Negative Impact of Human Trafficking on Society

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Nowadays, many people are missing all around the world because of human trafficking. What negative impacts will human trafficking bring to modern society? In general, human trafficking is a crime of abduction, fraud, deception and trade humans which happens all around the world. Most victims gain physical and mental damage after they are trafficked, so a significant social and personal impact has been made by this problem. Human trafficking is now a serious global issue. Some countries have begun to make some solutions, but there is still a significant amount of people who are trafficked every year. It brings a severe negative impact on society.

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Human trafficking can both bring mental and physical damage to the victims. It is also a disaster of victims’ families. There are three specific cases about how human trafficking make damages on victims which are given by Emma George, a Senior Lecturer in Health and Physical Education, and Mandy Stanley, well known for her contributions to occupational therapy and science. The first case illustrates a female who named Maya, left Syrian because of the war, and she got an opportunity to work in Lebanon. However, after she arrived there, she was forced into a commercial sex trade with the other women. She gained serious psychology and physical violence until she is saved by the polices. The second case is about a child named Ping, who is only 12 years old. She also gets a work opportunity in Vietnam with her friends. After this, same as the last case, they are sold to a brothel in China. After one year, Ping was saved, but because of violence, she still has headaches and poor vision. Forced labor is also a primary type of human trafficking — a man called Rajiv, who wanted to get an agriculture work for extra money for school expenses. However, his employers forced him to use a fake identification so that he can work 80 hours per week illegally. The employers also refused to give them salary if they complain about the work. (George & Stanley, 2018) According to the three cases, it can be seen that the victims can be males and females, and also teenagers and adults. All of them want to work somewhere to have a better income, but human trafficking brings personal and social negative impact.

Additionally, there are some data of the issue of human trafficking collected by Waleed M. Sweileh, who is a Professor of Pharmacy and Pharmacology at the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences in the An-Najah National University. He analyzes that sex trafficking is one of the primary types of human trafficking. According to his research, “The International Labor Organization (ILO) reported 12.3 million trafficking victims in 2005, 21 million victims in 2012, and 40.3 million victims in 2016.” (Sweileh, 2018) It shows that a big number of people are trafficked every year, and the data has a rising trend. There is a long-life lousy impact of these people. Also, most of the victims are in low-income families, broken families, or they are homeless. (Sweileh, 2018) It is unfair to these people, and this crime carries off these people’s chances to have a better life. Human trafficking is an injustice in this particular group of people. This criminal activity brings a destabilizing factor in society because all the data collection around the world scared people.

Furthermore, the negative impact that human trafficking brings to females is going to be talked about emphatically. Lanying Huang focused on the study of the distribution of victimization and repeated victimization and the victim impact of different social groups. She had research on the human trafficking problem on females and children in Taiwan. Because Taiwan is a region under the influence of Confucianism, women have a lower social level in the 1970s and 1980s. If females are trafficked, it catches less attention from the government. (Huang, 2017) So it is also the main reason that they are easier to be kidnapped. Human trafficking makes females life much worse, and it is unfair. Nowadays, women are more influential in Taiwan, and the government has more laws to protect them. However, the problem of human trafficking is still in a bad situation.

Children are supposed to grow up and be mature under the protection of the government. However, there is a big number of children disappeared, and become trafficker’s tools for making money. According to the research of a group of people who focus on the problem of violence among child, they illustrate, “abuse is an important predictor of short- and longer-term poor health including depression, alcoholism, drug use, risky sexual behavior, sexually transmitted infections, self-injury, and suicide attempts.” (Kiss, Yun, Pocock, & Zimmerman, 2015) These are some cruel facts that children should not experience in their lives, and it could be a reason to destroy their families.

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At last, when talking about the criminals of human trafficking in society, BBC Monitoring Central Asia has a statistic data of all the criminals, “According to official data, in the first nine months of the year, 1,449 people suffered from crimes related to human trafficking. Of them, 1,283 were men, 166 – women and 28 – minors.” (2008) A huge impact has been made because of this group of people, and they are brought to justice. Human trafficking causes a terrible social morality, and a significant number of people join this crime.

In conclusion, the issue of human trafficking is becoming more and more severe in society these years. There are both mental and physical damages that human trafficking brings to victims in the three cases, and they are just a tiny part of this whole crime. All the statics show the seriousness of this problem, especially on females and children, and they are supposed to be the ones that need to be protected. In the future, the government should put more effort into this problem, so that society can become safer and better.


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