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Crime Data Comparison Paper

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Wordcount: 913 words Published: 26th Jul 2018

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On a yearly base, the Federal Bureau of Investigation gathers information from organizations across the country that relates to specific crimes. The Federal Bureau of Investigation looks at the insights and advertises the information, which is known as Uniform Crime Reports. The two metropolitan ranges that’s being contrasted throughout this essay is Mobile Alabama and Atlanta Georgia.

Police officers must fill completely incident reports for all crimes that are committed. This solely happens if the victim decides to step up and is inclined to provide a report of the crime to the police. Crimes like aggravated assaults, sexual assaults, burglary, murder and property crimes are a couple of models that are gathered and examined every year. Variation in crime rate alters from year to year. The cause for the crime rate to change is due to the lack of the victims that do not report most crimes. The population of an individual region may change. Not all companies report crime information to the FBI for diverse purposes like being short on staff; software information processing system delivery issuance or the way retention of records are self-possessed. The FBI possess distinct announcement on crime that’s seen or observed on their internet site www.fbi.gov.

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Atlanta Georgia had an expected 5,475,213 individuals living inside the twenty-eight districts that make up the Atlanta Georgia metropolitan range in 2009. The previous six years, the metro range included more than 458,568 individuals every year, more than some other in the United States. At this development rate, the anticipated populace of Atlanta’s 20 center areas for 2020 is 6.4 million. The biggest rate of individuals who moved to Atlanta Georgia originated from New York and New Jersey (“Impact – The Atlanta Regional Commission”, 2014). Atlanta Georgia is a city that is not commanded by one specific race. There are a wide range of societies that make up the Atlanta Georgia populace. Atlanta Georgia is in the south where warm climate is one key element that draws in individuals to move to the range. As indicated by the FBI’S Uniform Crime Report, in 2011 there were 3,391 thefts revealed. This number diminished from 3,761 numbers from 2010 (“Federal Bureau Of Investigation”, 2016).

In connection to, the socioeconomics Mobile Alabama has an aggregate of 198,915 occupants (“Mobile Alabama Demographics”, n.d.). The Federal Bureau of Investigation detailed 1,897 thefts in 2011 and 1,761 in 2010 (Federal Bureau of Investigations). It is unmistakable to notice that there was a slight ascent in robberies from 2010 to 2011. Adjusting to the socioeconomics for Mobile Alabama the normal populace underneath the destitution level was 17.9% (“Mobile Alabama Demographics”, n.d.). Then again, the evaluated middle wage in 2009 was $35,068 and the per capita pay was 21,561 (“Mobile, Alabama”, 2017).

Atlanta Georgia had a larger number of thefts revealed than Mobile Alabama in 2010 and 2011. The quantity of thefts declined in Atlanta by 331 in 2011. The quantity of robberies expanded in Mobile by 136 from 2010 to 2011. The wrongdoing numbers may appear to be high to a few notwithstanding, when taking the populace for these regions into thought, the number truly are not that awful. This examination discloses to me that wrongdoing is higher in certain geographic zones than others in view of various variables. Some would incorporate the racial obstructions, wage level, business, and numerous different components.

A few elements could be at fault for the adjustment in the numbers. We need to consider that Atlanta Georgia has more populace than Mobile Alabama. The more populace that a range has the more noteworthy the open door is for violations to be conferred. The economic level altered because people lost their residence and jobs. This could exceptionally well add to the numbers expanding. Investigating what could help diminish numbers could be offices building up a theft team. Rehash guilty parties may have been gotten and given a stiffer discipline, for example, correctional facility or jail sentences. A few wrongdoings additionally might not have been accounted for to the police, which could add to the lessening in specific violations.

Nobody can totally avert wrongdoing or anticipate the wrongdoing rates. There are many variables that have an influence in these violations. Some of these elements incorporate the neediness level inside a specific range. Race and distinctive ethnical foundations can add to high wrongdoing rates in a few territories. The quantity of wrongdoings announced every year may increment or lessening inside a geographic region relying upon various key variables.


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