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The Significance Of Materials Management Construction Essay

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Materials management is a process for planning, executing and controlling field and office activities in construction. the goal of materials management is to insure that construction materials are available at their point of use when needed. the materials management system attempts to insure that the right quality and quantity of materials are appropriately selected purchased, delivered and handled on site in a timely manner and at a reasonable cost. materials management is the system for planning and controlling all of the efforts necessary to ensure that the correct quality and quantity of materials are properly specified in a timely manner, are obtained at a reasonable cost and most important element in project management. materials represent a major expense in construction, so minimizing procurement costs improves opportunities for reducing the overrall project costs. poor management can result in increased costs during construction.

2.Significance of materials management

Materials management is the important guarantee of building construction quality of products or materials management is important to reduce the cost of the project hand.

3.Materials management benefits

Effective plans to build and improve the system of material management master plan by filling in the gaps and production of environmentally responsible and effective results. institution campus, effective management of the office or home can expect from materials program provides a wide range of benefits. first, the long-term cost savings, as consolidation, reconfiguring, and better management of the campus core infrastructure to reduce annual operating costs. institution campuses, office or home and get the highest and best use of the campus property.

materials management is an effective means of a more comprehensive approach to managing material use and emissions, solid waste, hazardous waste, recycling. request today become more environmentally friendly.

Finally, effective management can improve the aesthetics of materials. remove unsafe and unsightly conditions, will create the best sight, creating a more pedestrian – friendly environment, improving the living and working in the visual and physical sense.

Better accountability on part of materials as well as other departments as noone can shift blame to others.

•As materials management is handled by single authority, it can result in bettercoordination, as it becomes the central point for any material relatedproblems.

•Materials management department makes sure that better quality material issupplied timely to the requesting departments. This can result in betterperformance of the organization.

•A materials management system is typically controlled through an informationsystem, thus, can help in taking decisions related to material in theorganization.

•One indirect advantage of material management is that good quality materialdevelops the ethical and moral standard in an organization. However, pleasenote there is no study on this issue.

·Are important for the management of the building materials materials management is to reduce construction costs and one of the main ways to control construction quality,material management methods correctly can provide high – yield and high efficiency for engineering materials provide a guarantee of nature can reduce the construction cost of project on the profitability of construction enterprises play a key role.

·Building material of construction is the basic condition is also an important part in the construction engineering management. management of building materials from ensure the quality of construction works on the basis reduce the cost of construction.

·Good construction materials management is divided into the following main areas:

A budget, materials management

Storage of materials management

Project closeout phase materials management

When construction reached the end of the construction stage most engineering materials have been using also not neglect the management of the material. we should carefully check the remainder of the construction site of adjust according to the progress of the construction supplement the shortage of construction material,corresponding processing avoid the extra material on completion of the project a significant amount of material remaining cases reduce the handling for the second time. for engineering construction management of waste, the waste produced in can be used to gather again using.

4.Disadvantages of materials management

·Continuous observation is required.

·.Extra-manpower required.

·Huge investment for good infrastructure facilities.

·Building material category of construction site confused, and represent a significant proportion of the expenses in the cost of the project, general civil construction accounted for about 70 per cent of the total cost,materials management and accounting is good or bad, on the control of engineering cost of production, economic efficiency is good or bad, processing speed of cash flow, cash flow is of great significance such as profit and loss.Under the premise of how to ensure the quality of engineering, acquisition, use and management of various materials in a reasonable manner, to reduce the liquidity of an occupation, to reduce construction costs, it is very important.

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·Project partially decentralized purchasing patterns cause confusion for procurement of materials

The material of construction enterprises Department of procurement authority to the project, although has the advantage of flexibility, but there are some problems. First, project the department of in professionals less than situation, temporary deployed non – professionals engaged in material purchase management work, not only efficiency low, and difficult to guarantee material quality, more may for engineering in the use fake material, caused major engineering quality or personal accident ; second, the project the department of respectively the establishment of warehouse, their own, material difficult to spice up, will lead to management costs increase, funds working capital slow ; again, dispersed purchase – shaped not scale bulk, difficult to implementation of purchase price poor, enterprise the overall economic benefits decline in. Therefore, the use of decentralized procurement model, greatly influenced the economic benefits of material procurement management, even to the entire management of construction enterprises bring a degree of confusion, resulting in material management of enterprises in a state of disorder.

·To manually manage the difficult to adapt to the requirements of modern enterprise development

At present most of the material management of construction enterprises still stuck in the manual management of the State. Materials from the library to the library to go through a number of links, manual management is not only inefficient and prone to human error. As with management to inventory information exchange between the Treasury, will easily lead to inventory backlog affect cash flow. Furthermore, a wide variety of building materials, manually will cause data summary and analysis of difficulties, and real-time, dynamic control for material difficult to achieve.

