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The Global Issue Of Terrorism Can Technology Help Criminology Essay

Paper Type: Free Essay Subject: Criminology
Wordcount: 3772 words Published: 1st Jan 2015

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Human is facing many global issues nowadays, however the issues of terrorism is already evolved and become one of a serious issue that has been patient by the whole world. The statistical data shows that terrorism slowly grows up around us and occurs more and more. For example, the infamous incident had happened recently is 911case in US, it has brought out a huge damage, not only affect their economy but also affect civilian life there. Therefore, it was also involved and crashed the global economy thus bring panic to the worldwide.

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As a result, terrorism means extremist stand for theirs’ own view and unstopped making incident attack. The four characteristics of the terrorism are: the threat or use of violence, a political objective; the desire to change the status quo, the intention to spread fear by committing spectacular public acts and the intentional targeting the civilians. The problems that terrorism has caused in the world today are world chaos, terrified of people, economic depression and other more.

In conclusion, this research paper addresses the issue of terrorism in order to find out if today’s technology can help to prevent terrorism. It looks at the type of terrorism, the causes of terrorism, ways to prevent terrorism through the use of technology.


Literature Review

According to this website http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/8552323/ , this article talked about the technology for preventing terrorism in the future such likes smoke-detector, human vigilance and bomb-sniffing dogs. They can detect bombs and chemical and biological weapons.

This site http://www.meteck.org/causesTerrorism.html , it talked about the causes of terrorism for example: nationalism/separatism, globalisation, (non) democracy and religion. These causes are considered as the main by this website.

In this site http://www.johnstonsarchive.net/terrorism/intlterror.html , the data shows that the terrorism happened from year 1968 to year 2007 keep rise and fall. That had make many people fatalities and injuries.

According on the book of Historical Dictionary of Terrorism, there has many information probes into the type of terrorism, classification of terrorist groups,

new players and changing motivations of terrorists and impact of technology on contemporary terrorism and the future threats of weapons of mass destruction and cyber-terrorism.

According to New Straits times According newspaper, on 2009/12/11, Indonesia had invented a new type of defence installations called new anti-terror body. It can rooting out terrorists and routing their cells remain its key tasks, the new agency will put greater emphasis on prevention. This will include rehabilitating detained terrorists so that they do not return to their old ways after leaving prison, and clamping down on religious radicalism



For this assignment, most of the information we search from internet. From internet, we can know more things about terrorism. But we also put some our opinion in this assignment. We also get some information from books and newspapers to more different things.

Conversely, we decide to do interview question. Our interview question, we asked Taylor’s College student. Via interview question, we know the opinion of the student and give his knowledge about terrorism for us.

Lastly, we also drew mind map for easier to start this assignment because we can know where to start from the mind map.


Type of Terrorism

State Terrorism

An act of state terrorism is not difficult to identify. In the example of history record, the concept of “terrorism” has been bought to us by the French government’s reign of terror in the first place. Briefly after the French monarch in 1793, there is an establishment of revolutionary dictatorship and it decided to root out anyone who might resisted the revolution. At the time, about tens of thousands of civilians have been killed as a variety of crimes. State terrorism is normally uses violence and spread fear to maintain their power, by the way, their main target is the innocent civilians. State terrorism always selected the public to regard as a negotiation to spread fear thus committing critical public acts. One of the characteristics might in a political objective, state terrorism wants to change the status quo desirously. In the addition, state terrorism just similar a civilian so that they are omnipresent and menaced to the public seriously.


Bioterrorism have always to use germs and disease as weapons. Bioterrorism are less in appearance and there are no recorded their attacks. However, the reported risk has been paid highly attention by the U.S. government to defense bioterrorism in the early part of the 21st century. Bioterrorism will be adopted to liberate toxic biological to harm the civilians. The viruses, bacteria and toxins have been sort out by the U.S. Center for Disease Control that could be used in attack.


Eco-terrorism is describes that interests in hanging over of the environmentalism recently. In the main, these environmental extremists (eco-terrorism) made destruction

on property to strike the development of economic on industries or they will harm the animal and to damage the natural environment thus benefit themselves. Some legal unit that permitted by the government, for example fur companies, deforestation and animal research laboratories was also included as eco-terrorism.

