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Does Rehabilitation Of Prisoners Work Criminology Essay

Paper Type: Free Essay Subject: Criminology
Wordcount: 2115 words Published: 1st Jan 2015

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Does the rehabilitations works in prisons? And what is the effect of prisoners who have treated with rehabilitation system? There is no one has not done mistake in his life. Some of these mistakes are deserve the person to be arrested, whereas some of them are not. In addition, the prisoners are already paying from their fault by being in the prison. So, why do not we prepare and rehabilitate them to start better and new life when they finish their period of prison. Moreover, every country has its own rehabilitation system. In this project I will outline the rehabilitation system and what extend does the rehabilitation system help with reintegration of prisoners in to society. (Chris Sherwood , 2010) “According to Princeton University’s WordNet, rehabilitation is restoring someone to a useful place in society. As such, a rehabilitation centre is a location in which rehabilitation can occur. People get displaced from society for a variety of reasons. Some may experience an accident or illness that temporarily makes them unable to function the way they used to. Others may have an addiction that handicaps them. A rehabilitation centre provides a support system to help restore people to their place in society”. Nowadays, the prison is relatively social experiment which started in 200 years ago. Before that time it was not sentence of imprisonment. The prison is the place to hold the people who had been convicted. (DAVIES, 2010) basically, every country has their own treatment of there prisoners some of them treating aggressively whereas, some of them treating nicely which is followed by prisoners rights. In this essay I will investigate the prisoners in Egypt and Jordan and I will compare them with prisoners of United Kingdom.

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Nowadays, many countries are not follow the prisoner’s right in their prisons. The prisoners always treating violently and one of these countries that I have discovered is EGYPT. In 2008 more than twenty prisoners has died in town in Egypt called Assuit and mostly inmate have injured during unrest at a jail. Moreover, the violence continued more than three hours then the police used tear gas to get the control back of the jail. Nevertheless, the police punished all the prisoners and they decided to put him a lone in the prison. During the solitary the prisoner had died. (UNKNOWN,2008) in additions, the Amnesty international has received consistent report that these jails lack adequate medical care and the prisoners are held in cramped conditional and unsanitary and the food is absolutely horrible and it’s not sufficient for all the prisoners. Moreover, the police are treating them in violent way. Consequently, these poor conditional have led many detainees died and the diseases spread rapidly throughout prisons. Many illnesses were spread in the prisons. For instance, asthma, pulmonary pneumonia and skin diseases. (UNKNOWN, 1997) the principle reason is that they do not follow the prisoner’s rights. Furthermore, the prisoner became much more aggressive when he finishes his period. The prisoner’s right says convicted prisoners should have many things. For instance, visits, letters, newspapers and books, medical treatment (etc….). (Prisoners Rights). The second country in the Middle East which is treating their prisoners in violence way is Jordan. In fact, in 2006 the human right in Jordan said we should stop what is happening in the prisons. The torture of prisoners is a routine phenomenon in these days. It was flagrant violation of human rights in Jordan prisons. In addition, the complains of torture and abuse increasing rabidly last few years and the most people who treating badly than other is MUSLIM people ((IRIN) Human Rights 2010).However, the government of Jordan were looking to solve the entire problem regarding prisons so, beginning in April 2006 Management of Jordanian prisons undertook a plan to reform all the prisons in Jordan because of the what is happening in the prisons. Public security department haired firm from the United Stats TO help them to keep the control in the prisons and to training people who working in the prison. In addition, these reform efforts have received huge support from the citizens. King Abdullah called on the government to present a reform plan. In 2007 General Mazem AL Gadi was focusing in maintain to improve the process of the people who are working in prisons and in the centres of rehabilitation system. As a result, the improvement was clear. They opened new prisons. There is prison in Jordan which is has very bad reputation in terms of torture. Moreover, this prison became one of the best prisons in Jordan. Because they stop using torture in treatment. and the government started to separating the detainees between convicted prisoners and the prisoners who might be innocent. The prisoners’ behaviour changed after using a new system which rehabilitate them and respect them and helping them to start a new successful life (Human Rights watch 2008). We can infer that the rehabilitation system works in prisons and it making a huge improvement in society because the number of prisoners in the world is so high so, if we treat them nicely we can make a huge improvement in our community.

