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History of the Prison System and Arguments for Reform

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Wordcount: 2117 words Published: 18th May 2020

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Philosopher Jeremy Betham was a firm in his choice to not stand by the death penalty. So set on his decision he created a concept of a prison that would be used to detain prisoners and isolate them from the outside world as a form of punishment. This concept was brought to life in the 19th century from then prisons started to expand.

The definition of incarceration is the state of being confined in prison.

To see how imprisonment functions reliantly with different parts of Criminal Justice componets, we have to build up what it implies. To be reliant, it implies that you are relying upon one another or commonly needy (“Interdependent”). In the event that the litigant was indicted and the charges give him/her prison time, they will be sent to the revision framework for discipline. As a rule for most cases, this includes probation, imprisonment, or both. For probation, as you may definitely know, can either be regulated or unsupervised. When you are administered, the guilty party needs to check in normally with an officer to guarantee consistence with the terms of their probation. When you are unsupervised, at that point that just implies that you possibly face correctional facility time or different disciplines on the off chance that you run further afoul-keep running into any more clash with anybody or anything-of the law (“How Does the Criminal Justice System Work?”). Redresses and imprisonment work reliantly on the grounds that detainment is normal as far as the result of certain criminal preliminary and even in progressively genuine cases. At that point there is the remorseless and bizarre discipline that the convicts are free from, this incorporates no prison stuffing (which happens a great deal as I said before), ill-advised medicinal consideration, and any physical maltreatment in the hands of prison guards. Presently, this may sound extraordinary for the prisoners yet is this extremely full of feeling?

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The prison system today has evolved into a normative power based empire Using manipulation of the prisoners to keep Fear instilled in the inmates to prevent the them from Acting outside of what is deemed as acceptable behavior when confined to prison.  The people of the time believed that prisons would cause a decrease in violence and criminal activity within the community. They hoped it would deter people from committing crimes out of fear of what would happen to them if they went to prison. Others argued that incarceration would increase the criminal activity and violence within the community an urge the people to become more involved in the world of crime because prisoners are surrounded in a criminal Society looking for people who have similar experiences. It is true that we needed incarceration at the beginning of its development and establishment but today we have evolved as a society and developed other programs and forms of Rehabilitation which ultimately can replace penitentiaries.

 In recent times there has been a vast number of repealed cases when prisoners were set free after their case was reevaluated and New details support the claim that the defendant was innocent. This Council public that the criminal justice system needs a reformed completely in the prison system has been Tainted for Capital greed. Prisons aren’t used as a reform facility anymore they’re used as businesses.  Which targets the black community because of higher poverty rates and racial profiling which has caused officers to be not seen as protectors but seen as threats. Which could possibly be true. It’s no secret that black men are the most incarcerated out of all of the races male and female. Black men have been imprisoned and targeted for imprisonment since they were released from slavery. That’s because of the past down generational prejudices that races have been instilling in their children since the be beginning of slavery.  The myth that black people are uncivilized, uneducated, violent, and dangerous has been the stereotype for generations. It’s been a stereotype so long it’s subtly in the mind of white people who also happened to be the people who control most of the Criminal Justice System there for most of the prisons.We see examples of this every day on social media what police brutality, wrongful convictions, and mysterious death that have been ruled as suicides from places in prisons where it isn’t possible to commit suicide.  A majority of those situations happen to Black inmates’ black male inmates to be particular.

Incarceration is one of the main contributions to the reason that black people cannot progress in society.  At the point when any family unit make sense of is taken of the house is devastating to the family, 1 of every 3 dark men will be or are now imprisoned. so white men the details are just 1 out of 15, 1 and 3 dark families are or will be disabled. 1 of every 3 neighborhoods has lost another male figure in the network. This causes the general population who they have abandoned to endeavor to get the bits of where they left off at last concentrating on scarcely enduring not to mention advancing. that keeps dark individuals where they’ve generally been contrasted with the remainder of America, Behind.

Black men have dependably gotten the short end of the stick with regards to the reasonable treatment of condemning dark men get nonsensically long sentences for similar wrongdoings submitted by white men. Now it looks as an interpretation of bondage, the detainees are compelled to perform physical work with practically no compensation.

