From the Shapes and views provided by them to me suggest that Iam highly objective and target-driven in related to work field. Iam capable of recognizing financial aspects and risk oriented. There are certain things that I should build upon like interacting with strangers mainly in professional matters, I can be very sociable to new ones and strangers but it will take time to be close with them and interact with them openly. Iam able to take initiative and push things personally. I can also make independent decisions which mainly a positive and same time it’s a negative aspect based on situation and various circumstances, While taking independent decisions, mostly I act in a quick and effective manner to achieve your objectives and goals.

The psychometric test development team also focused on what all things I should be aware of in future to avoid congestion and hook ups while dealing with my fundamental strengths and limitations. They also suggest that I need to raise my professional knowledge to concrete issues and have to develop the skill of abstracting the problems in a very systematic way. They also found out that I have some difficulties with foul compromises, I can pre define my objectives in a result oriented manner. According to their view I need a harmonious environment and need typical hard working people to do the work properly. And I really can’t cop up with any type of discretion or disputes between the employees and between employers also as I strictly believe that in order to move the business forward, arguments, change in opinion will disturb the harmony of the company. And iam very much strict about the working environment especially in regard of safety and security. If adequate job security lacks the employees will naturally lose the interest in the company and that can produce negative results. And from their view it is very important for me that personal recognition should be given to each and every individual if they deserved to be recognized or awarded.

Prospects Planner Free Online Career Tests

I personally found this teat to be very interesting as they will help to sort the career path that really suits you and will help us to choose in order. Prospect planner tool helps and it is an invaluable tool to find the right kind of job for us. It helps us to:-

  • Generate new job ideas and check out your existing ideas.
  • Find out the various skills in you and motivates you to in a perfect job.
  • Looks very carefully and analyse the perfect job that matches your profile and helps you to find the right job at right place in right time.
  • Sorts out the normal jobs, graduate jobs, post-graduate jobs, and jobs by skills.

Even though being a Post graduate student in Tourism and hospitality, since I got experience in accounting an IT they suggest me the best one indicating Programme Development -Sales Desk. And as shown above picture only indicates the Graduate job, The post graduate job suggest a lot of tourism and hospitality option since m pursuing my post-graduation in international tourism and hospitality. So all the experience I stick together I can get a satisfying job as I got knowledge in dealing with money of being an account executive for 2 years and without information technology the world cannot go further, so it’s a good thing I got experience in IT also and last but not the least I will learn how to treat people , how to be friendly with people , mingle to them with the help of my international tourism and hospitality management program .So altogether will form into an impressive package and helps me mould into in a good shape. So this Prospects Planner Free Online Career Tests really helped me to select variety of jobs which I never thought of it. The test I took worth it.

Human Metric Test

Human metric test really have a unique motive to let u know what kind of a personality is inclined in you. In this human metric test I took I got a result of ENFP (Extravert, Intuitive, Feeling and Perceiving).

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According to Joe butt and Marina Margaret heiss ENFP people are work oriented and at the same time care for humanity is also maintained very carefully. As myself being a ENPF iam very much loved by other people and admired by other people also. While evaluating not only the positives sides are pinpointed but also negative aspects also. Some ENFP has got clowny or witty behaviour which can badly affect the reputation and goodwill of the organisation. ENFPs are fully packed with genuine values, ethics and viewpoints. From the test I came to know that as being a member of ENFP iam able to persuade people by my sympathetic and kindest behaviour. In the work place the characteristics of ENFPs are pleasant and friendly, and interact in a positive and creative manner with both their co-workers and the public. ENFPs are most productive when working in a group with a few Js to handle the details and the deadlines.

Another characteristic of this personality suggest that relationships can be seriously tested by their short attention spans and emotional needs. They are easily intrigued and distracted by new friends and acquaintances, forgetting their older and more familiar emotional ties for long stretches at a time. This personality people should always look for being a center of attraction in a group as they themselves believe that he or she is a fascinating person. They sometimes can make serious error in judging and decision making as the ENFPs are quick in decision making without having a second thought .so margin for error is high. The people holding this kind of personality would always love to have changes and are eager to try out new things for excitement.


This test mainly focuses on the whole personality of an individual which mainly insist on SWOT analysis. SWOT (Strength, Weakness, Opportunities, Threats) analysis is one of the key tools for understanding the overall structure of an individual or an organisation. The success of an individual or an organisation mainly depends on how well it is being utilized and overcome. SWOT analysis for my analysing purpose mainly combines both internal factors (Strengths and Weakness) and External factors (Opportunities and Threats).


My Strength is my confidence and self-belief, Iam very much confident to take any challenges which meets a lot of opportunities to deal with. I want to do the things done in time and I clearly focus on results rather than the causes and source. I love to connect with people whom I know and whom I feel interested. Iam multi interested such as work, playing, hangouts etc. I can adapt to any situation if I set a target and decide to achieve that target. I love to motivate people and make results from them, I got a strong follow-through , so that if iam working in any organisation I would love to maintain a good relation with bothe high level , middle level and low level peoples respectively.

I care for others safety and security and I would love to innovate new ideas and views that would benefit all. I make myself relaxed and happy by helping others and solving their problem to a great extent.


Even though I love to meet various people, my biggest weakness is that I judge people with my eyes from the first time itself. If my mind didn’t accept that one then it’s very hard me to accept that person. He / She might be better than my character, but my first impression decides it all for the rest ahead. Sometimes I can be impatient, i.e., not tolerate those who do not understand. I am flexible in my various decisions mostly because of being sympathetic. Iam hardly trying to overcome this because this can cause job insecurity for me, Work stress will make me nervous and that can affect me badly to adjust with that. Even though I can adapt to various circumstances and work culture I won’t focus too much in developing my inbuilt skills and strengths.


As far as opportunities are concerned I would love to get more coaching and assistance to improve my leadership skills and views. I will take the opportunity to learn from mistakes and learn more things which are beneficial for me in future. I will make use of each and every opportunity to make a good relation with others to maintain a peaceful and friendly work atmosphere. This will result in providing a non-threatening situation for my colleagues and employees to enjoy their work and my work also. So I would like to utilize all the opportunities that I get in my life for the benefit of the organisation and for myself to grow as a responsible human being.


Threats are all unavoidable factors in any business, Benefit without risk is meaningless. Threats can negatively impact on the organisation and it act as a barrier for the individual growth for any person. For me the major threat while working in an Organisation is the Time pressure which can derail all my plans and which results to put me in back foot. Threats can come in many ways like recession, natural calamities, competitors pricing for the same quality products, increase in interest rates and many other risk can make a turn around and change the complete momentum of the company. Another threat iam facing is the multi attitude behaviour which may result in lack of concentration in doing the job properly.

So the above shown SWOT analysis replicates my personality. The strength I got from my SWOT analysis is very good. Even though there are lot of positive aspects , Still I need to improve a lot to improve my skills and I will try my best to pull down the weakness bar down as much as I can, This type of proper planning and research will help me to explore myself and understand what I have and what I don’t have.



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