on the other hand, the prisons in Britain are much better than Egypt and Jordan. The prison service in Britain has the responsibility of working the prison system and the prisons worked by private companies (CRIMINAL JUSTICE). The purpose of the rehabilitations system is making prisoners better and gets them ready to start a new successful life. In addition, in 1964 the view of prison rules discovered that the purpose of treating and treatment of convicted prisoners is to encourage and assist the detainees to lead a good and successful life. In 1969 the people in prisons saw that the prisons as being hold people were acceptable to society as it is absolutely possible to encourage the prisoners to rehabilitate them to start a good and better new life. After a few years, the document was looking for dignity and respect for the detainees and they were still searching of hope regarding the idea of rehabilitations of prisoners. Moreover, the view had changed in 1977 it was started to give a small support for the view of imprisonment and how can we change prisoner’s behaviour. After two years more, the review of United Kingdom prison services “we think that the rhetoric of “treatment and training” has had its day and should be replaced. In addition, it was suggested that the prisons should be involve positive custody and that the prisons should be helpful and purposive communities” (home office in 1979) (CRIMINAL JUSTICE AND PENOLOGY 2004).One of the significant factors that to distinguish the situation in the UK is that intensity of media which is inform the citizens regarding what is happening in the UK prisons to get the feedback to improve any things that it should does. However, there is a disadvantage from the media from some countries because they often claimed that the UK send more of it’s population to prison that the other European countries. This propaganda leads some people to believe that the UK send more of criminal to prisons than other European countries. These country which claim that are not comparing the country’s prison population with its crime rate. In addition, the recent comparative data indicates that prison in the UK is underused. But we can see from the figure these comparisons show that the government of UK sends fewer of its offenders to prisons than the other countries(FRASER 2006). On the other side, UK has the highest prisoner in jail compared with the whole population, which is reflect its high crime rate. On the other hand, The family connection is absolutely one of the main factors to help prisoners to return in to society. For example, conjugal visits which are showed greater success in reintegrating prisoners back into their communities. (INSIDE TIME NEWS 20010) One of real example is English prisoner tells his story with the rehabilitation system. His name is Bob Turney and he grown up with his brother and his brother was criminal. So, when he reaches 18 he became professional at crime. One day when he was drunk steal bank then the police arrested him. Moreover, he was arrested around 18 years and he attempted suicide. However, when he joined to the rehabilitation system everything was changed “When he started to improve. There were many things in his life that the rehabilitation system supports him to address. Then he was placed in some hostel, and afterwards he return to his own place. He was absolutely exhausted on his past life that he had leading and he started looking for job on building sites to pay the rent. After that he attended a lot of self-help groups and got support with his drinking and drugging. Now when he put his head on the pillow at night he feels comfortable in his own skin. However he feel regret about crimes. The last one was 30 years ago and I’ve spent the last 30 years trying to put things right. Rehabilitation is possible for anyone if they want to change (The in depended News 2007).

From the statistic of crime it can be seen the percentage of prisoners who become change their life is increasing for the last few years (NATIONAL STATISTIC). However, there is overcrowding the prisons in England and Wales. Also, the case is clearly complex. However, the factors of overcrowding in prisons it can be investigated as firstly, the number of convicted who commit the number of imprisonment offences. Secondly, how long does the sentence take? In other word, the length of the sentence. Finally, the impact of early release system.(Michael Doherty 2004).In some prisons the Detainees are holding in place does not fit all of them. Moreover, the director of Juliet Lyon which is one of the biggest prisons in England and Wales said more prisons will generate high cost. So, the only way to keep for serious and violent offenders is to cut out everything that is not necessary use of violent of custody and the sentence dealing with inflation and the growth of unspecified penalties. Nevertheless, England is one of the countries that have a bigger number of offenders compared with Europe countries. (Article history guardian 2009). As it’s written in population of prisons in custody in 2002 is increase five percent from the previous yeas. In this case the rehabilitation system is absolutely helpful to have a better community because this system will control a big proportion of people because from the statistic in 2008 there are 82319 in total. ( David Barrett 2008)

The concept which is associated to rehabilitation is treating the offender and reintegration him into society. In 1970s the concept of rehabilitation has been opposed and designated to be failure. Martinson’ reports, “analysed that 231 programs that involved evaluation of treatment methods that used a control group and that employed an independent measure of the improvement secured by the treatment method” (Alexander B. Smith and Louis Berlin 1988). Moreover, the conclusion of his report is that there is no noticed effect in the program. However, from palmer evaluation of Martins’ report by saying Martins ignored the positive trend because he was searching for an across the board or rehabilitation for the offenders around the world. Palmer suggested that “Rather than ask what works for offenders as a whole we must increasingly ask which method work best for which type of offenders, and under what conditions or in what types of setting?” (Alexander B. Smith and Louis Berlin 1988)

From the previous argument, we can reasoned that the rehabilitations and treatment as correctional goal to work and protect the offenders.

In short, the rehabilitation system does works in prisons. As we can see from the evidence from people who was in prison and how can the rehabilitation system could change the prisoner completely in terms of behaviour and the way of thinking. So, in my opinion this system supposed to apply everywhere because it’s absolutely useful for the community, on the other hand, the people who think that is not working and we have to punish him as long as they are in the prisons, I can respond to them is that they are already buying from their mistake by being in the prison. In addition, the rehabilitation system is applied on the basis of rules and laws set by the government it’s not as arbitrary or randomly.


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