Nuclear Terrorism

Nuclear terrorism means a type of terrorists that to be adept in using nuclear materials by a number of different ways as their tactic. Nuclear terrorism is normally exploited any kind of radioactive materials just like attacking nuclear facilities, building nuclear weapons or purchasing nuclear weapons. These days we believe that terrorists might be able to purchase nuclear weapons on the black market easily. Therefore, it’s possible that the group of terrorists might be even to build a nuclear weapon themselves in the very soon future.

Nar-co terrorism

Nar-co terrorism had been started in the first place since 1983. Nar-co terrorism is a type of terrorists who indicate violence by using drug traffickers further to affect governments to interfere the drug trade. In the several years, nar-co terrorism even more defined their position toward how they use drug trafficking to fund their manipulation effectively.


Cyber-terrorism attack civilians by using information technology. There’s measure that they technically use information technology, such as telecommunications or computer systems as their tools to make desolation meticulously. More often, cyber-terrorism would disrupt network radically by their ways, to make the networks become paralyzed. For example, cyber-terrorism could crash the network security systems or hack into any networks to stole or destroy whatever information that they need. Cyber-terrorism is already become wide discussion because it was the most general threat that around the civilians and public.

According to the interview questions that answered by most of the student of the Taylor’s university college considered roughly that the terrorism is an extreme activities which was intention to threat or behavior in violence to the public or civilians. They also said that terrorist is someone who is not balance in their psychology and they thought that terrorism will not only damage the economy but also menace our life. According to the result from interview question, there is about 87% students in Taylor’s University College were worried about terrorism.

The terrorism happened including a lot of reasons. One of the causes is human issues. These consist of the below:

Human Issues

Environment issue: The environment issue shows that the terrorism happened cause of some of the undeveloped or developing country’s national feel that their live environmental not good as the others developed countries, so they go on the terrorism activities to attack the better environment countries. It has relevant with the psychology issue.

Psychology issue: Those terrorists pass on the terrorism to release their social pressure. Most of them facilitating war and other terrorist atrocities by inhibition the more or less lifted entirely with a more subtle sense. They fight with social disobedience. In additional, they might support those who use more lethal violence. Besides that, some of the terrorists go on the terrorism not for fighting against the real enemies but only to the old psychological wounds from early childhood harm. They try to doing hurt to others to make reprisal. Others that, variously unbalanced psychology problem such like, envy also cause the terrorism happened.

Education issue: Nowadays, education issue has been universally accepted by the whole world that mainly causes the terrorism. In some of the undeveloped countries, many of children been teaching to hold and use the weapon to attack with extremely mind and knowledge, especially Islamic countries. When those children grow up, they maybe will be influenced to become terrorists and go on the terrorism. Besides that, some of the high technology countries provide the data of the dangerous weapon manufacture. When these techniques been learning by those scheme people, it will only increase the dangerous of the world.

Religion issue: It is also one of the causes of terrorism. There have a lot of the religion in this world such like Buddhism, Christianity, Islam and other more. Among these religions, a small part of these religion’ ideology are extremely and exist dangerously. These extreme religions exists evil thought and disseminate spread heretical ideas. They teaching their followers and believer a lot of the extreme idea and instigate them to sacrifice themselves to gain the trust from the “God”. Besides that, the clashing among the religion made the terrorism unstopped happened.

Race issue: There has been a lot of terrorism happened causes of the racial issue. In most of the countries, there got more than two race people live together, such like United State of America, Malaysia and other more. These made a lot of clashing within a country of different race or between 2 countries. Race clashing happened including many causes, like censure with each other, religion issue, the different life style and living standard and others. In addition, racial discrimination and rejection aggravate the problem

Advantage issue: When two country happened benefit dispute or when a country envious another country’s flourishing and wealth, then the terrorism maybe happened. Besides that, the variety advantage clashing between two countries made the terrorism keep happened.

