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The legal and organisational requirement on equally, diversity, discrimination and right are, when u working with your co-worker or team member you should provide equal right to everybody.

I have to check the batteries of the hoist, brake of the wheelchair, provide safe environment to protect my service user from any harm.

My duties and reponisibitilies are to provide safe environment and safe from risk e.g. if my service user spill the tea on the floor so I should clean it immediately and put wet sign so I can safe my service user or other slipping down.

Data protection 1998, e.g. If I see any bruise on my service user so I should report it, inform it and record it and put sign and date to protect myself.

If I’m shifting my service user from chair to bed so I have to check the brakes of the chair and the bed so he/she should safe from risk.

If the floor is wet so I have to put wet sign on the floor so protect me and my co-worker from any danger, harm.

E.g. one morning it was giving wash to my service user and I left the shower gel out the cupboard after few seconds I saw my service user trying to open it I took it from her and I locked in the cupboard. Now onward whenever I give wash to my service user I kept things properly.

E.g. one time my service user had a fall so I called for help is reamed loudly for help I was with my service user all the time so my other staff came to help me .so my staff nurse she checked all the body part see any bruises, then she took observation, we put him on the bed by hoist.

The purpose of arrange a supervision its good for every staff involve in incidents and emergencies.E.g if fire happened so every staff knows what to do how handle the fire.

By care plan, by manager


-information book


If I’m stress and distress so it effect on my work and I’m not participate in work’s ignore my service user and my co-worker. If I’m going to work so I should be relax myself co-operate with my co-worker.

In my work of place, there is so many different cultures people,e.g. one time one of my co-worker she is white, she said to me that she is not attend Asian woman because she is from Asia ,so I said to her that this is discrimination you shouldn’t do like this. You should give equal right to every service user because they all are equal to us.

E.g. I have to encourage my service user if they wants to go to shopping and express their needs and preferences so they feel they are independence .They have right to express to their needs and preferences.

I have to promote their health and care by telling them to have proper meal and drinks, encourage my service user to eat whatever they want, according to care plan.

If a diabetes service user likes sugary tea I have to explain to her or him that it is not good for your health, it is very risky to your health.

When we all are working together so sometime conflicts occur we should resolve between each other so we can work properly. If we can solve it we should go manager and seek for help.

I should involve my service user in activities e.g. playing games,cards,music,painting,but while activities I should see the risk,e.g if I’m playing games with my service user I have to stay with them because they can put anything in their mouth or whole painting they drink the liquid. So environment should be hazard free.

I have to store equipment e.g. if I’m giving wash to my service user and I left washing liquid outside the cupboard so he/she can drink the liquid so I have to store the liquid when I finish my work.

E.g. when I go to work and attend my service user to get out of the bed I should wash my hand before I give wash to my service user and after giving him/her wash I should wash my hands to control the contamination and infection.

In my work of place, i kept all hazardous and no-hazardous things in proper place and equipment in proper place and waste should be in clinical waste, like gloves, apron in yellow bag so we should protect me and service user, co-worker from any dander and harm.

E.g. if I’m going to get my service user out of the bed so first of all I should check the brakes of the hoist, brakes of the wheelchair, batteries of the hoist, so I protect me and my service user from any harm.

In my work of place, e.g one time suddenly fire occur some of the area in the nursing home, so we all come to assembly point we check the fire panel and we discover fire is which Zone so one of them go upstairs to check the Zone but when we discover it was false alarm, Now we all know if in emergency what should we do.

E.g. if fire occur

-arise the alarm

-call 999

-inform staff on duty

-never use the lift.

Call for help shoutly

-never leave the service user alone

-make recovery position

E.g. if fire happened I should break the glass so everybody knows that it’s a fire alam.call for help shoutly clear the environment, do not use the lift.


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