·Materials management personnel’s quality should be improved

At present, the quality of building materials in construction enterprise management personnel is generally not very high, most are not professionals, and some even have not received professional training, it is difficult to meet the needs of building construction enterprises. In fact, materials management on personnel requirements are very high, in addition to good ideological and political quality, compliance with national laws and regulations, and to be familiar with building materials market, flexible use of various procurement methods, have a higher contract negotiation skills and a keen market sense of smell.Question for now is a lot of people who have experience in materials management, often the theory of literacy and professional level is not high, and the lack of management capacity of the system, and students with a high level of theoretical knowledge and lack of practical experience because of insufficient experience. Good thinking, consciousness is high, the style is, both with theoretical knowledge and practical experience of compound talents of a serious.

·Material management system is not sound

Some of the construction of no importance to material management system of Construction Enterprise, lead to unsound system, materials management is very haphazard. There is no strict verification, head of site construction materials Request Form, granted as much as you want to. Some material led the procedure is not complete, leading to physical and Book of engineering materials, and materials management information untrue. Many can recycle and reuse of waste management, resulting in material waste. Materials bring that around, bad bad corrosion, low effective utilization, even if the materials have been stolen too little, virtually increases the total cost of the project.

5.Material management system in construction site

aterial acceptance and storage systems Site Materials required by the buyer purchases back to back, acceptance of the material should be carried out.

·Material acceptance of custodians and materials, and acceptance of material should be received by the bill of materials for acceptance into the material name, the number of a column,And carried out checks on the quality of materials for the library, acceptance than to the principle of applications to return the excess quantity,But if necessary, approved by the leadership approved the approval can be appended after the procurement procedures of storage.

·Acceptance of materials shall be conducted in approaching the spot of materials, and the opening of the storage invoices,On storage of materials should fill in the name of the storage material specification brand of storage time information by sponsor.And should indicate the purchase order number in storage, to lead the review, as a result of the number of quality, specification discrepancies should be used in temporary storage of forms.

·All material storage, must be strictly acceptance, to ensure its quality on the basis of the Measured quantity,According to the different material properties of objects, take points, measured, weighed, the number of parties such as the method of acceptance, the prohibition of about.

·For bulk materials, ask for high grade materials, special materials, such as three certificates.

·Because the number of material large packaging or as a result relations, was unable to be acceptance of the material acceptance.Can number, weight or quantity of packaging, packaging cases for the preliminary acceptance,After serious clean up after no further formal acceptance and, if necessary, after out of control in the acceptance.

·After the material Library, when deemed necessary by the competent leadership or departments at all levels, to reinspect to the storage of materials,If it is found that does not match the storage conditions, will pursue relevant personnel responsibilities, resulting in the loss, by personnel compensation.

·Is not capable of material, such as working capital for the library shelf material,Entry acceptance of the material must be used by warehouse management and construction team designated officer of the second joint participation in and sign the delivery note.

B.Materials used and the use of any materials out of the library system of the material must be led with formalities,Material administrators should not be issued without picking process materials except for special circumstances to receive a small amount of material, but must be a replacement after the procedure.

6.Improve the quality of materials management at the scene

Building materials are the most important part of the whole construction project cost, strengthening the material of construction project management, to improve the quality of the project, reducing the cost of the project will play an active role in this work for the better, you should make sure several:

·First, choose a high-quality team of subcontracting is the first step to reduce costs. comparison of subcontracting team on the parties, on the recommendation track to ” pick up ” better quality than quality than price . labor force is site specific production operator, level of service quality will directly influence the quality of construction, in a sense concerns a project’s success or failure.

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·Therefore, employers should first select in select services team who are more familiar with, pay attention to reputation, high comprehensive quality of labor force, not only the high or low prices or by virtue of the relationship as the basis for selection,to the first contact, and lack of know services team select use, to from are side two regard to its personnel constitute, and economic of, and social credibility, and business quality, and do engineering such as regard serious investigation, to the by must be relationship introduced services team also not relax investigation, by investigation to services team situation do known, as select services team based on the, to the by investigation heart still not the end of and is you want use services team, can be use trial way investigation again do decision.

·Second, the material based on the progress of the project plan, timely adjustments to purchase plan, to balance their material length, turnaround times, using cycles, avoid redundant, blind purchase backlog, modification and just take up space, reduce losses.

·Third, the acceptance of the good material, and rigorous testing of materials to enter the construction site, as well as the original certificate of quality documents and other relevant. to achieve the ” medical check, maintain a strict ” to eliminate poor quality material to enter the construction site.

·To no longer use or reporting – as – no material in time for the time being, inventory and maintenance. while building material loss account. rental of material cleanup exit in a timely manner, thereby ensuring that minimize the rental fee. material inventory. inventory per month for access to and use of materials, to calculate the dosage, interference of the month, and ledger account balances, account should match.