Refer to the interview questions that answered by some students in Taylor’s University College who thought that terrorism will happen, the majority cause was come from the religion. The different intention of religions will be clashing thus cause fissure of different religions. Otherwise, they were not agreed that terrorism was the outcome of religious teaching because these purely are their private idea regardless of religious problem and he also thought that for the terrorists root cause roughly is their education and environment problem. Overall, they said that the incident attack which was happened in USA was came from Afghanistan because he believed that the USA government had attacked Afghanistan before with a reason that cannot be accepted by the whole world and make the citizen of Afghanistan became angrier to USA government and he thought that some of the citizen will try to revenge the USA government.

Technology in the future

Anti-terrorist truck

U.S patent 4667565, Rapid response patrol and antiterrorist vehicle by Reg. A. Anderson. Issued May 26, 1987.

The anti-terrorist truck exterior is actually not different with normal truck. There is a mechanical robot hide inside the anti-terrorist truck which is controlled by people. When the truck parked quietly at parking zone and terrorist walk past the truck unknowingly, the mechanical robot can be out of the truck roof and shot the terrorist with machine gun immediately. This technology can help terrorist defender to defend terrorist in a good way and the terrorist defender will not be hurt by terrorist because the terrorist defender is not inside the truck. Therefore, anti-terrorist truck also has a protection of terrorist defender.

Airplane sleeping gas system

U.S. patent 6499693, Aircraft to respond to threats, by Ariel S.Rogson. Issued Dec 31, 2002.

We know that terrorists are almost breaking down the cockpit door successfully and burst into airplane. This is quite dangerous for passengers. This sleeping gas system is installed into the plane’s ventilation system. When pilot discovers terrorists makes

confusing in the plane, the pilot can release the sleeping gas. After releasing sleeping gas, the terrorists and passengers are knocked unconscious. Then, pilot land the plane and let police arrest the terrorists. According to this case, this sleeping gas is just a hypnagogue and it will not harm people. People will wake up after one or two hour.

Explosion Containment Net

U.S. patent 6854374, Explosion containment net, by O. Alan Breazeake. Issued Feb 15, 2005.U.S.

Terrorists can sacrifice their life to tie bomb on their body and let the boom explode. This may kill many people when the bomb explodes. Explosion containment net look like an umbrella, but it is actually a strong Kevlar net fired from a special gun to compress and prevent a bomb’s blast. Terrorist defender can use explosion containment net to suck the terrorist who tie bomb on their body. There is a tank is worn on the back of operator. The explosion containment net also contains a tube for

providing fire suppressant agent. This net is not only can deal with terrorists but also a great way for fishing.

Anti-terror Robot-MAC


MAC means Mechanical Anti-terrorist Concept. This is the first Philippine’s anti-terror robot dubbed as MAC is important and very much equipped in foiling bomb attacks in the metro. MAC is the first Pinoy-made bomb disposal robot. It is actually developed by students and engineering professors. The anti-terror robot is made of aluminums and fiberglass so it has a very strong exterior. It can be used for examining and recovering a suspected explosive away from public. It is a necessary for bomb disposal and disarmament. People can control it with wireless interface.

Digital sharing data

Fingerprint Scanner

The advanced biometric technology with fingerprint scanner provides terrific functions, such as functions in window logon, Screen Saver Lock, Web Account, File Encryption and PC Lock. The fingerprint scanner also involves personal data security and whole the country does not be invaded. Hence, it can stop terrorists from entering a country hence the terrorists also cannot threaten. For example, in the airport generally installed this technology to prevent the terrorists to enter their country because large numbers of people pass through airport, so there will become the terrorists gathering place. Similarly, the larger number of people on the airport, so the potential high lethality rate of attacks from there. In fact, some of the public schools boards also have decided installing fingerprint scanners at all entrances is the best way to proceed as it can keep students safe in a system that is far behind the times in preventing terrorists attack them, such as it would go a long way to prevents school shooting, bomb threats etc. Conversely, terrorism is playing havoc with cyber cafe business, so the fingerprint scanner must be installed there it was responsible to introduce stringent rules regarding user information for record purpose. Disadvantage of fingerprint scanner is it cannot distinguish between a picture of a finger print and the finger itself and the sometimes the scanner can be fooled by a meld of a person’s finger. On the other disadvantage is about civil securities because the criminal who are cutting off a person’s finger to get access to a door. These deceptions are done to steal ones identity into secures system. As a result, a person who loses fingerprint’s identity then that person will never be able to use because it cannot be replaced their identity.