On the off chance that the jail framework would have remained consistent with its proposed way, at that point it would be a significant and required in todays society yet the jail framework and the general population running them have turned out to be simply a domineering jerk. This is never again about criminal equity this is about cash and they are immobilizing the dark individuals to make a cycle that benefits their framework. In the event that a dad goes to jail, the mother will be influenced by the way that she not just needs to take on the two places of mother and father yet additionally furnish monetarily without anyone else’s input or with the assistance of government help. This is harming rationally to everybody included, the kids with grow up without a dad and keeping in mind that the mother may attempt there are sure things just a dad can show their child or little girl. Therefor leaving those youngsters precarious when you remove something from kids that they truly need they cry. When you take something they need, they will attempt any way to get it. By removing a dark dad from the home you are playing a positive male good example far from a child, a child who still needs direction and will yearn for a family. This is the place dark young men get engaged with posses, when he “in”, his new “family” will show him the in and outs of the roads which is multiple times out of 10 unlawful. The youthful dark kid will realize this isn’t right but since he has been desensitized to jail from the horrible yet normal disaster of his dad being tore from his life. He won’t give it a second thought, he has created Black men have dependably gotten the short end of the stick with regards to the reasonable treatment of condemning. a turned feeling of being a family and do directly by his family and if that implies violating the law or going to jail his point of view will make him state, “so be it”. The dark little girl will encounter her first heart break, the primary man who guaranteed to cherish her left her. It may not be his decision but rather by and by regardless he left. She will build up an instability that she will never be sufficient, and however its false its what she will think. Her losing her dad will influence her to grow either a contempt for men or a horribly fanatical want for affection. With her being youthful she will search for affection anyplace she can discover it and could all around likely discover comfort in a man who could exploit her juvenile personality. This is the reason dark young ladies have such a high rate in adolescent pregnancy. They consume their entire time on earth looking for what was taken from her, her dad.

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The mother of the children may simply endure the most. She needs to give her childeren the necessities of life, encourage them to be appropriate grown-ups while they are amidst managing their dads imprisonment, she needs to monetarily give which by and large has cause the mother to take a second or third employment just to bring home the bacon. There is no conceivable path for her to be wherever she is required without a moment’s delay, so she needs to forfeit somethings whether it be rest, her satisfaction, in some cases her children bliss and that is sufficient to decimate a mother. Incarceration creates a ripple effect that not many seem to realize and if they do then they don’t care. Taking all of this into consideration incarceration has not worked for everyone, and it’s not worth the sacrifice of the black family to ensure it continues running.

After most are incarcerated many are put on probation and parole after serving their time. Probation could go either way depending on the parole officer and the parolee. It could serve its purpose and be a positive life changing process with the proper guidance of the Parole officer helping the former inmate get a job or find somewhere to stay until they get back on their feet or could be a negative life changing process without the help of the Parole officer and the weight of society downing the former inmate, refusing employment and housing because of past mistakes. Most of the time Parole officers aren’t too excited to be assigned to former inmates therefore a lot of the time it goes it’s not a positive outcome.

In terms of correcting the system we need to start with perceiving the distinction among discipline and limitation. At the point when individuals are unsafe to themselves or others, we control them – regardless of whether they are kids or grown-ups. In any case, that is inside and out not quite the same as unnecessarily dispensing torment on them for vengeance or to “show them a thing or two” – for the main exercise learned is to cause torment on others. Individuals learn by precedent: Generations of research has demonstrated that the more seriously youngsters are rebuffed, the more savage they become, as kids and as grown-ups. The equivalent is valid for grown-ups, particularly those in jail. So the main objective reason for a jail is to limit the individuals who are rough from perpetrating hurt on themselves or others, while we help them to change their conduct from that example to one that is peaceful and even productive, so they can come back to the network.

It is useful to each man, lady and tyke in America, and destructive to nobody, if we somehow managed to crush each jail in this nation and supplant them with bolted, protected and secure home-like private networks – what we may call an enemy of jail. Such a network would be dedicated to giving each type of treatment its occupants required (substance misuse treatment, psychotherapy, restorative and dental consideration) and each type of training for which the inhabitants were propelled and proficient (from primary school to school and graduate school). Getting a higher education while in jail is the main program that has been appeared to be 100 percent powerful for quite a long time or decades on end in counteracting recidivism. Detainees ought to be treated with the very same level of regard and generosity as we would trust they would show to others after they come back to the network. As I stated, individuals learn by precedent.


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