·To strengthen the management of project materials to eliminate poor quality material to enter the construction site, must be nurtured to strengthen the management of project materials to eliminate poor quality material to enter the construction site, must be nurtured high quality materials management team. only in this way in order to constantly improve the quality of materials management personnel to meet the needs of the enterprise’s construction production.

7.The site materials management

Materials Management in construction site, as its name suggests is through the scientific method, to take appropriate measures for effective management of building construction materials at the scene.This is achieved by a management system, rely on scientific control the use of construction materials, supervision of construction quality of raw materials, ensure the quality of construction, reduce the cost of the project.In order to achieve this for administrative purposes, construction project management should be developed for the materials of construction site management system of rewards and punishments.

Promote the Rational use of shoddy materials, careful reduce material waste, eliminate materials, material loss and loss prevention,reward a reasonable amount of material savings, punishing material waste, reduce project cost, and project management for the Enterprise to create the most profit.Materials Management in construction site, not just to reduce construction costs, profit margins create a maximum of one purpose.It also bears monitoring application materials quality, quantity, for construction projects based on the design requirements,Construction construction see the basis for creating the conditions and specifications.

8.The site materials management features

·according to the construction characteristics of the production cycle, decided to elaborate materials management in construction site wide range of complex and large, liquid, surface keeping more.

·There is a diversity of types of work and procedures for building construction, part of sudden changes,Determines the material at construction site to establish a strict management measures and measures for the Administration to ensure the smooth progress of the construction.

·Hesitate there is a special material management in construction site, also determines its people, machinery and construction site management with different characteristics.

No matter what are the characteristics of materials management in construction site, regardless of the material of construction site management methods and steps to be taken,Eventually through a number of reasonable provision, control and use of building materials to ensure progress, duration, quality of construction projects.Performance of Contract for Construction Project, completed in accordance with the quality standards for the design, laid the foundation.

·Use of the rental of materials management

Getting ready for construction work : This is the beginning of materials management at the scene, creating a good environment for materials management and provide the necessary conditions.

Understanding the Progress of the project requirements and the required quantity and quality requirements of various materials.

Understand how materials supply.

Determine the goals of materials management, and supply department signed a supply contract.

All site material layout planning.

For good sites, warehouses, road facilities and related tasks such as preparing.

·Organization and Management of construction work : This is a live material management and implementation phases of the management target

Reasonable arrangement of materials approach, making acceptance of materials at the scene.

Meet supply contracts, guarantee the construction needs.

Master the construction schedule changes, adjust the material matching supply plan in a timely manner.

Strengthening materials kept at the scene, reduce losses and waste, prevent loss.

Organization of fair use.

·End of construction phases : construction near the end, the main content of the Site Management :

According to finish projects, clean up the material with.

Extra for canceling the Organization.

Demolition of Temporary equipment in a timely manner.

Good recovery and utilization of scrap materials.

For material settlement, summarizing material consumption levels and management of construction projects.

9.The new site layout

·Thiscase where i think there are many unreasonable, so i made a correction in the following .

10.Effect of materials management

Improvement of enterprise’s economic benefit is determined by many factors, one of the important condition is to strengthen the management of engineering materials.Only good material management, is likely to be low cost, high quality, high efficiency,This is in the construction of the importance and urgency of strengthening the management of material is located.Main problems existing in the management of material a time, in building construction, some projects are high costs, poor quality,Low cost-effectiveness, removing many reasons, poor materials are not strict management, is one of the important reasons.Problems in Engineering Materials Procurement.Because the system is not strict, individual procurement officers purchase homes fetch high prices at low prices, although there is a low price to buy the material, but poor material, do not meet the design requirements of the standard.As a result, poor workmanship,not only caused a lot of waste and damage corporate reputations.Problems in the materials in the library.Some unhealthy or feeding system of construction enterprises and some new traffic controllers poor quality, no strict enforcement of the feeding management system,For that material is neither weighed, several, or check the specifications, quality, which result in high cost, low quality.Problems in the storage and use of materials.Construction materials used are generally bulk material is more, you need to keep open.Because the system is not strict or keep personnel do not have a strong sense of responsibility, little material deterioration or the material.So in the case should have the above there is a problem.


Materials management in construction site, as long as the material is required for the project, since the end of to enter the construction site to construction materials to clean the entire process of management, are in scope of material management in construction site.In short, materials management in construction site, not just to reduce construction costs, profit margins create a maximum of one purpose. it also bears monitoring application quality and quantity of materials, construction specifications for construction projects based on the design requirements, see the basis for creating the conditions and construction.

Strengthening the management of construction engineering materials, it should be good training for managers : strengthening the political and professional quality training of management personnel. in management ideas, related sector personnel clear own in material cost forecast, and plan the preparation of, and purchase plan the implementation of, and material keep, and material use, and material clean up process in the basic work program, and method and responsibility ; in business quality regard, to material management workers specific business operation skills training, improve material management workers business operation ability, and regular and not regular work effect evaluation, material management workers in competition in the play the largest potential


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