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Brain Scanning

Regarding use of brain scanners must be regulated in order to prevent terrorist being used invade or intimidate civil liberties. Beside there, the brain scanning is scanning the honesty of an individual’s subconscious. According researchers told that the brain scans already used in United States and also used by British police to determine who are lying to invade their country, so research finding that certain regions of the brain become more active when a person lies, they also used it to plan a crime to commit yet. On the other hand, the government also has used this technology to scan human brain who is the terrorist and prevention children being kidnapped. Hence, the brain scans to identify patterns of activity before translating them into meaningful revealing what a person planned to do in the near future. However, using the scanner could look around the brain for the information and read out something that who are not tells true. Conversely, using brain scanning also have some problem as a forecast the person’s intention with 70% accuracy, it have been compromised when it scans person because it appeared to be fatigued.

Retinal scanning

The retinal scanning is used to map the inimitable patterns of a person’s retina; it is located in the following part of the eyes. Beside there, it also complex structure to supply the retina with blood, the retina is unique for each person. Retinal scanners are typically used for authentication and identification point. It always used in the highest level of security, such as militaries, airports, power plants and the other mainly areas. It also has been utilized by several government including FBI and CIA. As a result, every countries government has installed the full body scanners of retinal scanning in major international airports. It would have detected any solid especially is the explosives strapped to terrorists’ body, so the full body scanners could be prevented the terrorist who tried to blow up airport Conversely, using retinal scanning also have some disadvantages, that is it can be quite expensive to install because the retinal scanner who are installed will be spent a lot of money. On the other disadvantage is it can be considered an invasion of privacy as a retina may indicate any health problem, for example it can scan all solid that included civil of country. The third and four

disadvantages is considered intrusive and making inconvenient. However, it also the reason why retina scans technology has mostly been used for high-risk security places where it believed the extra security provided by retina scanner is desirable.

Regarding most of the students’ opinion, they were considered vigorously that the United Nations is responsible to control and prevent terrorism effectively. Therefore, some of the students suggested that the Ministry of National Defense might manufacture some novel technology weapons to counter terrorism so that could protect civilians. They also thought that our country need to some severe laws to prevent invader.



Regarding the matter of increasing terrorists’ case in the world, we would suggest that governments from all over the world should spend more in tightening the security of the particular country and also to spend more on tracking the terrorist activities around the world. This can help to keep the terrorist activities to the minimal level.

After adopt the introducing of the terrorism, we can know that terrorist is categories into six types of terrorists. Any type of the terrorism got different ways to affect the countries. Therefore, we should use the suitable way to counter the right type of terrorism.

There have six reasons of the human issue that cause the terrorism happened. These human issues let the world become more and more confusion. Actually these issues can be solved with effectively way by us and also the country, especially by controlling ours mind and actions.

Nowadays, there are still many concept of preventing technologies in the world. These technologies still investigate by preventer. These technologies can help to prevent terrorism in the future.

Nowadays, finger print scanning, brain scanning and retinal scanning is the best way to prevent terrorists from entering a country. After that, when have terrorism happened in a country, then the country will use digital sharing data sent to other countries in the world.

Overall, the best way to guard against terrorism is to have no enemies and the cause of social violence is accumulated social stress.



We think that some powerful country maybe make a “Super Missile” in the future when they were research for preventing terrorism. The super missile can scan all substance and then launch the missile when somebody aggress their country.

We have fabricated a weapon; the name is “all-round scout machine car”. It can be tracked the suspicious of the people and arrest them. It function include fluoroscopy anything to ensure if it exist any danger and it also can demolish the bomb to cut down the harmful to people.

A government of country should know what make terrorism happen. For example: Is it politic problem? Does the government fairly deal with people?

Actually, high technology for preventing terrorism is still limited for us. Actually, we cannot totally prevent terrorism but we can decrease terrorism happen. Not only use technology but also need people’s cooperation to decrease it.


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